February 24, 2002

Eh. Crap. I woke up at 2:15. I went to bed earlier though, like 4 AM this time. What was I doing? I don't know! School tomorrow...I ought to get to bed a bit earlier, considering I wake up around 6 AM. Oops.

And I'm too lazy to even make lunch. Isn't that sad? "Eh, I couldn't possibly expend the energy it takes to plop some frozen dumplings in a pan and just let em SIT there...noo." Sigh. But I am a bit hungry...AARGHFFFFFFFFF! Hunger is an important human...characteristic thing, but only to keep humans from STARVING and obviously I'm not. What has happened? I mean really...I shouldn't be hungry unless I'm really starving or something. I'm too used to being stuffed with foooooods. I am stuffed like cabbage.

Hm, I wrote someone an e-mail, not expecting to get a reply, but I did get a reply...and I wasn't sure what to write back. Oh well, maybe the person will get bored and not reply. Hooha. My dreams all packaged in bubble wrap...

yeah, that didn't make much sense...oo, this site was updated. I know you don't care, but eh, I can write whatever I want, yeah? So blah blah deeda, I'm trying to download the mp3s, my modem is being incredibly pokey, but I should be used to that by now. Not like I have anything else to do...

Actually, I should have probably started my stupid history project. Of course, this whole vacation I did absolutely no homework. I think I have a little bit of math, but eh. I don't think I understood it anyway. I'm still hungry.

I think I've become an advanced Stephanie-user.

basements are...cold.

I'm idealist...go me. And I think I must be the sensitive type. I find it a bit unsettling that I can just be plopped into one of four categories whose characteristics are generally correct...mm.

Is it normal to think about conversations you have with people online (that you don't know in real life, I mean) long after you go offline? And then to think...even more...yeah, it's probably abnormal, so I'll stop right here.

I'm Randy Goldman!

Take the Jimmy Fallon recurring SNL character quiz here.

created by stomps.

How the hell did I get that? *shrugs*


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