February 20, 2002

Damn, I just spent way too much time playing this game. GAMES ARE EVVIIL! Even ones with lots of pretty bright cute colors!

I wish I could go to the Coachella festival, don't YOU?...oo? Just to see Bjork.

Okay, today I WILL make that Beck compilation video I've been putting off for so long. I WILLL WHAHHAHA I just need to hook up the VCRs and then bask in Beck-fun-happiness for a bit. ...why am I doing this? Because it will make someone happy! And it's best that someone out there be happy! Or...because I've got the time since I don't do much? Yeah, I'm definitely not doing anything today, my mum just went to the bank and the bookstore and asked if I wanted to go. NO, I'M A HOMEBODY! EEE!

Yeah I am. sigh. So last night I was debating whether I should have gone on the internet at around 2 AM. I mean, I didn't, because I should stay FAR AWAY from my computer (although right now I'm not...um) so I popped some neglected CDs into my stereo and gave them a straight listen-through. And here are some useless thoughts for you to read, yahoo!

Supergrass - Supergrass: This was...nice. ...actually, I don't remember much else. Except that it wasn't bad. But then it didn't strike me as something I'd listen to a lot, either. Well, I like more morose/depressing/slow stuff usually, so...yeah, that says absolutely nothing.

Pulp - This Is Hardcore: This was kind of nice, and weird (although not a bad weird, if you can imagine). Something about the lyrics struck me as funny too, but not in a HAHA kind of funny. I don't usually listen to this kind of music. Sorry, another useless observation.

God, wasn't that enlightening. Yeah well. I was doing paint by numbers as I was listening to the CDs. Yeah, doing paint by numbers isn't really the national teenage late-night pasttime, but well...actually, I don't know. But I didn't screw up any of em, so...yay. There was a gameboy game for paint by numbers actually, and I've even got a handheld Tamagotchi themed paint by numbers themed game. It's insane cute, when you finish the little picture kind of dances...um...yeah, Japanese stuff is definitely odd, but cool, no doubt.

Actually, I was planning to do logic puzzles, but those require a lot more thinking, and I didn't want to think very much. I suck at logic puzzles...sob.

what's wrong with me? aack...

Well, I'm definitely not a feminist, I have this warped idea that everyone is just human and...I dunno where I'm going with this (nowhere, I suppose). But why would anyone want this?


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