February 21, 2002

Click here if you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

Don't know why, but I made another flash thingy, and it really has absolutely no purpose. So if you decide to watch it..you can keep that in mind. I have no infatuation with the word "worm" (that I know of). I would like a cookie, though. The music in the background is a short clip from Godspeed You Black Emperor, although I don't know what the name of the song is. Eh well...one of those long ones.

Watching women's ice skating right now. Mm...hm. "Michelle is the reigning world champion...and that is a good omen." Really, you don't say? I would have never imagined. That's just what the commemator said, I think. Ha...ha...uh.

Why does this exist? Okay, I didn't even read the page, but the title was enough to make me think...actually, no it didn't. However, I could be the poster child for mundane behaviour.

And as for the milk comment on this page, DRINKING COWS MILK IS COMPLETELY UNNATURAL! You all see that? Yes! Alright then!

Ah...Canada. I remember seeing Mr. Sub. I just liked the name. The US really has to change to the metric system at some point, I mean it would take a long time so when will they start?! Ugh.

Ah...I think I'll eat some sushi now. Yeah, so what that it's about 11 PM, last night I ended up going to bed at 4 AM, for whatever reason. Damn paint by numbers...oh god, what is happening to me?

wait, another note...holy crap, the American skater, Sarah Hughs I think, she just skated...perfectly! Practically...! It seem...! whoa...!!


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