February 21, 2002

Check out Diana's art page, Without Words. She's been putting some stuff there lately. Or if you like Radiohead, just go here, it's a funny flash South Park-esque Jonny and Thom interview doo-dad. JONNY'S HAIR...it MOVES! Yes.

And check out release1 as well, while keeping in mind not to take it too seriously. Oh, but it's so much fun! But really, if I could just get my hands on some SuiCIDER...

So the most exciting thing that happened today was getting a new issue of Adbusters. Well, I also got a muffin, something called a whoopie pie, some brownies and a package of biscotti (all from the local Whole Foods, whenever I go there I end up getting stuff that isn't all that healthy, unless chocolate and various baked goods have amazing medicial properties). Anyhoo. Haven't read the whole thing yet, but I usually find the letters from the readers to be really interesting. The magazine smells a bit. It's not as bad as National Geographic though. If anyone reads that magazine, then maybe you know what I'm talking about when I say that the magazine reeks of chemicals from all the ink. A great magazine, but holy crap...

Anyway, I was talking about something, I guess. I wanted to put a letter here that I liked...or at least struck me in some way:

I am a male, 27-year old high school teacher in Canada, and I've noticed myself becoming more depressed over the past three years. I just brought my first house. My career is doing well. I have lots of close friends. I play soccer and hockey year round. You'd think I'd be satisfied with all this. I feel selfish to say I am not.

I think I am depressed because I grew up watching television sitcoms and movies of "normal" lives. But these lives are not normal. I grew up expecting the "TV life." I have also spent a lot of my life worrying about money--how much money I have and how much I'll have in the future. Now I see other cultures have survived and flourished without focusing on money. They focus on the primary needs of humans--food, water, fresh air, community and love. I was hoping my new insight would allow me to be a happier person, but I think it will make me even more depressed.

Happiness will only come with social change. Corporate rule can only be addressed after more people really analyze and reflect on what is really important in life. It's time to kill up the emptiness.

So...ah...um. I guess I liked that letter because I agreed with it, although I'm not really depressed about anything. It's just...true. And I'm not good at putting those kind of thoughts in my own words, so I took his. There.

...here's another one:

In the mall there is a store called Hot Topic that sells punk, rock, metal and rave clothes. They also sell anarchy t-shirts. They're a corporate entity looking to co-opt underground music and sell to today's disaffected youth. I saw someone at school wearing an anarchy shirt. When I asked him if he was an anarchist, he said anarchy was "stupid" and that he just liked the shirt. The traditional anarchy symbol is meaningless; it's become another corporate symbol. Perhaps you could have a contest to desgin a new anarchy symbol.

yeah..well. Hot Topic. You've probably guessed I don't like that store much, for those reasons. They sell Invader Zim merchandise. Sigh. Anyway. I'm not into anarchy-punk-rock-metal-rave anything, but if I saw someone wearing an anarchy t-shirt and they just though it was "stupid," that would bother me. It probably shouldn't...but it would. It does bother me, actually...like when people display on their clothes or backpacks that they're "PUNK" in some sense , I'm thinking "Eh, no you're not, you're living in an upper-middle class white suburban neighborhood..."

:) Oh well, it's not up to me. I try to be an unnoticable as possible. I try to blend in...with the walls. Hooray for walls! Anarchy probably shouldn't even have a symbol. Whatever is considered an anarchist action is just a symbol of...oh well, I lost my train of though. It's sluggish today.

Listening to the "I Might Be Wrong" live CD. It's great, you can hear the audience singing. Especially during "Idioteque", they're practically shouting the lyrics. Doesn't really surprise me that the CD wasn't recorded at all in the US...not that audiences in the US don't sing along also, but there's definitely a difference.

What is YOUR Highschool label?

Oh, that's...great. And they've got the picture of the pooping animal keychain in all it's wonderous glory. I used to have one, what happened to it? I used to have a bug-eyed animal keychain, and my friend squeezed it so hard that its eyes were permanently buggy, and so she pulled all the white goo out of the plastic panda figure. Needless to say, it was pretty nasty, and looked like a grotesque white bear-shaped squishy grub thing. Ah, memories...

For whatever reason, I'm listening to Belle and Sebastian right now..."Electronic Renaissance." I've had "Tigermilk" for a really long time, and I never really listened to it. Yeah, I'm evil, sorry.


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