February 27, 2002

BECK AND THOM SANG TOGETHER! Okay, there is says "Thom and Beck", but it's more like Beck...and Thom....since Thom joined Beck. What did he do, hop onstage? [Imagining Thom hopping on stage, and falling]...hehe...uh.

This would be more worthwhile of looking at if I could draw. Those are random doodles I've done on my physics notes. Because physics is very very boring. And I just realized that I barely pay attention. Well not just...anyway. I think the first two things are pseudo-bunny creatures. The last four are just blobs. With psychological problems, most likely.

The desert sky...something something something...well, Beachwood Sparks songs aren't the most unintelligible songs in the world but many times I just have no idea what the words are. I made this page a long time ago but never really did anything with it. Well there ye go. Sometimes I will put songs there that I like. Yeah that's...not very exciting. You can pretend it is.

And if you read my post last night (yeah...right) then you know about me wanting to see that Miyazaki children's film festival thing. So I figured I'd call and buy the tickets today. I also thought "Gee, wouldn't it be funny if those tickets sold out tomorrow" and, lo and behold, checking online when I got home from school, they were sold out. Well, there are two other shows that I could go to, but it was just so predictable, I guess. Nothing is surprising anymore.


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