February 19, 2002

AAAAARRRGH! I just remembered what I forgot to buy at the cd store (about 9 hours after I was there, of course)...Godspeed You Black Emperor! How could I forget? *sob...weep...getting all weepy for no reason*...well, I could have saved a DOLLAR, you know? A FREEEKIN DOLLAR!

...sorry. I dunno what's wrong. It's just a dollar! It's just music that I really wanted, but obviously not enough to have remembered in the first place! I should make a list of crap I wanna buy, my memory sucks, and it sucks, and I suck! There will be other opportunities for me to throw my money away, yesss! Wait...yeah, now I really don't know what I'm talking about. I guess my Tuesday has gone off to a good start, eh?

I think the simplicity (and pinkness and whiteness) of my new design for this site gives the false impression that maybe I'm a calm peaceful thoughtful artistic mindful person who loves the world. Well let's just say it doesn't make me look like a homicidal maniac, but in any way, it's all wrong! EVERYTHING! Well...no, not a homicidal maniac. Let's just get that out of the way. I haven't a clue.


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