January 28, 2002

Yuffie26: how would you like it if a breast squeezed YOU?

Oh, what other questions will Yuffie26's mind create next? Hmm...

I did another song. This one took longer. I think it sucks more. I KNOW the drums are off, don't remind me...*sigh*. I think I actually played them right, but I didn't play the guitar right. Not that that's very surprising. It's the longest song yet (4:55), and with the most tracks (eleven...see if you can identify them all! It's like a cruel game!). And. Well. There ye go. I think I liked the other song I did on Saturday better...I don't even know what this is! I hate all the damn buzzing GAAR!

Going to sleep last night wasn't easy. My ..fff...ff...my brain! My head. Kept thinking things. Is it possible just to not think? Sigh. Then again, I woke up rather easily with about 4 hours of sleep. I'm good at that...sometimes. I'm reading Xenocide right now, good book! And when a book doesn't bore me to death, that's saying something...most books do, I'm afraid...

I got my Console CD today. Woo! Oo. I wasn't even expecting it. Totally forgot I had ordered it from Columbia House, actually. Hm. Also got the new Rolling Stone, and oo, Clinic is in it! How...nice...yes? With the face masks and all. I guess they never take em off. Maybe they're permanently stuck to their faces...

School was crap. Physics...*shudders*. I am so screwed. I don't KNOW anything! Why is this always happening...WHY? We're doing electricity stuff and it makes no sense, I'm telling you!

English isn't going to be so easy anymore, got this poopin essay to do about an American author. I immediately thought of doing Dave Barry, but he doesn't seem to be one of those classic American authors, eh? I mean, if I can find enough info about him, I can write my essay on him. Then again so many of his books are like autobiographies, and then they're kind of not...and...I've forgotten how to write essays, really.

Sigh. So. Um. Mm. I always have so much to say. And then when I want to say it, I can't think of it. Well, joy then. I HATE THE FFFFF-PHOOONE!

DAMMIT THE DRUMS ARE TOO LOUD fffff...sorry. I'm not chatting with anyone. No one to hear my anger. Heehee.

Another note: cool song I'm listening to right now, "Monkey On Your Back" by Clinic. Honestly, I'm trying NOT to download every single song before I actually buy one of their CDs...but it's kind of hard. I won't mooch off audiogalaxy forever...*looks at wallet*...I have enough dough to buy one CD. Oo...


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