January 27, 2002

You're Crunchie!
You're sweet at first, but like all good things, people get sick of you after a while. One good (or bad, depends how you look at it) thing though: you're not available in the US.

...woo. Well that explains everything.

For the record, you are:

59% Un-telligent!
which is normal since the current average is 60%.
Your evaluation is unique, however, so keep reading.

Here is the custom report of your personality that led our team of geeks to conclude (with confidence) that you are moderate but excitingly different:

"The subject shows a very high level of intelligence, and her sense of observation is one of her best qualities. Considering this, she shows a lot of potential, but that's only part of the equation.

"Also, as much as we hate violence, an occasional mauling is one way to solve day-to-day problems like unpleasant coworkers or pesky door-to-door salesmen; she just isn't tough enough, sir, and she avoids any solution that involves violence.

"Finally, the subject displayed a poor (and a little bit boring) sense of humor, a fair and productive sense of morality, and a barbaric self-confidence. The balance of these three traits is important; high levels of confidence, medium levels of morality, and a good level of humor make for the strongest individuals."

Final Score: 59% Un-telligent

WHAT the hell! SCREW YOUUU! I have a poor sense of humor? Well then. I wasn't aware. What is unintelligence anyway? Barbaric self confidence? This test is so screwed! I have aboslutely NO self confidence! And my humor, while maybe a bit odd, isn't that poor I think. My morality is higher than that...what..this test is completely wrong!

*sob*...I can't believe I'm so stupid that I can't even take a test about myself correctly. This is depressing, isnt it? IS IT NOT?!


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