January 28, 2002


...this is completely useless. I just spent a while typing up an entry, that even though was completely pointless (like everything else) still took a while, and then...Juno crashed. So. Starting from scratch, I don't know what I said before. Except that right now I'm listening to loads of unintelligible words spurting from the inner bowels of Ade Blackburn (I'll attemp to learn the names). Download "Cement Mixer" by Clinic, it's fun in a freakin bun.

I really can't do my report on Orson Scott Card...duh. I'm stupid. He writes science fiction/fantasy stuff that doesn't really suit my essay, I think, and I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about him. Well. Not really. I was thinking Ayn Rand would be an interesting person to do a report on, and I know she wasn't born in the US, but isn't living here a bit...enough...maybe. Maybe. Not. I hate. This. Funny, I would like to cry...but that's a big lie, actually. The problem is that I don't want to at all. I don't really feel...um...anything.

Oo, wait, frustrated! Yeah, okee. Now I'm absolutely glowing with pride. Teeheehaahaaharhar.

I'm liking this song more than before...for some reason. Don't know. Don't care. Wooo. You know, it would have been nice if someone had told me that EVER SINGLE FREAKIN LINK on that page was wrong. But then I guess it wouldn't have been possible since no one goes there...hm. Alright then.

Oh, they don't always wear the face masks...I feel so crushed. *sob*...:P Oo, there's a lot of nice stuff at this site. I know what Steph wants...blue haired guys. Actually, it's just one. Not everyone in Muse dyes their hair blue I guess.


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