January 23, 2002

Today was...regular. Except I felt exceptionally ...fat...or...PREGNANT...hm. Well, not that. But it was very odd, it wasn't like I felt full, I was still hungry, but felt like my intestines were STUFFED with semi-digested material. Does that make sense? MY POOR INTESTINES...wah. I feel the pain...for them. Uh. Somewhat.

I got a B on my physics quiz! HOW I don't know. Actually, most of the whole class got a B except for one person who got both questions right...trust me, I was shocked when I got the right answer. FREAKIN SHOCKED...freaaak.

I got a C or a D on my math final though. I got a C on the first part. I guess I really DID bomb that second part. Gussing doesn't pay off...sniff. Technically though, with a multiple choice test you can the chance of getting them all right by guessing. I mean, the chances are one to ten million billion, but hey...it still exists.

Actually...not much else happened today. Oh wait. NO MORE GYM. Instead...health! First aid. Yay. It's very strange to have to start being awake first period now. I'm not used to that at all...sigh. But I still think it's better than having gym, yeah?

I was almost certain that something else happened in my day...oh yeah. Well, this isn't really what I was thinking, but after school I took a bleepin fun math contest (ha...ha..heh..ugh) and I swear, I'll never be satisfied with those unless I get a 100% and I've NEVER in my entire life gotten all the questions right...I think. I mean, sometimes it's just something I wouldn't have known, but today I forgot was a trinomial was and made this easy factoring problem really hard for myself. So i felt so stuuuppiiid! They always make me feel like crap, those math contests, not sure why I do em. I suppose its the only school activity I do. Sigh. SAD SAD SAD PATHETIC i say

I think the search engine queries are getting weirder. Putting them here is probably just gonna bring more wackos to this site...but anyway, here's a sampling of recent stuff:

- musclar sex (I'm drawing a blank here...)
- retarded diaper (...ditto...)
- bloopy pictures of the women wearing short (that seems to make even less sense...)
- ragu commercial song (there's a ragu song?)
- japanese e guh orgasm (..guh?)
- WHYY ICE CREAM (as opposed to WHY ICE CREAM I guess)


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