January 23, 2002

This is definitely weird.

Holy crap...what the HELL did I eat? In the past day..or...two...I've BALLOOOONED...maybe it was all that pulse. Oh..CRAP, I'm supposed to drink a gallon of water a day? ...well, I only ate one pack today. Uhoh. HOLY CRAP...I did something like this once before where I took some fiber pills kind of not realizing they were fiber, I didn't drink anything, and lets just say...that's a bad idea.

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DRINK A GALLON OF WATER A DAY?! I'm just trying to drink a liter a day for now. Ugggh...my stomach...my intestines..ooooohhaiusdiuahehdas god. I was actually thinking of starting this on Sunday, but I never really go through with those things. My house would have to be completely devoid of anything that's not pulse, fresh fruits or veggies for me to do it...

By the way, the Pulse stuff might look weird but it's actually pretty good, which is why I ate it I guess. That's my LUNCH. I wonder if I look weird at lunch, sitting in the corner of a table all alone while spooning Pulse out of a bag into my mouth while listening to music and doing homework at the same time, and then later on sleeping. It MIGHT look odd, I sure as hell have never seen anyone do that...

blorp. i am full of guilt. heehee!

OO you know whats goood? Walnuts and raisins! I mean, eating them together. They're fine eaten separately...but together...I realized its YUMMMMYY.

This amused me. Well, just that "Morning hair" picture. Jesus, this guy has a stuffed animal PIKACHU...like my BROTHER...I mean, he's got Pokemon stuff, period, which reminds me of my brother. *shudders*...

OH my, you HAVE to go here, scroll down to the Sign part. Funny as hell. That is insanely funny, putting messages in there and seeing it...HAHAHA OH this made my day!


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