January 20, 2002

raAArr...how the hell could it be sunday already? What happened? WHAT HAPPENED ARRGH *rips head off, head bounces on the floor, puts head back on*

...even stranger search engine queries leading to my webhole:

- nifty gay dudes
- mum poo wee bum crying

The second one is a bit more cryptic. But I won't ask...

So...I'm annoyed with stuff, but doesn't make much sense to talk about it here since I guess I'd be talkin to myself, like right now...hello...me...hows it...goin.

Crap, I've got some math midterm thing going on tomorrow on trig. uhohh. ugh. I guess this is when I should study. dammit. deeemiiit.



...I'd rather have a giant inflatable dinosaur.

I ate too much dinner. nothing new. It's cold. my dad turned the heater off. he keeps telling me to do that, but i found that when the heater is turned off, the basement gets all cold which I guess is supposed to happen. So perhaps carelessly I leave it on most of the time. My dad says I can just come down and turn it on before I do..stuff...but it's not like my brain is gonna tell me to do that 30 minutes before i want to go on the internet or something. DO YOU KNOW what I mean? no.

eating dinner is a pain when the whole family is gathered 'round, eehhh? my grandfather speaks so freakin loud. Well, I guess he can't hear very well, but....but. I don't like sitting at a table where I can't understand what the hell anyone is talkin about. Really. This doesn't mean I want to know what everyone is saying, but I just wish...um. I don't know. Nevermind. It's my fault for being born chinese and living in the us where i've been brought up to learn english and NOT chinese, and in a mid class society where I'm supposed to get above 1300 on my sats but really, I'm not gonna

ye know..u....okay, bye.


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