January 27, 2002

Once again, I am here. What, is this the 5th time I've updated today? Well obviously I ended up not going anywhere. Hm.

Do check out the band [vo:n]...or just von. Mm. Anyway. Some nice stuff going on there, trust me. Listening to "Azure" right now. Sign their guestbook. What a minute, what am I talking about...sign MY guestbook. :)

Crap, I gotta pee. I really need to take a shower. I've covered with filth, just so you know. It's a good thing I don't have a webcam.

Sometimes I think I was supposed to have been born male. But not really. I'd probably be gay. Actually. This doesn't make much sense. I'm in between. Is there a neutral gender? Hm.

So far, I've done English homework. It took me less than 5 minutes. I just had to type up my poem. I got Diana to critique it, I think that's good enough. Mmhm. I rewarded myself with a cookie for losing about 3 pounds this weekend. But then that cookie probably put all the weight back on. That damn cookie...oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


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