January 26, 2002

Oh, I have to see this! recommended ages 3 to 8...well ye know what...I don't care. I'm only twice as old as that, maybe I'll blend riiight in...

Or not. I suppose the only person I can make go with me is Diana. Or my mum. What the heck am I doing, this is in March, I've got a bit of time to think about it...I think I've seen "Panda Go Panda" before. There's a big fat panda in it. Hm. Well, if you live around Manhattan, go! I comman you! The robot commands you!

By the way, the robot is from Laputa which I'm guessing I'll never ever see again. I don't seem to have a video of it. I used to, but it might have been a copy so my mum got rid of it. *somewhat sad*...I like the robots a lot. They're good robots! They used to scare the hell out of me though.

I slept funny last night. I woke up many times to find that I had no feeling in my arm. And another time I woke up and couldn't feel the right side of my face. Hm. I'd think by now I've learned how to sleep properly...

I was looking at my TV, thinking it was full of emptiness, but that's an oxymoron isnt it. Can something be full of emptiness? MWAHAHAHA....I don't know why I had to throw an evil maniacal laugh in there. TVs are kind of creepy...there's nothing on the other side! It's a...box! Well unless you've got a flatscreen TV I guess, but there's nothing in it really, but if you turn it on stuff appears...okay, I guess this wouldn't bother normal people. This is modern life full of wonderous technology, isn't it?

I had some god awful weird dreams last night. I think...because I don't really remember them. It's pathetic as hell I think, that I could be dreaming, and wake up a split second later and forget everything. All I remember is a small part of one dream when I (or maybe I wasn't in the dream but was watching it all like a movie) was at a part with some people. I remember seeing a classmate there who is a pretty quiet guy, and he got all drunk and screwed up, and then I left with some girl I didn't know, and then...the room the party was in filled up with water and some people drowned. It was underground, some small apartment somewhere, and we were walking by and saw water coming out and some people trying to get out, and some people actually getting out...

See, doesn't that sound odd. I've had weirder dreams I guess.

Hey Rebbie, have I gotten rid of the horizontal scroll bar? Sorry about that, I had some tables set in pixels and not percents...me and a handy calculator corrected that. Well. I think.

Oh crap, I'm not done talkin yet. Thom with glasses...yeah that's an old pic I know. But I found it amusing at THIS very moment in time. This picture always maybe me laugh, it looks as though Ed is peeing on the wall. Okay, this one too, since Thom just looks odder than usual. Ooh oh, I like this one of Thom. Not sure why. Well, not everything needs a reason...

Should I stop with the Radiohead pics for now? Mmhm. Sorry if Radiohead makes you puke...eehee.


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