January 20, 2002

MY mum is always telling me to...do stuff. Like what, I don't know. I sit here too much, I know, but there isn't anything else i feel like doing right now except eating, and thta's a problem too...eating. If I wasn't on the computer then I'd be eating, or sleeping, or reading! What's so great about those things...argh nevermind, I don't know what I'm talkin about...

What the hell is "santa reindeer poot music"? Someone typed that into google, apparently...poot music?

So. I...mm...hm. Snow. Out there. Some inches I guess.

I'm cold. Yeah...that'll happen when yer in the basement I guess. Always in the basement.

Listening to Clinic. I have a feeling I'll get sick of this sometime, but for now I'm quite lovin it. What the hell is this dude saying? Oh well. "Goodnite Georgie" is nice and..um...

...my mum wants me to eat now. raaar. yes, id like some little dumps.


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