January 29, 2002

Jesus crap, I can't believe I spent about 4 hours doing this. I can't keep in time at all! RAAAR whatever good mood I was in 4 hours ago is no more. Hmm...I probably wasn't in a very good mood anyway. I hate all this buzzing noise...f...fggghghsdoiadsw!&^!53f...*sob*...you can't hear it as much in realaudio though, which is a nice thing I guess.

wondering right now what normal people are doing...

A Libido CD was supposed to come out today...but apparently, it hasn't. Isn't. Hm. I don't even know what's on it. It might be a reissue or something. But no website says...what...it...is. Sigh.


Sorry. There's a lot of buzzing coming out of my computer, and it's really annoying.

Haven't done any homework. HAHA. It's only 8 something...crap...what the. Ugh. coming upon the realization that today was a complete waste of life...hm.


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