January 27, 2002

I'm still here, which is absolutely pathetic, but I'll post something, YEAH.

The other night I played a very useless game in which I had to name useless things. Well, one person says a useless thing...then I say a useless thing with the next letter of the alphabet. It's not a real game. It's more like the kind you play right before you know you're going to die as your velocity increases, hulring towards the center of the earth. Yay! if you play this game you can come up with great stuff like this:

cottage cheese
emus (later changed to Evhn, in which I cried out in agony DIIE although I didn't really...I need even, duh!)
jack in the box
kaptain kangaroo
lemon on a stick
mangos on a rope
noodle pie
oprah winfrey exercise video
peanut butter and pork
quickie mart (I find those pretty useful though)
roast beef on a stick
soup in a seive
turnip on a stick
umbrellas (later changed to uvulas..umbrellas are useful!)
violin cases full of machine guns
yo-yos (i like yo-yos though)
zenophobia mispelled

...I'm sorry, this was so useless. I'm obviously running out of ideas. And I've used up some bit of your time. OHMYGOD you have any idea how much brain power you've wasted reading this crap? Don't you hate me now? HATE ME DAMMIT!


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