January 22, 2002

I'm listening to..TRAVIS! Whoa. Haven't done that in a long time. They're so nice though...although the realization has come upon me that they have a song named "Luv". I always thought of it as "Love" in my head, I guess. LUV...jesus crap! Hee..ee...ee. luv? It's a funny word, isnt it...

So. Today was worse than yesterday. I mean, I was more tired, that's all, I guess. Physics...booring..but didn't feel like puking. Woo. Um. Um. Math midterm...not...good. Yeah. I mainly guessed I think. Oops. Well, I got a C on the first part...*woo*...YAAA GOD I LOVE PRE CALCULUS ITS THE MOST FREAKIN WONDERFUL-

oh. anyway. I got an A in russian! Yeah, I'm really surprised, because I hardly ever participate. I raised my hand more but didn't get called on...more. I think the teacher knew that though. :P I'm too slow...my brain does not make my arm muscles move. or something. Quite annoying and all, makes me feel dumb as hell.."should...raise...arm...now!" oh well.

human interaction today? minimum.

I noticed that I am quite odd looking for a human being. Ever think about that stuff? NO? Yeah. Well.

Diana took some neat pics of Starsailor...or at least the main dude, haha! ha. ha.

Hey, when people don't say hello to you anymore, does that mean they hate ye, or they're just BLIND as hell? I'm going for the first one..yay! Good to have a nice collection of people that dislike you, isnt it...hm.

O, i remembered something else, the latest issue of Seventeen magazine (the ALL AMERICAN magazine or something? um) popped up in the mail. I read it. i suppose i do...it's almost wrong, but i find it quiiite amusing, seeing that I don't really fit the demographic that they're targetting. All I remember...well, partly what I remember, is that there was an ad for channelone buried deep within it's pages...isnt that the evil channel for middle/high schoolers? Well, you know what I mean...actually, you probably dont. Well, at least they dont show that in my school. Wooee. I think that the channel shows, in addition to the..regular programming, a bunch of ads and in the schools its shown in, the tvs cant be turned off during the ads. i mean. i understand that you need ads, but it doesnt seem worth it to even have a channel that doesnt have much programming anyway and then showing a bunch of ads...*hates ads, if you are wondering*

Oh wait, now i'm looking at the website...in case I don't know how to play guitar...oh well, I guess I've screwed up by starting on a classical guitar, HAHAHHEHHAEHIUAHSIUdhyuahsdy8uahsd ohh god skootch *close*

advertisements are scary. i always wonder who goes for them, you know? you could argue that i must be influenced by ads too...but as of late, I don't feel like i have. is that even possible?


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