January 29, 2002

I'M HOME! SO HAPPY YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *runs around in circles, hits head on the wall, passes out*

...okay, I'm not really that happy, but I'm just very relieved to be home. School sucked. Actually, after lunch was okay. Everything before that sucks because 1) it's too freakin early and 2) I hadn't napped yet. Heehee. I only took a little nap...really. Even's voice is too....oooo! Too good. It's too good! LIKE ICE SUCKY!

*ice sucky = smoothie, yeah? The last time I had a quickie mart ice sucky was probably 4 years ago. There's some trivia for ye*

Mm. Anyway. Much more tired today than yesterday. Probably cos of that whole lacking sleep problem. This morning was just unbearable, I couldn't concentrate at all. In anything. I kept playing noises in my head. I HATE IT! But I can't really help it, can I? During physics I had nearly no idea what was going on, I kept playing songs in my head, and then during history I got The Recluse stuck in my head, which was weird. All I could think of was "Gotta go home, gotta go hooome! Gonna forget everything! My head! AHHH!" and lo and behold, I think I have forgotten whatever tune I made up in my head. Thought I'd do another song (shouldn't Ihave homework or something?) but I dunno, forgot...sigh. Yeah, it probably sucked anyhoo. :)

Oh yeah, another nice thing about physics, today we had a QUIZ. About. Potential energies of electric stuff? I think I got a C, which is pretty amazing considering I dunno what I was doing. Honest. But the whole class was really confused. I guess they weren't paying attention either. I think my teacher is very disappointed with my class...hell, I would be too.

Math quiz was alright. I probably got a B. But. Yeah. Polar notation all the way. Woohoo.

English was the weirdest. I'm going to do Jack Kerouac for my essay...cos...most of the other authors were already taken. Well, the ones I could recognize. The past summer I read about 10 pages of "On The Road" before falling dead asleep, good eh? Then the teacher put us in groups and we had to do poems. Oh yeah, I had a great group. We had to use onomotopoeia (I must have spelled that wrong, but ye know, crappit, my teacher didn't even attempt to spell it) and for the first 15 minutes we did...uh...nothing. Then I made up my own poem about sounds on a farm (excerpt: "Oink goes the pig / Squeak goes the mouse / Meow goes the cat / Who lives in the house" I'm the reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe, wouldn't you say?) and another guy in my group made up a poem about Batman. Okkaay. There's this really odd person in my class who was sitting near us, and one of his friends was in my group. So, he pointed at each of us and went "YOU suck, YOU suck, YOU suck, your whole GROUP sucks" and at some point he took my paper (it was blank at the time), crumpled it up and threw it across the room. It's a good thing that by then I was in a not-bad mood, I just thought it was funny, because it was really...dumb. And sad. Why...that guy even criticized the japanese stickers on my folder. "What is that? Turds? You have turd stickers?" The thing is, they do look lik turds, the little bread people, so I wasn't sure what to reply...hm.

And that is my life. Oh booooy. A girl in my English class said I reminded her of that asian girl from GIlmore Girls. This was after the teacher called out our groups...I said in a most monotone voice, "Oh, I am so happy." Hooyeah.

And then. At some point I got home. I filled myself with lamp meat and tofu. Heeheehee. That might sound gross. But it was quite good. The tofu was in these really thin layers all stacked on each other...er...alright. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about...


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