January 19, 2002

I woke up before 2 PM. Aren't you proud of me? ...yeah. I didn't go to bed very late, which was good I guess.

Listened to more GYBE. I think I like the second CD than the first one...it's all good stuff, but...yeah. I'll just babble on a bit more. Not sure what the music...does. I mean, it's not really happy, or sad, or depressing, but it's something, I just don't know what. Makes me feel like moving or something, in some kind of way, but then I'm always listening to it in bed. It's just...EEEE! *that was some kind of noise, I think*...well if you are curious you can download tons of live stuff here. I'm downloading "Monheim" cos it's very...extremely...WOOOEEEAAAHHAGYUusd *dies*

That could make sense, whatever it is I just said. Hm.

It's cloudy today. Supposed to snow I think. A few inches. Of course, if it's going to snow, it has to be on a WEEKEND, god forbid any chance of a snow day. Do most people have Monday off? I've never had it off, and I don't know, but my brother does...

Let me question the inteligence/mentallity of the human race again, alright? Who typed "where can i find Britney Spears having sex wiht Pikachu" in google and found my site? Well, my site is the only one that comes out but obviously it's just words taken from all over the page stuck together:

... this is a Britney Spears song!". ... well, I guess having the day off ... of the opposite sex? no 155.) Do ... a giant pikachu 169.) What's ... the airport wiht my mum ...

Man, we both spelled "with" wrong. How sad. I am worthless. And who searched for "'even johansen' quiet roboppy"? That's a tad too specific...I'm roboppy...ee...get the bugs off of me...*whaps arms repetedly*...

that was completely random, sorry. There are no bugs here. I hope...now I'm paranoid.


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