January 17, 2002

I went to the taping...and, geez, I felt SOOOO sorry for him! It broke my heart. Here was his big chance, curtain goes up, and, as Corrine mentioned a few messages back, everything just fell apart. It was clear from the beginning that he had a cold - his voice was just not up to the usual quality. Then he thought he had time to cough in between two lines of the song- but it just made him get behind and confused. That's when he looked at the palms of his hand and tried to figure out where he was lyrically - and that was the end. He just gave up.

Before the show, Leno was telling the audience how it is all "live on tape" - nothing is ever fixed, mistakes are left in, etc. So, when Rufus just stopped and said "I've got to start over"....then he looked really scared and
sort of asked "umm....CAN we do it again? I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

Just imagine being in that situation. He's got to do it - but all his confidence was gone. Poor guy. Everyone was running up to him (Leno included - he seemed so sweet to him - giving him a little pep talk) - giving
him water, stuff for his throat, Martha rubbed his shoulders.....

Then we were all REALLY scared. Can he do it? I think he just wanted to walk out and go home! So, considering everything....he survived pretty well. His face as they put the curtain back down to start over again for the second take was priceless....

And I always thought being a rock star was easy!

For a sick guy, he sure looked good though. What's new.

- Betsy

Oh..poor rufus! hes. sickly! i thought his voice may have been a bit off..but i didn't want to tell myself that I guess, haha! Oh. Well, he did nicely in the end anyhoo. It's a good thing they didn't show the first take I guess, that would have been sad to see I think...not that I would have cried. Hm. But anyway.

today was...normal. i almost woke up too late though. After I get up at around 6:50, I get changed and go to the bathroom, blah blah, and then I...go back to sleep. With the radio on, to make sure i don't oversleep. And then the radio turns of at 7:10. But I...uh, kept sleeping, and I actually had a dream. I woke up around 7:20 thinking "AH oops" and yeah. I wasn't late though. Oo. But god, I mean...dreams are weird.

Physics was boooring. I've got my quaterly tomorrow. Doesn't that spell fun? ...nope.

I got a B in math! Yay...NOT a C! that's all I can hope for. I think it was an 82. MM...hmm. Oh well! Er. Not like I'm going to BC calculus next year!

And. Uh. Mm. Okay, I guess nothing else happened. Oh wait, during lunch, I was doing part of an assignment for history the teacher handed out to us the period before, and this kid in my history class was walking by and told me one of the answers. It was really...uh..out of the blue. To me at least. I was listening to Even, and saw this dude and went "Huh?". I mean, I'm very much used to being ignored during lunch (it's a good thing..heehee). Oh well.

When I got home I ate...BURRITO! So much fun in a little bun....thing...okay, not a bun. You know what I mean. beans. ya gotta love...beans. And my mum isn't here. So I'm alone. Which is alright. She wanted to see Lord of the Rings again, so she'll be out for HOURS. Yikes. And I just remember something, I saw a pic of that dude who plays Legalus in the movie (Orlando Bloom?) in SPIN and he's totally...different lookin. Well, not really, just the hair I guess, but it was very odd for a split second...


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