January 31, 2002

I went to acid planet to register...but apparently I already did. This must have been years ago. And the profile name I chose was...Rufus. Rufus? RUFUS! Weird. I should probably change that since my name isn't...Rufus. I'll change it to...carbon monoxide! Yeah, I love that carbon monoxide, don't you?

*seeing Rufus in 2 weeks, by the way. woo!*

It's the last day of January. Woohooo. What a fun January this was. Today it's cloudy and rainy...woo! Love that gloomy weather! YEEHAW! *atchoo*...it's cold. Oh, I should turn the heater on then...yeah, I'm a bit slow. "I'm freezing my butt off...maybe I should turn the heat on."

Oh, don't you love the page I made? It's quite an unknown fact about me, that I used to be a giant tree (whoa, I made a rhyme). Uploading my songs, in case some how all my stuff happened to disappear off the face of the earth. Tell me if they work or not. I think its nicer to have a page at acid music than say, mp3.com...not as commercial. And it's not like I want to sell my music, I just wanna stick it somewhere. mp3.com is a pain in the butt, if you ever try to put music there. I uploaded something there months ago, and just today I got an e-mail about it, saying I had to do something so they could verify it, and that was AGES ago. I mean, I had totally forgotten about it. So yeah, it sucks.

Oh, Rebecca, I made you a CD. You'll can have it when I get a letter from you. HAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAAHHAh! HAAAAAAA AHHAHA---

*bursts into flame from pure psycho-evilness*

...man, I hate it when that happens. Bursting into flames is a bit annoying. It's one of the downsides of being evil I guess. Satan hasn't really worked out all think kinks yet, believe it or not.

School...was boring. Nothing new. Physics is crazy, all this electrical crap kind of makes sense, but I can't really...make sense out of it. Don't you see? My brain doesn't like physics! It likes FOOD.

During lunch I slept the entire period. I didnt really have any work...that I felt like doing. The period felt INCREDIBLY long. It was weird. I listened to Even...got though 9 songs. Just left it on while I looked like I passed out, most likely. I know I must have really been sleeping at some point because when I woke up I found that I had drooled...a little. Oh yes, like a baby. Don't you tell me that you've never drooled in your sleep, because I'd know that you're lying.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

HAHAHA man, that was a dumb quiz. Nothing fit me. I guess I haven't got what it takes to be a GREEK GODDESS, whatever shall I do...


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