January 26, 2002

I made another song...this time electric guitar, bass, and drums. Oo...oo. It's a little longer than the others, although not exactly to GYBE proportions. No 10 minute songs yet. HAHAH..ugh. I could probably drag it out that long...maybe. My basement doesn't have a natural echo, I added that in. Would be odd if my basement had an echo though...

And I cannot play the drums correctly! It's off by a little bit but I'm too lazy to do that over. Oh, what do you expect. I can't help the annoying buzzing that always comes with recording on the computer. Raaar. It didn't take too long at least, as long as everything else takes me I guess. So, do you want to run out of the room screaming your head off yet? :)

I was going to go out somewhere...to BJs I think, with my mum, but we got lazy and we'll go tomorrow I guess. Woo...so I've got a fun filled Sunday ahead of me. Man, I didn't do much today. Hm. Kind of sad isn't it. But then it's only about 7:20...maybe at 8 something will explode and make the day special.

the drums are annoying the hell outta meee...but I'm not a perfectionist, I think....RAAARHHAHRHHASHad spitoot*...

Holy crap, THIS is brilliant...(you may not get it if you haven't seen the "Just" music video, and if you have, isn't it amusing?)


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