January 21, 2002

I know I have homework...but I haven't started it yet. Instead, I did this...HARP STUFFF...ya. Me little harp. 3 octaves. I'm sure there's some kind of technique to playing it, but I don't know it. Well, I can fake it I guess. Some guitar in there too I guess. Yeah, my out-of-tune guitar...hm. Well, it sounds better than the dulcimer...yikes. :)

Starting to get a bit tired. Raaar. Dinner was fun as hell. I sat in a confused state as everyone else talked about stuff. I dunno what. Nothing good most likely, but at least there wasn't any arguing/knife throwing..HA! Ha....ha? We aren't at each others throats.


You are ... Edna Krabapple

Edna Krabapple

You are Bart's teacher, who's sole purpose in life is to make your life a living hell. You're a lonely, desperate woman looking for love from anyone, and everyone. Currently, Principle Skinner is your main interest.


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Boy, that's exciting. That just made my day. Woo.


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