January 26, 2002

I had an...odd conversation with my mum. Actually, not that odd. Actually...

Yeah, I'm too indecisive. This isn't even a decision. Well, I feel like my family is more screwed up than before. It's not really that screwed up...I think. But I don't know what other families are like. And it's not really my family, as in my mum, my dad, my brother and me, but my dad's side of the family. My mum's parents are dead, and my dad's parents are both alive and doing fairly well for being...old. My grandpa though, he's really terrible, I think. I've always wondered why my dad and his brothers and their kids (well, I might include myself in that bunch also) do everything that Grandpa wants. Kind of. Maybe. Honestly, there is so much I don't know, not knowing Chinese and being me...me. Um. Where am I?

Oh...well, everything is always about money, isn't it? I really dislike money. In a way. I mean, I "need" money to buy things, but in general...sigh, I can't stand so many of the things humans have come up with. Well it turns out my grandpa is a millionaire or something (not sure what the "or something" is, I decided not to ask) because he owns land in Taiwan that he bought ages ago when it was worth crap. But the only reason he's got so much money is because he doesn't spend any. In some ways, my grandpa and his sons are cheap...BEYOND cheap. I know they're not the only ones, but little things that I can observe, like refusing to throw food away and not using napkins and turning the heat way down, I know that's nothing new. But why live in a nice house, a nice town, a nice...place (like my family and my uncles's families) if all you can think about is saving pennies? My grandpa helped to pay for a lot of the house I'm living in right now, same for his other sons and he can control them. They rely on him for money...depend on him, and I don't want to give the impression that we're living in high society. I...I don't know...um. Mm.

Isn't this really pathetic though? My dad and his brothers are in their fifties and they still rely on their dad for money? I found out that my grandpa gave me a lot of money to put into my investments and crap, not that I have any idea what these investments are, it's not as though I asked for them. I know very little, by the way. And about ten years ago, my uncle who lives in Florida had a house built with money from his dad I guess. It's a very nice house too, but it's...scary. I mean, I couldn't imagine being forty-something and my dad telling me that he wants a certain house built in a certain way, and that my family would move there and he would drop by whenever...

I feel bad for my uncle. He wanted to be an engineer, but his dad wanted a doctor in the family so he became a doctor, and I don't think he likes being a doctor. I'm pretty sure he'd much much much rather be an engineer, the house is full of all sorts of neat things that...well, I dunno. But anyway. And my mum said that he wanted to marry someone else, but his parents wouldn't let him because the person he wanted to marry wasn't up to their standards education wise...why would that even matter, I don't know. Some people...

That's terrible, but it's still going on. One of my uncles has two daughters, and one of them got married two summers ago. The younger one...and the older one, I don't know what's going on with her. She's nice, they both are. I think there was someone she wanted to marry, but her parents and grandparents were against it because he didn't come from a nice enough background. I wouldn't even listen to my parents at this point, I think a sane person wouldn't. But I've heard it too, from my grandma. "Marry a doctor...blah blah blah." Jesus crap. It's complete nonsense to me. And then I think my counsin's parents started fixing her up with people. Once she didn't even meet the guy, she met his parents who wanted to see if she was good enough for their son...WHAT?

I think I'm incredibly lucky that my mum is sane. Normal. Has got common sense. I don't know how this happened. I don't know why she married my dad. That might sound like a bad thing to say, in some way, but I don't. I didn't ask her why she did either. My mum comes from a very nice family, in my opinion at least...

Eh...I guess I'm done for now. This isn't very interesting at all, but...mm.

I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the
McDonalds Product Test
by Matio64

Dammit. Actually. I used to eat the fillet o fish a lot. When I actually went to McDonalds that is....years back.

# 1 Fillet-O-Fish
# 2 McChicken Sandwich
# 3 Chicken McNuggets
# 4 French Fries
# 5 Hamburger
# 6 Happy Meal
# 7 Big Mac
# 8 Cheeseburger
# 9 Thick Shake
# 10 McFlurry

...I'm not a McFlurry. So don't confuse me with one. And you know what, I'm pretty glad that I'm a fillet o fish. It's so fitting.


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