January 19, 2002


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How is that? I figured 100 quotes was a bit out of reach so I settled for 53. Eh. Well.

And that's all. I wonder if it's still snowing...I don't think so. It snowed a few inches. It's pretty, but not...mind blowing. I need some mind blowing snow. now...

There's a little blurb about Even in NME...I went and got that...at the bookstore. Yeah, I went out! Huh. Well, I didn't want to spend any money, but I did. I spent $15...sigh. Barnes & Noble had a bunch of copies of "Green Plastic Wateringcan" for 5 bucks! So I bought that, even though I...have it already. I bought a used version of it for something like $4 before. RADIOHEAD! Pre-OK Computer! Hm. It's a nice book, not really as a biography, but as a photo album. With funny pictures.

Also got NME...yeah, I said that. Cover? Jay-Z: Lord of the Bling! God, who writes this stuff? Nothing in here I'm particularly interested in, but I'll read it anyway. Well, a picture of Robbie Williams giving the finger...hm! A pic of Chris Martin lookin thoughtful. Some bald dude. Anyhoo. There's one page about Norway being the new France; Europes heart of cool. The headline? "May the Fjords Be With You! Oh god...this is getting terrible. But I laugh anyway.

"It all started with a tattoo," explains singer-songwriter Even Johansen. "I was suffering from anaemia and I went to see this rock'n'roll doctor who prescribed a tattoo of a magnet to cure me. I was stupid enough to believe it. But believing works wonders." Already featured in teen sci-fi programme Roswell High -- oddly fitting for this ethereal blend of Tim Buckly and Air -- Even bucks the Nordic gloom stereotypes with a song called 'Dead And Unhappy'.

...mmhm. Which song is "Dead And Unhappy"? I MUST KNOW! Someone tell me. Please? Wait, this should go on my Even site...because...YOU DON'T CARE! HEEHEE

Okay, I've assumed that. sigh.

I find this site amusing. Especially the stupidity page. I don't see the point of harassing someong because they like o-town. People will always like different things...and well, what's the point of wasting your time to try and make people realize...things. Sometimes you can't change people. Most of the time, I'd say. People will change themselves if they want to, but that's all. Both of these people are pretty close minded it seems. Well, maybe that's not the right term. "Stupid" isn't the right term..."funny" isn't the right term...maybe just plain sad. This is making me sad.

...enough of that. Time to listen to...some Beachwood Sparks. oo.


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