January 18, 2002

I dunno if anyone is actually interested in hearing what a dulcimer sounds like, but I recorded something and i'm warning you, it kind of sucks, but ye know what, it didn't take that long so...mm, yeah. And I made all the loops! then again, stuff that takes me all day usually ends up suckin anyhoo, heehee...hee...heh...ugh.

Take the Which Radiohead Album are you? Quiz.

Oh, man. No one is quite sure what to make of you. Your fans got kind of impatient in the three years it took the band to perfect you, and after you were released, a lot of people walked around scratching their heads, saying "Huh???" Lots of people don't really understand you, and even more pretend that they do. Bill Gates got it, after like, the seventeen hundredth time. Most of the people around you think that they understand you better than they do, and that gets on your nerves sometimes. But The small group of people who appreciate your beauty and intelligence keeps you going. You are a bit emotionally detached, but make up for it with your utter gorgeousness and dedication to your art.

That sounds better than being Pablo Honey. Which I was before, but anyway. I changed my fate. heehee.

My mum got me cookies! I MUST EAT THEM!

My dad and my grandpa are here now. Uh. Yay. I think they're the two people I would least want to have in this house. They're both irritating...in different ways. Could be worse though, at least I don't know Chinese. My grandpa doesnt know much english so he can't really talk to me, which is..uh, fine with me. Aren't I delightful? Heehee.


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