January 17, 2002

I ate so much. Food, that is. Just to get the facts straight.


It's 9 PM and I'm still too scared to look at my physics notes. It's...its pure evil.

Kind of makes you feel all warm n fuzzy inside, doesnt it?

...not sure what to say about this though.

I would like woohoogirl to know that ice cubes are the best. And I'd rather be an ice cube than a shot of jagermeister. Dammit, I wish I could be an ice cube...

I downloaded some clinic songs under the influence of stefoo (sorry for butchering her name, heehee) and they're quite good...yesss! This is fun. I like! YAY!

So now for my recommendation. Beachwood Sparks! So fun. I think. I downloaded some songs just cos I remembered reading something about them in Spin (I guess they have something nice every now and then) and the music is like..uh...happy country ish and it's really nice to listen to, I think. I'm listening to "Desert Skies" right now. Man, this sounds so...happy! n stuff! Aw! I dunno! Wow. :)


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