January 28, 2002

Holy crap, this rules. That's Clinic on WFMU. Oo...Even was on WFMU!!!... Here's a page with the setlist. Now I can hear what the dude is saying a bit more clearly. Does it make any more sense? Hell no! Tiki tiki ta ma ma nan...oh, you know you love it. ...hm.

But...JESUS CRAP, the concert I want to go to is on a Thursday night. WHY. Why can't think just work out and be on Friday or Saturday nights for me. Ugh. Will that prevent me from going? No. But if I do go, I'll certainly be half dead in school the next day. Either that or full of energy...hm. But now I really wanna go see em, oo oo! Diana, you better come with me!!!

Oo, I wish Steph could come...

Why am I still up? I have school tomorrow. Turns out I didn't have much homework. Well, I didn't try to do my physics. I looked at it. Anyone know crap about capacitators and...uh..other crap? Yeah. Alright then. And I had the sudden idea to do another song but I didn't get very far, a few guitar parts that suck ass, well then. I'll work on that tomorrow. It's pretty bad though. Sigh...

Happy Monday morning to you all. Isn't it glorious. Yes. Please shoot me.

this is the 6th entry I've done today...somewhat. do I get a spot on the loser-hall-of-fame? hooyeah!


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