January 30, 2002

Heehee, I'm listening to a CD Diana made for her VGWD studio of ROOOCCCKKK...anyway. There's a scary skit of the Kid A blinky bear going crazy. Kind of. Maybe I'll put a sound clip up...it's funny! And odd. "What the hell is that? Aw, it's so cute...IASHGDYGUAUTYASD"...

Heehee. It is cute.

Woo, I'm home. Today...sucked I guess. WEE! Every class was EQUALLY boring! Yes! The joy! The...um.

I got a B in physics. OO EVEN DIANA PUT EVEN ON THE CD...whoa. Sorry about that. Um. Even; he still rules. Anyway. I got a B. I guess it could be a mistake, or...man, I dunno. But that's preeeetty peachy. My mum thinks that having 2 Bs on a report card is ONE TOO MANY. Well, as long as I know she's being stupid, doesn't really matter I guess. She'll never think that having Bs (gasp) is okay. I think that she thinks the average world is retarded, and that having Bs is bordering on average, and my standards are too low, and blah, it's stupid I think, yeah?

Listening to "Good Souls" by Starsailor now...mm. Hm. It's okay. I don't see myself loving the band though...is it JUST me? Yikes.

*blinky the bear blinky the bear blinky the bear*...

oh, he's not evil. he's too cute to be evil. heehee...

Oh, I'm on this CD! Oh...I sound stupid. Nothing new. "How Fast Can Robyn Play" is what it's called. "Not very..." Yeah. O, alright, you wanna listen to it? Hehe, I didn't think so. Man, I laugh for an idiot...I guess I do deserve to be beaten up.

ANYWAY. I've never been beaten up, I wonder why. Or maybe not. Actually, I'm not wondering that at all.

The weather is weird as hell for NJ. It's in the 50s. It feels like SPRING. Except for all the dead trees. It took me a while to realize what felt so weird, but then...I realized. This is like the weather in Taiwan. Winter weather, that is. Cloudy, 50s, a little breezy, or humid. I had the strangest feeling all morning and then I figured it out. Weather brings up weird feelings, I'm telling you...

And a note for Diana (or...um...anyone), I use Acid Music to put all my songs together. Haven't used Fruityloops in a bit...hm. Maybe I WILL! Um. Well first I play something a bunch of times, pick the best time I play it and make it into a loop and then loop it over and over because there's no way in hell I could play the same thing perfectly over and over again. I put reverb on the guitars cos it seems to sound better that way. And then I stick in drum crap. That song I did yesterday ends funny...um...oops. Didn't mean to. Oo, rebbie, would you really buy a CD? I could use the money. Oh, you know what would make things easier, if you just sent me money...period. :)


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