January 21, 2002

Happy Martin Luther King Jr...day...yes...is that it? Mmhm.

Well, I had a fun day at school. HAHA...no. It wasn't that bad though! During first period the principal made the yearly speech about MLK Jr, not that I could hear it becuase just like pretty much all accouncements in the gym...ye can't really hear it. Oh well. And we had fun scoliosis checks...YAAAA so friggin exciting HOLY CRAP...uh. Anyway. I don't have scoliosis. JUST like every other year, but anyway, in case you were wondering...Robyn is 100% scoliosis free!

Physics was OK! Wow. I didn't feel like I was going to sleep at all. I didn't get much sleep last night, but I guess the less sleep...at some point, I just feel more awake, yeah. I DIDN'T FAIL MY QUARTERLY!...I got a C. Which is gooood! Eee! Much better than I thought I'd do. Then again I think it was curved by 5 points. But I did better than nearly 50% of the class, so I'm right in the middle. Woo, that's fine with me.

Speaking of the night...sleep. Good. Night. Yay! Uh. Yeah, the sky was lookin neat, with...clouds. I love clouds. When it's night at the sky isn't pitch black but kind of...glowing! That is neat. Mm...hm.

It snowed a bit during school. Didn't look like much at first but then more snow started falling out fhe sky (funny how it does that). And it just made me very happy to see...SNOW. It was only a thin layer that coated everything but it looked cool for a while. When I was walking to lunch from history outside, this guy started running through the snow and shouting "I LOVE SNOW I LOVE SNOW!" and I thought it was...amusing. Random. But not uncalled for...not that I would ever do that. :)

Math midterm...um...yeah, I screwed up on that, but hey, multiple guess is always good. I doubt any of that 1/4th chance of getting something right went into my favor, but hopefully I got...most right. Eh.

Still watching "The Great Gatsby" in English, and the people in the movie are...FREAKS! Or. NOT normal. Holy crap, something is just wrong with it, alright? It's not a terrible movie, it's just odd.

And that's all I can think of, since I'm quite hungry. I've got an eel + rice frozen dinner in the..freezer. Which I would like to eat. Uh. Huuuh...later.

OH and of course, more fun search engine queries that somehow point to here:

- pictures of healthy foood (foood? whyyy...)
- +"fun with pies" (I just don't get that one)
- girls-and-boys-having-sex (as opposed to other things having sex I guess, but...um)

okay, thats all for now. exciting, isn't it. i'm sure these people were pretty disappointed when they found out this page SUCKED.


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