January 25, 2002

Boy, some of the e-mail I get is absolutely AMAZING! JUST LOOK!

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Sarcasm is my verrry best friend....so are italics...

Today has been a LOVELY Friday. I mean, nothing bad happened in school. I had a sub first period. WOO. I'm kind of disgusted at how terrible kids can act towards nice (but naive) substitutes. We were watching Family Matters for a bit of time, actually. Remember that show? Urkle? *shudders*...

I was awake during physics! Oh...yay...

During history we had to do this thing...activity, about the election og 18...something. Great. Well it was Jackson and Adams. Anyway. We had to make a poster for Adams and a campaign slogan...you wanna hear what my group came up with? Adams: The other white meat...that's NOT a slogan. Jesus, would YOU vote for him based on that? I have to admit though, it was kind of funny, because it was pathetic. I wonder what grade we got.

I went to Mitsuwa. YEAAAH...about as close as I'll get to Japan without going there. First I took out $80 from the bank. Eek. I've got $150 left. Eh..hm. Anyway! Ate some YUMMY CURRY OO YEAH GOD FOOD YEAAAH *i dont know why i'm so hyper right now...freakin curry* and I had this banana cake thing and it was REAL GOOOD YEAAAH. And. I went to Kinokuniya and found two back issues of Rockin On and one of Crossbeat that had various beck/bjork/radiohead stuff in em! Whoa! They're only $2, the back issues, so I was very happy. I mean, usually ONE of those mags is about $7. Yeah. Anyway....um Oh yeah, also got a nice book about "Laputa" which has some drawings and stills from the movie.

So. Ate food. Made me happy. WOO. Screw my intestines! SCREW EM!

I just remembered, the other morning while I was at my locker, this kid asked me if i had gum. Nothing remarkable, I know (except that I NEVER EVER have gum, I don't chew it at all!) but the way he said it, it was like he was afraid of me. And I found that pretty amusing. I'm not really imtimadating I think. He looked like...mm, freshman...or sophomore. It just struck me as...odd.

Someone's not too happy about the snow...


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