January 27, 2002

The ..fff...phone is ringing. I hate phones. Would like to throw it across the room, but then another phone would still ring and that wouldn't accomplish much...

This guitar song is still bugging me! I feel like I need to drag it out to 8-10 minutes. Not that you would need to hear that...just to see if I could make it that long. Yeah I know...I'm weird...well.

I took a 2 hour nap, from about 3:45 to 5:45. Felt a lot longer than that. Naps always feel like that...really long, but then when you actually sleep, it's never enough. Sigh. I woke up feeling rested...and really uncomfortable. I know I had a dream, maybe multiple dreams, but I don't remember any of them. I just remember one part, when I got an e-mail with some info about Libido's CD coming out on Tuesday (at this point I don't really know anything about it). And...well. And then I think I'm home alone, unless my mum is sleeping. I think she went to the supermarket. It's just her and me living here, and I can't even keep track...well, I'm obviously typing away at my computer, not that I needed to tell you that.

I think seeing the moon outside my window made me feel uncomfortable. How? I...don't know. Maybe because I know the next time I go to sleep, it'll be before school. On some level I know that school isn't terrible and horrible and...BLARGH, but on another level I treat it like my execution date. 5 execution dates a week...boy, I'm dying a lot, aren't I. More than the average human being!

Oo, you know what else, I've probably got more arms than the average human being. Think about it for a sec...yeah? Some people dont have arms. So I guess I can say the same about legs, eyes...

I ate an apple. After I woke up. And then I ate...a bunch of walnuts and raisins, as though I've ever eaten before. They're really good, I think if people tried eating something as simple as raisins and nuts, they'd realize that potato chip taste like crap. I don't remember the last time I ate potato chips...

I just remembered something else. I was thinking of my friend, who gets sick a lot (was sick two and a half days last week at least) and I dunno if there's something wrong with her ammune system...she just gets sick a lot. Headaches mainly. She's dependent on Tylenol and things like that. A lot of people are, and to me it's SO FREAKIN OBVIOUS that drugs shouldn't just be treated as a solution to the problem and shouldn't be eaten like candies. A really dumb commercial for Tylenol (or Advil...can't remember) still stands out in my mind, in which this guy was biking and complaining of pain. "So, duh, I just take two of these babies and I'm ready to go!" Okay, that's definitely not what he said. But. Anyway, am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Don't people realize that even though they take a pill, just because they don't feel the pain doesn't mean the body doesn't? Just because your nerves aren't telling you that your head hurts doesn't mean you're completely healed. I think it's especially dumb if someone takes some kind of pills for muscle aches or whatever, and then they think they're fine and keep doing whatever strenuous activity they were doing before because they're just making it worse...sigh.

I don't do any kind of strenous physical activity. Ah..haha..har..har..I'm a blob.

Another thing about my friend that bugs me is that she says she's a vegetarian. I understand that there are something like 10 (or...well, i don't really know) different kinds of vegetarians, but in my mind the only real vegetarian is a vegan. I don't care what the textbook definition is, to me a vegetarian is someone who only eats...plants. And. Stuff like that. Is a fish a plant? Is a shrimp a plant? I don't know my friend's reasons for being a "vegetarian" but she eats dairy products as well. What's the big difference between eating a steak and drinking a glass of milk? ...don't answer that. I'm not really looking for an answer. I just think sometimes people...aren't thinking! Aren't thinking one bit, and some things are painfully obvious...

*goes into fits brought on by being overconsumed with hopelessness*

...anyway. Listening to Homesick for Space. Just bought their album for $6.50 here. Ooee. Probably wont get it for a while though...ff. Foo. I've downloaded a few of their songs, and they all kind of sound the same, but then I like the sound, so it doesn't really matter does it...

I'm still annoyed by that un-intelligence test. Really dumb, eh? Just that last part, mainly, the other stuff I understand. I'm not violent at all. Well, only in my twisted mind, but besides that...if I was violent, I think I'd be in jail by now. Isn't that nice? I think I'll stab myself now..*stab stab*...ow...gee, blood is messy. sob...i'm alright really.


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