January 28, 2002


Can't find any literary criticism crap about Dave Barry. Oh well. I guess I'll have to pick a boring dead author now..HAR HAR HAR...Um.

Oh my god...ENDERCON! Okay, I'm not obsessed with the book, but it's really good, if I do say so myself. That's just kind of scary. Maybe I can do Orson Scott Card instead of Dave Barry. Probably won't find anything...*sigh*...well, I'll ask my teacher. Ooh, I guess I need to read this too...

I'm not an avid reader. I don't want to steer you wrong...I'm mainly...uh. I dunno. Mainly sitting here. Or eating. Apparently, I'm not supposed to eat nuts and raisins as though I had an endless supply. I figured it would be better than eating tons of...bread, or cookies, or something. Technically it is, but you can always have too much of something I guess. How depressing. WANT THE EFFFFIN RAAISINS! (don't you know my good friend )...holy crap, I love happy noodle boy to death oo gonna diiiieee!

MWAAAHAHASHAHHA HAR HAR HAR HASRH HR HAR *spitoot*...*seizures*....I demand ice sucky....HOLY CRAP ITS SKETTIOS!

...*catches breath*...god, times like this I think I need more human interaction, but then I wouldn't really want to do that to another human, you see? It's like some cruel cycle of CRUELNESS...no, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Jesus crap, where the hell is everyone. Crap, I have to study precalc. I have a quiz on polar notation stuff that doesn't make much sense and I highly doubt I'll need it ever in life, but anyhoo. That is life. To cram my little skull full of useless information so one day I can be eaten alive by rabid monkeys who think I'm a giant banana cos I'd be dressed in a giant banana suit because...I would just wake up one morning dressed as a banana.

I'm sorry that you're reading this...

Whoa, what the hell, on the Console CD there are 15 tracks at the end that are about 6 seconds long and played all together it's like a song, somewhat...this cd is very good, by the way, "Rocket in the Pocket", why don't I hear about these things in the year they come out? In the MILLENNIUM they come out? Sigh.

Can someone tell me what happened to my archives page? It looks really screwed up, right? How did that happen...well, obviously I just put the code in wrong. But maybe I should leave it, eh? Apparently, I used to hardly update back in the year 2000. What does this mean? I think it's really sad. It means I'm changing for the worse. I didn't expect that to happen, I honestly thought stuff was pretty bad way back when...sigh. And I know I post too much because at pro blogger it calculates your post history:

Month Post Length % of 100K Extra Cost
9/2000 32354 %32 $0
10/2000 21655 %22 $0
11/2000 40692 %41 $0
12/2000 49305 %49 $0
1/2001 71122 %71 $0
2/2001 29748 %30 $0
3/2001 66124 %66 $0
4/2001 63798 %64 $0
5/2001 53171 %53 $0
6/2001 44813 %45 $0
7/2001 53916 %54 $0
8/2001 113323 %113 $3
9/2001 144693 %145 $3
10/2001 109071 %109 $3
11/2001 103956 %104 $3
12/2001 154618 %155 $3
1/2002 172784 %173 $3

I'm at 173% this month, and it's not even the end yet. Oh my god. Damn. Then again, typing about how much stuff I post isn't really helping the cause. I'm abnormal...ffff....

This scares me. Just because it's...trendy? Is it? People in my school aren't emo. People in my school aren't anything. And neither am I. Yeah, I really should go...


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