December 31, 2001

This person has autographs from Beck and Radiohead? Geeeeeaaaaarrgg! :)
Wah. I made a really crappy flash animation which consists of a bouncing ball, lots of blobs, and...uh...yeah. Mmwell. You have to start somewhere. At least I like the song ("Rocket in the Pocket" by Console...which is why I called it Rocket Power!, hehe. I cut the song down a few minutes). The song doesn't match up with the animation (not on my computer at least) whcih really bugs The whole thing only took me a few...hours...those few precious hours of my pathetic little life, *sob*. Yeah. Whatever. Sooo. My family had a nice New Years Eve dinner, I guess. My mum bought a duck. And we had a hot pot which is something we apparently do every year but I always forget. Eh.

Not many people online. So they're probably out doin STUFF unlike me. Not that I mind staying home,, wouldn't make any sense to write about it here.

I don't think anything else happened today. Uh. Haven't done any homework, that's for sure. I want to kill. Things. Which start with "ph" and end with "ysics"...sigh.

..oh, am I supposed to reflect on how the year went like karen? Mm. Okay, I'll give it a go.

This year sucked ass, just like ever other freakin high school year, although maybe not as bad as last year. Actually I'm overreacting, this year I went toa buttload (well, not really, but for me at least) of concerts, starting with Sigur Ros, then Air, Radiohead, and Rufus/Beth Orton...AND EVEN JOHANSENNNNN but anyway. Why did I just do that? That was great. Even. Wasn't just the performance itself (I've forgotton most of it sadly). The whole...thing. I dunno. That didn't make any sense. Actually. ...I'd like to believe that life is just pointless and dumb, because I think this past year I've realized how dumb everything is (boy, am I eloquent or what). Oh yeah, I totally forgot about September 11...well, that sucked. I was somewhat out of it for a while after that, but now I realize that other problems are just going to be pushed in the dark. And year, terrorism is baad, but honestly, how could people think this would never happen? I think many people thought "Duh, this is America, we live in a bubble of happiness and peace" or something. I'm getting sick of seeing American flags on everything now to tell you the truth. I mean...that sounds kind of bad doesn't it? Okay, well...guh. Nevermind

Screw that whole thing. Um...let's see, this year I realized that life may never get better, in fact it'll probably get worse because at least for the time being I live at home and my mum cooks me my meals and I have my own nice comfy bed with stuffed animals. And after that? I dunno. Don't really enjoy anything that I could do for a living. Unless I become a professional cookie eater (if anyone's hiring, I'm here). And. Um. People really screw up their own lives for no reason. That's all. I don't really feel like arguing about it...cos...can't...explaaaain. No one seems intelligent. Certainly not me. I don't want to live in an "advanced" society. I want to throw my computer out the window (which I'm using right now, duh) and live in a cave. heehee...the most intelligent people are those who haven't been sucked into an advanced progressive society with blah blah blah...I'm just as bad as everyone else I think.

Actually. What was I talking about? Um. When it comes right down to it, I just don't like school. I think that's it. I'm frustrated because I don't understand what I think I should understand and school makes me feel like a stupid idiot, which is GREAT and all, yeah? And I see all these people which make me want to disown the human race. Mmhm. And I have no self esteen becauase I don't see what there is to be proud about in school, and that's where I feel like I am most of the time. "You figured out this physics problem, well you must be a genius." Even if I DID figure out a dumb physics problem I know there's so much more to life than that and then I get disappointed because this is some kind of measurement of one's abilities to do...nothing very important. I'd like to exercise my brain in some other way if possible. If I'm not tired from sitting in school all day.

I guess if I was really smart I wouldn't be hating school so much. I mean. I would know the value of it. Technically I guess I do, but...I just don't see it most of the time. And if I was really dumb I wouldn't know if i was dumb, would I...

I've decided to stop believing in things...actually...that wasn't just this year. Boy, I sound really negative. I dunno what I seem like in real life but I hope it's not this. I...well all that crap that I don't believe in is probably Can't think of the word. I could say "gay" but some people don't take that word in the meaning that I mean. So.

Gee, I don't karen very well. Reading her livejournal entry..mmwell. It's weird, because in 6th and 7th grade I used to think my little group of friends would "never break apart, neverrr" but of course we did. I was dumb back then though. A DIFFERENT dumb. There are many kinds. I'm not like Karen at all, I think I've got nearly nothing in common with her now, although maybe I didn't before either. Oh well. She ought to just live her nice life in Arizona, I'll sit in my chair here. Cheers.


Oh well. Junk mail sure is. Annoying.

I don't know why I write here. Anyhoo. I felt weird last night. And I stayed up until 5 I think. Reading my web design book. It's really interesting, actually, except some things I know nothing about (cascading style sheets for one) but it's okay. The author talked a lot about the Requiem for a Dream site, which is totally screwed up. When I first went there I hadn't seen the movie yet and was totally confused. And then I saw the movie and, well, the site is still pretty screwed up but I'd love to make a site like that. It's pretty much a giant flash movie. Mm. Well.

..okay, I can't stand that site anymore. It's just freaky. Not as freaky as the movie I guess, but still. The website book I'm reading also has a quote from "Everything in its Right Place", that was pretty unexpected. The author introduced each chapter with a quote and they're all pretty different. Then it's like BOOM Radiohead, whoa.

...yeah. Um. Anyway! This is my last full day of freedom before school starts up again. Yeah.

I went to Treasure Island. My mum wanted to go and I needed some nylon string (well, didn't REALLY need it, just wanted it...when would I absolutely need nylon string?) and so I got...string. And some elastic string, hell, why not go a little crazy. TWO types of string. What am I gonna do with it? Eh, I dunno. Spiffy up the plain audiodregs shirt I don't wear much anyway. Make another bracelet I'll never wear. I just like making em really, don't feel like wearing em. It was kind of crowded, they were selling all their Christmas stuff and of course my mum and I pick the slowest line. It looked like the WAS the shortest, and the other line was really long, but then it, short and we were still standing there like idiots. So we finally moved. And I've got string. Victory is miiiine.

My mum was telling me stuff about my dad. Cos. Well, I wouldn't really know otherwise. Still know next-to-nothing in Chinese. Anyway, my grandma (all grandparents paternally speaking, since my maternal ones are D-E-A-D) is moving out of her old apartment. No wait, my dad wants to move her out into one of those Marriot places that takes care of old people. She thinks it's too much money, but my dad says "Oh no, money is no object." Okay, this is nice and all for your parents (my grandparents are extremely stingy, just like dad...or is it the other way around). It get's weirder though (in my opinion) because my grandpa, he wants to live with my uncle in Florida, but I, I wouldn't want my 80-something year old dad to live with me. So what my uncle wants to do I think is buy another house JUST for my grandpa. If you think it's weird that my grandpa and grandma don't live together, well it's not, I suppose they can't stand each other, but if I was either of them I wouldn't want to live with the other person either. So. It's been like that for ages, I mean my grandma has been living in the US for a long time and I think my grandpa is just now moving to the US permanently from Taiwan. But this is ridiculous, to get a house juts for him. And of course again, money is no object, right?

My dad is incredibly stingy I think. I mean, yeah, could be worse, but...neh, it's just weird. I think in his head, the younger you are the less deserving you are. Spend all your time and effort on the elders. It's also an "Asian" way of thinking. Not JUST asian, but..well. If you're Asian, you tell me. If my mum wasn't normal, I dunno what I'd do. Actually...I don't think my dad thinks my mum is deserving of anything either, which is why we only do "fun" stuff (like..uh, buying good chocolates) when he's not here. This is a totally screwed up way of Um. Nevermind, I don't think I've got the slightest idea what having a "normal" dad is like. Of course, it could be worse...

I think I just heard a robot speak German.

Oh well. My foot feels numb. My brother went out with friends to the mall. Fuuun. Actually, one of his friends, who brought a bunch of his friends. Mmh. This morning my brother put the giant Pikachu pillow he bought on me. He thought I didn't know it was there but I was awake the whole time. Eh. You'll notice things like giant pikachus sitting on you.
this dude. told me to get self esteem. laughs maniacally...yeah. hehe.

...uh. i'm still here. thats bad. uh. uh. um. boy. this is really getting pathetic. er. er. um. mhmmhmmmmmmmmmm.

yeah, thats all.


another note. um. I just downloaded the song "Crabcraft" by Console and it's the same as "Heirloom" by Bjork! Without the singing...I never knew that. Technically it's the other way around I suppose. But...I dunno. I really like that song...Heirloom, I mean. This is weird. Because now I'm just going to think it's a Bjork song and not a Console song. I ought to read the liner notes of Vespertine more closely, it must say in there, right? I like every song by Console I've heard, all this great bloopy...stuff. Still too cheap to buy a CD though. I just thought that was...erm...neat...okay, it probably isnt.

December 30, 2001


I'm talking about Flash 5. I did *something* with it, although nothing spectacular, but it sure is better than anything I would have been able to do beFORE I knew...anything. Er. Well, I just modified this page rebbie made and made it into this. You need flash to see it, but...uh...yeah. If you don't have it, you may as well download it anyhoooooooo. Nothing about it is very...neat, flash-wise. But. It's still kind of neat, okay? OKAY?! GOD...CRAPPIT!!!

...anyway. I don't know what else I did today. Not much. Still didn't do any homework. Great, eh? Eh. Um. I ate food. Guh. 2 more days until school starts. Commence suicide...NOW! Oh well. I wish. Somewhat.

mrraaghrh. I make lots of weird noises, don't I? Sniff.

December 29, 2001

I went outside my house today. *silent cheer*

Er. Anyway. I don't like to go to stores, cos then I SPEND MONEY (well there are other reasons) and well, I spent money, a great deal of it. I bought two books and a magazine and it set me back $70. I got a Flash 5 book, that was $30, and the other book, this web design thing, was $35! Color...costs a lot. Eh. And I got the latest issue of Tokion magazine. Because I wanted to read something. I also got physics flashcards (oh god help me) which better help me in some way. They probably wont cos I probably won't look at em. hm.

ANYWAY. The moon was so bright, jesus...keeeyrist. It was pretty weird. And I wouldn't have known if I didn't go otuside. Which isnt' a big deal, I don't stare at the sky and go "ooee stars are cool" because if I DID stare at the sky, I would probably go "ooee stars are cool" and well. Um. Stars are scary. The moon is scary too. But stars...AHH. I can't imagine lying on a field and just lookin at the sky. It would probably be a nice feeling though.

Oh yeah, while driving to the bookstore my mum and I passed a hosue that had this lit up display of Santa...on a dinosaur. No joke. Why? Don't ask me. It's weird, man. I think the dinosaur moved it's neck (a brontosaraus I think...I know I spelled that wrong. Wait, are those the dinosaurs that don't exist? I forget. Screw it, they're extinct, I could call em wigglewormdoodles for all I care). Anyway, that really just doesn't make sense.

I've never seen so many people on my buddy list online. But I'm not talkin to any of em. Hm.
I wanted to show you the pictures Diana drew in my christmas card...:) :

Heehee. I'm on the loose. Lock up your penguins!

Thom and a penguin! And Jonny. Without a penguin.

Oh well. :)

I think...this life is sad.! I haven't done anything for the past two days, Friday and Saturday. Aren't those the day normal people do...stuff? I think my mum is worrying about me. "Don't you want to go out somewhere? The mall? The bookstore? The movies?" It's funny, I think many of my friends wouldn't have their MUMS askign them if they want to go out and do stuff, but oh well. There aren't any stores I want to go to, no new magazines or books I want to read (I've got plenty unread books as it is) and no movies that interest me at the moment. Are my expectations too high? Things that would interest normal people just don't "do" it for me anymore? Sigh. This is pretty sad. I guess I can always try to learn flash again.

I hate junk mail.
I just found out that the lyrics to all the Velvet Teen songs are on the CD...not written in the liner notes, there's a program that comes with the cd that plays the music and everything is in there. That's nice, I guess? It says MP3.COM everywhere, on the CD, on the cd case, in the program, like I'm going to forget or something? Hm.

Oh well. Woke up after 2 PM again. Mhmmh. Ate leftovers from dinner last night and a COOKIE. Felt weird for some reason. Overwhelming guilt about something stupid. I think it went away now though. Wee.

Mucus. Sucks.

I had very weird dreams last night. Don't really remember any of em of course, but god, weiiirrd stuff goes on in yer headee doesn't it.

Remember this? Haven't seen that cartoon in ages. ...leeet's keep it that way.

This site is always too pretty. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
FLASH is evil! I can't figure this stuff out...errgh. i did all the tutorials in Flash 5 and I didn't know what I was doing, not really. Oh well. I guess I don't need to know how to use it, I just want to know. Sniff. Almost makes me want to cry...

But not really. Because I'm not too bright, and it's okay! Wee! I'll dance in the streets with underwear on my head, how about that? Mmhm!

Someone kept downloading Even Johansen songs from me on Audiogalaxy..gah! Well, I didn't mind that much because I want people to listen to his music, but still, kind of prevents me from being able to DO anything. And now if you search for him on Audiogalaxy you'll get the "Untitled" songs too, although there are two versions of some of those. At some point I'll mind people downloading from me, just that now I'm not DOING anything. I've spent so many hours in front of this stupid computer and I'm not even sure what I've accomplished (the same can be said about life in general, but I shouldn't get into that).

Actually I should rename some of these there's a difference...*why does it even matter, who's gonna download it*...mhmh.

Man I did a really crappy job converting Rebecca's recording into, I don't want to do it again, I think I'd turn to sludge uploading everything. *NOOOO* Maybe I ought to listen to the tape again. What is WRONG with me? :(

But this sucks, argh I screwed up..even sounds all muffle-ee. *bashes head against the wall*

man i can barely understand what the heck even is saying...i think i've just sometimes its easy ot understand, but wuh..wuh...duh...screw it

Is today a special day? No one seems to be online. I've got 4 mroe days until school. This sucks crap. I have a history project due in some weeks, and i haven't remotely started...haven't the slightest idea what i'm doing to tell you the truth. actually i forget what the project was on. actually. i forget all my history. actually. iwant a cookie. *blows nose*...i think i feel sicker than I did this morning, but not really...oh man, that means I'll probably be all sickly tomorrow. and i took something like 8, well they weren't all different, but i hate swallowing capsules of stuff that i don't know. noo now someone is downloading libido from me and i think i'd feel bad if I just got off. "Crash Out" is a nice song. like sleepy! eee! oo. pillows! i suppose i'll play solitaire for a while. i suck at that game. a lot. sucksucksuck.

I was watching TV (ohno) and there was a thingy about kids and being in foster homes and biological parents and social services being weird and oohohohuniauhsda all strange stuff, was odd. well. no not really. but. nevermind...its hard to keep things in perspective..that was random..i have issues..with

crap, another un-winnable game of solitaire.

...crap again. I could have won, but I did something dumb. duh.

..okay, lost

..and again.

...and again.

And again. that was quite a losing streak. hm. i think the ultimate dream woudl be to go to sleep and never wake up. right? if you think about it long enough. okay, maybe its just me.

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

oh.yay! my dream come true. actually, i really wouldnt mind doing that, kind of scary. better than sitting here at least. invader zim is mentioned in the quiz. thats about all i remember.

There seems to be some arguing at karen's guestbook. I'd probably be more like Ben than karen's friends, but I don't really take either of their sides. I'm more of a depressing person myself, is all. I don't think that Ben guy should have said anything in the first place. Truthfully I think someone who is happy most of the time wouldn't be able to understand...the other type of person. Actually I'm happy sometimes, so that's not Hm. Actually that Ben guy sounds somewhat crazy, but then I don't understand all of Karen's happiness much. i don't think i go around telling my friends i love em, unless i'm in some scary euphoric happy mood (which happens a lot, when I go psycho) and well, leaving that to rest...there's certainly no reason why this guy should have dissed karen about being happy though. that's just...dumb. unless she was dumb, but she's not.

December 28, 2001

Go to Diana's livejournal...she put up a pic of some stuff from our "video", HAHA! I forgot that we did kind of go nuts.."I'll get you, Scott Tenorman!"

Man that episode of south park was so funny. Hoooooooo. "Little crybaby..."

..I'm talking to myself, I know. Okay, that's all I wanted to say, I think.

This is a nice site. Of. Cute strange things.

I know this isn't supposed to be funny, but for god's sake, they're LEGO dudes walkin around and it looks creepy! HOLY CRAP and it's just a weird god. This IS funny.
Oo, I finally got my Velvet Teen CD. I didn't even check the mail, I figured I wouldn't get anything. My mum got it and said "..did you order something?" Oo. I woke up at around 2. My dad went to Staten Island I think, and my mum and bro went to Palisades Center. And I slept. I know I'm sick, but at least I don't have that sickly feeling, just that big gobs of mucus keep coming out of my nose. What do ye know...

I installed my writing tablet thing and decided to use it a bit in Painter, this what I ended up with:

I was chatting with Katherine and she was talking about her cat being a devil. Mmhm. She doens't look like that though. I'm quite the pro at stick figure drawing, I know...:P

Blue penguin! I make my penguins blue cos if they were black you wouldn't be able to see their CUTE BEADY EYES, right? It's demented, but ye know I'm not used to the stupid tablet yet, it screws things up...I swear...oh yeah, I'm not an "artsy" person. HAHA obviously. I don't draw much.

That's my really demented handwriting. Ee.

What does anyone think of my Radiohead remix? I mean I don't want to force anyone to listen to it, but I'm just wondering. Some..critique-ing? I redid the end of it anyhoo.



Has anyone else been getting tons of sales calls and junk today? The phone rang about 5 times during dinner. mmwell. Is there any method of communication not littered with ..JUNK?

"Say cheese, everybody!"...Even!...heehee. Yeah, a pull-sting doll of Even would be great, wouldn't it? It would be equiped with a lap steel guitar, a magnet, be styled with black nail polish, earrings, and heck, you could even change betwen 3 different hairstyles. And it would have over 50 sayings! Okay, pardon my silliness, but it was rebecca's idea..nehehe...
I dunno why but I ended up working on that dumb "everything in its right place" remix again. its probably not much better. unless you're wearing earphones. hmhm. yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon....

not that I'd ever BE a music producer...but i definitely don't WANT to be a music producer. mmHM.

Let's see, its 1 AM, and I'm stilllll here. I was planning to do something. But I can't really do it now...ah..e...uh..m.

I ate a cookie and it made me happy, until I ate the whole thing and realized i had no more cookie to eat. Of that one. And I figured it wouldn't be good to get another one. I've gained five pounds this winder..oo yay. That WOULD be useful if we were normal human beings and were storing fat for the winter cos food would be scarce but we're not, but you knew that. Mmhmh...I wanna live in a cave. With penguins!

My brother got a Maxim magazine 2002 calendar...HAHAHA...loser...neh. That's mean. My brother is very unique and that's quite nice to tell you the truth. ...except the penguin infatuation can get odd. But then look at me. actually...don't.

listening to idioteque...head bopping madness, right here. for some reason I like the "Live at Air Studios" version more than the album version...

I've listened to the stuff Rebecca recorded a Easy Street Records something like a bagillion times by now. Okay, maybe more like 10. But it seems like more and oo I wish I was there! Of course that would have been impossible, but if it was possible to like, uh, float to Seattle for a day and be like "ooee, coooool"...holy crap, it's definitely too late, I haven't any idea what i just wrote. neither do you most likely. :)

I still haven't gotten my Velvet Teen CD and I think I ordered it...a...while ago. Wait. Hm. Maybe not. 10 days? I dunno, but it's felt like a while. WHERE IS IT?! I WANT IT! RRRRAAARRGGH! (I'm very good at rrarrghing)...and I want "Rocket in My Pocket" by Console. It's just been sitting in my Columbia House shopping cart for ages. Cos when I buy from there I like to get a few CDs, but they don't really have anything I want. Unless I want another set of Radiohead CDs...*hmmm*...neh.

December 27, 2001

Today I woke up to... Mr. Penguin. Mmhm! And an itchy throat. *HACK COUGH*. And Diana doing crazy things with Mr. Penguin. Hooyeah.

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of force to wake me up. LIke hitting me a lot with a gigantic stuffed animal.!

After rolling out of bed Diana and I ate some apples and went to the COMPUTER to burn some CDs. I got some nifty art programs that I'll probably never use seeing that I cannot DRAW although maybe I'll try and learn some flash technique junk that I will also never use. :) And then we tried playing a "song" we made up randomly which consists of two chords and four bass notes i think...mmhm. It's called "Let's See How Fast Robyn Can Play Guitar!" Not very. Uhhuh.

We did another "Everything In It's Right Place" remix, it's kind of weird, but cool too. Really loud bass drum...hoocrap at some point. In the day. I eat food. nehheahaha!

Oh yeah, yesterday I did a very dumb thing. While recording to my MD I accidentally erased everything from what I recorded at Brownies when Even played...mmhm. First I thought "OHMYGOD CRAP AHHH" and then I thought "NOOO I'M GONNA CRYY" and then I thought "Actually it sucked anyway" and THEN I thought "Well I was lucky to be there" so I guess I'm OKAY. Phew. Not exactly a near death experience. I did make a few sound clips of him saying stuff though. So. That's okay! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (too many exclamation marks, I know) You only need to make a mistake like that once to be extra time. If there is a next time. Sure there will!

MY MUM GOT ME COOKIES! I asked for chocolate chip and she accidentally got chocolate chip with nuts, so before getting to the cash register I guess she went back to the cookie place and got normal chocolate chip cookies, so I've got something like SIX COOKIES but I shared one with my mum, so it's more like five. It's silly to be excited about cookies. But. They're. Yummy!

Rank #1 equals your best match Item

Your Results Page # 1 Phil Selway
# 2 Jonny Greenwood
# 3 Thom Yorke
# 4 Colin Greenwood
# 5 Ed O'Brien

So I'm most like Phil? What about you I don't even know anything about HIM, but I guess I wouldn't be like Ed seeing that he's..tall! AHAAHA.

Rank #1 equals your best match Item

Your Results Page # 1 a hamburger
# 2 a spork
# 3 an ugly shoe
# 4 cheese in a can
# 5 some guy named Bob

Uh...I'm a HAMBURGER?! ...well I'm definitely not the other 4 choices. A spork MAYBE. Sporks sound a bit happy though...
DOOODAAAA! Today was WEIRD! Diana is at me house right now and she really wants to sleep cos we've been...uh...doing something all day. ALL day. Like 12 horus we spent on this making a "music video" for "Where Happiness Lives" and I don't know how it took that long but it did and BLAAH you can't see it cos it's 30-something megs. Eek. We took a bunch of pictures of stuff and stuck em together and well I don't feel like explaining it, we listened to the song A MILLION TIMES and decided to hate Even for a while, but it's okay, you can't hate him for long. Why the hell is this song so friggin long?!!!! That's what we said a lot...somewhat. Nahaha. Eh.

...but anyway. ALL DAY! Well what I've learned from this experience (we used Flash 5 and Adobe Premiere) is that I'll never want to be a music video editing person or anymating person or a blah blah BLAH! I'll do something else. Mm...yessssssssss!

We also ate food at some points. As a break. Woo. !!! It was interesting, not really torture although I think we lost our minds at some points. Many various points. "Uh, we gotta play the song again....*twangy guitar starts*.." And then I go "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Somewhat. GOTS TA LOVE EVEN I'll just keep telling myself that. Oh yeah, Diana did pretty much everything cos she's really really good at that stuff. Holy crap. She drew these great pictures in about two seconds. Freakish! In a good way! All I did was edit the audio (cut out a few seconds) which didn't take very

Oh yes another good thing that happened today is that I got the SACRED PEN and some other cool stuff from Rebbie. She's hilarious! I dunno if she knows that. Well not like a stand up comedian (comedienne?) but man I was reading her letter and couldn't stop laughing. "How dare that ugly freak ruin the photos!!!" Haha...noo! That's terrible! Ah! Rebecca rules. Diana and I pretty much had the same thought when we looked at the pictures Rebbie took...Even is kyoot...grr...graah...*noOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

..that was nuts. Neh ..raar.....rhrhherue...amodnuisdf$$43. I dunno. Diana and my bro are watching "Family Guy" on the computer now...sounds scary. It's a funny show I guess. Teevee. Eehee.

December 26, 2001

The whole house smells of TURKEY. In a way. And it's not the most terrible smell in the world but it's a bit odd and it makes me hungry. Crap.

December 25, 2001

You know what I spent most of my waking hours today doing? Remixing "Everything In Its Right Place"...well I suddenly felt like it after listening to the Velvet Teen's remix, although mine doesn't sound so great. Mm. Well. You should keep in mind that it's realaudio and the mp3 sounds not as mushy. Or maybe it does. I can't really just take the vocals out of the song or anything although that would be nice. I just used acid music and maybe three sounds from fruityloops...i don't KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I got lazy and the end and pretty much left it as is.

For dinner my family had turkey. Oo. Fun, I guess. It was good. I like turkey. Just the white meat though. Which is fine with the rest of my family, I think they like dark meat.

Haven't done much else today. Tomorrow Diana is coming over, that should be interesting...what will we DO? Er. We'll do some neat stuff, I'm sure...

I want a cookie! But I ate them all. Well not JUST me, but I ate the last one. Sniff. No cookies, MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE! CHOCOLATE CHEEEEP COOKEEE NEED NOW!

"Does anyone have the PICKLE code?!?!?!?" ~Kings register girl

That's from my brother's friend's site. He was using my computer a bit and left that page open. Mhmmh. PICKLE CODE! I wouldn't wanna work in a supermarket.


I got someone else to buy Quiet & Still...! Um.. Well that's cool isn't it. Not like I threatened them with death or anything, they liked Even is all. :)

The "Ice String Tribute to Bjork" version of "Venus as a Boy" is really cool. It's like...woo...neato.

Mmhmh. Well it's Christmas. WOO. It's so late, I ought to sleep now..oops.

December 24, 2001

Bah. Dinner at great uncle's house...uh...yay! There were something like 20 people there including my family. YAY. Of course, I'm the odd one out because I always am. Not surprising but it's always a bit annoying. There was another girl there from the west coast who's also a junior in high school, but I didn't really talk to her. She talked to my brother though. I didn't really like the food because I'm not very into meat with bones and such stuff. There was lots of food though. Oh well. So I sat and ate semi-quietly. And the TV was on so I watched some. Gah...TV. I don't like it.

And then...yeah...I found myself not being like anyone there. I guess it's possible I wasn't the only one feeling that but I was the only one not talking to anyone, so I wouldn't be surprised. It's just that my ideas and ANYTHING that I find worthwhile talking about isn't anything anyone else would find interesting. There are barely any people in this world I'd want to talk to really. So yeah. My mum's cousin is getting married soon so they were talking about that a bit I guess. He's a cool guy I guess. Actually...yeah sure why not. His whole family is nice I guess, my great aunt is kind of odd sometimes but nice, same for my great uncle.

On the way to the house in Staten Island I listened to "Trailer Park" by Beth Orton, really nice album, although I like "Central Reservation" better i think. The song I really like is "Don't Need A Reason" but it seems like the tuning in the some is just a bit off so when I try to play along it sounds really gross. Ee. I can make do. It's a pretty song. And of course i listened to Even a lot..."Quiet & Still" two times. In the song Quiet & Still, what is that instrument during the chorus that isn't a guitar, a xylophone-ee thing, or a bass, or Even singing..there's this one other thing and I want to know what it is. I haven't a clue though. It's soft and flowee but its like...guh. If you listen to the song you'll know what I mean. I love ever song...every one! I think seeing Even was the happiest moment of my life, I wonder if that's pathetic. I can also point out the unhappiest times of my life, but that would be sort of depressing and unnecessary I guess.

Like just 9% of the population you are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this "scheming." Don't learn German.

Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader--you've definitely got the "vision" thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

Famous masterminds in television: Dr. Claw, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Montgomery Burns.

I don't want to be a mastermind. maybe it's wrong. 9% of the population is small though, which could explain for a lot eh. I don't want to be a leader. I don't want leaders period.
No mail. Poop. Actually, I (or my mum) got Seventeen magazine. I'm dying to read about "Humiliating moments with A.J., Ashtom, Blink-182"...wouldn't YOU?

I woke up before noon. Wow. My mum made me...I got some sushi. Which I ate in the car. It doesn't seem to matter how much I eat the night before, I'm always able to eat normally the next day. I need to detoxify. Uh..yeah. There's a 30-day thing you can buy at Whole Foods, but I did it during the summer and you end up going to the bathroom a lot. Won't be very good when I start school. So I'll probably have to wait until the summer again.

My mum pointed out something that made a lot of sense. My dad doens't really listen to me, my bro or my mum, but if someone else says the same thing that one of us says, he'll listen and think about whatever they say. Then again I probably wouldn't want to listen to my dad, but still, there's something wrong there.


"Across The Universe" is such a nice song...nicest when Rufus is singing it, heehee! Well the original one is good too. But. I like this better. Tis a good thing, yessssssssssss? I guess I would want to go to that Rufus concert at Town Hall, but for some reason I don't have this big giant urge to go. Nothing will be as good as SEEING EVEN, maybe that's it.

Hi Robyn,

Rimur arrived today (Christmas eve), i was so happy and I've been playing it all day, particularly tracks 3 and 5. It was such a kind thing for you to do and am very appreciative.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Lots of love,

ALEX xxx :D

:) That made me give someone something you KNOW they want. On the Sigur Ros mailing list this dude had asked if anyone had the Rimur EP, and I had no idea that's what it was called but I have it so I made a copy for him and sent it to him for no charge. I don't think I'm incredibly fond of the CD though, not that Steindor has a bad voice (he sings in about all the songs) Well. Lala. :)

Tonite my family is going to Long Island to visit my mum's uncle's house. I don't mind my mum's side of the family much, her aunt and uncle are nice people. I think in a way they can be snobbish, but not too much, it's just...nah, nothing very important. Last year we all went to a country club and hooo crap, I hate those places really. It's just WEIRD, the people that go there, a whole other planet, and I don't like it. *Shudders*. Then again in Taiwan I used to love going to the American Club, but that wasn't really a country club, it wasn't like you had to dress a certain way and everyone was nice and stuff. I ate curry every time I went there I think. I loved it. AHH no no good.

I love cookies.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

I am 5% evil.

I am an Angel. I rarely sin which makes my life pretty boring. But if there is a god he will likely reward me in the afterlife.

Are you evil? find out at

Gee. Well, I guess if you measure evilness by cheating and shoplifting and such stuff then I would only be 5%. I should be less! Hm.

Cheryl, Bob, and I threw around a fire extinguisher at the old AMC 10 around midnight. It was fun.

I'm just reading karen's journal...mmHM! Throwing around a fire extinguisher? OOKKAAY! I was like "huh"..thats all...hehe. Speaking of fire extinguishers, last week my physics teacher turned one on for us to deomstrate something to do with temperature. it went Ha.

my butt...MY BUUUUM HUURTS WHYYY OH LORD i should go to sleep.

December 23, 2001

Did anyone ever notice that there's no "Untitled 2" here? I just did. Apparently I can't count, but if no one else noticed then no one else can either.

...that's so dumb. Why would I do that...of course it's not the end of the world or anything, but...

Anyway. Today is my dad's birthday and I had aboslutely no idea up until everyone started singing Happy Birthday. No joke. Isn't that pathetic? Oh well, I can't believe I'm this bad at remembering people's birthdays. I had just remembered Diana's birthday on Friday and I asked her about it, it was weeeeeks ago. Oops. Then again I had given her a birthday present months ago and had forgotten about that...what is wrong with my brain?

My brother can't believe that I upload so much stuff. He's got a super fast ethernet connection in college I think and can get something like a meg a second. That's nuts really. Anyway, I'm transfering about 30 megs at 2 k a second. It doesn't go any faster than that. Ugh. Why am I even doing this? I finally converted all the WFMU stuff in better quality and I thought I should upload it (although who would want it, I don't really know). This is going to take a few hours, isnt it...

Oh yeah, so anyway my family and my uncle's family went to the Internation Buffet. Woo. Food. I ate way too much, I thought I was going to puke right there, or I would need a good ol stomach/intestines pumping. We spent an hour and a half there I think. Eh, not so bad. I tried the pudding. I thought it was rice pudding but it was just tapioca. Mm. I'm not very fond of buffets. The other night I had gained a few pounds and now all that weight I lost in the summer isn't lookin very lost anymore. I don't even want to know how much I weigh now. During the whole dinner it felt so weird. It...uh..I mean, I felt so weird. Hm. I guess everyone thinks their family is weird, but it's not that my family is really screwed up, I just don't see how I fit in there. My cousins that ate with us are in their 20s and they lead comfortable lives (one is married, her husband ate with us) but if that's my future, then..AH I don't want that. I know what I want and it's pretty much to do nothing important. Well, not exactly. It's just that my brother and everyone who's older than me tells me that when they were juniors in high school they weren't thinking about college and stuff, but the next year they were. I can't imagine that next year I'm going to be going crazy about colleges and stuff, but everyone says I will. I don't want to be. :(

For some reason I've been listening to Beth Orton a LOT lately (Central Reservation, mainly) and I've had this CD for 2 years. But then why am I just listening to it now? I think before I didn't like listening to it because it made me sad for no reason and I'm still not sure what the reason is but now it doesn't sound depressing. It's a really good album though, Beth Orton has such a great voice, yeah? When I think about it I've seen her the most times in concert out of all the concerts I've been to (3 times). And I still have her *supposed* water bottle, ha. It probably isn't, but I still have it for some crazy reason. Oh well. My most clear memory of her is from Boston when there weren't many people in the theater yet and so I got to sit in the front of the balcony on the stairs. I was lookin between the bars (this was before I had really heard any of her music) and the song I liked the most was "Pass In Time" which is a really preeettty song. I remember there was this guy next to us (Emma and I that is) who asked who she was and Emma was telling him she was Beth Orton, and she wasn't sure why she was opening for Beck since she's more laid back and folky compared to all that Midnite Vultures stuff (why do I remember this?). I don't think Emma liked Beth Orton so much, I guess it's not exciting enough for her or something. My mum thinks her music is too slow and stuff. A lot of the music I listen to is like that though. It's good! :P

Speaking of Emma, I don't know what happened to her. Not that any of you would care though. At some point we wrote letters to each other a lot (but that was the time when everyone wrote a lot, now no one does) and then everything died away last year, and now she could be dead, which is nothing I can control. Man, do I sound mean? I'm not trying to be, but...well, I dunno. The friendship between me and Emma was weird I think since we were nothing alike in my opinion besides the liking Beck and Bjork part (she got me into Bjork). She's a senior now anyway, she's probably busy as hell.

God, I keep burping this stupid cake/yule log that my mum bought. There was only one left at Market Basket I think, orange chocolate or something. Orange and chocolate don't mix well, let me tell you that much. I ate my piece really fast which could explain this excessive BURPAGE. Oh yeah, and upstairs my dad lit up the fireplace and down here in the basement there's also a fireplace and I can smell the wonderful smoke, yay. When I was little I used to like fireplaces and stuff, but now I realized it's dumb, we're lighting a fire inside our own house. This would be fine if there was no thing as central heating and such stuff, but there is. It's for the whole feeling of a fire I guess. That's dandy, but smoke smells like crap.
Download Rufus's version of "Across the Universe" from the I Am Sam soundtrack, it's really...goood. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHhh Rufus is too good.

Well today I'll have tons of fun, 5 of my relatives are coming over to spend the night but first we're going to go out to a giant BUFFET to eat. Woo. ...oh well. I don't like the buffet place too much but they have crab and some of my relatives really like crab or something. We'll probably spend 3 hours there or something. Last year for New Years we went there and it felt like an ETERNITY, I mean it's not as thought we're waiting for food, but somehow we spent hours there. I don't like hanging out with people I'm related to very much, you seeee?

Who thought of this? Someone who's really bored apparently.

I started reading The Hobbit and so far, it' Mmmhm. Oh well. I'm not big on fantasy stuff. I've only got a few more hundred pages to go before I'm finished with it, woohoo.

The cd burner doesn't want to work. Gr.

One of my friends always asks me if I'm going to dances, and I always say no. I have a feeling that one day she thinks I'm going to be like "Oh yeah, sure, I love school functions, yay!"! It's not like I try to be mean, but...gah. I think she's going with someone this year and so she wants me and Aliza to be there, and she'll probably have an easier time getting Aliza to go. I've been friends with this person since kindergarten (scary isnt it) but honestly, I don't know that much about her. She isn't someone I'd want to hang out with all the time. I don't think we couldn't be friends since we've been friends for so long, if that makes any sense. Well, it's nice she's...uh, excited about the dance I guess.

The Rotating Particle thing in Windows Media Player is so weird, I think I could stare at it all day. ALLLDAY...wooshwooshwoosh..."The thought of you wiillll fillllll.." I've noticed a bunch of little things in "Quiet & Still" when listening to it with my headphones. Little things that make it absolutely more wonderful.

December 22, 2001

Blah. My computer really died this time. I think my brother is reformatting it. I tried to open a program and it froze...well, no big surprise really. And so I restarted it and when Windows popped up again, all the drivers had disappeared along with all the programs. That's useful. So now my brother is reinstalling everything I think. I feel bad for him, but then I wouldn't want to do it. :P

My family went out to a buffet place to eat. ARRGH no buffets suck, too much food. I ate two pudding cups. Well, that's not ALL I ate but it was the yummiest thing. Actually after the first pudding as I was nearly finished with it I realized how gross it was. A glob of white stuff mainly, flavored to taste like vanilla. But I ate the whole thing. The second pudding I ate was rice pudding and it was pretty good, but rice pudding is a weird food. Whose idea was it to put pudding in rice anyway? Well, whose idea is it to do anything?

During dinner my family talked a bit but it all seemed so dumb, at that point I realized that I don't really like to talk to anyone. In a sense. ...yeaaah. I mean, I don't mind chatting online much except I know that it's not much of a representation of how I talk in real life (too many spelling errors and stuff..okay, not just that). And well, I guess I'll end up talking to myself all the time. But not really.

ACTUALLY (this is getting odd) while eating and on the drive home from the restaurant I had the idea that the whole world was a big giant hell. When my brother was driving up this ramp on the highway I had that feeling, isnt that weird? Not very normal. "THIS IS HELL! With asphalt!" But I forgot what I was talking about. I'm lookin at this Radiohead thing. Also that highway is right by this giant mall called the Garden State Plaza and it was pretty crowded...a sea of CARS. I don't like cars, I really don't. All these people buying stuff, it seems completely pathetic. Not that it's bad to give presents but it's like cows being herded into the slaughterhouse.

Oh yeah, I was also thinking about how computer suck. A lot. Sucks and blows. Both at the same time. How simple would life be without computers? What would I be doing right now? Stupid things to think about like that. Woo.
Oo, today was...interesting! I went to NY and it took TWO hours, the longest so far I think. Yuck. So I got there around 6. I walked to HMV to meet Diana, which took about a second, and then we walked back to the Port Authority terminal to eat at Au Bon Pain. I love the Thai Chicken sandwich, it's the only thing I've gotten there for the past...years...yeah. Except that time I had SOUP. But anyway! After eating (a lot) we went on the subway to 72nd street to the Beacon Theater.

The Beacon Theater is...nice. It has SEATS...rows of em. Not just a giant floor. WOO. It looks like a old place, but a lot of those concert venues look like that, with an...old quality to it. Someday they'll all be refurbished I guess. But ANYWAY, we were in the third row, quite nice. The place was pretty much full (two sold out shows I think) and there were lots of big fans there. And the whole show was cool, the people in the band and stuff seem to really like performing and...stuff! Actually what I noticed a lot was the lighting, there was lots of lighting and it Light is a good thing. I think. Lots of colors, it reminded me of AIR (that was nuts, lots of temporary blindness) and it was nice. Mainly, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra played Christmas songs, but they played some other stuff from a CD with Beethoven stuff and I actually liked that better. It's not easy to play Beethoven on the guitar...yeaaah...they didn't make it look easy, it was like...what the hell is that dude doing? Guuuh! ...!

I'm sure that made lots of sense...(not)...but blah. The bass player definitely stood out, he was really into the whole thing, I had to be there, Diana and I thought it was pretty funny. At one point a crazy fan just got onto the stage and danced with one of the singers, and she kissed one of the guitarist. And then a security guard took her off the stage, I mean, it was so casual, it was weird! Funny too I guess. At another point one of the guitarists ran off the stage and went to the second balcony and continued playing there, which was nice for the people up there I guess. :)

After the show we waited because Diana wanted to get autographs (along with a giant crowd of other people) so that was nice. And then the night was kind of...over! Well, not entirely, we took the subway back to the port authority and I bought a bottle of apple juice...drank that..walked around, and waited for me bus. Came back home. All is well. Listening to Even...nehehehe!

I forgot one thing, before we went into the Beacon Theater, Diana and I had time to kill so we went to Urban Outfitters. When I first went there...two years ago in Boston it seemed like a neat store. Then again, that was two years I think everything sucks. HA! Well, not really, but it's like any other store. With stuff. No, not really...stuff that you really really don't need but you could feel compelled to buy. Diana and I went around the store criticizing how expensive the stuff was (we recorded it onto an MD...cos we're dorks, haha!) and...uh..WOOO yeah that was fun. They had lychee gummies, that was probably the weirdest things. Who doesn't love lycheee guummmiiies?

Man, when I was in NY all I was thinking was "I saw Even here!...somewhere!" Well that's not ALL but I thought about it too much, the good and the bad, and overall the whole thing was more liekly to have never happened than to have happened (and it did...) so...this is dumb. Gotta stop thinking! Stop thinking! Destroy brain! Cells! Boom! Even go away faaar awaaay! AHHAYDASHFghfe~!!!

...I ate too much.

December 21, 2001

AHH Diana gave me the KYOOTEST (yes, not cutest...kyootest) card! She drew this hilarious picture of me (entitled "Robyn on the Loose") weilding a net running after a penguin, a really KYOOT penguin! HAHAHHA oh crap it's way too easy to draw me lookin like a psycho. Also she drew a pic of Jonny and Thom, and Thom is holding onto a penguin....! And on the back of the card is a drawing of Even (or supposed to be), I dunno, not easily recognizeable. His hair! Er! He doesn't look odd, just different...he's got that norweigian glow! Yeah, I have no idea what that is...

News flash - Rufus will be performing at the Town Hall on Thursday February 14 at 8 PM. Tickets are $25 and $35. The Town Hall is located at 123 W. 43rd Street. You can get tickets through Ticketmaster or at the theater box office.

Hoo crap...that sounds cool! Wow!...!!!! Beck played there during the "Mutations" period, and I didn't go, although I wouldn't have been able to get tickets ANYWAY, but wow, this sounds plausible as long as tickets will be available for a while. As I think bout stuff. Town Hall is a nice theater I think. Not that I've been there...then again that's a school night, eh? that Valentine's Day? I saw Beck on February 14th last year, didn't I? (Shouldn't I remember these things)...whoaaaa...yeah I really ought to see the show. At least I'm not superly-majorly obsessed. That is scary!

Well, tonite is about the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!...I actually heard them play a song on Z100 this morning. It was weird, I wasn't paying attention but the dj said "And that was the Trans-Siberian orchestra!" It was a Christmas song, i forget which one. But anyway.

School poot. But it's gone. Foo!

December 20, 2001

Okee...well, I'm going to NY tomorrow. After much discussion (not really) with Diana...ya! She got a pair of free tickets from plj to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Beacon Theater...! Uh? It's a Christmas show...mmHM, interesting! Well, I hope so, it looks a bit weird at the moment though. We're gonna listen to Christmas songs for a few hours? Well they're front row seats so it should be fun, right? (Lookin at the tour dates....Orpheum Theater in Boston, AHH EVIL!) yeah. I'll take the 3:45 bus so hopefully by the time I get to NY Diana will be by HMV and everything will go okee dokeeeee. I'll be fine. UNLESS THE BUS CRASHES!

I don't know if I'm crazy, but it seems to be! What? The sun is shining, I can see the blue sky. Stuff is definitely falling though.

...nevermind, it stopped. I wonder what that was....giant dust? OO.

Rufus is still touring around....I don't think anywhere really close to me though. Somewhere in NY though...guh...foop! Diana wants me to go to NY tomorrow, hmmm maybe I WILL...or maybe...I WON'T...

School was okay today. In physics we did a lab and my partner and I actually got good results. The whole lab itself was probably really inaccurate but in the end it came out okay. We had to put water ina thermos and put in ice cubes and heated aluminum and brass...uh...nevermind. It was pooty, my partner did a lot of the work (as she usualyl does cos she's SMART) but, uh, I did something too I think.

. . . uh. Uh. Uh. My mind just went blank. Oh yeah, took another nice nap during lunch. *plop*. One more day of school before vacation. WOOPA. And my bro's old computer came in the mail today so now I have to back up all my crap on a bunch of CDs and stuff...but a NEW old COMPUTER exciting, I can rid myself of this piece of crap!

December 19, 2001

See "Lord of the Rings"! It's...really...good? Well, what were you expecting? :) At the tenplex closest to my house they were only playing the movie in one theater but it was pretty full. And the movie was very good. Those were my expectations I guess, but I didn't know much about the story and it wasn't that confusing, which surprised me. My mum said she liked it more than the book because the book has a lot of stuff in there. Er, well it's long! Which is why I don't feel like reading it. But anyway, just the whole story and how the movie was shot and put together is really cool. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes the camera was a bit shaky and for a long time in the beginning of the movie I felt like puking, but I'm really sensitive to that for some reason. :( By the end of the movie the feeling passed though and...yeah...I shouldn't really say any of the story, but you should definitely see this movie!

I really liked the scenery. I was thinking "This looks much prettier than New Jersey." Ah, well that's not very hard, but it's neat. Because it would be my dream to sleep in a gigantic field! Grass. Yeep. It was funny how the hobbits were so much shorter, I mean I know they're supposed to be shorter but how did they make em look all short and not really odd...I dunno.

When I got home I...ate. I must be missing something because I always seem to want cake and cookies. Well, who wouldn't? Cookies, mainly. I haven't got any though. Cookies!
I did that pressing the backspace key thing again and I was done writing too...oh well. It wasn't much. Just me complaining as usual...FUUUUN IN A CAN O CHEEESE

But anyway. I tried taking a nap during lunch. It was a short nap. Lasted through "The Recluse" and "Where Happiness Lives." I realized that in a way I still can't believe that I saw Even. I don't know why but I look at the pictures I took and it doesn't seem like I was even there. I listened to the crappy recording I made last night before I went to bed and I've gotten used to it, the major buzz and fuzz in the background that is. Cos every so often for a split second Even's voice will be somewhat clear and I guess that's good enough for me. WOOya. I can block out the other crap. FUUUUZZZ! bad fuzz.

I want to eat dinner now...

December 18, 2001

My mum and my bro want to see the midnite showing of "Lord of the Rings"....well, they don't desperately want to see it. My mum said if she goes tonite then she doesn't want to bring me tomorrow, so I said..NO! :) Well, not really like that, but I want to go tomorrow, so she'll wait. It's not like we're really into Lord of the Rings, I just want to see it. Yeah.

Has anyone seen Vanilla Sky? I was wondering how all the Radiohead and Sigur Ros songs fit in. I heard there's a clip of the "Big Time Sensuality" video in there...or something? Hm.

I don't recall much else happening. ..AH crap. I just realized something. I think the recordings of the WFMU stuff I made are a little distorted...when it gets loud...wuhhh, NO I have to do it over! Well, technically I don't have to, but this sucks. I wanted to make a CD out of it. It's barely distorted, but it's theeeerrrre and it's gonna bother meeeee...e.

I've probably mentioned this before, but the stuff I write online (anywhere really) and the style isn't really like it...oh yeah, like you know. It bothers me a bit because I think about what I'm goig to write yet everything still comes out sounding semi-moronic in a way. Too many smilies I guess. It's not wrong to have smilies but how intelligent does this seem:






:) well. I can give the illusion that I'm smiling furiously...:) :) :) :) :) :) :)...STOP THIS MADNESS! Cos I'm not, nahahHA!

Today a girl said to me, "Robyn, you're so shy!" Ah..ya. Good to point that out sometimes in case I forget because people frighten me. After school a person who I didn't know at all and I don't think was even in my grade, asked me what my name was. "...Robyn." End of conversation. Phew. Maybe he wanted my name so he could put it on his "People to Kill" list. Boy, wouldn't I!

I changed the site again somewhat. The square image at the top should change randomly every time you come to the page (although there are only 15 different ones) so you don't have to look at smilies surrounding even's face every time. BUT WHY WOULDN'T YOU?!...! :) (crap. another smilie)

If you're wondering, or it you're Lea, I got that fading picture script from I don't think I can use that and the random picture script though...well I dunno. Blah!
Even Johansen, man now this man was super funny. Hes from Norway and like the settings were all messed up and he kept getting feedback so he kept talking to us and to his homie in Norweigian, which was pretty neat. I realized that I have him on one of my CDs' which was awesome, because I really like his stuff. oh man, what a beautiful singer..

That is from here. That is cool...I don't even know what Norwegian sounds like. He was talking to his homie. :) I still haven't sent that $1 for that sampler CD. Does anyone wanna do it for me? Er. Yeah it's only a buck but I'm so lazy, I dunnoooo ahh. Even has a most beautiful voice, it just make you want to EXPLODE (or maybe that's just me)...

Oh yeah, that girl signed my diskobox guestbook thinking that Even would read it I guess. I should put a disclaimer on the site..."THIS IS A VERY EXTREMELY UNOFFICIAL SITE" because people might be confused. Well not that really, well, everyone loves Even!
I had written something, but then I pressed the backspace key and the browser went back and destroyed what I wrote...that's happened do I make it stop doing this? It probably isn't very hard. But I don't know, someone tell me.

Well, I got a progress report in the mail today, HOW WONDERFUL I think, because it's my first all high school. WOOaa. Apparently, my grades in physics are "poor", you don't say? I thought I was getting a B-, or a C+. I thought that was, oops. Isn't a C supposed to be average? Whaaa? Oh well. Today was...boring. Gym sucked...ass. Physics was....poopy. Isn't this wonderful? YA! I hate volleyball, and Ihave ever since high school started. I don't remember disliking it so much in 7th grade. Everyone really sucked back then though. Now it's like..."Ball? Hit ball? Huh? No..." Uh...yeah. I think that was my day. By English, everything is better. I had a quiz in pre calc, that definitely sucked. A C or a B is my guess.

When I got home I furiously ate half of a turkey sub my brother got from Markey Basket. Oops. Note to self...chew more.

At one point during school when I was walking from physics to history, I felt like I was walking in a graveyard. I mean, I was outside and there weren't a lot of people out there yet, and it was this very eerrrie feeling of DEAD PEOPLE but not entirely. It was cloudy. Maybe that was it.

I can't help to smile when I think of Even. It's a funny way too. He's not funny! I shouldn't laugh. Well, I'm not LAUGHING, but something is funny there. Maybe the black nail polish. Ha! He's all pale and stuff. Oh well. I'll take happiness.

December 17, 2001

An EVEN JOHANSEN SONG was on Roswell! His album wasn't mentioned at the end of the show, but wow! They played a smippit of "Where Happiness LIves"...what does this mean? I've heard Radiohead and Beck in Roswell before Oh well. Yay, Even rules!

...that's all I wrote? I thought I'd be more excited. That was a while ago...September 9th. I was just curious what my Even excitement level was like before. I wrote "smippit"

...for some reason today at lunch I had this realization that "The Recluse is a really good song." ...I don't know. Lunch. Ha. The stench of cafeteria food in the air. Wonderful.

I'm hungry, but really shouldn't eat anything. I'm scared by how much I eat. I eat really fast and although I've tried CHEWING a bit more, it's really hard, dude! ..DUDE! I don't know why it's so hard for me to chew. I give up after a few chews..."Neh, I'm hungry, the acid in my mouth ain't doin NOTHING" and then later I feel so full to the point of chucking my cookies.

I want cookies, by the way. I want to listen to some...thing. My mum is in this same room on her laptop. She would usually stay in her bedroom but my dad goes to bed early so she can't really hang around there. And she's watching Memento on her computer so I can't really listen to well. I could use headphones, but neh.

You know...I really ought to stop thinking so much. It drives me nuts. I know this isnt true but sometimes it's like I'm the only person THINKING and my brain feels WEIIIRRDDD and i hate THINKING because I'm not thinking about what I'm supposed to be thinking of (because god forbid I forget the equation for thermal expansion) and then I feel stupid but in reality, maybe everyone else is stupid. How did standards come about anyway. The ugliest person on earth could in fact be the most beautiful person on earth, isn't that true? Well, if you ever disagree with what I have to say, don't tell me, I don't want to know really. I'm just sickened by what seems like everything, although it's not everything. I still had Seventeen magazine so I picked it up and the whole magazine seems so ridiculous, it's practically satiracle (did I spell that right?)! It's like...gerg. Nevermind. I'm not going to worry about that. I guess I'll just..recycle it. Yeah there's other stuff to talk about, but that's for me to think about and go crazy into the night thinking about crazy stuffffoooraaarrsmoop.

Why don't people sign the guestbook? Not really the one for this page that I'm thinking about, but my diskobox one. Oh well. People don't know that it's a nice thing I guess? Foo.
I have a stress percentage of 11%. Hm. Well that still doesn't explain the screaming...

:) To destress myself, I'm supposed to eliminate consciousness. Well, I knew THAT.
AHH I'm hearing my voice...

Diana sent me a VGWD CD (that's her "radio station", ah!) and she recorded a conversation we had at La Maison du Chocolat. AHH I sound dumb. WHY DID YOU PUT THIS ON, DIANA? The next track is hilarious though, it's her "interview" of Jonny's just funny, trust me. Hey, it could almost be real...

This is funny. I'll make some realaudio files...*boopbeepboop*...all done! This is my conversation with Diana...I'm the one who says "La Masion du Chocolat", we talk about Radiohead. This is the "Jonny" interview...:) I haven't totally listened to this CD yet, but there's a New Order song on it and it's pretty cool, oo!

School was poot today. I forget all the pooty details. But who cares, I'm home now...WEE! During the first half of the first period of physics, the teacher was just TALKING to us about...stuff. I kind of forget. And I'm really wondering what's wrong with me because when I'm bored I pick the skin off my fingers into a bloody mess (well, not really, I haven't gotten to the point where I need bandages) and now it's hurts. By the time it heals I'll probably mess em up again. Waaaah.

But enough of that. I mailed out some stuff today, GO MEEE. And. It rained. Er. Foooo....4 more days of school!

Oo now "Army" by Ben Folds Five is playing on the CD. I used to love this song...well, I kind of used to love BFF too. They're okeee, not really existing anymore though.

December 16, 2001

Rebecca, you're so funny! NAHAH I laugh. What a cute picture! And, uh, nice nail polish, Even!

My mum said I used to have a really evil laugh. Now she says I laugh like a hyena. Well, that's a plus. Ha. No.

Well, it's pretty weird for my while family to be in the SAME house again. This happens twice a year when my bro and dad decide to come back home from wherever the hell I am. To quote Anthony, "You have a father, right?" Well, he said something like that, haha. Oh and I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY! He must be really really really old, haha! I have no idea, but since I've been going to Ackermans he's aged 3 years, yeah? So have I. Eek.

Anyway. Today at around 12 my dad goes into everyone's room to wake em up, but of course none of us do. Then I hear a fire truck go by with a dude saying something like "SANTA CLAUSE AT THE FIRE HOUSE 2 PM" and...uh..okay! That's nice. Now let me sleep, GODDAMMIT! *plop*. I had 5 odd dreams after waking up and going to sleep so many times

"COS WHEN YOU GET SO CLOSE I RUN AND HIDE.." That's about the only thing I understand in this song. Well I guess there is other stuff too. But the whole thing to me is jsut like GAH SO HAPPY jesus christ!

My dad decided to take a holiday family picture..WOO how fun is that. Not very. It wasn't too much torture I suppose. My dad is just strange though...screw pictures...GAH!

I still have a bit o pre calc and physics homework. Ergh, I always leave everything to Sunday! :(, trust me, I'm not going to leave that pic of Even (that rebbie took, I was just talkin about that) up there for too long, but I had this sudden urge to bombard his head with smilies. It just seems right...

Actually, it's very WRONG. Oops. Silly me. The picture should fade in when the page loads. I found a little script that does that...pretty useless actually. But let's just pretend it's a fun new thing. :)

December 15, 2001

ARRGH dumb computer...

I had written something about how my computer sucks. And then I was updating my blog but it screwed up. So...uh..yeah, computer going to poot, not turning off correctly, none of my Sonic Foundry programs working, the CD burner not BURNING...

But it's okay! SUURE! Rebecca sent me some pics she took of Even, that's a bundle of happy right there!

So today I woke up at 12-something. And then I took a nap from 3-something to 6-something. For some reason I feel like this day started AGES ago, when in reality I barely did anything today and I wasn't even awake for that long. So why the hell does it feel like that? I'm still in my jammies! JAMMMIIIES! What!! I mean today I woke up....ate a Did something on the internet, went back to sleep, woke up, recorded the WFMU stuff again, ate, did stuff, uploaded a bunch of stuff, sat on my bum a lot. Woo!

My middle finger hurts. Eeeee. I was ripping off the skin I guess. And then playing guitar. Actually, it's probably nothing compared to having your legs chopped off, and then being beaten with em. I haven't had that experience yet, though.

There's another Libido music video for Revolving! I wanna see!...EEE!

Poor Diana...:P
Oh my god...that's kind of pathetic. I mean....wait, no, VERY pathetic. And just plain bizarre. I guess there's a website for everything.

Gee. the Megway sounds like a pretty good idea. Looks familiar...but cannot...remember...walking...nope. Well, screw the segway, neh!

HAHHAHAHAHAHHEAHAH...god. I have a kazoo. I don't use it much though. Hm.

Holy crap, that is not a giant bee...GAH! I have to say it made me laugh though. I was thinking "What the HELL is this?" And the bee...or NON bee, is cute. But I'm still confused.

Man, I just spent a million years trying to install phpbb and then I found out that bluedomino doesn't suppost MySQL...not that i know what that is, but I know that's what I needed. Oh well, time to delete all these stupid files. Then again I would have been very surprised if I had gotten anything to work. I don't think ikonboard works. Well. It should I :( Why isn't anyone every online? Besides SmarterChild and GooglyMinotaur? It's a bit eerie when they're the only "people" online...

If you missed Sigur Ros on Craig Kilborn...well, sucks for you. The song they played was very nice. The only odd thing was that the song wasn't really ...totally done when they cut to commercials. I guess the song was DONE but they were still somewhat playing, yeh? Whatever, cool song, wooya.

December 14, 2001

"I think I lost an electron."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm positive."

MAN that's terrible! Absolutely....horrible! AHHH! Thanks YO SHANG for imparting such wisdom upon my feeble mind...

I wrote me christmas cards...neh! Writing is fun. Sometimes. If it's not for school.

I had yummy dumplings for dinner! And then after that I popped open another can of mystery dessert from the chinese supermarket, and it was the yummiest one so far. my mum really liked it too. It was peanuts and bean curd jello stuff in sugary ginger water stuff. I know that SOUNDS WEIRD but it's really chinese. I mean as soon as i ate it, it reminded me of something from Taiwan, which is pretty bizarre, but it did, I swear. There's this distinct taste that just does that. The ginger? Eh, I dunno. But it's YUM and I want MOOORE...goodness in a can! I should get some. "Can of happiness: 1 ounce"

I've been sitting here too long...where does the time gooo? It's weird, it just GOES LIKE THAT and i odn't know why, or how...and I end up sitting here too much..but...GAH I DUNNOOIAHIOIASDHEIRuhifdhsadshmoosh!

The latest entry here made me so happy! Even rules too much. And it's easy to like his music...too easy...I would also ask myself where I've been for the past couple of years. But when Libido came out with stuff, I was living in Taiwan. That's a pretty good reason not to know them, right? I mean I'm sure in one would have heard of em. What the hell would I have heard of in Taiwan? BACKSTREET BOYS AND THE SPICE GIRLS! Wasn't that it? And Mariah Carey...and Celine Dion. I don't remember much from! I liked music a lot, but I wasn't obsessed with anything. "Oh yeah, I really like this Celine Dion album..." HAHA oh yikes. And then near the end of 7th grade I started listening to Third Eye Blind and I liked them a bit, and then the whole WALLFLOWERS thing which scared the crap out of everyone, and then...Beck? I dunno. Weird stuff!
I changed the site a bit...yeah. I was getting tired of it taking forever to load (for me at least). I also made a comment thingy on my OWN server ( because all the other ones seem to keep crashing, and then I only have to worry about how much space I've got for this blog. And since people don't comment much anyway, it probably won't be much of a problem, hehe! Well, try it out, OKAY?

And if Rebecca or Stephanie is reading this (Steph, do you have a blog at diskobox? I saw something, but maybe you're not done with it..) then you can use the comment thing too. There's a bit of code you have to stick on your page though. Actually, anyone can use the code, but I only want to use it at my site. :)
Oooaa I'm tired.

I started my day at 9:30. That's when I got out of starts at 7:35, eh? HAHA oh well, I haven't been late to school since the 6th grade, although that was because I missed my bus. I REALLY woke up late today, whoa. Then again I just missed 3 periods...the first two aren't academic classes and when I walked in during physics, the teacher was doing this one hard problem on the board and apparently he had been doing that the whole period. The periods were cut short actually, so I thought it was 3rd period when it was actually 4th. I guess I was lucky that physics is two periods, so it didn't matter.

So! That was great. Er. Then I had history. Woo. Then I had lunch...woo. Then. Oh yeah, I got my PSAT score...I did slightly better than last year. A 1280...and the other score was 194. I did best on the writing skills. That's stupid, I thought that was the hardest I think. Oh well. Anyway, at first I thought "Oo thats nice" and then i thought "No wait, I was supposed to get in the 1300s" and THEN I thought "Neh, I'm cool." Then again, Aliza got a 1500 and she (like me) didn't prepare for it in any way. Mm, well she's smart. So anyway, I'm quite content with my score, unlike my mum who wants me to take courses and really crappy stuff like that. Honestly, I feel like it was good enough, and I did my best on the test, and even though I didn't take classes or read books like many other people, I just don't feel like's not like I think...okay, I dunno how to say this.

It's not like i think the SATs are a waste of time, but in the long run it's not like they'll make me a better person. And I know it's a standardized test and you compare yourself to the rest of the peopel taking the test but I don't want to. I want to look at my score and think "Oo I did pretty well" and that's what I think. My mum keeps asking me if I want to be a waitress when I grow up and go to a college in the middle of nowhere. Because if I get below 1300 apparently, I'm destined for a live of waitressing. Well, anyone could figure out that not everyone who does well on the SATs goes on to live a life of fortune. And it matters how someone measures success. My mum isn't this crazy parent who goes nuts about how well I do with school work, but either I'm missing the point or she is. I don't want to go to college and get a diploma (of course, I'll end up doing that though) and then go on to probably just work somewhere and not have much of a life. If so I may as well kill myself now, right? Same goes for everyone. If the SATs determines my whole future, then this world is certainly screwed up. I think about the future a lot, but in a sense I don't care too much. A lot of things are like that with I care or not, I honestly don't know. Knowledge of useless facts and such things don't really get you anywhere. The people in my classes display this very well by acting like complete morons. They can get As, but as people, they're really pathetic. Doesn't anyone think that the quality of the person, their character and psychology, is more important than whether or not they can do algebra or make a sentence more grammatically correct?

So I've kind of grown less fond of this world. I already have...but...lessss...bwa. This is sad. The only nice thing is music, isnt it. Well, not really, but as for what resources I have now, it is. "Counting Backwards" by the Velvet Teen is a nice happy sounding song, I'm listening to it right now. I dunno what the dude is saying though. Gerg. I still dunno what that Libido song is, the one they played at the

Oh yeah, what else happened in school? Well after math the whole school got to watch a play of "A Christmas Carol". Everyone knows the story, yeah? It's a pretty boring story. The play wasn't terrible or anything, but it's just...boring. The language of it and all. And it didn't help that I was surrounded by people who couldn't seem to shut up. The concept of not talking is so simple to me, but for some people, they must never stop talking. It seemed pretty rude because I'm sure a lot of people put effort into the play and then all these dumb kids would be talking, it's embarassing.

I saw a dude with a Radiohead shirt...a guy in my Russian class. Nehe. That was funny, although that guy is kind of odd. I was like "AH RADIOHEAD SHIRT" while standing right behind me, but I don't think he heard me...this was in the auditorium, kind of noisy I guess. Or maybe he's not a real Radiohead fan, he's just posing as one. Neh.

December 13, 2001

Mm..candeeee. I got a package from Karen today! Extremely unexpected...but cool none the less. She got me this really cute although somewhat odd penguin stuffed animal sitting on a box o candy. Which I'm eating now. The candy, not the penguin. Anyway, the penguin's feet aren't connected directly to its body, they're on these long strings so the penguin has...there...feet connected to strings...okay. That made sense, eh? Oh yeah, and a pair of penguin socks was included in the package...COOL! Penguin socks, I can't imagine anythign cooler, and I need new socks, the ones I'm wearing now have holes in em. THANKS KAREN!

Oh yeah, that was probably...a christmas present. Well it ain't christmas, but I don't give a crap, naha!

School was incredibly...schoolish. Nothing very important happened. Oo, I got a C+ on my physics test! I thought that was quite alright. It's going up to a B- though because the teacher graded some questions wrong...I had a 79! I was thinking "god, THIS close to a B-" (before I found out I'd be getting more points) but then I realized how lucky i was, I mean some stuff i just guessed on or didn't have any idea how I got the right answer. I got one of the hardest questions right, you can count on crap like that to happen. I got the easiest question wrong I think. About vectors. Gah!

I was listening to Quiet & Still during lunch (I guess that's my new ritual) and for whatever reason all I could hear was Even breathing...does that ever happen to you? When all you hear are the intakes of breaths? A long time ago that used to happen when I listened to Rufus Wainwright...and it drove me NUTS. But anyway, that was just for a bit. Even, woo! It's strange though, for that split second of "silence" from when one song ended and another one would begin, the sound of people in the cafeteria chatting and whatever felt so empty and just plain weird. It was...weird. Very distant. Then again I sit in a corner of the cafeteria, using the giant table I get all for myself as a barracade of sorts. While I was attempting to do physics homework (I didn't get any of the answers right of course) a girl from my English and history class plopped down in the chair next to me and started talking to me. That was nice, i guess...she is a nice person. It's not like we talk a lot but sometimes she talks to me and I don't know why, so I'll just guess that she's nice. In English she and I wrote the script to our Greaet Gatsby play thing, which we did today and I thought it sucked, but the teacher seemed to find it alright. I don't know how my teacher puts up with my class really, some people are so...argh.

Well I could go on and on...but I think I'm going to the mall now for perhaps the first time in many many months. The Garden State Plaza at least. I need to buy some christmas gifts and cards I think, which is great cos i have no money, eh? My mum will give me some..woo.
I watched the Overthrown video! Man, how bizarre! It's so weird for some reason I dunno. Because I'm thinking "I just saw Even! In a little bar place. Singing happy songs of sadness. Getting hit in the butt with a microphone." It's very music-video-ee, I really don't know what's going on. Pan to the band...pan to some wooshy stuff...pan back to band...look at the drummer rock out...look at Even rock out...look at other guy (I'll remember their names at some point, oKAY)...HAHA! Generally, I pretty much dislike music videos. It's funny though. I'd like to get some screenshots of it, but my connection sucks (ass) and it might not work, like with realplayer...yeah. Actually...what was the point of that video? It was all dark and dreary but the song is pretty energetic stuff, yeah?

MM well. Very cool. Libido is great! I wish their name wasn't Libido though, cos when you search for that, you get all kind of weird porn. I looked up "Killing Some Dead Time" which worked a lot better. ... ... ...

I was listening to some songs by The Velvet Teen and they sound quite good. I only checked em out cos they're touring with Even though. But yeah, who cares. The singer dude has a good voice. Goes way high and I can't understand the lyrics. Like Thom! But not Thom. Download "Naked Girl"...spiff! And then buy me the CD, it's only $8. Well, I may as well just get it myself I suppose. If all CDs only costed $8, I'd probably buy more of em and in the long run end up spending more money.

December 12, 2001

Go here and search for Libido and see if you can watch the music video. Music video? I didn't know there was a music video, but I want to watch whatever it is, and it won't work for me (of course).

I'm a bit confused as to why I'm still here. Well, not that exactly, but before I would take naps and watch TV and stay up late. And now I don't do either of those, but I still end up staying up late. I don't feel like I've been wasting my time doing absolutely nothing, I mean I don't chat with anyone and I did some English homework...uh..ya. And...that's about it. I don't know. I'm getting a bit tired though. And hungry. Ergh! It's human nature, isnt it?

Well then. That's it I guess. Woooo.
WOO it's..WEDNESDAY! Only two more days of schoooool! And the rest of the week wont even be half bad. Tomorrow I've got a Russian quiz but that's about it, and on Friday we'll be watching a play for two horus or so at the end of the day. :)

This morning during homeroom, this sophomore touched the case of the fire alarm and this high pitched sound started coming, that sucks, eh? I mean, I wouldn't touch it because I'm not dumb enough (we think) but it's still pretty bad luck to just touch the case outside it and it starts making a stopped after a while though, thank god. Fire alarms are so annoying. FWEEEEEE...EEEEAAUEIUAUIIUDAS

But ya. Ah. I lasted throughout the day pretty well thinking of Even and thinking about listening to his music..just THINKING for christ's sake! Well at lunch time I decided to listen to Quiet & Still, but I can just play a tune in my head and then get happy! Weird I think...very strange! I never even thought his music was happy, but I guess that's not the's...not, it just makes me happy. NEEHEEHEE! LUHV EHVN!

I'm not really hyper now or anything, but typing in caps makes it seem so, eh? Like I'm a screaming shouting lunatic. Eh. It's okay. Physics was terrible...we took that MID QUARTERLY TEST (whyyy) and I think I failed it...or got a D. The highest score was a 37 out of 48. I think three people got in the 30s. I know I got at least 15 the very least! That's sad. One question I got wrong was really dumb, but I guess on a lot of stuff since it was multiple choice. Oh well...think happy thoughts...

Bur really, that test was...argh! Terrible! I couldn't think at all. I was more thinking "Well I've got a 20% chance of getting this right if I guessss..."

Doing another project in English...GROUP project. That spells disaster. My group could be worse I guess. We have to do skits of a specific scene from the Great Gatsby, and my group has 6 people...definitely not easy to have 6 people do stuff. So of course, it's pretty much me and this other girl doing all the work...writing the script that is. Well..ya. It's okay I guess. I'm not bitter.

Oh rebecca, I envy you so much! Now I kind of wish I had done something last last Friday...but I wouldn't have. I mean I know I wouldn't have, but...neh. !! :)

December 11, 2001

I had just written stuff. A bit o stuff I'd say. it may have even had the meaning of life. then I was disconnected and the juno browser went kaput and my stuff was gone.

thought ye'd like to know. that i am now depressd (again) but not too badly, except that its 10:40 PM and i haven't studied for my physics test thats worth 20% of my grade, or so i hear. but then i dont see the point, cos i'll do stinky anyway. always lookin on the bright side, thats mee!

everything is loud in a bathroom. i could demonstrate. but not now. sniff. ehvn!
This is the worst review of Killing Some Dead Time I've ever read. Kind of funny...especially about the tiramisu, because I love tiramisu. Who doesn't? It's so yummy. I want some. NOW!

...foodfood, ahh! I'm tired. Sleepsleep! That's what I want.

The following is probably just for Rebecca's sake, but some stuff from

"Does anyone mind if I snog the bass player?"


"I'm just asking... Does anyone mind?"

Still no response. A little tension sensed maybe. Even, the lead singer of top Norweigan trio Libido, shrugs and strides over to the male bass player and gives him a snog. With tongues. For a serious length of time. More silence. A couple of old fellas mutter into their bitter. Even looks up and beams. "He's just so shaggable though...don't you think?"

And they launch into another song. Cute; A shame it was only witnessed by the other 10 or so people who turned up to this, Libidos xth performance at a Firkin pub on their Firkin tour which they much be getting firkin sick of by now (ho firkin ho)...

...! O..kay. Hehe. :) Well I'm happy I've found something...a decent account of a Libido concert. Did anyone see Libido when they were touring around? Gah.

Not that I can read Norwegian, but if I'm able to understand some of this article, I can assume that Even is either 30 or 31. The other band members are a bit younger, eh?

This doesn't work for me. There's a live Libido performance 2nd from the bottom...actually, none of them work for me. If it was just that one, then you'd know someone was out to get me, but this whole site doesn't like me. Libido! I wanna see!

Oh well. I just use Google to search. There must be tons of stuff out there I haven't found yet. I keep forgetting that if I'm at a European site, then they'll probably list Even as Magnet, which is not really confusing but just annoying, yeah? Gr! There isn't much about Chocolate Overdose anywhere. I think that's the band Even was in maybe in the early 90s. There's a blurb about them here, although if Even is in that picture'm scared.
violence breeds violence

we need a world court

not a republican with his hands covered in oil and military hardware lecturing us on world security

we need love and understanding and tolerance and good laws that apply to everyone, upheld by those who are in a position to judge

praying for world peace is not such an embarrassing thing to do anymore i think

especially not this christmas.

thank you everybody on w.a.s.t.e. for still listening and sticking with us and understanding the records we make,

i hope your christmas is peaceful and loving and spiritual. does that sound silly? don't care.


Thom scares me. But it's okay. Thom doesn't like the shift button I see. Christmas is a weird holiday i think...well, not really. World peace is still kind of...impossible. Unless all the umans die. In which case i'm sure we'd leave a nice peaceful world for all the other animals. :)

New Radiohead stuff I will not buy...

Much like the folks that frequent the "All You Can Eat" Pizza Hut lunch buffet, you people are always hungry for more...

That is an interesting comparison...I certainly haven't heard it before. I haven't been in Pizza Hut in ages! How much pizza can someone eat?

Someone remind me that Sigur Ros will be on Craig Kilborn this Friday. Yeah? I don't wanna forget that. I dunno if I need to record it though. I'll just watch. Enjoy the moment. Wee!

I'm not very interested in seeing Vanilla Sky, although there's Radiohead and Sigur Ros music in that. Mm..well.

I stayed up til 3:30 AM chatting with rebbie. Oops. Well, I woke up okay, and I didn't get to take a nap today, so...yeah. I'm chugging along. Chug. Poot. I got a B on that physics quiz I thought I failed. And a B on my math quiz. So that was a nice surprise. Tomorrow I have my physics multiple choice test. Ergh. I hate that. At least I can guess if I have to.

I lent my pen to the idiot who sits next to me in physics and...he took my pen apart (I didn't KNOW he was, at the end of class I saw him putting it back together before he gave it back to me). And didn't put it back together correctly. So there goes another pen. It's missing the spring that makes the pen thing stay in the right position, so I can take it out and still use it although it doesn't work as well. Why bother being nice if my stuff is going to be crapped up anyway? I don't even have a ballpoint pen.

Pens are overrated. Ha! I got food. At the Chinese food supermarket. Bought some cookies and many various cans of desserts. I made sure not to get anything with oats or rice in it this time...uh..yeah. So I bean + sago stuff, some jelly stuff called guilinggao or..SOMETHING...some peanut and jello stuff...god, I dunno. I'm determined to try anything that doesn't seem too strange.

I got my guitar back. Oee. New strings sound different. My fingers hurt though. Sniff.

I feel bad for my english teacher. Some people in my class ive her such a hard time, and she's a nice person. I hate that. What's wrong with people. Teenagers are weird. They don't think. Well, some of em. Think more. I was talking about this with my mum I think...people don't seem to think. They think about things that mean absolutely nothing really. Well, I do that too, but there are so many other things...

AHH I ATE TOO MUCH! Blorp. That guilingao stuff was weird. It was good, except there was too much of it. If I had just eaten half of it, that would have been better.

I think "Killing Some Dead Time" was rereleased today. But that's not the cause for excitement (unless you don't have it, in which case...get it)...lookat this. ANOTHER LIBIDO ALBUM? SOOON!? Wow I hope cdnow isn't screwing around. That rules.

December 10, 2001



I tried some practice physics test my teacher gave us...and I didn't know pretty much everything on one of em. it was about electrical stuff that i don't remember learning. cos i probably didn.t but eh, what can ye do! :) I'll just keep smiling when I fail, it'll be fun.

I didn't take a nap today, or watch any TV, yet I still ended up doing my homework at 9 PM. It took me a really long time to figure out how to play Private Jinx. If you're bored, try and play it. It's sucha nice song, yeah:

Private Jinx



Verse: lots of twinkling bar chords. not hard once you get the hang of it! :)

(bottom of C# chord.......Ab)

you've been caught off your guard


so now you breathe a little fa ster...

all the beauty in decay, at long last is on display

Chorus: this may not be correct, but it's nearly the same as the intro except with a little thingy smushed in there...


your head in the clouds, your heart on your sleeve, a black soul that sings like your private jinx


the bitter taste you'll leave behind, will always be your only crime

& now you're close enough to be within reach,

so you'll hang on to this like a leach


with your head in the clouds, your heart on your sleeve

& a black soul that sings like your private jinx



(Fm bar chord)
(probably isn't totally correct, but sounds good enough to me. by now your fingers should be digging into the strings of your guitar and turning bloody)

so you're convinced yourself, & the devil as well

you don't need any time to dwell cause

(same stuff as verse)

every day's another scar on you...


with your head in the clouds, your heart on your sleeve

& a black soul that sings like your private jinx

(listen to the song a million times and you'll see how everything fits...or doesn't fit)

I found this amazing article about Libido...Even has a daughter! And he's incredibly normal. I mean...that's good. Actually, even though part of me wanted to know basic stuff about him, I kind of don't because in a way I just want to listen to his music and that's it. Just that. I'd like to be blind to everything else unlike most of the other musicians I like (i don't know much about electronic artists I like...I'm not as curious I guess). But now it's too late. I'm being sucked into something. Help. I need it. *burp*

This made me laugh. Does that make me insane?