November 30, 2001

Wooya, listened to Even (pronounced Evan I realize...dumb me!) from 1-2 AM. actually, I sat in front of my stereo on a stool from 11 PM, so I wasted a lot of time, but anyway WEE I'm happy.

So who would care about what I thought...about the performance? Rebecca maybe? Well first, he played Quiet & Still. Mmhm! Then he played Where Happiness Lives but it was a bit different from the album, it sounded more like a death march..really! It was one of the strangest gloomy things I've ever heard. Even has such a beautiful voice though, so...blah, who cares! He played a few songs that I had NO idea what they were, which annoyed me but eh well. He must have had a drum machine with him or something...I think there was only one other musician accompanying him. There was a lot of strange instrumental stuff going on between the songs that is reminiscent of Sigur Ros or Godspeed You Black Emperor! (or at least I thought so). I thought my leg was going to fall off cos I was sitting funny as to not make the reception crappier than it already was. It wasn't so great...if I tilted my head too much it'd get static-ee.

Anyway...Even didn't talk too much. Except at the end a bit. Very nice speaking voice...well, most likely. Sigh. Well the weirdest thing was at the end of Dancing in the Moonlight, the last song he played, he sang Zip A Dee Do Dah. Yeah, the Disney song...yeah? It was weird!Q It wasn't like what you hear at Splash Mountain or anything, but...ANYWAY, now I think Even is a bit weird, but not in a freaky way. He also stuck in at the end of the song that he would be playing at Brownies tomorrow (today?) which didn't make me feel so great..GR..he said 9 o clock, I thought the site said 10. I'll have to rush a bit then if there's any chance of me hearing ANYTHING from out there. God I'm nuts. Goodnite.

November 29, 2001

If you're Cristen, click here! And if you're not...well, I suppose you can still click there. Don't blame me for any side effects, though.

I ate FROOT for dinner. Yes, not fruit, froot. Ha. Uh. Anyway, persimmons and apples = fun. Woofa.

I think I have homework...but i haven't done any yet. Hm. The only written thing i have due tomorrow is history i think. We just finished watching "The American President" to learn about..the President I guess. I dunno how much I learned, but it was a good movie I think, very cute! There was a girl in my class who went "AW they're so cute!" whenever some lovey-dovey stuff went on. My teacher would fast foward when the f-word was about to come up, it was really funny. She missed it two times though, ha! The first time, Michael J. Fox was ranting and it was so funny cos my teacher hit that fast forward button a split second before..yeah..and this kid was like "Huuuh what did he say?" although he was just joking. Haaa. We all know, ah well.

DOOODEEDOO a few more hours until EVEN on zee radio, eehh?
Oo, my Even site is linked here and I didn't even have to ask for it! :)

TONITE EVEN ON WFMU! Listen to it! may meet my fist! BAM!

...well. Today was another normal day at school. It was cloudy all day...well, it STILL is. Kind of eerie, this morning it was so dark, and it still it, but I like clouds more I guess. It fits my mood. Of wanting to do absolutely nothing. I need to find something else to Physics was bearable cos we did a lab and it was actually understandable. WHOA.

I tried playing a song on the piano with my eyes closed...bad idea, came out like crap! But supposedly if I do that enough I should memorize the song, eh? EH? Oh well, if I was blind then I wouldn't be able to see the music...but then I'm Piano lessons today are sure to be a joy.

One more day of school to live through! It seems less likely that I'll be going to NY if it's all rainy. Sigh. Well. I heard it's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, which would be nice, it was a bit cool today but far from anything Christmas-like. :P

This is probably more interesting to me than to youu...but foo. I liked that Nausicaa book I got, but it's book 1..and there's a book 2...and I don't know where to get it. Grr!

There's some info here about getting a CD (for a buck...S+H) that has Even on it along with some other artists who I'm sure are very good. I can afford a buck! So I think I'll get it, heehee.

And for some more news that no one else besides me would care about (*sigh*), David Sedaris's book Me Talk Pretty One Day is being made into a movie I think, with Matthew Broderick most likely being the lead role! As in..he would be playing David I guess. Hm. Well, I guess that's cool, I don't really imagine a movie adaptation of the book. It's a funny book..not Dave Barry funny, but I laughed, which is always goood. I should read the book again! Woo. I think there's also a new-ish Dave Barry book out, but it's about political stuff and I'm not into that. Then again it's DAVE BARRY and it's probably hilarious. Well, maybe my bro bought it.

November 28, 2001

Get all the women you want easily!

Gee, really? I think my inbox is brimming with a wonderful world of knowledge where I can get all the women I want! WOOOOOWIE! Seeing that I "want" none, I guess it won't be too hard.

Anyway. My checkbook magically appeared. After the cleaning lady cleaned my rooom. It must have been ina pile o junk somewhere, oo.

Watchin the telly...Rockefeller tree lighting. Two Libido songs are being downloaded off of me, so I can't really check my e-mail. I can afford to share those songs I . :) Not much happened today to talk about though. Er...well, I was more tired than usual. How, I dunno. I was yawning so much it almost hurt. Can you yawn violently? Maybe if you just open your mouth really wide...*YAAAAAWWWN* that, yeah? :)

I just realized how weird this tree lighting ceremony is. I mean today it was in the 50s, it doesn't even feel like winter, forget Christmas. But there are trees and stuffff....when will it snow? I want giant 4 feet snowdrifts like out that how much snow is out there? I would love that.

I took a nap when I got home. Wee! 3 hours. I had a weird dream but I forgot what it was, of course. I forgot what it was about immediately when I woke up, but I remembered it being weird. Great, no? OO TOM CAVANAUGH...I probably spelled that wrong, but anyway. It's Ed on the telly! He always looks so happy. Okay, that was fast, he didn't say much...AHH SANTA! RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SHOW! Eeeek! I swear, that is the strangest show. Or just weird. I guess it's kind of an old show and they haven't changed it in any way, which is good, but its scary with all those SANTAS and stuff. Ahh, that Santa is dancing..make it stop!

Christmas is such a weird holiday. I just like the decorations, really. Just like when in Taiwan there would be lots of decorations for the new year...and food. I mean it wasn't about buying presents and stuff cos you just gave people money anyway, and then as far as i know there weren't tons of TV specials and stuff like that. I liked eating FOOD...and getting out of school. Another plus of Christmas. Actually, maybe I should be more politically correct...the winter holiday. Ye...ah.

November 27, 2001

Oo, there is new audiodregs stuff! Eeheehee.

I can't find my checkbook though. Eh...that's preeetty bad. Where is it? It must be somewhere in my's right NEXT TO ME! *looks around*...crap. I lost my Rufus pin too...I think. Well, I can't find it. Oh well.

Well today in school...not much happened...yeeup. When I got home I read a bit of Culture Jam, which is a very interesting book so far, and I took a 3 hour nap. Wooaa! I got up, ate stuff, and watched Gilmore Girls while doing some strange math homework.

Physics is really...not...doing...stuff. I don't get anything at all. I just sit there wasting my life, or so it feels like. Honestly, I'm staring at a board with letters strewn everywhere...I dunno. I hate it a lot.

I really ought to stop watching TV. I'm still watching it...I need to smash it in or something. Grr.

Album Leaf, Convocation of..., Even Johansen
7:30 PM
18 W/ ID!!! to enter

Jesus christ, could you please rub it in and make me feel worse? Yeah? Thanks. The website says 10 Uh. I dunno. Now I'm thinking that maybe I'll just go to NY and go to that place for a sec, take a picture, and then walk around. GARG I'm gonna be a wreck all week. Well, until Friday. If i even do anything. If I was born two eyras earlier, this wouldn't be a problem, yeah? Well, unless I went to a college that wasn't remotely near anywhere Even was going. Which would suck. But still. I shoudl force my mum to go...nono. Okay, what about Diana? no..she said she was working..DOES ANYONE WANT TO GO TO NY AND MAKE ME HAPPYYY

actually, it probably wouldn't make me happy. ARHG I have to stop doing this. This is so dumb. I should be...happy for..uh..LIFE YAY HAPPY GODDAMMIT yeah here i go WOOpeedoo! Does anything think I'm crazy? I feel so selfish all the time. This is the disease of being mattter how much you have, its never enough! I mean, you tell me. Actually, I've had a lot on my mind concerning that. For a lot of my life I've wanted to live or visit some remote(r) areas than jersey...but i thought I was weird. When I was little it was the Rainforest, you know, get there before all the trees are cut down. Now I'm thinking more Alaska or Iceland...not that they're really the same at all, but ANYWAY. It's NOT weird. We're all humans! We're not supposed to be these domesticated creatures doing nothing...or being stressed out all the I think it's natural to want to get away from the "developed" industrial electronic world. Yeah, just nod. But it's not easy, you cant just pick up and leave and go somewhere else. No wonder so many people commit suicide, living here is like a slow death for many people. You have so much stuff that you dont know what to do with it all, and you end up doing nothing. You cant lie down in a field somewhere and just stare at the sky thinking you're wasting time when you're really not...and you can't not work because then your boss will get mad at you and blah blah i dunno what i'm talking about.

November 26, 2001

This is one of my favorite blog entries. You know, HAVING favorite blog entires is incredibly sad. I just thought that this particular entry exemplified my bounteous wealth of wonderfully terribly writing skills. For example:

We also did one of those human pyramid things, which is a bad idea really, unless you get a couple-a small kindergarteners to be at the top. We could make one giant one so we decided to make two small ones, which would leave one person out and I decided to make things easy and, what the hell, be the "odd" one out. Afterwards, the Ryan guy was like "Are you okay?" Oh, NOOOO, it was my DREAM to be in the human pyramid and now all my plans for the future have been crushed! Cos I was planning to be a professional human pyramid dude.

I don't write like that anymore do I? Maybe I'm not as morose. I'm a bit amazed, perhaps I'm not as...poopy as last year. Well, obviously my vocabulary hasn't gotten any better. That entire blog entry is like that. Wonderfully sarcastic, wee!

Holy crap, I need to get out of here. There isn't anyone to chat with online and my speakers are an inch away from exploding because "The National Anthem" has got some serious fuzzy bass crap goin on...yes Colin, play like you've never played before! Colin needs to do some rapping, don't you think?

In the United States, the South Bank documentary on Bjork (Bravo Profile) will be reaired on Bravo at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2001.


Anyway. There seems to be a good chance I'm going to NY on Friday just to "hang out." HA that's really un-Robyn-ish but oh well, maybe hanging out is different in NY than in, say, the Garden State Plaza. Haha. So if i go it'll be with Jen and I dunno, I guess we can stalk Brownies and eat dinner. Well, I don't want to be a stalker. Maybe I'll just take a picture. :P

Today was the last Japanese lesson. Kind of sad. I thought there were more. Jen didn't come with me because she was tired from staying at school until 5 PM, but neither of us knew it was the last one...OH well. What can ye do? :P
I just got this crazy idea. Actually, a Libido/Even fan gave me the idea that since I can't go to the show, I could just hang outside the venue (like a psychotic stalker I suppose) and see if Even emerges. Or maybe I could possibly hear the concert. I would love to. But...I doubt I can. I'D LOVE TO though. MAN I wish I could. You know I really want to. Maybe...maybeeee....sigh. My mum will think I'm nuts. And I definitely wouldn't want to go alone. I'd drag Jen along with me, heehee. No, I can't go, I'm being stupid...sigh... I hate school or what? Who hates school more than I dooo? I dunno.

ARGH I can't escape spam on ICQ...I've been getting lots of crap messages about viagra lately. Well Viagra wouldn't help me much, OKAY?

Oh yeah, what was I talkin Is it the most terrible thing on the face of the earth? No. But today I felt like everyone in the school was completely moronic and I was the only sane one. Isn't that so cliche, I mean how many of you have felt that way? Lots of ye probably. FIrst of all, I've probably talked about this before, how in gym class we're using scooters to play hockey...uh, yeah, so anyway for some reason that I cannot comprehend, everyone but me took a squeaky scooter that doesn't work well. The ones with handles don't work well, and it's pretty easy to tell because they sqeak horribly during the game. But why doesn't anyone see this? I can see people struggling to make their scooters moves and it's one of the most completely idiotic things I've ever witnessed in my life. I wanted to shout "ARE YOU ALL MORONS?" to the class...well, at least half of em, but of course I kept to my quiet ol self while everyone scooted around. I really suck at the game though, so I'm kind of dumb too. These is this one guy on my team though who for whatever reason doesn't understand how to center his weight on the scooter so he doesn't fall off EVERY game. I've never been near falling off. Of course, I don't play with the same vicious passion ("GIMME THE FOOKIN BALL!") so that could be why.

Man, you just know my life is pathetic the way things are going, eh? Well every Monday in special ed, the students say three highlights of their weekend and my attention span is like...nothing really. And I know these kids are mentally challenged and all, but I felt like killing myself, sitting there are listening to these kids talk. Could be a case of the Mondays, especially after a holiday, but hoooly crap, SAY SOMETHING! It wasn't the case for everyone of course, but...yeah. And I found myself getting disgusted by the amount of food everyone ate. Personally I don't think I ate much more on Thanksgiving than I would have on a normal day, I just ate different food. Yeah, I don't eat TOFURKEY every day, alright? So I guess most people eat turkey, pie, potatoes, blah blah blah blah and other stuff? I guess that makes sense, but I guess I think differently than I did last year...and all the years before. Americans are just gorging themselves, it's scary. I do too I guess...I'm not exception, but I think I heard that over the holiday the average american will gain 8-10 pounds. I'm not gaining that much, OKEE? I mean it...I'm not...

Okay, so I've only gotten through two periods of school so far. So think of it being about 9:10 AM now. OFF TO PHYSICS, WOOHA...jesus christ. I dunno how I live through 2 periods of physics every day. Well, to sum up the two periods, I failed two quizzes (I think most of the class was confused on the first quiz, but the second one I just did totally wrong) and took notes in a zombie-like state while picking dead skin cells off my fingers. I pretty much do the same thing during history too. The joys of high school!

For lunch I ate a piece of chocolate cake that Aliza gave me. That was nice. I'll be all fat, but who cares...woo. I felt a bit sick after eating it, but what the hey, I ate an apple this morning. I dunno what that has to do with anything.

Ooee, Vespertine is being sold at columbiahouse now...too bad I already have it. Hm...

Oh kaay...uh..pre calc was bearable. Technically, it always is. The environment of the class is very unstressful, really. The teacher graded my quiz wrong, but he didn't take off for it after I told him. I like it when teachers are nice like that...I really don't care either way. I know my physics teacher wouldn't ever do that, but he probably wouldn't make a mistake either. Hm.

Russian was bearable too. I must have gotten some credit for participation. I think I said, "I was at home and went to NY" in Russian, but I dunno. The teacher asked what we did this weekend. Ya doma ee na New Yorkyea"...that's probably wrong, but foop.

English was...English. Nuttin special there. We have projects to do least I got to pick a partner. Christina and I are going to do a presentation on the stock market crash..err...YAY. We PICKED that topic too, I hope it's easy. I mean we had a whole list and it seemed like one of the easier ones...

Okay, that was my day, WOOHOO DAA DEEDADEE now I can look forward to tomorrow. I got some stuff in the mail which is nice. I got my Little Nemo's cute, the dialogue is weird in my opinion but the pictures are nice and I just like the whole idea of SLUMBERLAND, I mean doesn't it sound so perfect and niiice and ZzZZzzzz...oh..uh. Where am I. I got Culture Jam and No Logo...BOY that'll be a fun read. More stuff to make me believe the world is going to the pits and I could some how prevent that, HAHAHA I LAUGH oh god.

November 25, 2001

I woke up at 3 PM. Well, I actually woke up around 10, decided to go back to bed, then woke up again at 2. I didn't see the point of waking up so I just laid half conscious in bed until 3. Is that pathetic? I'd rather not know.

I did have a dream last night, or maybe before, that I was taking a quiz in physics and it took me the whole period...and I wasn't anywhere near done. I had this whole booklet to do. And I couldn't understand how everyone else could have finished. Sigh.

Hotmail isn't working.

Ever wondered what Kid A would sound like acoustic? Well you can download a version played by John Mayer, it sounds pretty nice. John Mayer isn't so bad, although I don't really listen to his stuffffff...that's meeee..

I actually went into the ouside world today (well, there is no inside world, so I guess that's the only choice) by going to the Chinese supermarket with my mum. We got a ton of dumplings and I got various frozen stufffff, and some turnip cakes which are mainly rice but have turnp bits in em or something. YUM. Oh yeah, spicy tofu is always yummy.

GARG someone is downloading a Libido song from me...ah well, I hate to be mean...*shuts down Audiogalaxy*, but my computer can only take so much. The internet won't function if people download stuff from me.

My book is becoming increasingly interesting, but it's also making me lose faith in the human race. Well technically I never had much, but humans are really a dumb species...or whatever. Sigh.
From here:

01. I hurt: when I get stabbed, and you know how much THAT happens
02. I love: to not have school
03. I hate: school
04. I cry: when my head explodes
05. I fear: that someone is hiding in the kitchen with a steak knife ready to kill my family!
06. I hope: that no one I haven't seen in concert yet will die anytime soon...and what the hey, the ones I've seen already, I hope they don't die either
07. I sadden: when I cry (look at number 4)
08. I feel alone: most of the time
09. I kill: when my head explodes...wait no, that's crying. Well I dunno!
10. I talk: too loud...i drink too fast...i aim too high and dig too deep...i burn too bright...guess what song that's from
11. I listen: sometimes, but a lot of times...I don'
12. I break: stuff
13. I see: stuff, but my eyes ain't too great
14. I smell: weird. I should wash meself.
15. I taste: funny. actually, I dunno. I haven't eaten parts of my arm for a while.
16. I work: badly with others
17. I remember: ...actually, I don't, that's the problem
18. I hold: grudges against everyone for stuff that's not their fault
19. I hide: everything
20. I pray: if I have to
21. I walk: fast staring at my feet half the time, unless there are a million dumb classmates in front of me, in which I smoosh my way through them
22. I drive: to nowhere
23. I read: stuff in hope of making myself smarter but that hasn't been working for me lately
24. I burn: my tongue more than I should
25. I breathe: funny if I have asthma
26. I play: guitar when I'm bored
27. I miss: lots of stuff
28. I touch: the keyboard when I'm typing
29. I learn: if I feel like it
30. I feel: funny most of the time
31. I know: that many things in life are unnattainable
32. I said: "I like this tofurkey"
33. I dream: about unnattainable things (look at number 31)
34. I have: to stop being poopy
35. I want: to be able to do whatever I want
36. I fall: when I trip
37. I wait: right now
38. I need: vocal chords
39. I live: in a house

I hooked up the nice speakers and subwoofer. Woofywoof. The ground is vibrating to "Bullet To Your Heart" (ah, that sounds like a fine and dandy title for a song, eh?) and I'm looosssiin consciousnesssssssssssssfooofoaoorfldfadf

I turned off my computer at 11 PM and said that I wouldn't go on the Internet for the rest of the night, but I did. Grr.
Jesus, there are too many Libido singles! Does anyone want to help me with my collection? Maybe I shouldn't start, I don't know a lot of these songs anyway...

Why aren't people online? I mean...geh, what are you people doing?! Well, reading this, obviously, but other than that?

I really want this. PLONE!

Grr. I guess I should go to bed or something, but the earlier I go to bed, the faster morning will come. Then again I'll probably wake up in the afternoon, but...sun..blah...and then it's closer to school and all that crap again. Sigh.

November 24, 2001

Why is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer playing on CBS right now? Is it Christmas? Holy crap, the elves are singing! This show creeps me out. Anywa...*checks watch*...nope, still November.

I read more of my boooook....fuuun. It's pretty interesting, actually, of pages. I took a nap from 5:45 to 7:45. It felt like a long nap though. Mm. Then I ate tofurkey leftovers. YUM! Really.

This show has too much scary singing...gak.
I woke up at 2:30 PM. And proceeded to the kitchen to make meself some dumplings. I got the mail (Harry Potter is the cover story of Entertainment Weekly..well, yeah!) and...yeah, nothing very interesting in the mail. I'm not expecting anything. Haven't gotten a letter in ages. Sometimes I forgot if I replied to them, but I think I did.

Well, it must have rained, cos the ground outside is all...wet. Just like Nancy Drew I am..."The ground is wet! Something wet was here..." The sky is all cloudy. I like clouds more than sun, yes, but it seems to be kind of dark and it's not even 4 o clock yet. TIME FOR DEPRESSING MUSIC...well I was listening to Morning Bell, and now I'm listening to Everything in its Right Place...doodoodooo, this song isn't depressing, its HAPPY FUN DUDE!

*hack cough*...I think some remnants of dumpling were in my throat. Or chocolate. I ate some chocolate, yup. Chocolate brings me comfort, wee!

Now it's time for me to figure out how much moolah I owe my mum and see how much money I have to spend on Christmas gifts. Everyone just tell me what you want for Christmas. I already know what I'm getting two of my friends, and really, does anyone want some crappy surprise as a gift? I think it's much better to know what you're getting so you make sure not to get another one...and can be all "oo ahh I can't wait to get Robyn's gift" until Christmas comes. Yes? Yeah.
Harry Potter: It's scorcerific!
- The Studio Ghibli museum is the hottest ticket in town!! It opened to packed reception just a month ago, but the crowd still hasn’t stopped coming. Tickets (which retail for $8) are already sold out for the rest of the year, and are being auctioned off at ridiculous prices (over $50 each from Yahoo auction)!!

So even if I could, I wouldn't be able to. Okay, that was worded poorly. Even if I lived remotely NEAR the museum, I wouldn't be able to. Hm. Ah well.

Look numero 22!

I decided to listen to some Radiohead. I was getting tired of reading the 5 million Thom/Radiohead references in reviews of Quiet and Still. So now I'm listening to "How Do You", which I find to be a really funny song. I don't mean it's actually gut busting funny, but have you LISTENED to the song? It's great in a funny way. Thom sounds crazy. I haven't the slightest idea what he's saying besides "HOW DEW YEWWWWW" and some other snippits. I'm listening to "Anyone Can Play Guitar". This song is hilarious too, just because of the priceless music video, one of the most goddam scariest pieces of motion pictures musical semi-artistic blop something fazoo I've ever seen. Thom's lips! Thom running around! Thom wearing a vest! It's all there. It's too easy to make fun of Radiohead. I only do it cos I love em. I find it hard ot make fun of Beck. In my opinion there is nothing strange about him. I would kind of like to have something to make fun of him about. But there's nothing, he's too..up there.

I think it is widely known that "Sulk" is one of the most underrated Radiohead songs, but if so many people know this, then isn't it not underrated? It's a nice song. It's easy to play...A, D, E. Well, for that part. Mhmhm.

I dunno. Foo. I'm too obsessed with stuff but I'm not really. "Street Spirit" is makin me happy. I love depressing songs! They fill my heart with loooove!

November 23, 2001

Oo, lots to talk about today! Well, I woke up at 6:30, WHOAAA yeah not like 2 PM yesterday.

So I planned to take bus 163 leaving Ridgewood at 9:10 but it didn't come until 9:30. It only took 45 minutes to get to NY though, so I actually got there earlier than scheduled. Woo! Taking the bus is very easy. I shoudl do it more often.

When I got to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I called Diana on her cell phone while walking along 42nd street...she said she saw me, but I couldn't see her. And then she loomed into view...WEE...carry a large bag? FOR MEEE? Yup! She gave me this, a 18x28 inch glossy poster picture mounted on foam cardboard. Very spiffy! I give many thanks to Diana for giving me this one of a kind Radiohead token of appreciation! Well, two of a kind, we both have one. Ah.

We saw the Harry Potter movie first a 9:30. $10! Foo, I guess NYC has never heard of matinee prices, and we couldn't really pass off as kids. Oh well. The theater was nice, Loews that is. And the movie was good, for the third time! That is the last time though, no more until the DVD comes out, I promise. :)

After that we ate at Applebees which was right across the street. Diana and I got the same thing, chicken and broccoli alfredo! She asked the waitress, who was very nice, to not much so much sauce on hers. Me, I didn't care, GIMME ALL THE SAUCE! The waitress said that the cooks made fun of her for that request, heehee. The food was yum! While we were waiting for our food and while we were eating, I made Diana listen to Even and Libido. She seemed to like both of em...score! One of the first things she said about Even was that he resembled Thom! I still don't see (well, hear) it, but I guess I've listened to him too long.

Ah, I kind of forgot what happened after that. We walked a while and it was very crowded. There's a newish Toys R Us store right in Times Square and it was GIGANTIC and CROWDED. Yikes! We went to the Virgin Megastore and didn't buy anything but looked at some nice books. Woo.

After that we may have started towards Rockefeller Center. My memory sucks, yes? We went to Kinokuniya and googled over Rockin On and Crossbeat with Thom and his band of merry men. I thought about buying Crossbeat, but...didn't. Diana wanted to buy a pen, but...didn't. We don't like to part from our moolah, can you see that? I think after that, or before perhaps, we went to the new Pokemon Store. Yikes...Pokemon. BUT THEY'RE SO FREAKIN CUTE! Chikarita! I may have spelled that wrong, but anyway, lots of stuffed animals, cards, and other stuff. The stuffed animals aren't cute enough, they're not SOFT. They're just hard fuzzy things, blech! The funniest thing was that when we were leaving we saw a dude in a Pikachu suit (those suits are BIG man, it must be like a cave in there) and a bunch of kids circling around it. I wonder how much that job pays...not enough, most likely.

A bit more walking around Rockefeller Center and we went to La Maison du Chocolate. YUM! I bought some chocolate, not a lot, but it ended up being 60-something bucks. It was mainly for my mum, who deserves some chocolate! I wanted some cake and cocoa but there were a bunch of people there so I decided we'd go back later, is no object when it comes to chocolate! Tis true.

I think we decided to go to the comic book store Diana had been tellin me about for a while, which was on 32nd (?) street, so there was a bit of walkin involved. We stopped at Office Max so Diana could make a copy of a nice drawing she did and copy something from my issue of Mojo with Thom on the cover ("Obscure? Not us!"). Then we started walking again, planning to get a smoothie but the smoothie place was closed. SO we went to Baskin Robbins where Diana got some kind of slushie thing that looked a bit funky, I don't think she liked it very much. We finally got to the comic store, Jim Hanley's Universe is the name I think, and it was very cool. Pretty big and packed with lots of comics. I found Zurik the Robot there! It's a short little comic about a robot, kind of depressing but the robot was so cute, I had to buy it. Less than 3 bucks! I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I ended up buying three things including the Zurik comic, an Acme Novelty Library comic (the name is something like that) and a Nausicaa book. The Acme comic is cool cos it's buy the guy who did the Jimmy Corrigan comic. And that is a very spiffy comic. His style of drawing is just very unique in my opinion and the stories are strange, but interesting. They're always depressing and they make me feel uncomfortable, but I go for that. Yeah, I'm pretty odd. The Nausicaa book made me very happy because I thought it was out of print. Actually, I think it is and the store just happened to have one. The color of the cover looked a bit funky, but WHO CARES it was an English translation of the movie! :) I also wanted to get another Bone comic, which was my favorite when I was 10 or so, but I didn't. Eh, some other day! Read Bone, it's funny and the characters are cute.

Hooyeah, where am I? Ah yes, we trekked back to the chocolate store and we shared a piece of cake. It was yummy, but not really phenomenal for the 7 dollar price tag. The COCOA however was VERY good. It's hard ot describe really, but I'll try. It went down like silk and initially tasted very sweet but then the taste would disperse a bit and be just right. Upon first sight it looked like melted chocolate...very uniformly dark brown, but it wasn't this really thick liquid. Not thin either. It was just really good. Nto sure what kind of chocolate it was made of. That was 6 bucks down the drain I think. Well, I used my mum's credit card. Does that justify my purchase? Probably not, but I don't want to feel guilty for indulging myself a bit. Some people buy clothes and jewely; my mum and I buy chocolate.

Then alas, time to go back to the bus terminal and saw goodbye to Diana. We took some pictures, did the friend-hug bit, and that was that. Ah. Well, we'll see each other again! I got on the bus safe and sound, there weren't many people there. The bus left right on schedule and someone got to Ridgewood at the EXACT time as on the shedule. It was about 45 minutes! :)

When I got home I showed my mum the goodies and she shows me some chocolate she ordered from We made some dumplings which tasted very good! Mmm! I'm not very good at closing the gyoza skin around the meat, but who cares, fresh dumplings = yum. I looked at the mail too, mainly crap, but I finally got my books= from I've onyl read a bit of it, and the book "Days of War, Nights of Love" is a bit strange but I somewhat understand it. I guess it's in the vein of rebellion-anarchy-free thinking type stuff. Always a fun read, yeah? I read it, but I don't necessarily follow it, because if I did I don't think I would spend so much time sitting in front of this monitor. Anyway, on the carboard that the book was wrapped in, whoever shipped it wrote "Hey Robyn, here's the stuff you ordered. Hope it finds you well and yse it wisely!!!" Love, R.P. McMurphy" The word "use" is underlind two times. Below that to the right there is a picture of a heart with flames on the top, and writting in the heart is the word "explode!". Under the heart it says "our hearts are armed!" I don't know why but I really like that note. It's like this person thinks that I can do something very useful with the book, which I doubt, but hey, that would be nice. I like it when I order something and I get nice little notes like that, but it's only happened once before when I ordered from audiodregs.

AH that was my day. Fun, yeah? At some points of the day I had forgotten about the whole not seeing Even Johansen thing but I remember now. Ah. I would be confident enough to go to the concert alone, because I don't really have any friends who are super obsessed with Even. It might be nice to go alone anyway. I could give Even a nice holiday gift including a stuffed animal penguin, some chocolate and a nice little flower (come on, you know I'd do the penguin thing). But I can't, gerg. I'll have fun reading my books, wee!
I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last night again!...for the fourth time? Something like that. The weird thing is that it was like reading it for the first time, which means I forgot a LOT of what happened. A bit of stuff is pretty different from the book, but it's small stuff I guess. And the story is pretty scary, now that I think about it. I mean, it freaked me out a bit, the book is a lot scarier than the movie.

So what am I doing up at 7:20 AM on a non school day? Going to NY! Soon. My mum isn't up yet, I have to wake her up. I go to NY and see the Harry Potter movie again, heehee. GARG HOTMAIL IS SUCKING...bah.

Oh, about the was quite good! It tasted like tofu. The yummy kind that I like that is. The chewy kind? Anyway...yum. Sweet potatoes were good too...I've never really had them before! I had sweet potato chips and I thought they tasted really gross (well, they do) but the real thing is yummy, yeah? Mm!

November 22, 2001

Welcome, unskilled slave roboppy

Well, that sounds warm n fuzzy, eh? What is with that Radiohead game anyway? I'm just very confuuused. It says I have 30 pieces...of something...WHAT THE HELL! Okay, I don't like Radiohead enough to do this. Hmhfhrhmfg.

I'm watching Friends..hehe...funny...laugh-ee-laugh-ee...
This probably isn't as funny as I think it is...but I find it pretty funny. I could really be amused right about now. The Milk-Dud Pie with Jungle-Fruit Starburst Glaze loks pretty damn tasty, don't you agree?
Ah...anyway. I'm up now. Still kind of disappointed, but ah well, what can ya do? NUTTIN! You are completely powerless in this world! You're nothing...

There, don't you feel better! Ahhhh! Well then, I woke up at 2 PM. I read a bit of Harry Potter before trotting down the stairs to cook myself some dumplings for lunch. My mum cooked chestnuts so I ate some (I ate a whole bag last, I hope they're not too bad for me) and I ate a piece o fruit tart cake-ee stuff. "Alice in Wonderland" was playing on UPN so I watched it, and in the process I realized again just what a freaky movie that is. I mean I've watched it a bunch of times but haven't seen it in a while...freaky movie! Cool, but still, just strange.

And now I'm here kind of not doing much. I didn't get much e-mail. I haven't gotten a reply to my question about the age restictions, but it's Thanksgiving so I didn't really expect anything. I'm lookin forward to my tofurkey...

Mr. Schmidlin sent his students an e-mail telling us to have a good weekend...that's...nice. I bet lots of people don't check their e-mail as much as I do. Oh, and I'm sure I'll have a great wonderfully good happy weekend...

Okay, I found the Even tour dates..AHH! Man I'm so thankful that girl e-mailed me or I'd never know about all this stuff I think. I kept looking at the old five one inc site so I didn't see all the updates and crap and the TOUR DATES and DOODA EVEN I must see him! The coolest thing is that next Thursday he'll be on WFMU and I can listen to the performance on the radio and record it on a tape, so yay, that'll be good!

..*huff huff*, it's nearly 3 AM, I should be more tired. . . .
....GARG CRAPPIT NO THAT IS THE MOST UNFAIR THING....the show is 18 and up. I'm only 16! NOnononONO...*sigh*...well, at least now I know I REALLY can't go. Sigh. NO this...argh! This isn't how it's supposed to go! Hm...maybe I can make Diana go, she's 18!!!!...whoa. See, now I'm crazy and disappointed! IT'S ONLY 10 BUCKS! And the Album Leaf is playing too! I mean I've only heard a few of their songs, but they opened for Sigur Ros during their tour and ..wait, I think it's one dude. Well, live I guess it's more, but anyway, that music is good too. Nononononononononononono....this is so unfair! Some other shows are 16 and up. I WAS SO CLOSE!

...all the whining won't do anything, sigh. Hm. I'm just curious why some shows have different age cut offs. I mean I coudl understand if they were all the same, but they're not. Maybe I shoudl ask..I'll send an angry e-mail. Or sad e-mail. Well, I'm more sad than angry, I feel like I'm going to cry. Well, I think there will be a webcast that I can watch,'s not the same. Duh. Ten dollars...sorry, all this stuff in my head, it's really no good. I was in a good mood up until now! Well. I'm's a weird mix. I should be happy that I can hear Even on the radio! But. MOOOAGAGHHASRHGHGDSAfhdhasf

But anyway. I want everyone to love Even. You must! I don't know how to describe it, but here are some very good..descriptions:

"Everyone has one of those favorite albums that immediately resets their mental state to one of quiet and appreciation for all the good things in life. You know the kind - after a long day of inept people telling you to do stupid things, you can come home and grab your favorite liquid relaxant, slide in the CD, and the day just melts away with delicate, lovely, haunting music. This is that album." 3WK

"The album is a resplendent oasis, catatonic in the most stunning of ways, and like all such phenomena, there is something both uplifting and sorrowful about it, as if the music is both ephemeral and timeless."

Those are perfect, I gotta stop this. I'm starting to sound obsessed. Well, I have spent a good part of my night trying to figure out how to play "Private Jinx", hm...*sniff* I'm sad again. Today I had stumbled upon a website with a very good Libido discography, and on eBay I found a single for "Overthrown" which is pretty cheap, so maybe I'll buy that.

I'm not obsessed, alright?

Okay...calm down robyn...i'm gettin there...I'll take a sleeep....wake up...and still be kind of poopy but not as bad as I was a while ago.

November 21, 2001

Doesn't this make my day

0% - 10% (Britney)

Oh dear, oh dear.
Far from being a world destroying DeathKiddy, you appear to enjoy kittens, bunnies and boybands.
Not a cloud enters your sky and all is sweetness and light for you.

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

Boy oh boy!
Woo, no school for four days! Plenty of sleepin will be done, I COMMAND IT!

School was pretty pointless. I mean, I didn't learn anything...physics was the only class that we took notes in. Yuck. In Russian we played bingo and English most of the class played 7-Up while I did homework with Christina...and the rest of hte day was blaah blaaah. Oo well. I was in a good mood. Hoorah!

After school my mum and I went to a japanese buffet and then to Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya. Thom is on the cover of Crossbeat magazine! GARG! I have no moolah! I'll go to the Kinokuniya in NY and maybe they'lkl have stuff too. I'll have sooome moolah. Yeah. And I was looking at back issues which are $2, and there was some stuff in there mag had these very nice pics of Thom. Welll...uh, he was lookin very odd, like usual. I mean that in a good way. I wanted to buy it, but neh, I have to control my spending. NO THOM FOR ME! Beck was in a mag too, but it was only a few pages..sigh. I got some cookies and other goodies though, it's a good thing my mum and I like that stuff. I ate so much sweet stuff today! That buffet had a ton of different cakes so I tried...all of them. CAAAKE!

Oh yeah, Rebecca, your bro is too cool! My bro wouldn't ever get me...Radiohead stuff! Well, okay he might, but he wouldn't listen to em. Once my bro asked me if I wanted a Radiohead biography CD thing, which I thought was nice, but I've got enough books to fill my head with wonderful Radiohead trivia, so I'm set. Maybe I should tell him to get it for me as a Christmas gift, ooee...

Here's a little survey type thing I've seen at various livejournals...oo.

*A - Age: 16
*B - Best Friend: ah..?
*C - Choice of Meat: choice of meat? man that's weird. well chicken is good...and eel is good too. EEL IS TASTY, I swear! You're not allowed to say anything if you haven't eaten it.
*D - Dream Date: um...none?
*E - Exciting Adventure: walking along glaciers in Iceland! Or going to alaska and watching the Northern Lights!...wait, is that Alaska? Or some other cold place...Iceland has those too yeah.
*F - Favorite Food: I dunno. CHOCOLATE I guess!
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: I'm still alive, isn't that an accomplishment? Cos nothing else is worth mentioning, heehee!...oh wait, that's sad. Um.
*H - Happiest Day of your life: God, I dunno. That's a toughie. Seeing RADIOHEAD was really cool. And seeing Beck the first time was cool, I was like "..holy crap, HE'S REAL!"
*I - Interests: Internet, music, chocolate, sleeping, reading, tv, not going to school
*K - Kool-Aid: I don't think I've ever had kool aid. I remember a scary Ren and Stimpy comic strip that had a character that was LIKE Kool Aid but it was something else and it was scary
*L - Love: to sleep! And listening to music!
*M - Most Valued: My awesome collection of penguin memorabilia...hah, no.
*N - Name: Robyn
*O - Outfit you love: pajamas!
*P - Pizza toppings: mm...broccoli and tomato?
*Q - Question Asked to you the most: no one asks me questions!
*R - Radio Station: WFUV! They're the onyl station that ever plays music that I really like, whoa!
*S - Sport: *barf*
*T - Television Show: Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Boston Public, Ed, blah blah, blah blah blah blah..
*U - Ur favorite song: How To Disappear Completely...generally, any "depressing" song makes me happy. EVERY EVEN JOHANSEN SONG! Yeah they're all kind of like that, haha. Hm. Old Beck songs! I love old Beck stuff, just him and Mr,
*V - Video: videooo? mmhmmh...mrhrh?
*W - Winter: I LOVE WINTER!
*X - Xylophone: uh..thats kind of random!
*Y - Year born: 1985
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

OH YEAH I HAVE TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BJORK! I almost forgot, but this morning the DJ on WFUV announced her b-day which was very nice! :)

November 20, 2001

OO MY GOD look, it's something about Even at maxim online! Uh...YAY! I guess? Even Johansen isn't that new is he? Well I've only had the album since the summer, so eh. I wonder if the article is in the magazine, cos then I can swipe it out of my bro's copy, eh? Oh this makes me so happy, just reading about Even! This article talks so much about similarities to Radiohead and Thom, and personally I don't think...well, I dunno, I don't think they sound alike. Even is...warmer? Yeah, Thom is a cold pit of darkness, ha. Thom rules too. I still don't have "I Might Be Wrong", aren't I horrible? True Love Waits!

Anyway...Even doesn't like Travis? Aw...well, I guess he's not gonna be like "Jesus, they're just the most adorable band out there!" I like Travis. Because they're fun fun. I don't know much about them as PEOPLE, just hearing the music is nice though. It doesn't look as though they'll do anything phenomenal or you know, stuff like that, but I don't care. Wee!

...hmmhmhmanyway! ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL and then I'm freeee...for...a 4 day weekend. Better than nuttin! Hoofah.

The site for the Harry Potter movie is cool! :D Check out this interview with Ruper Grint and Emma Watson. For whatever reason I thought this was funny:

Question: What is your holiday wish?

Rupert Grint: I wish everybody would go to the film!

Emma Watson: I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan.

Hm..:) Two very different answers, eh? Oh well, both good, yeah! They're coool.
Oo, go Sigur Ros!

Today wasn't so bad. During history we got to make collages about the three branches of the American governemtn...does that not spell F-U-N or what? ...uh. Well I did mien with another girl who is kind of one of those teeny bopper ish people I guess...we were lookin through magazines and I was given YM, and she said "Oh, can I have that? I love those magazines." It's funny I guess. Well those magazines are so ridiculous, it's...stupid, but this girl is pretty nice so blaah. She was telling me to be happier about history and be optimistic and positive and WEEWEE so I was just like "uh..yay..this rules..woo" in typical Robyn fashion.

Last period during English, she kept saying "! Smile! Come on!" Well I was in a good mood by then so i did, and it was almost like some her. I thought it was funny. I mean, yeah I DO smile sometimes! It's easy to make me smile. I'm really good at keeping a blank face 99% of the school day though. Hm.

When I got home I ate a burrito! I would like to take a nap too...don't have a lot of homework! And tomorrow school get outs at noon, that's nice. And I'm excited about Friday, when I will most likely have a fun happy day with Diana as we go crazy in NY...okay, we never go crazy, we just walk around aimlessly, but hey, could be fun! :)

November 19, 2001

We don't know German but some dude in lederhosen told us this is is how to say "Watch Radiohead rock Berlin in a webcast recorded during the summer of 2000": Schauen Sie Radiohead Felsen Berlin in einem webcast, der während des Sommers von 2000 aufgezeichnet wird zu. HA! and your parents told you music couldn't be educational! Tune in now to get yer fix.

Plus, you may think its not possible but there are people out there who love Radiohead as much you do. Watch them pledge their allegiance in our new adverts section. And don't miss the "Radiohead Rap" as resurrected from the cutting room floor.

Those iBlip things are always straaange, yes? I can't watch these adverts, and I'm interested in the RADIOHEAD RAP...actually, maybe I don't want to know. Oh well, it doesn't matter, cos IT DOESN'T WORK ON MY CRAPPIN COMPUTER! Neither do the music videos.

If I went to this store, I would DIE! Or...something. Okay, not *sploot* die, but anyway! It doesn't matter cos it's in California and well, I don't have much reason to go there, but if I did I'd have to go there. And the Paul Frank store. I think I'd spend too much money though. I love all the t-shirts, and the candy, and I would like to buy some comics and books. I mean, if you KNOW me, then you know I'm not a shopaholic and I don't enjoy clothes shopping...when I shop it's usually for food, music, or reading materials, yeah? I love all these shirts. I could probably use some pants though. Which reminds me, I need to rip out the hem stuff from a pair of pants to make them a tad longer...ookeee, that'll be fun. Not really. Anyway, it's not that I love shirts in general, I guess it's just the picture. But it would be more useful if I could wear a picture as clooothing then just have it hang on my wall and collect dust.

Anyway. Now I remember how little money I have. Not that I'd want to be a millionaire or anything, but lets see, I have $50 odd bucks in my checking accout and my savings really doesn't have much at all. I plan to take a bit o money out for Friday when I am planning to go to NY. And buy CHOCOLATE!
GARG I don't want any "personal notes" from MISS CLEO! JUST LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!...

...I'm fine...yesss. Just this junk mail is so annoying.

Well today was just a typical day at school. Nothing notable happened....mmmhmhmhm...nope! I ate a falafel wrap. I'm really full now. I'm full of falafel-ee goodness. Eh.

2 more days of school. I just have to keep tellin myself that...

Oo, I remembered something! I discovered part of the last episode of Freak and Geeks on a video I had, and I was watching it..and that show was so great! I can't believe it can cancelled, ARGH! All the characters on the show were so funny and cute (although I liked BIll the most, who's with me?) and NBC sucks! It's a lot better than Undeclared (which is bu the same creator I think?) although that show is funny too...but it's not the same. Well, duh. Anyway. It's sad. Sniff. Funny show.

November 18, 2001

Taken from here (which for whatever reason has a link to my!):

1. Name five things in your refrigerator: flax seed oil, curry powder, sprouts, lettuce, peanut butter
2. Name five things in your freezer: two bags of chicken dumplings, three TV dinners...hey, that adds up to five!
3. Name five things under your kitchen sink: hm..two types of garbage bags, and a bunch of cleaning thingies. :P
4. Name five things around your computer: MD player, microphone, chromatic tuner, guitar, CD rack
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Well, it's kind of over...but lets see, I think after this I'll eat something and watch TV. Hm.

Here's an easy Christmas present to give to me...a gift certificate from insound! :D

I woke up at three PM...oops.
I wasted half an hour filling out a dumb survey. I pressed the backspace button which made the page go back and then everything was erased. It wasn't very interesting anyway.

I guess I'm gettin tired. I'm not lookin forward to tomorrow though. I have tons of physics problems to do, that is definitely not fun. And I always feel hungry, which kind of sucks. I eat food! It doesn't do much it seems. Ugh.
If you're really bored you can take a quiz here. I got 6 right. That's pretty crappy, eh? I can't tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people I guess. mhmhm.
Today I slept, ate, slept more, read, watch TV, ate, went to Barnes and Noble, ate, and now I'm TYPING.

I know, it's a lot to do in a day, but you can accomplish anything if you belieeeve in yourself...

Ah, anyway. I dunno why I woke up at 1, ate, and then went back to sleep after reading a bit of Harry Potter. A little more than a fourth into the book, he's not even at the train station to go to Hogwarts yet. I guess if the entire book was made into the movie, the movie would be 5 hours long or something. But anyway! The only semi-strange-but-maybe-not dissimilarity between the book and the movie that I've noticed so far is that in the book, Harry shakes Professor Quirrel's hand, but in the movie he doesn't. OKAY that is like nothing, but you know in the end Harry's hands turn Professor Quirrel into duuuust. probably doesn't make much of a difference. FALALA!

I've spent this week and next week's allowance already. That's bad, yeah? $40...I spent it all on magazines and books (but mainly books). Oh well, it could be worse, eh?

November 17, 2001

Does anyone remember the movie Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland? ...alrightee. I dunno why I was thinking about that movie, but I remember seeing it when I was little and it scared the hell out of me. But I really liked it, so I dunno what that says. And now I'm suddenly thinking I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN, man I'm weird. Why are my favorite movies animated? Mmwell.

More reminiscing...this movie! God I KNOW I saw this when I was like...2...or less...or moooore...but definitely not in English. This is so weird...all I remember is a little girl babbling in Japanese I assume and a giant panda. Okay, I need a life. I want the panda movie.
OO I love Harry Potter! I mean I really like Harry Potter. Maybe love is too strong of a word...I wouldn't go to school with a lightning bolt drawn onto my forehead (Lisa did this...I thought it was pretty funny, in a good way. She wore her Harry Potter t-shirt. She went ALL OUT HARRY POTTAH STYLE!).

Mm, anyway! I saw the movie two times today, if you want to get technical. But about the first time...that was fun, yeah? My mum and I got to the mall a bit too early for the movie, like around 11:15 PM, and there were a bunch of people just walkin around. The mall is eerie when everything is closed. I mean there were 2 restaurants open I think. TGIF is open till 1 AM? Well anyway, at some point we went to the Loews in there, along with whatever other crazy people wanted to see the movie and couldn't wait until the sun came up.

There was a mix of people there. Some teenagers, 20-something, little kids and their parents, older yup. We were all pretty happy I guess. And the movie started at some point..and WEEE YAY the moment I've been waiting for! So I'm not sure if I should say anything about the movie besides it was very good, because maybe you haven't seen it yet and I shouldn't give anything away, eh?

But you all know the story, yes? (YES you do) So it's not like the actual events in the movie are surprising. I was surprised by what was changed or left out. I mean stuff wasn't changed dramatically, little things I guess to save some time (although the movie still clocks in at about 2 hours and 15 minutes) I dunno. I wouldn't have minded if it was 3 hours long. I think it should have been longer, really. I mean I know maybe a lot of people may not want to sit that long (my butt was hurtin) but if the movie had more...dialogue and developed the relationships between the characters a bit more and didn't go from one scene to the other abuptly, then it could be better? But who am I to judge, it was great!

The kids in the movie are so cute. I'm talking about the people who played Harry, Ron and Hermione...Daniel, Rupert, and Emma? Gee, doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyhoo, I thought Ron was the cutest. He just looks kind of..funny! Not in a bad way. And Ron's personality is cute of course, he's slightly dimwitted. My mum said his face wasn't even on both sides (asymmetrical?) and it's kind of true I I sound mean? I mean it was just kind of funny. Hermione is kind of annoying most of the time, but she's cool, yeah? And cute...I mean kyoot! Poof hair! And Harry is kyoot too. The thing is there isn't anything realyl distinct about Harry's know? Obviously he's got the special something no one else defeating EVIL and stuff. But Hermione is the overacheiver who semi obsesses over work, Ron is the good friend who mind is a bit foggy, and Harry is just really normal except for all the, um, extraordinary stuff. Then again, they're all wizards and witches, that is pretty extraordinary...

YES I know Harry Potter isn't real. I'm making him out to be. But if you think about it, if Harry grew up like a normal kid, he'd be the most normal kid there. Is that strange? My friend mentioned that someone told her Daniel Radcliffe wasn't much of an actor, and I thought about it...and there isn't a great deal he has to do in the movie. Well, I'm not really in any position to say that I guess...but...I mean his acting abilities, which I know nothing about, wouldn't really shine in this movie since its not like the role is draining or something. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I thought all the actors and actresses were good. I liked Hagrid...heehee, big scary man.

Well my life hasn't just been Harry Potter for the past, school sucked. I think it was mainly English though. I did pretty much everything in the project. During the presentation the other people in ym group just read the caoptions I wrote for the pictures and that was that. I'm glad my teacher is understanding, she knows what the people in my group are like and hopefully I will get a better grade than they will.

After school I went to a meeting for some holiday festival stuff. I planned on being a photographer who would just walk around and take pictures of anything, and I was very against doing anything else. My friend told me to do it...and I figured well, if I can walk around and do whatever I want, that's good. OKAY all is fine and dandy. Well the head teacher tells me that she needs more people to be the computer picture people, which means I wouldn't get to walk around and I'd just sit in a room and...I dunno, but the point is, I really DIDN'T want to do that, and now I have to do it. Technically I don't have to, but what choice do I have? I must donate my help to where it's NEEDED apparently, and well, I hate school, but I'm powerless. SO VERY POWERLESS! My power has been depleated. Sigh.

HAHHAHA CONAN YOU RULE he's doing a bit about Harry Potter and it's SO funny. MR T! he wasn't in the movie, but anyway, Conan, SO FUNNY!

I got that record player I wanted. It works very well! I felt compelled to listen to all my records (which didn't take very long, you know) so that is funfunfun. Bringing back the BECK!

November 15, 2001

Bjork concert and a visit to Iceland? Sounds too good to be true. Oh well. $700 doesn't seem so bad...I mean, if you actually have that kind of money. I remember there was something like that for beck too when he played in NY, it was a Valentines Day kind of package. Who goes on these kinds of trips anyway? People with money who aren't still in high school I what am I doing tonite? Not the usual sitting around and eating fruit! I'm going to see the midnite showing of Harry Potter! Do I need to? Well my mum suggested it. So I'll be getting less than 3 hours of sleep I guess, since the movie is somewhat long and its at Palisades...but hey, this is Harry Potter! I'm sure it'll make me haaaappyy! And couldn't we all use a bit o happiness? Yes.

Ooee...Bjorkee's bday on the 21st!

Mmmhm. Well what happened in school....scooter hockey, still a pain in the butt. Physics was actually okay today. We did a lab, but the teacher told us exACTly what to do, so I couldn't make any terrible mistakes. I hope. So it was a semi-easy two periods. History was boring...I've got a quiz tomorrow. Hm. I guess I should study. Math was...math. Russian was Russian. English was so much fun...wait, no it wasn't. No one in my group read the stupid short story. They're so irresponsible! Well, the guys at least. There's one girl in my gorup who attempted to do some work, but sh didn't do a whole lot. I'm not really mad at any of em, just annoyed by their whole work ethic. I don't think they thought I was going to do a lot of the work, even though I DID end up doing most of the work. I mean, I drew most of the pictures, I outlines the story, and I have to type up the summaries for the pictures. Collectively, the rest of my group did maybe 4 pictures, and colored all the pictures, yeah. I'm nearly certain that my teacher knows I did most of the work though, I hope, so maybe I won't get a really crappy grade.

Anthoyn gave me yet ANOTHER penguin related item! YAY! It's a PIN...a cute one. Well, of course it's cute, it's a penguin, but anyway, isn't that nice? Ackerman's Music Center, the only place where I can get discounts regularly and PENGUIN things! :) I bought two books, a Christmas song book and a theory book. Tons of fun, yeah? Theory is a pain in the butt! But anyway, there should be a penguin currency...called the PENGUIN! Maybe. Okay, no.

I trimmed my mum's hair. She said it was a little uneven before...and so she wanted me to even it out. I mean, I cut it the first time, didn't that tell her anything? Eh well, I don't mind TOO much, hopefully I cut it better this time.

November 14, 2001

Today kind of sucked like...yesterday, wow, alrightee.

Well, gym wasn't unbearable. It was just normal I guess. Physics was History was boring. Lunch was boring. Math was boring. Actually, around math time I was feeling slightly better. Russian was okay (but of course, boring) and then English came. I don't mind English class so much, but I really am in the worst group, and I hate it. Why do I always seem to end up in the worst groups? I mean, I'm not a leader at all, but no one else seemed to know how to write an outline for our storyboard, so I wrote it, and I just had to tell everyone what to draw. It's like they have no idea what the story was about. I know they read it...I hope. And one person in the group had to go to the doctor, but he can't draw or write anything cos he broke his wrist or something. So I felt like dying...or sleeping. They're kind of similar. Sigh...I really hate my group. I guess I don't hate the individual people...but collectively, I don't know.

I went to bed last night after 2 AM I think. Something like that. So that's less than 4 hours of sleep. My sleeping patterns have become strange since I take a 2 hour nap every day or so. Tomorrow I don't think I can take one since my piano lesson is at 5:30, which sucks. But why did I go to bed so late? I gues I figured, whats the point, when I wake up I'll be dead tired anyway. No matter how much sleep I get I'll always be tired. Why even go to bed at all? Sometimes sleeping just seems like a waste of time and of life, but then when I'm awake it kind of feels like that too, so nevermind I guess.

Why did I write David Radcliffe before? I meant Daniel How old is he? I was just thinking about how he seemed pretty mature, although not neccesarily old. I guess thats...better than being immature. Yes, I'm very profound.

I want to see this. If I was living in Taiwan I could see it in I don't, eh well. I have a feeling that Harry Potter is going to beat the movie's record because...well, yeah. Oh well, whatever. 2 more days...

God dammit, I'm downloading 2 songs on udiogalaxy and someone is downloading a song off of me. This is very unkind to my connection...I mean, I can't DO anything else. I better like these new Bjork b-sides. Will I buy the Pagan Poetry single? Someday I guess. Maybe. Unless it costs more than 10 bucks in which case...gerrg. I'm sending a song at 435 bytes a second. You think this'll take a while?

Oh yeah, something else happened today. I took a math contest after school, and i pretty much didn't know how to do any of the questions. I got 2 out of six. Which isn't terrible...I mean, zero would be terrible I guess. But it didn't even count for anything and I was disappointed. Eh well. Stupid mistakes. I really am not that smart, I hate it when people seem to think I am.

November 13, 2001

I am 27% EMO.

Not quite Emo
Hmm.. i suggest I stopped listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.
Take the EMO Test at!

Why. I'm emo because my eyesight is bad and I wear sweaters. Well, if the quiz says so, then it must be true. My fate has been sealed.

I'm watching David Letterman cos David Radcliffe is on. Am I a Harry Potter dork? Could be worse. A girl in my math class wrote on the board "DAYS TILL HARRY POTTER: 3 DAYS!!" or something like that. Whoa. Er. I'm excited too, but during school my brain is in an unexcited mode.

If you're feeling ambitious/stupid, you can do the physics problem that was my quiz. Keep in mind that my teacher made up the question and he's a questionable character:

Tarzan tries the new NITRO2 ride. His car just gets to the top 50 m high. He looks over and sees Jane in her car which is at the bottom. They collide and get stuck together. What force does the crumpled cars and their human cargo have on the track at the top of the first 10 m loop. Mass T = 80 kg; J = 40 kg; cars = 50 kg.

I know that sounds like fun. You wanna know why it's fun? Because it incorporates, ENGERGIES, MOMENTUMS, and...that other thing. Centripital force crap. It doesn't get any better than that.

I should
School sucks. And there begins another fun blog entry!

Who would ever think of scooter hockey? And how BORED was this person? I would rather play normal hockey, then I wouldn't have to scoot around. That's why they're called scooters, yeah? Who the hell likes to SCOOT?! My butt...SCOOT yourself!

So that sucked crap. Physics sucked too because, well, it's boring, and we had a quiz which I really screwd up because I thought the equation for momentum was P=mv^2, but P=MV...nothing is squared...GARG I'm not gonna need to know momentum later in life yeah? It's not important.

School just feels really unnatural. Doesn't it? I walk around and don't even know why I'm there. I don't want to talk to anyone there, I don't want to be in any of the classes, and I definitely don't want to contribute to any of the classes in any way. Which is why I barely squeaked by with an A in Russian. Well technically an A- but pluses and minuses don't come up on the report cards. I got a C in participation, but an A in everythign else, oh well. It annoyed me a little, because by the time I think about raising my hand the teacher has called on someone already. Well acutally, that's only about 10% of the time. Most of the time I just don't think about it. Besides, its the same people who get called on every time, so only a few people would get As in that area anyway.

Oh now i remember what annoyed me so much this morning. I got a notice about holiday festival crap. I havent been doing lately cos i don't feel like it. It's not a club, so I truthfully don't feel like I'm obligated to go. Is that right? I mean I only went to a meeting cos Jen, who is a coordinator I guess, made me go. "Come on Robyn, it'll be fun! Just stay after school." She failed to mention that I needed 30 hours to get ANY community service credit for it. I've done 1.8 hours, according to whoever calculated it. So what about that 28.2 that's left? I'm thinking I'll just screw it, what's the point? I'm not gonna make up that much time in the next three weeks. The sheet I got said there were some meetings on the weekend from 10AM to thank you. I'd like to stay home. And the night before the holiday festival and after the holiday fesitval there's gonna be a lot of clean up. Technically, I didn't do much, maybe drew 4 big pictures, so blargh. I really don't want to be in school any longer than I have to.

English is annoying since we've started a group project. I think I'm always put in the worst groups. Almost always. Why? I mean, I guess it's just because I', but still, it seems a bit unfair. We have to draw a story board and I'm afraid I'll end up doing the whole thing. I don't even know if the people in my group READ the story. I finished it yesterday and today they were just talking about...god knows what. I'm not a leader, so I'm not even going to attempt to get their minds focused on the work.

My mum's car broke down. Our town car, which is something like 10 years old, likes to stop...working it seems. Ah well. So I waited outside for 20 minutes before my mum's friend came by to pick me up and tell me about my mum. Foo. When I got home, I ate dumplings and went to sleep...and woke up, ate more dumplings, watched TV, did crappy math homework (like < href=>this) and now I'm here. Whyyyyy. I want fruit.

Man I'm really annoying, no wonder I'm me. I was watching Gilmore Girls and I thought it was funny that Rory was being picked on by the school for being a "loner" cos she doesn't seem like one to me. I mean I'm more of a loner, although I don't think that other people think I have some kind of social disability. Just a mental one. I sit along at lunch and have on a few occasions read a book I brought from home. But usually I do homework or attempt to sleep. I never bring my cd player or anything...when I was in TAS I used to bring my CDs to school every, although I think that was just for the bus ride. There was no time to listen during school, really. Mmwell. I can't stand those people who walk around with CD players everywhere. There is this girl who I think is a sophomore, or a freshman, and she listens to her CD player while walking in the hall...with these big headphones. Well, not giant, but to me, the smaller the better. I don't understand why anyone would want to carry around big headphones. But who would be unable to part from their CD player for the 4 minutes we get to pass from one class to the next? I don't get it! Doesn't anyone agree with me? Unless these people are listening to CDs that say "Breath in, left foot foward, right foot forward, breath.." cos they don't know how to walk and take in OXYGEN, then...I dunno.

Oh well, thats enough for now. I'm sure tomorrow will be another scoot-crappin day.

November 12, 2001

Schhoooool suuucks. I guess I was my normal self today...uh. I dunno what that means. Well at least there was no gym class, but tomorrow there is, and the teacher said we're playing scooter hockey. Oh lord, please god no spare me. It just doesn't sound very good, yeah?

I cannot concentrate during physics at all. That's nice, cos I've got a quiz tomorrow. Well, I've got a quiz every week. But it's just the most boring god awful class. Well. Just boring. Makes me wanna ssleeeeep. I'm screwed, I don't learn anything. ARRGGHH!

I got an 82 in pre calc. Well, thats nice, at least it's not a C. WOO I win.

Man, this is too cute. Should I still like Paul Frank stuff? I used to think it was so cute years back. And it still is cute, but it's getting to be a normal cute. it's not like stuffed-animal-penguin cute. That is unbeatable. But no one has made insanely cute penguin clothing yet, well not to my knowledge.

Gee, I should get a enw sweater. I pretty much wear the same sweater every day and a hole has formed in it...and the cuffs are started to wear out a bit. How weird. You'd think I attempted to eat my sweater.

Ah...crap, these Paul Frank shirts are really cute. Well all the ones that dont saw Paul Frank on them really big. There's one with a's funny looking...hehhaeaehe BEEE HAHAHA LOOK oh god what am I doing.

*hehehe...I am still very amused by the bee...helloo bee!*

I need help. When I say that I mean psycologically, not like "I need help peeling this banana." Yeah? Okay, you knew that. And I wouldn't need help peeling a banana, that's what steak knives are for.

HAHA THIS IS SO CUTE ANHAEHEAH jesus christ I gotta get out of this site. I'm not craazy. I'm looking at a very cute mole. And Paul Frank eyewear. Okay, I've got this problem with my FACE you see, I can't wear glasses that don't have nosepads cos they just don't fit on my head...or my nose. Or something. I've tried it, and the lends touches my eyeballs, practically, and well that's not very comfortable. My head is deformed. WHY CAN'T I JUST HAVE A NORMAL HEAD!? *sob*.

Oh yeah, so how about that plane...crashing? What a poo. Oh well, I'm not scared of flying, not that I AM flying anywhere. Where would I go? Eh.

Japanese lesson was pretty boring, until the teacher talked to use about the ceremonial tea...ceremony...and she made us tea and some rice-red bean dessert. MMMM. So that was yummy. I like food.

Oo, I love forwards...not really. Here was one I got today from my friend Carol. She's cool and all, but gaah:

1. At least 5 people in this world, love you so much they would die for you.
Um...o...kay? So what does this mean, that because of me people will DIE? Hm...maybe! Neh.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you, in some way.
15? When I think about it, I think I only love my family, and even that is a little iffy. No wait, I don't have to love someone cos I'm related to them..nevermind.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you, is because they want to be just like you.
Okay, that is WRONG! I don't really hate anyone too much, but I can tell you, I don't want to be like the people I hate.

4. A smile from you, can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
...I dunno, that just sounds a little odd. Seeing other people smile doesn't really make me happy, eh?

5. Every night,SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. That would be my MOM

6.You mean the world to someone.
Mommy? :)

7. Without you, someone may not be living.
Well I certainly haven't given BIRTH to anyone, so I dunno about this.

8.You are special and unique, in your own way.
But isn't everyone? I've come to not like this word "unique"...

9. Someone that you don't know even exists, loves you.
You can't LOVE someone you don't know. Okay, I can't. I mean, really! Yeah?

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
...alright, I can't think of anything good that has come out of my biggest mistakes. Well, I guess I'll never go to another Beck concert in Boston with Emma, eh?

11. When you think the world has turned it's back on you, take a look, you most likely turned your back on the world.
Ah...yeah well maybe that's right. THE WORLD STARTED IT!

12. When you think you have no chance at getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, you probably sooner or later will get it.
Well that's reassuring, goly gee whiz!

13. Always remember complements you received, forget about the rude remarks.
Well complements are...I dunno. I know when they're real and when they're...not.

14. Always tell someone how you feel, then they'll know.
Neh, this probably isn't a good idea. "You know what? You make me wanna puke!" I don't think this is a step in the right direction.

15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they're great.
Sigh...neh, I don't feel like it. :)

16. You must be a great friend, because someone gave this too you. If you care about them, send it back.
I did send it back. Eh!

Oo some footage on the telly of SMOKE and SIRENS and SMOKE comin from PLAAANT CRASHEE oo.

November 11, 2001

Welllll today was joyous...not really. I slept a lot though. I mean, I woke up at 2:45, I ate lunch, did my laundy and went back to bed somtime about 4:15. Then I woke up at 7:30 or so. And ate dinner, which consisted of 12 beef gyoza (Japanese DUMPLINGS yum) but I was still hungry so I ate a frozen eel dinner. Doesn'y my life sound like the most exciting thing since cheese? YES!

Ah well. Right now I'm wondering whether or not I have gym in the upper or lower gyum tomorrow. At the end of ever marking period we usually don't have gym for a day or two as some classes switch teachers and they try to organize everything. I know that my class is getting a new teacher, poop. I didn't mind my teacher so much. Eh well. The lower gym is on the complete opposite side of the school from the upper gym though, so I'll probably be walking around the school a few times before I figure out where I'm supposed to go. I don't have any friends in my gym class, so I can't really ask anyone, eh? Mmhmhmfoogle. Just another way to make my life a teeensy bit harder.

I'm watchin Saving Private Ryan right now. I would rather watch the X-Files, but the TV by this computer doesnt get reception on FOX. Err well. I've seen this movie before and ti almost made me puke...because of the shaky camera in that first scene. I guess the violence doesn't help either, but eh. :)

Mm I guess I should go now and do something semi-productive.'s nearly 4 AM, and I'm still here. Why?! Well I somewhat redid and it is much more colorful and HAPPY than before, yeah? But for whatever reason javascript won't work on the index page or the page for my song-o-matic and I have NO idea why. I stared at it for a long time (partially the reason why I'm still up) and I still don't understand. Times like these, I wish I was a bit smarter...

So what kind of TV is on at this time of day? Well I watched some of The Real World, which I've never seen before, but apparently CBS plays reruns at this time. They seemed to be pretty old episodes, from San Francisco or something? It seemed like a nice show...kind of...I mean as far as a reality TV show goes, I'd rather watch it than Survivor or Big Brother or TEMPTATION ISLAND 2 (why oh whyyy) so.

November 10, 2001

My right hand is always freezing cold. POOP!

I ate a lot today. But oddly enough I don't feel I-gots-ta-puke full. Maybe my stomach got bigger. Oo, how did that happen? Eh well. It seems like most of the things my mum and I buy are food. And that's what we did today...went to the Chinese food market and bought foooood. TOFUUU! Spicy tofu! Er...yeah. Yum.

I bought some stuff from here. What exactly did I buy? It's a surprise, heehee! Well, no it's not, but not much point in talking about it until I get in, in which I will impart any sort of wisdom I attain unto YOU!

I watched "The Emperor's New Groove" with my mum. She's had the DVD for quite a while but didn't watch it yet. Mmwell. We saw it in the theaters too, but it's a funny movie, yeah? David Spade is so whiny, my god.

Anyway. Where is everyone? I always feel like I'm the only person who just stays home all day and eats and does crap...oh wait, I guess I am. But still, err...I forgot if i was trying to make a point or not.
The reblogger comment thing works now...I was nearly asleep last night when I figured out why it didn't work. Hmmmm. Is that when my brain works best? HMMMmMMmMMmmmmmmm yeah probably.

HAPPY SATURDAY! Today I plan on doing absolutely nothing! Woo, exciiiting!

November 09, 2001

Really bored? Take this quiz. I got 15 right, woo!...that's not too shabby I think.
I like these things. I dislike shopping for bags and that kind of stuff...I should have just bought something from here! Last year my mum took me out to buy some kind of bag and I bought this little thing that can pretty much only hold my wallet. Hmmm. I'd rather just not bring a bag around with me ever, which is usually what doo. I think those handbags with the tiny straps are pretty dumb, I mean it won't really hang over your shoulder, but to me it seems dumb to just carry it around in your hand. I guess I'm part of a small group of people who feel this way because lots of people buy those bags I guess. In my school lots of girls carry around those tiny types of bags, and I'm thinking "What the hell can you fit in there? A chapstick?" Yeah, that sounds about right. Come on, that's what pockets are for! Always buy pants with pockets! And then where are their books? Do they just go to their lockers ever period? That's not I certainly can't go to my locker that much, but lucky for me I also use my friend's locker that is in the 500 wing, the opposite side of the school from where MY locker is.

Actually, what I'd like is this wallet. It seems nice. Kind of big, but that might be better than the one I have now, because I hate it when all the change makes the wallet grow about twice it's size. I dont' like carrying around a wallet, so I never bring my money around with me. Or maybe I stuff some money in my pocket. And I certainly never bring my checkbook out of the house. But anyway, it could be nice. Could.

HAHAHAHAHA...oh god, is that wrong? It's funny. I prefer the regular ol' naked sock money though.

This annoys me just a teeeny bit. November 23rd IS the biggest shopping day of the year, and while I never go nuts shopping for anything (unless I'm in Japan and I'm obsessed with Tamagotchis) people stuff. Yeah. I mean I'll agree it isn't great for everyone to go out with their moolah and spent like crazy at giant chain stores with their SPECIAL POST THANKSGIVING PRE HOLIDAY SEMI MONTHLY ANNUAL sales, but what if they didn't at all? That would be worse I'd think. People's minds in this country are totally shot, and the majority of people will not learn this kind of stuff. Does anyone know what I'm talkin about? Maybe I'm not part of the audience they're targetting...or maybe I am...they argue that people should spend time with friends and family and not just spend time buying stuff. Well my dad is in Taiwan and my brother is in St. Louis. On the 23rd I plan to go to NY to spend time with Diana, who has a very hectic schedule pretty much ALL the time, and I'll probably mainly buy FOOD. Overconsumption? Well, I believe I'm spoiled as hell, yeah? Foo. Okay, I'm just as bad as everyone else, an American pig poo!
I got an e-mail from my dad, and in it he says that Internet cafes are getting really popular in Taiwan and it costs 20NT AN HOUR! With free drinks! That's like $0.60 or something! Gaarg I need some of that here. I mean I wouldn't mind spending that much an hour on nice fast Internet instead of whatever it is I've got

And I dunno why reblogger doesn't work. Anyone wanna help me? I'll send you the HTML
Harps are fun. Hooray for harps! What am I talking about? Well my mum has had this lap folk harp thing for a few years and never really bothered to tune it, so I tuned it (not fun) and I attempted to play it..more fun. I dunno what the technique to playing a harp is, but as long as it sounds nice, then I don't care. :D I can play one song. Hm. I found a book of easy Christmas songs for the piano and used that. I love Christmas songs, aren't they GREAT?!

Yup. My mum also has another harp, but you can't really play songs on it. It's called an Angel Harp I think, and it's pretty sounds really cool, but it's not really meant as a musical instrument as much as a theraputic thing. You can play anything and it'll sound good, pretty much.

Ah ha. Well today I saw Monsters Inc for the second time. Really cute! I don't need to see it again though...two is enough, yeah? :)

I ate French food for lunch. SNAAAILS! ESSSCARGOO...tasty fun. And for dinner my mum and I went to the new Japanese restaurant in town. There are so many Japanese restaurants now, it's a bit strange. When I was 5 years old, my friend's family opened a Japanese take out, so that was about 11 years ago. It was only one of maybe three Japanese restaurants in my area but now there are...a lot more? They're like Chinese take outs, in that they all pretty much offer the same stuff, but I personally like Japanese food more. It's not as greeeasy. And I like eel. UNA DON, I get that every time. The restaurant was very nice because today was the first day it was open. They gave free desserts, a pair of chopsticks (I mean nice ones at the end of the meal, not the disposable wooden ones) to each customer and 10% off the bill. :) I had green tea ice cream. I'll generally eat anything *bitter* if it's it's not really bitter anymore, but you know what I mean.

Oo, I got an e-mail about an IQ test I must have taken 4 or 5 years ago...166? Okay, well I know that's wrong...since then my IQ has reduced drastically, HAHAHAHA...wait, that's pretty sad. Mmmmwell, what can yeh dooo...maybe I should take another one.

Today when I was at Palisades Center, I went to Restoration Hardware with my mum to see if they had that record player I wanted, and they did! I didn't buy it yet...I mean, that's my Christmas present, and it is a bit early. So I'm getting it next week. OKAY not much of a difference there, but oh well. I hope it works well, it's $130. Next Friday my mum and I are going back to see Harry Potter. At the theater they had all these notic=es about reserving tickets for the movie, and if they're all sold out next week I'll get REALLY pissed, so they better not be. Anyway, I was talking about Restoration's the coolest store! In my opinion. I've never been there before cos from the outside to me it looked like they sold bedsheets and knobs for drawers (which they do) but they have lots of neat stuff. It's like everything in there is made old fashioned in the way that it's better quality than stuff you find in stores today. I saw a penguin sharpener and it was really heavy duty stuff man, like bulletproof. Yeesh! I just buy mechanical pencils. They also had CDs that came in nice little tin containers, oo. But I have no money right now...*oops*...

Oo, about money. My mum has lowered my allowance to $20. $20!? Okay, My allowance for the past few years has been $25, and I know that's a lot. It is really, considering I don't do much. I mean, I don't consider the stuff I do chores, like getting the mail, taking out the garbage every now and then, doing my laundry, cleaning the table, it's just stuff I do considering my mum and I are usually the only people at home. But I always though $25 was a lot. And I always find myself spending my moolah awfully quickly so my mum and I decided just to lower the amount for a while and see how I hold up. I guess it won't make much of a difference. All the little things like CDs and magazines really add up. Well, CDs aren't that cheap I guess. So just magazines. Actually, those add up too. I have no money this week already because I bought Rockin On. GOOGLY!

Ah well, I'm not too big on money issues. I'm not good at managing money, not one bit. I'd like to save up a FEW bucks though, because next next Friday (the day after Thanksgiving?) I'm planning to go to NY and walk around Manhattan with Diana. My mum doesn't feel she has much reason to go with me, and neither do I, so I guess I'll go alone. And most likely, contrary to what Christina would say, I will NOT be mugged. Really! You can't fear for your life every time you go to NYC or else you wouldn't have any fun.

And I sure do know how to have fun...*haha*...
Ever say Radioface instead of Radiohead? Me neither...

I'm watching Conan O Brien...wee! :)

November 08, 2001

Anthony gave me a penguin! Well, more like another penguin. Hehehahaheahae, cool. So that was nice. I have a nice family of stuffed animal penguins now. Awww.

Well then. Not much else going on. I was heating up a burrito and it exploded. Beans...everwhere. Somewhat. There was some brown goo coming out. But it tasted pretty yummy...yay!

For some reason, my brother subscribes to a ton of those men's Maxim, Stuff, FHM. I read one of them, and it was pretty funny and interesting. If all the stuff about dating and sex and pictures of half naked women were taken'd be better. Well, someone of the MALE gender may not think so. The magazines kind of remind me of all those teeny bopper magazines, with all the dumb dating advice and stuff, although the writing style in a men's magazine is definitely different, and the perspective is different. But the idea is the same, right? Splash pictures of beautiful young people on every other page...ifi that effective? Mmwell. They're all good for a laugh. :)

I want another burrito...why am I hungry so much? There isn't really any more food to eat in the house, except for...dumplings? Foog!
How does the page look now? It's supposed to look like this...hmmm. Hm. Foogle.

Why doesn't the reblogger thing work? Geeerg....I need...CHOCOLATE!

November 07, 2001

This looks like crap. For whatever reason I can't upload any pictures. I keep getting "Error: 553 in Request: PutAsync. Check your server profile settings and try again. 553 about_bg.jpg: Permission denied."

Sigh. Well it was all going pretty well up until then. So what good stuff happened today? Well I somehow got an A in physics. I dunno how, but whatever, I'm not going to complain.

This site is cute. Heeheehee...Ed.

Thom is on the cover of Rockin On I bought it. And yet again I have no money. Hmmm. This sucks. :P

School was okay today. I had a substitute in Russian, that made me happyyy!...and in English my teacher lost her voice and so she couldn't really teacher us anything. So I got to talk to Christina the whole period pretty much. Mm...yup.

Those "comment" things don't work, do they? Probably something to do with the pop up windows and the javascript crap which I don't know anything about. Ugh. Oh well. Not much to comment on anyway!

I want an apple...I think I JUICY GOODNESS!

November 06, 2001

From here.

From the Greek root meaning "Tainter of Air"
thom can't get a date.

thom should never baby-sit.

thom eats roadkill.

thom cries over spilled milk.

thom runs from commitment.

thom doesn't wash their hands.

thom just might bite.

thom will do anything for sex

That is definitely the Mine doesn't even MAKE sense. Not that Thom's should either. Thom should never baby-sit, heehee.

I forgot it was election day. Well, I had school, so I doubt anyone cared. I'm so glad that I won't have to watch those annoying Mark Green and Michael Bloomberg commercials, they were getting REALLY nasty last night. I don't light either of them, their compaign tactics are totally wrong. I mean if it was up to me, I would opt to vote for the one that didn't make an outrageous commercial about something that really doesn't have anything to do with running NYC, but neither of them did, so ANYWAY I don't live in NYC, who cares.
HOLY FOOKIN CRAP! I think I got an A+ on my physics test!...(with a curve)...but anyway. I got 39 out of 45...or something. The higest grade was 43, two people got that including the really immature idiot who sits next to unfair. But anyway, 39 was the second best and two people got that including MEEEE so perhaps I know my physics crap a little better than most of the class. Maybe.

So that was all fine and dandy. Especially after first period which was HELL. Why? Okay, today is definitely one of the coldest days of the school year. It might gave felt the coldest because of all the WIND, and my gym class was the only one to go outside. Okay, that was a definite sign that we were dumb and shouldn't have gone otuside. I could barely move it was so cold. Not just cold, windy and cold. I didn't really have on many layers either, just the usual shirt and sweater, which did absolutely nothing. The next period I got asthmatic, and I didn't even do anything....cold weather does that to me I guess. Stupid sathma...GAR!

I think for the rest of the day, no more classes went outside. I guess we were the guinea pigs.

Heehaaa Gilmore Girls is funny! My must see shows on Tuesday nights are Gilmore Girls and Roswell, which are pretty much at the bottom of the must-see heap I suppose. I was thinking about watching the new show "24" but...uh..neeeh. Roswell...that's quality programming, yeah? *yee...ah..ah?*

I took a 3 hour nap. Geeer and I'm still a bit hungry. HUNGY! But tomorrow will be the last day of school for the week and I can RELAX...for the rest of the week.

I stayed after school initially to work for the Holiday Festival, but instead I helped out Jen with her silk. She painted a picture on a piece of silf for art class, and it's really cool looking! She spent pretty much the whole school year doing it so far, which is a few months, yeah? She had to heat it for a while in a pot to make the color set and then we washed it to get this goo-crap off. So that was a fun...30 minutes? Well not that long maybe. Afterwards I went to the 300 wing which is where all the holiday festival stuff goes on, and I really didn't feel like staying there. Too many people that I didn't know...actually, that's not true, but I must have some kind of problem, cos I don't like being around people, even though I know they're all nice. I just felt uncomfortable for whatever reason...ugh, school in general is very uncomfortable. I mean most of the people there are girls and they're in their own little groups, and I don't have a group, so I opted to go home and eat my burrito.

And I did. BURRITOOOO! Mmm!