October 31, 2001


...woo. I don't like Halloween that much. First of all I don't think anyone came to my house. So I've got 30-something Kit Kats. I can give them to the holiday festival commitee I guess. I ate ONE. I think it's too annoying to walk to my house from the road, so maybe people are just very laaazzy. Yeah, whatever, more candy for me!

I just noticed the opening song for "Ed" changed...no more FOO Fighters? Eh.

Some people in school dressed up. My favorite though was this dude who dressed up like Jay (and this other guy dressed up like Silent Bob) in my history class, it was so funny! I mean, I had no idea who he was supposed to be at first but then he told the class and it was like "..OHHH!" He wore a really long blond hair wig...I mean, there isn't anything incredibly defining about Jay besides the hair, right? And a hat. Well...

A few people people had Bob Marley hats and fake long blakc hair in braids (or maybe it was just ont hat with a bunch of people wearing it) which was...weird...especially the one dude blasting a stereo everywhere he went.

I had a very nice math quiz today. HA. I left something like 4 of the questions blank which kind of guarantees a C...I don't think I got a D, but eh. Whatever. It was on LOGS, I mean how much more useless can that get? If I ever really needed up use log majiggys...well...I can't think of anything like that right now...

In English we watched "The Tell Tale Heart" and that was just weird. It was an old black and white movie based on the Edgar Allen Poe story and it was pretty messed up. It was very creepy feeling and in the end the main dude is goin nuts...he kills this old dude, chops him up a bit, buries him underneath the floor boards, and...yeah, fun like nothin else! I too enjoy killing old men and shoving them underneath the floor in my spare time...

I had a donut this morning. I know I shouldn't have...ARGH NOW I'M GONNA DIIIE! EVIL DOOOONUT (doesn't that remind you of the Simpsons?) argh! In special education, the class (including the student tutors, woo) got to eat a special donut breakfast or something, and I wasn't up to saying something like "I'm allergic to donuts" so I ate one, and it didn't taste bad, but it felt bad, yeah? I REALLY don't understand why anyone would eat donnuts for breakfast. Does anyone even think about this? I mean, eating cake is better than eating donuts. And you wouldn't eat cake for breakfast! I think. Well...okay, maybe you would. Actually, lots of "breakfast" food is terrible for you, and I'm not sure who invented the traditional breakfast meal but it sucks crap. Just eat a...banana! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH? GOD DAMMIIIIT THE BANANAS!


Oh anyway, that breakfast wasn't just a breakfast. Some of the kids did...stuff. I don't know WHY but it was weird. Two people sang that Unkle Kracker song, another kid sang an NSync song, a dude danced to a Footloose song, another kid danced to Destiny's Child, and this other kid danced/acted a part of that Charlie Brown musical. It was weird! I mean I wouldn't even make fun of these kids, but it was...strange to watch. I guess it's nice that they enjoyed performing in front of us though.

October 30, 2001

Moof. Haven't really done any homework yet...I want cake...I have no cake! Well, I'll live. I slept from 5 to 7:45. Oops. Well. My day will always be screwed up anyway, there's never enough time to sleep.

...mm, well nothing really happened today. I took a math contest after school...I got 3 out of 6. That is kind of not good, but eh, who cares. It's an activity...of the lowest kind. Sit for half an hour, eat a bookie, take a test. My mum doesn't want me eating cookies though...the math teachers give us cookies. Fuel for the mind...riiight...well it was the first thing I ate all day, yum.

I think I burnt my tongue. Well, I do that a lot.

Mm...um. My physics teacher wrote this:

aint it great to actually know something and can teach it?????

I wrote about how I taught Rebecca some physics stuff (somewhat)...naha! Yes it's kind of nice ot know stuff. Although I'd rather know...more stuff.

...my tongue still feels funky.

Who the hell wrote THIS in my guestbook:

Sent: 4.45 PM - 10/30

friday = panties


October 29, 2001

Yikes, I got more stuff from my physics teacher. Oo:

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors, and miss.

Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

Eat a live toad in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.

If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a watergun and shoot other people in the eyes.

If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

If you can't beat your computer at chess, try kickboxing.

If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

My favorite is "If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a watergun and shoot other people in the eyes. " Because yes, that sounds like a good time!

..holy crap, this is scary:

The e-mail also says "I expect this back!"...okay, if you know my teacher, he's not really a huggy kind of person. Not like all this warm gushy Pooh and friends stuff...jesus christ!..well I guess i have to send it back or maybe he'll kill me. What about all the other people in my class? Hm
You know what's yummy? Scallion pancake!...it's chinese. It's good. It's like yum. Yumyumyum.

I love food.

Am I the only person who finds this not very cute? It's WEIRD! No, I will NOT buy it! And I will not give it a hug!

GOD dammit what is with this stupid crushlink thing! I said I didn't want em! GO AWAY! I'm not 18! and it's shows...terribly!

JESUS CHRIST, what is with all this arguing on the Sigur Ros mailing list? These people need to get a grip..and stop arguing...ARGH things like this make me lose faith in the human race. I think they're arguing about something this dude said about sound quality being really important in music blah blah well I don't give a crap. There will always be conflicting opinions about stuff and unless the agument is about whether 2+2=4, you're not gonna get anywhere...and I bet in some way 2+2 does NOT equal 4, but I'm not getting into that.

I don't know why I like this dude's livejournal...is it really that amusing? I would never go to fright fest. Halloween is not a holiday I like...nooo. Six Flags is a freaky place anyway...GIMME DISNEY! GARG DISNEY I know it's evil but I love it too much. But there is something I love at Six Flags that Disney cannyo reproduce...THE GREAT AMERICAN SCREAM MACHINE! HEART POUNDING FUN! And it really hurts!...*really!*...

Crush #1's email address contains:
4 freaky F's, 5 spooky S's, and 5 terrifying T's

Okay, can someone help me? This tells me nothing! This is so dumb! ffffsssss@ttttt. Yeah, I've got it. Just put me out of my misery.

GOD DAMMIT why don't people leave comments in my blog? Because I'm so unloooved? I know Cristen, Rebecca, Lea, and Stephoo sometimes leave stuff...but anyway. Who the hell are the rest of you? Some kind of weird stalking freakos with ONE TOO MANY ARMS?! I KNEW IT!...

I know that didn't make any sense, you'll have to excuse me...

Today I got DRUKQS...oo the excitement! And some other weird stuff. A sticker that said something about Aphex acid and some postcards which I'm not sure what I'll do with. I've listened to the first CD (there are TWO) and it's pretty weird. There is some melancholy twinkly piano stuff on it that I like but it's not really Aphex Twin sounding, yeah? And there's a scary song with a woman screaming and stuff...actually, it's weird. Yeaaah. I'll have to listen to the second CD.

You know what sucks? Football. What a dumb horrible sport! Gym is crap..CRAP I SAY!

I WANT MY B. FLEISCHMANN CD NOOOW! I'm being very demanding right now! Gimme!
Thanks for putting up this nice site Robyn. It was super nice of you!

Well, as long as it was SUPER nice, then I guess that's okay...

Narg. Yes it's nice. I'm just not usually in a good mood...um...hmmm...yeah. Changes very fast. So. Right now I'm ok an okay mood, except I have to go to school, so...screw that, not in a good mood. At least with the daylight savings time the SUN is up when I get up, or usually it'd be pitch black outside...or near pitch black. Those "concert highs" don't last very long now do they? Sigh. I guess my Rufus concert experience was like nothing, it's almost as though it's not complete unless you MEET him or something, and I don't "meet" people, yeah? WooFAH.

Jesus crap there are too many e-mails on this Bjork mailing list....naarrrgg I should unsubscribe. Yupeedoo.

It's so freakin cold. Then again it will be colder. It's not freezing yet, just ALMOST. I need my heavy pants..PANTS WHERE ARE YOU...and a sweater...GARGOOO.


October 28, 2001

Whoaaa...I'm too easily amused. I got that e-mailed to me from my PHYSICS teacher! He sent all his students a bunch of weird opitcal illusion majiggys. That was the most amusing one I think. IT MOOVES!
Well Juno and Explorer have been crashing a lot...welll then.

Ah, Sunday. I stayed home. My mum went to Pennsylvania so I've had the house to myself...I've been walkin around, eating apples, being full of apple saucy goodness. What a joy. As for homework, I did math and that's about it. I have a buttload of physics to do...I shall get to that sometime. Mm yeah. I took a nap. I love and hate naps. Cos I wake up and think it's 10 PM when it's only 7. Which is a little annoying.

I just downloaded a new Ben Folds song...oo...it's ok. I had totally forgotten that he released his own album. And I just saw a DVD for the Ben Folds Five taping of Sessions at West 54th...I WANT A BECK ONE! Ever Rufus would be nice. But I have that on video, I've never seen the one with Beck. Wah.

Oo, I magically got clear reception from ABC today. Oooo.

Uh...not much else to say. I wake up, eat something, do math homework, practice piano/guitar, take a nap, wake up, eat dinner, watch Toy Story on the TV, go on the internet, watch TV, and now I should do some homework. Yuck.
Jesus crap, I spent my whole night making this...is that a little pathetic? First of all, that flash thing was the first flash majiggy I ever made, so keep that in mind. As for everything else, just uploading 30+ megs on my dial up connection is a bit time consuming, yeah? Someone out there betttteerrr like Rufus.

I was watching In and Out on NBC, funny movie! Kevin Kline is funny. He is very likeable, yeah? Heh.

Uh. Anyway. My brain feels so mushy right now (as usual) but yeah. Does it seem like I write a lot of stuff here? I remember Rebecca saying something like when school started, we wouldn't update our sites as much, but I kind of still am despite school work (which I still haven't started) and what does that say about me? I dunno. There are so many things you will never know...*nehehehehe*...

October 27, 2001


Today I went to Jen's house...played some Rufus songs and stuff....played some guitar....probably crapped up her computer...oh what fun. I woke up at 2 PM. Oops. Went to bed at 4 or so.

Winamp won't work. Or won't play stuff. Ugh.

Man I'm tired. Hm. Anyway...these mailing lists are so annoying, no matter what artist it's for. I think the nicest peopel are Rufus fans but even they are annoying too. I just hate it when peopel argue about something that is just between them, and they post them to everyone on the list. Why do they do that? I mean they know there are at least 100 people on these lists...people's stupidity just annoys me sometimes.

Cat food commercial is on..pet food is weird in my opinion. I mean, i fi had a pet, I wouldn't give them pet food. I'd make them food. Doesn't that make sense? I wouldn't have a pet, but some people regard their pets are their CHILDREN or something, and you wouldn't give your kids meat from a can every day. At least....I wouldn't. Not that I woudl have kids either. Yeaah, this whole thing was dumb.

I'm cold..and tired! Not hungry though, what a plus.

Diana got a livejournal...oo. AND YES DIANA I'M READING IT! Lots of people have liejournals...I guess they're pretty convenient. I like my blog though.

Mm. Mfmmf. M. I dunno what else to talk about. I'm tired. I want to go to sleep. Nooow.
Does this constitute as a hint:


Here is your hint:
- Crush #1's domain 2 vowels
1 consonant
0 numbers
0 other characters

Well, groove my butt, that's a barrel of info right there! I don't even understand the hint. 2 vowels? 1 consonant?

Ah yes I forgot to write my incredibly good list of stuff to not do while recording a concert:

1) Don't talk.
2) Don't breathe.
3) Don't move.
4) Don't clap.
5) Don't laugh (that might be like "don't talk")
6) ...

...okay that's it. And then you might get a semi decent but "muddy" recording. Mmhmhmh.

Go to beck.com and watch the latest movie clip...what is goin on? I haven't the slightest idea. But beck, he's too cool for words. Heehee.

I got my pictures developed!...ALL CRAP! Wait...mm..well. Hehe. Sorry Cristen, I guess I should have told you not to zoom (if you did) but it may nothave made much of a difference anyway, it's just a bluuur...a Rufus colored blur! And the other pictures I took or various crap from the summer were okay I guess. Er. Yeah. I took a picture of the license plate of a car I was behind of in NYC that was from Germany. I mean, I'VE never seen a car from another country just driiiving around. It was a really spiffy lookin expensive car too. German cars...they look fast. I took the picture cos we were going at about .01 mph...mm yes, the joys of driving in NYC! I also took some pictures of the marquee (is that the right word?) of Radio City cos I knew I wasn't going to see any shows there and I wanted the BJORK thing. I have three pictures of it, perhaps a tad too much. AH well.
This is...um...uh. Um...piggy! :D So cute. But not Bjork.

This is the first time I've been online all day...it's so late, it's tomorrow! Crap. To anyone who gets those Radiohead e-mails from Hollywood and Vine, did you think that they're...uh, weird? The Googly Minotaur dude, he's a strange one. Itching for more? We've got new live videos too. Grab yourself a po-boy and transport yourself back to old skool New Orleans...

Itchin? Yes, I am itchin, I'm burning with the itch of Radiohead herpes...

Anyway, wav files take something like a MILLION years to convert to mp3. Or Acid Music is just really slow. I'm just sitting here...after spending like 50 minutes converting the MD songs into...wav files...editing them a tad...and now converting them to mp3. This will be easier some day, yesss? Ah, I guess it's easy enough, with my limited knowledge...

And I got a new MD player/recorder today! Oo. I think my mum still wants to keep the old one though. But I don't know why really. Eh. Well. Hm. Anyway, this one is yellow and smaller than the other one I had...and it's pretty nifty I guess. In some ways it doesn't seem as nice as the older one, but it's more compact and it's, um, yellow. MD players don't come in a wide array of colors, I guess they're not popular enough. I mean, when I was in Japan in 1998, they had LOTS of MD players, nice smallish ones in all different designs and colors. And that was 3 years ago! Oh well, they're something like a decade ahead of us. I got mine at Circuit City, it was 200...something dollars? $250? It doesn't matter, cos it's *free*! And god knows I don't have $250...

And my mum got a DVD player. We still have some Sony points left. What shall we do with em? Hmmm. My mum and I went to Palisades Center, a BIG mall. Somewhat. We saw an IMAX movie about pandas, and the pandas were very cute, but the story was a bit weak. It was based on a true story though, which I guess was better than if it...wasn't? We ate at Legal Seafood and I had bluefish...and bluefish is some GOOD stuff. I've never had it before. MM. Also we ate some fried calamari, THAI style...um. Yeah. I like Thai food..and it was really good...and I ate a lot. I have to stop doing that. Note to self: Don't eat so much...

My computer almost died today. The input digital cable majiggy doesn't work with my computer, and I thought I'd have to reformat, but after taking the cable out of the USB port my computer worked. Weird? I don't know. But this computer is very annoying...sigh.

Mm anyway. Maybe I shouldn't have wasted so much time on Rufus...but wait...it's not wasting time, I'm just APPLYING MYSELF to making the world a better place blah blah jesus crap. I'm not even a giant Rufus fan am I? On this Rufus mailing list I think everyone is a bigger fan than I am. The quality of my recording sucks anyway, like they would wanna listen to it..*psshshshsfgyrgfgtbhsdf*...moof. The only friends I've ever made through an obsession were...the Wallflowers, and Beck. Well, that's alright. Bjork fans kind of scare me, and Rufus fans too, although in a differenct way...and Radiohead fans, no way, I think...um..actually, nevermind. Beck fans are really scary too. NO one is "normal*, not that I am, but jesus...I don't know.

I get bitter so easily...hm. I know why...maybe.

Okay, I have a question that might not be answered, but anyway, who send that Crushlink thing eons ago? I mean, what is that, some kind of stupid joke? Because those e-mails are gettin annoying, like I can get a hint if I sign up at some stupid site that I'm too YOUNG to sign up for anyway. This is so dumb, and if it's not a joke, then I can't possible know the person...personally...and then what does it matter? Yeah? Yeah.

I think the homecoming dance (I wrote homocoming at first...um...OKAAY) is tomorrow night, HAHA! My god, I guess I can't really understand why people would want to go. Okay, I can speculate, but to go to school any more than necessary is a no-no. And it's 7-11 PM? FOUR FREAKIN HOURS?! Jesus crap. First of all, it's nearly OCTOBER, we've been in school for a substantial amount of time and it's not really homecoming anymore, and I'd rather stay home...so I am! Yay! Hahahaheohkay. A girl asked me if I was going...she also said "Wow, your hair is so long" which is what will happen if you don't cute your hair for a while. Nah, I'm not making fun of her...she's a nice person; I've never be friend-friends with her but she's not annoying, so woo.

Man I haven't gotten my B. Fleischmann CD yet. It hasn't been SHIPPED yet! I mean, I'm assuming it exists somewhere or insound wouldn't have had it, but I ordered it something like 2 weeks ago, and I really want it. Mmwell.

Still converting wavs to mp3s...how long have I been doing this? They don't even soud that good. Eh well.

October 25, 2001

the bright side of insomnia

Ah, but of course! I haven't been to greenplastic in a while since they were down for a while I think, but anyway, now it's. The site is too cool. The dude who runs is using greymatter which looks like something confusing that I wouldn't use. Anything that I have to install somewhere and have codes and crap for is not my thing. I dunno if I have that perl 5 crap.

Why did i buy a domain? I hever have any time to work on it. Makes me SAD. Cos it's sitting there for nothing. I'm not looking forward to all the time I'll end up spending on it. Hmmmm...how nice.
Foof. It's Thuurrsday...so tomorrow is Friday. So I can sleep tomorrow night. How exciting!

Eh. Well school kind of sucked. During physics I had totally forgotten about Rufus...how? Well, we were doing a lab and I guess I was really CONCENTRATIN'! Uh. Gug. For the lab we had to set up a 37 degree incline with a wooden plank and using a ticker timer thingy measure a bunch of stuff about a wooden container with a beanbag sliding down the plank. What fun. My partner left during the second period to go ona fieldtrip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I somehow managed to do the lab alright. She's smarter than meee...hehe...but this lab wasn't TOO too hard. This girl in my class actually thought I was "good" at physics...she was talking about how chem was easier and how hard physics was. "Robyn, you know this physics stuff right?" And I was like, nooo noooo, I don't know anything. And I said chemistry was easier...because it was. I think. I mean, I think this girl gets pretty good grades in physics...

...don't you hate it when smart people talk about how they're not smart or having trouble or SOMETHING in that sense? Aliza does that a lot, and it's really annoying. Then again, what am I gonna say? Well...nothing. She always talks about "failing" precalculus, but it doesn't make me feel very good about MYself, cos I get more worse grades than she does. And I never really complain, I mean you either know something or you don't, right? I'm assuming that logs and that kind of crap won't be very important later in life, so I don't see the point of going nuts over it. I would swear that every day in class aliza says something in the sense of "I'm going to FAIL, I don't know anything!" Well why do you keep gettin As? But good news, I actually got a grade NOT below average on the quiz we took yesterday...I got an 88. That was the average. That's kind of a high average. Oh well, could be worse.

I've thought about this before, but I really don't find grades a very accurate portrayal of one's...ablility to apply themselves...um...okay, I can't think of the right word. Intellectually? I mean...I dunno. I feel like I care the least out of all my friends about grades. So something is wrong with me, or with them. Then again, that last paragraph wasn't a very good example of that. Well...um. Mmh. Nevermind.

I got my Plone CD today! I'm so dumb though, I read the description of the thing wrong...I thought I was bidding on a CD and two singles but ANYWAY, it was just the CD. I dont' really care though cos it was $4.75 and...well, it looks a little different from the Plone CD I have now since it's a promo, but yeah. I left nice feedback for the seller though, although I don't know if I would have if he didn't write feedback for me. I can get feedback just for buying stuff? I find that a little strange...like what, am I a recommended buyer? Sellers cant exactly be choosy, hehe. It seems to be more useful for posting negative things, but anyway.

I might be getting a new MD player...for free that is, I wouldn't even BUY one. My mum accummulated something like 5 billion Sony points with her credit card over the past DECADE or something, so we can get a DVD player and a MD player I think? Which means the one I have now might be up for grabs, but it doesn't record, so I don't know why anyoen would want it. I wouldn't want to sell it for less than $100, but that's still kind of a lot of money in my opinion...

I had something else to say...but I forget. Hm. OH well.

Okay, I'll just copy and paste what I posted to the "Raising the Rufus" (yes, BAD PUN) mailing list.


I finally saw Rufus! YES my life is now (nearly) complete...

Anyway. The John Harms Center in Englewood is a nice place, not too big or small. I went to the concert with my mum and my friend Cristen. We've been pretty excited to see Rufus AND Beth Orton (which was like a BONUS because Beth is great!), and also Meshell Ndegeocello played in the concert (whose music I've never heard before).

We had nice seats, row N, somewhat in the middle. I thought Rufus was going to play last because he seemed billed as the last act, but he was actually the first. YAY! I don't even know what the name of the first song he played is, but I really like it! Here's the setlist:

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Grey Gardens
Rebel Prince
April Fools
In A Graveyard
Moulin Rouge
Imaginary Love

First of all, I recorded the concert with my "old" MD player, which I miraculously managed to hook up to my computer , yay! I think the sound is ok...it sounds distant, but better than nothing! Here's a clip of the first song (which has some funky sounds cos I was messing with the microphone, eek), because I'm retarded and don't know what it is, maybe you can tell me:


Also, some info on that 11:11 song...I think that's how it would look. Rufus said it was a new song he hadn't played before and I guess it's a time..sooo..yup. It's a nice song, I'm glad I recorded it! I guess it's safe to say that you'll like it too. Click here to listen to the song (and perhaps me laughing like a retard, yuck):


I think later I'll make that into an mp3, yeah? :)

Rufus is so cool! I mean, that's implied, but he's...so funny! In his own way. And of course his performance was practically PERFECT. There was a point where his guitar all of a sudden got loud, and he suddenly had this suprised look on his face and stopped playing. It was funny!...er. Yeah! April Fools was funny too because he was talking about how Martha would usually sing back up on it, but since she wasn't there he wanted US to sing her part. So we somewhat sang along, although most of us like me were wussies and didn't want to sing. Well Rufus can carry the song by himself muuuch better.

So, did anyone else go to this show? I don't really have any Rufus related clothing, so I wore my Raising the Rufus pin. :) I saw two people with Poses t-shirts though.

Well, Rufus was only one third of the show. Meshell D played this one very long song as far as I know, it was kind of interesting but also kind of strange. I guess my attention span can't be held on one song that's something like 30 minutes long. Beth Orton was very good though, and she played my favorite song (Pass In Time)! I've seen her two times before opening for Beck and her songs are really beautiful, although more in a sad way in my opinion. Rufus is more happy I guess. :)

ISNT THAT FUUN?! RUFUS you are the cooolest! YA!

It took me a while to figure out how to hook up my MD player to the computer, but I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF, okaaay? Be happy for me! I disconnected the cord from my speakers, stuck on end into the microphone output, stuck the other end into the earphone hole on the MD player, hooked up another pair of speakers to my computer, and played the song while recording it...and then I'd unplug the cord from the computer and stick in earphones...there's probably an easier way to do this, but considering I somehow smushed all this crap together, I think it worked rather well. WOO! :D

October 23, 2001

Today sucked. It was like yesterday, except I had a physics quiz. Miraculously, I got half of it right. So maybe I'll get a B. How fuuun. I really tried to get the other half of the quiz and I was dumb. I was thisclose...okay maybe t h i s c l o s e to getting it. Ah, nevermind. Why the hell would I have to figure out when some dude stops up a hill cos the coefficient of friction is 0.2 or some crap? I don't know!

But I took a nap. So that was good. Thank god. I woke up all wobbly and like "huuh?" and then I cooked some pasta. PAH STAH. Yeah. I'm better now. I can't even imagine what I must be like in school....I mean, I don't remember. Well, I FEEL like dying...hm!

I had a weird dream. My friends Jen, Christina and Aliza were in it. And it was weird, although I don't really remember details. How exciting.

I scanned some crap for my history project. I MUST FINISH IT! Or at least a third of it. I have to make three brochure type things, one for New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Too much fun, yeah? Ugh.
So...tired. I wake up. And my mum is up. Cos she stayed up all night. WHY?! That's crazy. I go *plop* to sleep. I can do that again. *plop*...

My head hurts. *yawn*.

Not much goin on. I attempted to do some physics homework and had NO idea how to do this one homework question I have left. Woo.

Japanese lessons are confusing. Yeeeup.

My brother got like a 1370 on my PSATs....okeee, I am 99% sure I didn't get above a 1300. I think. Well there's that 1%, but yeah, thats nuts. And on his SATs he got a 14-something. He said as long as I get above 1300 I'm okay...sheesh. That's like "Well, as long as you get an A in physics, you're okay..." I mean, jeez. Poop.

My math teacher was pretty funny today. He was very sarcastic. Nehehehe. But it's not really in a mean way, you have to be in his class to understand...he's pretty funny. Somewhat.

I'm sure you're all itchin to know what EQ is..well I'm just copying and pasting what ww.queendom.com says:

There is no arguing that classical IQ, as measured by most intelligence tests, is important in our personal, academic, and professional success. However, emotional intelligence matters as much as the classical IQ. One could almost say that emotional intelligence is a prerequisite for the proper development and actualization of our other intellectual abilities.

Simply put, we need to learn to recognize and label our feelings and needs, reconcile them with our long-term goals and with the needs and feelings of other people involved. And we need to cultivate the ability to identify ways of meeting our goals and needs and to soothe our own feelings. Then, we need to motivate ourselves and mobilize all our internal (energy, effort, discipline, perseverance, resilience) as well as external resources (building social networks through effective communication, social insight, empathy, reading other's emotions, setting boundaries).

My score was 60, HAHAHAHA I LAUGH oh boy that is so low. Oh well!

October 22, 2001


The second one is definitely much more to the point. But the first one has better singing.

Today sucked crap. I couldn't really concentrate in any of my classes...although I just don't undersatnd physics ANYWAY...still don't. Oh well. Even English was hard. We were put in groups of 4 and had to read this long thing written by a slave and I couldn't understand it, although I somewhat tried unlike the other people in my group. Uggghhh. THat period was a waste.

So all day I don't think I talked much...I was trying to get through the day and get home as sooon as possible. WOO yeah. Now I'm home. But I have to go to Japanese lessons tonite. Crap.

I know I really shouldn't complain about anything. But that doesn't stop me I guess. What is my complaint for the day...well, I'm getting dumber, and I hate it. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know, but I do now. Cannnooot connncennnttraaaaate. And people somewhat expect me to be not retarded, so I'm going nowhere.

I've had the song "Discoball World" by David Garza stuck in my head all day, and it was the most annoying...thing...everrrr. Okay, for today it was one of the most annoying things. Despite that, I'm listening to it right now. Oh well. I guess I'll get sick of it at some point.

..HOLY CRAP...wait...hm...okay, right now I'm listening to the song "Beats From the Bungalow" by Emperor Penguin and the guitar part sounds just like the guitar part in the "latin" remix of Mixed Bizness. It sounds exactly the same, I swear. Except in a different key. Anyone feel like confirming this? It was just really weird for a second. And of course, the only reason I'm listening to Emperor Penguin is cos they have the word PENGUIN in their name. PENGUIN! Well, I've listened to two of their songs, and I like both of them. It's just instrumental type stuff, not just electronic though, its like...um...stuff.

Rufus in TWO days. I will be happy on Wednesday...and Thursday morning. Until then...POOP. POOOooo! Math quiz and Russian test on Wednesday...and...yeah. I really hate school. I would almost bet my life on it that out of all the people in my school, I hate it the most. I don't think I have good coping skills. And apparently, my EQ is so low I'm practically retarded, although I'm not really sure what EQ is anyway.
*YAAWWWNN*....garg. So tired. I go to bed too late. Or school starts too early. Probably a mixture of both.

Mm...going up to 70 degrees today. WHYY. It's like the end of October...almost. We don't have normal weather. Foof.

I think I'm still wiping the crap gunk out of my eyes. I've been up for at least 30 minutes, geeerrrr EYE GUUNNKK!

Oh well, that's it.

October 21, 2001

Today I...did not do too much. Uh. I took a nap at some point. After doing math homework. Didn't do any physics. I'm screwwwed.

But anyway. Why do weekends pass so quickly? It's like you can't do anything on a Sunday. I hardly ever go out on Sundays I think. My mum just left to go to Whole Foods...get some FRUUIT. Yum.

Download the song "14 Zero Zero" by Console...it's spiffy. At least I think so. Actually, it's weird. Woofa.

Now I'm off to take some quizzes although I really ought to be doing history or some crap..sigh.

October 20, 2001

BOO PSATs were annoying. What was that naturalism crap about?! Ugh. Anyway. Yeah, I don't think I did very well on that. I remember leaving 8 blank for the verbal section, maybe one blank for math, and...god, I dunno how many for the writing section. Two maybe? Oh well. If I do worse than last year, that'll be preeettty bad...my mum has semi-high expectations from me. "It's not very good if you do bette than 85%, you have to do better" and blah blah. It isn't phenomenal, but could be worse!

But anyway. Aliza slept over last night. Today we watched The Princess Bride which was a weird funny movie. :)

I took a 4 hour nap...yikes!

Now I'm watching the benefit concert from Madison Square Garden (I think)..."HI! I'M JOHN CUSACK!"...whoa, that was kind of loud, hehe. It's on PBS, oo. And VH1 I suppose.

And that was my day. Oh wait...I ate DINNER. Cooked some angel hair pasta. It was good. Yeah. Woo it's digesting...

October 19, 2001

I forgot to mention that yesterday, my butt really hurt. How pleasant...and it still hurts today, somewhat. Actually, maybe not my butt..well around there and my legs. I don't know WHY because obviously I don't do any strenuous activities. Yesterday I just noticed after waking up that i felt sore, and then it got worse throughout the day (probably cos of sitting on my butt a lot) and then it started to hurt to walk/run/live so....yeah. I still don't know why. I think it's a little better today, doesn't hurt much when I walk. Does that even make sense? "I can't participate in gym today...cos I've got a sore butt..."

Well, I did play in gym. ...somewhat? There would usually be 4 people per lacross team, but someone was absent and one person had sparined her ankle so there were three people...so generally there was a better chance that i had to CATCH the ball. I didn't once catch it though. It must have looked very pathetic. Not that it gets me too depressed or angry, just a little. First of all, that whole butt thing made running hurt more than it already does, so I didn't feel like running after the ball. So the other team always got it, gee, I'm a letdown..maybe if the ball was a COOKIE I'd run after it. But then I'd eat it.

uh. It wasn't a cookie! At one point it rolled somewhat near me but it keeepppt rooollliing so I had to "run" after it, although technically I was shuffling. A girl from the other team bolted by to get it, but then a girl from my team must have said something which gave the other girl the idea to just let me have it. So she jsut stood there as I scooped up the ball and most likely made a crappy throw to my team mate. A nice gesture, I guess, cos it was pretty pathetic, yeah? It just felt weird because everyone else playing is usually so vicious when they play, but in a fun way because they're all friends and I'm more like "Is it time to go in yet? PLEEEAAASE?"

So then I thought "I wonder if this is what disabled people feel like"...that's kind of a weird thing to think I guess. I mean mentally and physically disabled people. Cos other people would probably be nicer to them or help them out more than a normal person. Er...actually, I forgot exactly what my point was. Then again if you were mentally disabled, you might be more oblivious to the fact that everyone around was being more helpful and nice than the average human being.

Oh yeah, I might be wrong. Eh well. There is a girl in the special ed class named Emily and she is very nice. I dunno if she's just very nice to everyone or if she likes saying hi to me a lot...from the first day I walked in there she said hello and asked my name. The thing is that coming from her it doesn't sound like a just-trying-to-be-polite hello, it's like a genuinely happy-to-see-you hello. Does that make sense? I don't help tutor her though, I help this guy named Jon who seems to not like paying attention to me. He does the work alright, but he's in his own world I think. If you saw him you might see what I mean. Or maybe he's just very absorbed in his work, I don't know. My fearis that I'll give the wrong answers or say something wrong to him...or anyone in that class really. I'm "supposed" to be smart! Gr.

Rolling Stone gave Drukqs one star...man that's pretty mean! Then again, I haven't heard the whole thing. I downloaded some clips of songs and some of them were okay. The album is a double CD set, so maybe there's a lot of filler on it, but there's definitely stuff on there that I like (54 Cymru Beats!). Soo..woo!

Aliza and I stayed after school...we drew another picture, this time of Barney from the Flinstones...hm. He's pretty easy to draw. So yay. I guess I got about an hour of community service in there. I don't see it as much of a service to the community, but...neh.

Tomorrow, PSATS. How fun. I'm not nervous about it or anything, I think some people are, but maybe that's cos i took it last year. If i get lower than last year though, then I will be reallllyy disappointed. Other than that, I'm just really annoyed that I have to go to school at 7:45 on a SATURDAY. Why couldn't our school be like other schools and let us take it on Tuesday during class time? I think the sophomores actually took some portion of the test that day, and it seems stupid to me, cos it's really for the juniors. Sophomores....grrrrr.

I almost fell asleep during physics again. I think it's a combination of the class being really boring and the time of the class (about 9:10 - 10:44) that makes me tired. I didn't wake up today at 6 like usual, I didn't have much use to go on the internet at that time...but the extra sleep didn't really do anything, cos the day still kinda sucked. Gah!

October 18, 2001

I'm watching Just Shoot Me right now, and Amy Sedaris is on it as...Finch's soul mate? She is weird! She's been on Conan a few times, always funny, just somewhat strange, but anyway...cool.

Haven't done much homework today. mm. I haven't done physics in a few days, thats bad. Errr...I'll try and do some, even though it's pretty much POINTLESS, right?

I got the new issue of Adbusters, oo. My mum bought it for me. Oo. So I owe her $42. Eek. I'll have nearly no money left in my checking account...I'll have to transfer more moolah from my savings. My savings account is dwindling now, sigh. I never really spent any of it for the first...I dunno, 13 years of my life, and I saved up more than $2000, but my mum took something like $1400 for investments. Wah. I'm not going ot see the money from these investments anytime soon. Technically I can just take the money out, but the point is to let the MONEY GROW which isn't very helpful at the moment. Sigh. When I'm 100 years old, I guess I'll see what grew. Wooohooo.

I don't think I'll ever eat fast food again. I haven't for a while. But..gah! So many issues with the fast food industry. Like Disney. Maybe. "Fast Food Nation" is a really good book, READ IT!
This is weird!

Not mucy goin on. Real tired. I slept during lunch. Foosh. Not easy, it's kind of noisy in the cafeteria.

Got my insound stuff. YAY! Except for one CD coming later. But yeah. Plone stuff! And I won that Plone auction, so now I have to cough up some dough. HACK cough. And I need to bid on that record player i want...I bought an E*vax 7", I kind of forgot, part of the insound package. It sounds nice, amidst the weird pops and static noises and skipping from the currect record player. :)

And now I have...homework. Math. Cracking open the textbook for the first time all year. I got a B on my math quiz. It was below average, but heey thats okay. :)

Did an annoying lab in physics today. I didn't know what was going on. My lab partner Sandhya did most of the work I think. Well, she's smarter...but that's still not much of an excuse. I wish I was smarter! Foo! Well I did do some things, I weighed a block of wood...put some slotted weights on the thingo so the block of wood would (woodwould?) move. Oh boy. And then I think Sandhya is going to calculate the kinetic or static friction...or both? God, who gives a crap!

Bidding right now..wooeeoo...the aution lasts another 3 days or so, but...uh. Garg. Crap, 12 bucks wasn't enough. I'll bid on it in a few more days. I think at most I'll pay...20 bucks? I guess that's not a hell of a lot. Sigh. Maybe I can get some money from Anthony, if he makes me do crap with my digital camera.

October 17, 2001

Bjork was on Reverb tonite...not that it matters to me, being HBO-less, but hopefully someone (named Cristen) taped it. I tried to watch a clip but it's not working for me. Wah. At least she'll be on Jay Leno, I can WATCH that from my HOUSE.

I'm watching "The Amazing Race" right now...its...weird. I'm very uncompetative I think, and these people are kind of...not uncompetative. Yeeeah. That makes sense.

I ended up getting a B on that physics quiz. I guess I got some partial credit. I did something DUMB, forgetting the negative sign because the velocity was pointed down. Vectors are not fun. I didn't do any physics homework today...yeah, I have to do that. Ugh. I just remembered that when I was taking the quiz, Mr. Schmidlin took a glance at what I was writing, patted me on the shoulder, and then...left me? I think that was a "Boy, are YOU screwed" kind of pat. The thing is, during quizzes he'll help you do the problems. He actually wrote a bunch of stuff on my paper which helped me get a bit of extra credit, but then I still didn't get it anyway. Ah hm.

My math quiz today was NOT fun. I didn't do 2 problems I think, so at most I can get a B is I get EVERYTHING else right, which you know, I didn't. Hmmmhmh.

You know what I hate? Lacrosse...what a boooring game. I've said that before, haven't I? I mean I suck so much at it, I dont' even play, I just walk around...kind of. I actually caught it the one time it was passed tome, but during practice I never catch it. So no one really feels like passing it to me, and well, blah, GOOD FOR THEM!

...holy crap, right now in the show they're driving these really spiffy Italian cars. I don't even like cars, but that silver car is so cool...whoaaa....coool...oo, I'm glad that team is number one. There's this other team and they're kind of annoying...they're number 2...okaaay this is pointless.

..anyway. I stayed after school for Holiday Festival decorating...WOOha. Fun. The Holiday Festival is a thing my school does ever year around Christmas where you pair up with someone and atke around a grade schooler around for a period or so...2 periods? I forget. And you do activities and stuff. The theme this year is Cartoon Network, but of course, NO SPACE GHOST! We make giant cardboard cut outs of certain characters, and I'm like "Can I do Space Ghost?" and the girls who organize the stuff are like "Huh?" so...yeah. I guess that isn't really something grade schoolers watch anyway, so Aliza and I drew a picture of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. But we drew it too small the first time so we had to erase it and do it again. Hm.

I took a 2 hour nap. Didn't mean to...I woke up at 7:45 really confused. That happens a lot, I'll wake up and not know what day it is. I thought it was 9 o clock, thank god it wasn't. I did some math homework that I didn't understand very well. I think it was on exponents, and I hardly remember that crap! Ugh!

October 16, 2001

Beck, you make me laaaugh!

Click on BACKSTAGE LESSON....! Why is he talking so loud?! What is he saying? All I remember is...sayonara....ohaiyogozaimasu...tadaima...um. Maybe other stuff. I don't know why but I found it so funny, because he was just talking so unnaturally loud, like that lady is saying something and then Beck is going JI GO KU EH and I have NO idea what that means. Aw well.

There was just a Jimmy Dean sausage commercial...and that dude, he SCARES me! And sausage scares me too! I mean that's one of the dumbest commercials I've ever seen..."..and wouldn't it be great if you could cook sausage in 2 milliseconds and have it tastes just like home cooked? DO YA?!" Holy crap.
This is weird..."What Type of Asian Are You?" Apparently I am 33% Asian in Denial, 50% Banana/Coconut, and 33% Asian FOB. Um.

Asian in Denial

Usually grew up in a predominantly White neighbourhood. Pretends to be White. Does not acknowledge that they are Asian.
Personal Mantra: "I am White. I am White. I am White."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "If they live here, they should speak the language." "My friends think I'm more White than they are."
Social Interactions: Will only hang out with White people. Avoids other Asians like the plague. May talk to other Asians in Denial, but will never be caught dead in a group of Asians.
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I think she sucks. I prefer Calista Flockheart."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: None, as an Asian in Denial would never read this 'zine.

Hmmm. Yes, I do grow up in a predominantly White neighborhood. This is America, right? I am definitely aware that I'm Asian...mmkay. I don't say "I am white" but i dont say "I am chinese" either, eh? Strange!


Yellow/brown on the outside, white on the inside. Generally raised in a Western society, but has experienced the quirks of being raised Asian. Does not deny heritage.
Personal Mantra: "I used to wish I was White, but I'm mature and grown up now. I have the best of both worlds."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "It's ok when I make (insert nationality here) jokes because I'm (insert nationality here)."
Social Interactions: Has friends who are Asian and friends who are not. However, is always aware of the racial dynamics of the group.
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I heard she's a bitch." OR "Way to go! Another Asian in mainstream media."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: "I laughed my ass off."

I like the tern twinkie more. It sounds happier. Jesse called me a twinkie..HAHAH how I laughed. This site is pretty funny also. I'm reading this right now. I like fried rice! I don't ORDER it much but I like it. Actually, this doesn't seem very accurate in my opinion, I LOVE Japanese food (more than Chinese, yeah?) and find it completely different from Chinese food.

Asian FOB

Fresh Off the Boat. Usually spent formative years in an Asian society. Holds onto Asian values and attitudes. Limited influence by Western attitudes (except for shopping).
Personal Mantra: "Everything Asian is far superior to everything Western."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "Are you (insert nationality here)?" "How come you don't speak (insert Asian language here)?"
Social Interactions: Friends are all Asian. Has a "stick-together" mentality. Will hang out with someone solely because they're Asian even if they don't really like them
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I secretly admire her, but publicly look down on her because she is not truly Asian."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: "This is not true."

Um...hm. I think the personal mantra is funny, because I don't think Asian stuff in general is superior, but Japanese stuff is MUCH COOLER than American stuff. My mum and I talk about that a lot. WE'RE NOT JAPANESE AT ALL! Is something wrong with us? But really, Japanese stuff...definitely cooler. Where else can you get Pocari Sweat? And I don't speak Chinese, because I'm mentally retarded! My mum has let me off the hook and has given up on me learning Chinese, HOORAY!

This...ARGH my vocabulary is so small, I must make up words. MOOFYPOOPOOMILKSHAKE! I was juuuust about to upload what I would say was a rather nicely worded entry (but aren't they all?) when I pressed the backspace key and it made the browser go back one page (which happens a lot, will someone tell me why?) and when I went back to THIS page EVERYTHING WAS GONE FLUNG INTO THE DEPTHS of HYPERSPACE! Jesus CHRIST everything sucks, YOU DO TOOOOO...

..sorry. I'm okay now. You don't suck. Actually, with my day to day basis with the human race, I've decided that the majority of the popularion does suck, but as long as you're not one of those people that rates my site has "hate it" then you're alright. What did I ever do to you? NOTHING!

...I am definitely wasting too much time. Hm. Anyway. Today when I was at the library I saw a kid with a mullet. Not really strange, but for some reason it seemed weird at the time. I don't think hair enjoys being a mullet. Then again my hair is just a big floop...of hair. HOW DO YOU FEEEL, DEAD HAIR FOLICLES ON MY HEAD? ALRIGHT? I thought so.

I thought this was funny (taken from this site about a recent Bjork concert):

It was all beautiful, Her voice was 300% better than any of her cds, her AWFUL AWFUL GOD AWFUL dancing was the cutest thing i have ever seen. the strings need a tad more squeak cause they were muffeled.The only complaint besides that is that SHE CUT ALL HER FRIGGEN HAIR OFF!!! i hate it when women do that!..anyway since they didnt let us bring cameras i do the next best thang...i sketche her...this is kinda what she looked like , during the secound half at least.---god im tired, good night .

Of course, my favorite part was about the AWFUL AWFUL GOD AWFUL dancing. I would like to see that. But never, shall I...see...that. Shall. Do people use that word in normal conversation? Then again, I don't have normal conversations, unless I'm really tired. I really liked Bjork's hair. There was lots of it. Maybe she got sick of it, I know I would. I don't cut my hair because I'm lazy. Stupid reason, eh? It'll grow to my waist and I'll be like "Eh...nah, I'll let it grow just a tad more"...

Speaking of tired, I nearly fell asleep during physics. Apparently, so was the annoying dude next to me, who for once wasn't annoying because I think he was sleeping for a while...

Anyway. Bjork dancing, what is that like? LIKE THOM DANCING? I love Thom dancing! It's the spiritual rain dance!...I mean wiggle. Thom wigglin, yeah! A forgotten dance of th ancient tribe of THOM, now brought back to life in the new millennium. Isn't that wonderful? But he doesn't wear cool dresses like Bjork (thank god) and Bjork has got a very nice wardrobe. Like the picture that dude drew with the red dress, oo, SPARKLES (or are those red microscopic slides?)! Personally, I wouldn't wear sparkly things. Then again, I am not a sparkly person. I'm more of a mud person. Nope, I don't know what that means.

Nice shirt, Thom! Heehee. For wahtever reason, I think "farmer" when I see that shirt. FARMER THOM. Wasn't his grandpa a farmer? Or did my brain just spew that out for some reason?

Ah yes, my brain has run out of fuel for now. I just replenish my brain cells by eating BANANA NUT BREAD! It's nature's candy! Or was that raisins?

October 15, 2001

PHYSICS AARGGGhhh...how annoying.

Anyway. Hmm. I was going to say stuff, but now I'm thinking about the cookies I want to eat.

School was boring. Wooow. In math we took a PSAT practice quiz but I didn't finish it. Eh well. PSATS...on SATURDAY! What fun!

Um. Um. Hm. I took a nap today, but it sucked cos my nose was all stuffy and it was kind of uncomfortable. And I burned my tongue eating chicken curry. What a poo.

My mum was telling me about these very dumb morning talk shows she watched. She doesn't normally watch TV, except videos and stuff, and she was completely amazed by those stupid court TV shows I think. And the Maury Povich show. Hehe. We discussed the stupidy of teenage girls and boys having sex and getting pregnant...WHYYYYY? Actually some of the guys are liek in their 20s and the girls are 15 or something, for christ's sake. Oh well. I'm glad I'm not that dumb. My mum wants to remind me to not to have a dumb boyfriend. Haha, okay mum, that's not much of a problem...

We also had a conversation about religion. She goes to bible study with her friends, but I think to her its more of a social thing cos she's not overly religious or anything, thank god. I mean, I'm not. I have friends who are aetheists, but none of them live here. I wonder if any of my friends think about their religion and think about what it means. Cos I would. I used to go to church but it was mainyl a social thing, and I thought it was kinda dumb. I'm not saying religion is dumb, but it just seems silly sometimes that so many people claim to be christian or catholic or something, but the way they act is obviously all wrong, I mean going to church doesn't make you a certain religion (well, it shouldn't, right?) so I woudl rather not talk about religion, unless its with my mum because we have the same views. No argument there. :)

Someone outbid me on the Plone thingy!...argh. Well later I will bid. Even though it's so cheap anyway. I'M THE BIGGER FAN I SWEAR!...okay, I don't know that for sure, but the world isn't exactly overflowing with Plone fans, and I MUST HAVE the single for "Press A Key" because it's so coool.

October 14, 2001

I am so sophisticated.

In case you don't see my comment, I wrote:

What is there to comment about? I just don't wanna get my butt kicked waving around a Corporate American Flag when apparently America means more than fast food and television.
Robyn Lee, Franklin Lakes

Ah yes, the educated words of an educated mind. Haha. At this very moment I wouldn't want to wave the corporate flag, but later I would. The country is still semi-recovering, isn't it? Let people think for a little longer before declaring how crappy America is, right? Sigh.

Add your own comment. I like Adbusters. As the dude at 1001journals best describes it, "the only magazine i read cover to cover." I try that, except I don't understand like...um, half of it. And the issues come out like 6 times a year. Which is not a lot. I think every time I go to the bookstore it's the same issue...of course it has to change at some point, but maybe I'm stuck in a parallel universe in which Adbusters (and Giant Robot, another bi-monthly magazine I love) never have new issues coming out. I'll try reading the next issue and understanding it better...aren't I supposed to get smarter with age? Smoof.

Today I got Vanity Fair...I didn't see it at Borders or at Whole Foods, but i go to Stop and Shop and there are lots of issues. Hmmm. So ANYWAY, Beck happiness! Beck, you are too hip. Ha. Hip is a dumb word actually. He made a list of the 50 best album covers and he put Homogenic first, too cool. Bjork ruules. Other than that, the magazine was a poop. I mean really, they declare 375 pages on the cover, but more than half of it is ads. The magazine reeks of scary perfume (it's all scary) and half naked people selling designer clothing. I noticed that the more pretigious the clothing line, the uglier the people seem to get. ...mm..okay, not really. Who am I to judge people's looks? I just find it strange. I never like clothing advertisements.

Man why am I posting so much craaap today? Lack of brain activity? Or...not?

The goal is to provide methods for people to interact and share their creativity. If you ask a kindergarten class how many of them are artists, they'll all raise their hands. Ask the same question of 6th graders, and maybe one third will respond. Ask high school grads, and few will admit to it.

You know, that is true. I used to think I was an artist. Of course, that all changed when I realized I was a plumber at heart and was destined to become master of the uncloggage of pipes great and small...
Ah crap, juno crashed on me as i was writing...crap. Yes, it's all crap, isn't it? ISN'T IT? ANSWER MEE!

*okay DON'T answer me. Reverse psychology works, right? then again I just told you my evil intentions, so maybe not. oh...crap.*

No one likes to leave comments anymore. Sad that doth make me feel...(I don't know what doth means)...but anyway.

Can someone explain to me what this site is about? I'm confused. I haven't really looked around it so that might explain my confusion. Oops. Reading is for wussies. JUST LIKE HANDLES! HANDLES ARE FOR WUSSIES!

(you wouldn't understand that if you weren't Cristen, I think, if you want to be filled in, the origins of this phrase come from MARKET BASKET, the fun neighborhood gourmet grocery shop. I was holding a shopping basket, but opted not to use the handles. instead I held it with my two arms *two, not three like you may be thinking* and declared that HANDLES ARE FOR WUSSIES!)

Nice story isnt it. Where was I. Oh yes, I enjoy reading sometimes. We were talking about things we enjoyed, right?

Hm this site must be cool cos stephoo seems to enjoy it. I WILL TOO! Lookie, if you send her your love, she will give you her soul. Sounds like a GOOD DEAL!

mm stilll confused well I will understand later.
There's been a spoofy array of quizzing since mello made one up..oo. quiiizzzeeesss. man this is sooosllooooowwwww...

*I'm sure that last sentence made no sense for most of you. just pretend i said "mm..cheese"*

I spent about an hour making an outline of what I plan on writing for tomorrow's in class essay about Death of a Salesman. The objective is to write how Arthur MIller uses symbols to portray a certain theme, and we got to choose one from three. I chose "references to winning/losing" and "references to success/failure" to represent how being successful and the pursuit of being success do not necessarily ensure happiness. That is one looonnng thesis statement. Ugh. And to think it took me an hour to plan the whole thing. I mean a school period is only 43 minutes, if the teacher didn't tell us the topics before hand i'd be screwed. That's pretty much what my teacher did last year except on a few occassions, and it makes sense...but foo.

Okay, off to take Karen's quiz...

Haha, I got a 70. How pathetic. I'm doing the worse. I don't know my friends, boohoo.

I think I have to stop listening to E*vax, cos now i'm thinking in bloops and bleeps and floops and twinkles and other strange distorted noises. My brain is turning to a mush pile of mud.

...coool. Who doesn't like mud?

Mmhm. M. Hm. Um. I took a nap. Haha. I laugh. Why am I laughing? Nevermind. *atchoo!*...me sneezed. :P

Okay, nearly no one knows what my pillow is made of I guess. I think I've mentioned my pillow before, no? It's an unconventional pillow. Heehee. That should be the real name. "Unconventional pillows ON SALE!" Actually, they probably wouldn't sell very well. It should say "Pillows for sale...COMES WITH FREE CAR!" and have a disclaimer that says "may not come with free car"...

Jesus, did I just write that? Maybe I should go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm OFF TO THE BOWELS OF HELL!
Foofmoof....its 4 o clock. Do I have homework? I think I ask myself that question too much.

I made more banana nut breeaaad. MMMMmyeee haw! NUUUTS and BANANA all mushee together in BREAD stuff for some yummy...stuff.

Last night I decided to read "You Don't Know Me" (haven't finished "Fraud" yet...then again thats not really a story, more like a collection of essays so I don't have to read it all at once) and it was a pretty...weird book. I mean, not really that weird, but quite unrealistic in my opinion, except maybe for the main character being beaten my his father. Actually, NON father. I'm not saying the book was bad, but you tell me what you think of this story.

The main character, John, is a teenager in high school. He is at the bottom of the social ladder...actually, he's the rock holding up the last rung of the social ladder. His dad left him and his mum when he was little and his mum's boyfriend beats him cos he's a meano, and of course mummy doesn't know cos the man who is hot John's father would probably kill him if he told her. ANYWAY! That might be the most realistic part. John has a crush on this girl, who of COURSE is the most popular pretty girl in his class. What else would you expect? Also, one of his friends likes her and he had a plan to ask her out to go to the school basketball game that Friday. But his friend gets arrested and suspended and grounded after he steals an egg roll (yes...that is preeettty dumb) so he doesn't get to ask the pretty girl (whose name is Gloria). Uh huuuh.

Soooo John asks Gloria to go to the basketball game and she says yes. Alright...this would NEVER happen! Aren't I correct? I mean, it seems very unlikely. Okay, it MIGHT happen, but this girl is definitely one of the most annoying people ever. The most annoying character in the book at least. She's rich has owns half a horse (her friend own's the other half...why, don't ask me) and over a few years John has barely saved up $20. So anyway, they go to the basketball game, blah blah, and everything seems to go okay until they go back to her house. Of course, she's the seducer and John is scared out of his mind because if Gloria's dad (boyfriend killer) catches them he's dead. John doesn't want to do anything but of course...there's Gloria. My god, why are these main characters who are boys always such retards? They don't really "do" anything, but her dad catches them and nearly kills John, who was half undressed and ends up fleeing the home through the pet door with only his pants and socks on to run in the cold weather. Oh, and the cops are called, that's nice.

Not much else was happening....but when John gets home his non-father goes nuts at him. Mummy isn't home, but is aiding her dying aunt. Okaaay. So John's non-father goes nuts and stuffs him in the back of his truck and brings him somewhere to help him carry stolen TVs.

This sounds weird, doesn't it? In an un-paranormal kind of way.

Mm. Yeah. What happens after that...oh yeah, Gloria gets mad at John of course for not sticking behind and fleeing like a coward. Well jeez, she's an idiot. Hm. John's friend who got arrested doesn't like John anymore...so John pretty much doesn't have friends at the moment.

John plays the TUBA in the school band. Well, that's alright. His teacher thinks something is wrong with John and suspects he might be getting hurt...oo. Actually, now I'm beginning to forget what happens next. Um. Oh yeah there's a girl in the class who plays saxaphone, her name is Violet or something?, and she likes John. She asks him to go to the winter dance with her. John is apprehensive about it but decides to go anyway cos...I dunno. I guess it would have been really mean if he didn't. Mm..hm. Not much else was happening....but when John gets home his non-father goes nuts at him. Mummy isn't home, but is aiding her dying aunt. Okaaay. So John's non-father goes nuts and stuffs him in the back of his truck and brings him somewhere to help him carry stolen TVs.

I think more stuff happens..oh yeah, John calls his algebra teacher Mrs. Moonface. Which is not her real name. She becamse emotionally distraut, because she has some kind of skin disease, and then John gets into tons of trouble. The principal and vice principal in this book sound horribly unreasonable, pratically dragging him in the hallway by his shirt collar, althoug htruthfully i don't know what they're like since I've hardly ever talk to any in my lifetime. He gets suspended...and there's more trouble from his non-father.

John plays the TUBA in the school band. Well, that's alright. His teacher thinks something is wrong with John and suspects he might be getting hurt...oo. Actually, now I'm beginning to forget what happens next. Um. Oh yeah there's a girl in the class who plays saxaphone, her name is Violet or something?, and she likes John. She asks him to go to the winter dance with her. John is apprehensive about it but decides to go anyway cos...I dunno. I guess it would have been really mean if he didn't. Mm..hm.

When John gets home, his non-father is drunk and crazy and beats him to half an inch of his life, but his band teacher suspects something is up and saves John...and calls the cops...and all his happy. That's kind of the whole story. I guess the ending is suypposed to be happy, although John has to go through lots of surgery and is wrapped up in badages. Oh and of course Mummy doens't like the non-father anymore.

I probably made the book sound pretty dumb, eh? It was written kind of interesting-ly, so that made it...strange. Hmmmm. I just think that John wasn't too bright, yeah?

Now I shall...I dunno. Man I'm real tired. I hate school.

October 13, 2001

Juno just crashed on me. Nothing is reliable...I mean my computer crashed a few times today. What am I doing? Should I delete some programs? Gerg.

Hm anyway. I bid on this! I want the "Press A Key" single...I've got the other two things, but the more the merrier. :)

Man, why are CDs so much cheaper than LPs? I want to buy "Pop Loops for Breakfast" by B. Fleishmann and "Please Smile My Nose Bleed" by Mum on CD, but I could save $9 together if I bought both of the LP version. This shouldn't be a very hard desicion since the record player is still in poop condition, but with $9 I could buy...NINE COOKIES! ...okay, I'll buy the CDs. Minus the nine cookies. :(

Actually, I won't buy the Mum album. Maybe I will later. I've already got one of their albums, and it's not stuffed with remixes. I'm not very interested in remixes...Sigur Ros has a remix album too, and I'm not really interested in buying that. I guess if I found $20 lying around I wouldn't mind buying it though.

Crap, I can't remember whether or not I registered at insound...I thought I did....alrightee, I didn't.

OKAY now I've registered. So much fuuun. Spending the grand total of $34.92. If you ever buy anything at insound, use my code roboppy and you should get 10% off your order. And I get the 10%. Nehheheh! I'm not a greedy evil person, just...semi greedy. Not very evil.
I'm still in my pjs!

Oh well. I've been sitting at my computer for like 3 hours. Hm.

There's a cool song called "Dripsody" by Hugh Le Cain and the whole song is only made of the sound of a drop of water...dropping. Of course it's been messed around with but it's really cool. It was made in 1955. Think about it, I mean...um...that was a long time ago (okay, the Roman Empire was a long time ago, but you know what I mean).

Look at the fruits of my labor...another page! Oo. THe excitment is brewing, I can feel it.

Oo, I very much love this e*vax album. YAAY SOOO HAPPYYYY!

...okay, that's it. Go back to making me cookies.
I always wondered exactly why people put their AIM conversations here, but now I know. Sometimes you'll say something so priceless that it cannot be reproduced in any other shape or form. OBSERVE:

roboppy: WAAFFLLLE OH MY GOD what a cool word. i was just thinking "whoa, waffle is pronounced wah-full"
pirate bebop: lol
pirate bebop: no.. not yet!
roboppy: oh..MAAN ...DAAMMIIIT

...um. That was a bad example. But you must admit how fun it is to say the word WAFFLE!

Look at what I did ALL FREAKIN NIGHT LONG FOR MANY HOURS--> beck news! I THINK IT WORKS! Blogger is NOT this very complicated thing, but I was having problems. And forgetting crap. And reposting crap. And now it should work. Or I will cry. Mind you, that page is about 0.000001% of everything I plan on putting on that site. How very sad.

*by the way, I'm roboppy. don't want anyone to be confused...HA!*

October 12, 2001

I'm bidding on this...well, somewhat. It's another 3 days, so I don't feel like bidding on it anymore. Maybe I'll bid on...something else!

I checked my average in physics on thsi sheet of paper the teacher put up outside the classroom, and it says that I have an A. Most likely a very LOW A, but man that is so messed up. I guess I could squeak into the A range, but you know, that's going to hell.

I'm thirsty! Hmmm. I haven't drank much today. Perhaps I should? Liquids...they're important! Water! WATAAAHHHRRR! I went to Mistuwa today. Got cookies and stuff. YAY!

Did anyone else's school make them say the pledge of allegiance at 2 PM EST today? Cos...I did. I mean I guess that's okay, yeah? But yesterday was the one month point of the WTC madoodah. Something else weird today was that when I walked into school I noticed that ever locker had a lollipop tied to the handle with a ribbon. Yes, it's a nice gesture...I think the TNT group (Teens Need Teens, like a peer counseling type thing) put them there. But they must have known how many morons go to my school, because of course most of the lollipops were stolen by other kids, like mine and the surrounding lockers...and a bunch of others. I mean, when I was walking to gym I saw one girl holding 3 lollipops saying something like "Just take them, who cares!" and really, I wouldn't even think about just taking a bunch of em. I mean, it must have taken a pretty long time to tie them to ALL the lockers, and all those lollipops must cost a bit of dough. I don't eat lollipops, but I would have given it to a friend, yeah? So people in my school don't have common sense, or a lot of them don't.

OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! I've seen this before...but...yeah...HAHA MAN that is the dumbest record player ever! But it's too cute, I mean, wouldn't you want one?

I found lots of nice Fisher Price record players, but I can hardly find anything that plays 12"s...its not that important since I have more 7" I guess, so maybe I'll just get one of those really cheap fisher price ones. They're blue! :D But...yeah...I mean, 12"s existed back then, didn't they? Hm.

October 11, 2001

TRAlala..*what the hell does THAT mean*...

Loudon Wainwright (THE THIRD) was on Conan last night or something..ahh! I would have liked to see that. I saw him on the show before, but he wasn't interviewed, and this time he WAS interviewed for being on Undeclared and all, and he sang "Rufus is a Tit Man" which is...his song about Rufus (that Rufus "hates")...I've never heard it, maybe I should download it...

I have to go watch the stuff Aliza recorded for me...I watched a few seconds. The host of the show was saying it was the most people they've ever packed into their studio...yeah, Rufus attracts those large crowds, yeah? I know I would have loved to be there!

Today was the DREADED PHYSICS TEST! One of my classmates was shaking people's hands and going "Good luck," before class started, and let me tell you, that did absolutely NOTHING! I mean, I made some stupid mistakes, but anyway, I got a 26 out of 45, and that was actually the average. The highest was 32, so all of our grades will be curved to that so we dont all get Ds and Fs. I mean, it wasn't like the questions were impossible, but I kept worrying about the time, and in the end I barely had enough. :P

I don't care too much though. As long as everone fails with me, thats fine! :D

I got my audio dregs stuff today, YAY! SO HAPPY! My record player is being poop, I want to find an old cheap one that works. The problem with the one in my house now is that the needle is semi broken, so you can kind of play records but they might play the same thing over and over again or garg. But anyway, I very much like "Parking Lot Music" by E*vax! Its very simply and bloopy, but so am I...wait...okay, I don't know. But anyway, there was some other cute stuff in the package too, like some stickers and postcard-like-stuff. And the dude who runs the label (E*rock...e*rock? e*vax's bro) wrote a little note thanking me for my order (how nice!...although I think he spelled my name wrong, how hard could it BE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE) and drew a little picture of something. Hm. Interesting. I would like a record label just so I can write notes to people and draw pictures...OF PENGUINS!

Also, I got a nice little zine they put out called Thumb, there's an interview with a dude from Mum (which in Icelandic, I found out, is pronounced more like 'moom') in there and an interview with Mouse on Mars. But the whole thing is pretty interesting. The funniest part is the reviews, because the dude's mum has some comments in there about various music and it's funny because it's just very...simple. I mean, she doesn't know who she's listening to, or how 'good' it is, and she'll say something cute like "Oh this sounds very happy blah blah" and I like thing SIMPLIFIED because when stuff is NON-simple, I get brain overload and stuff gets squished around like JUICING ORANGES! The reviews for the music themselves are quite short, which I also like because I dont want to read a million paragraphs about something, I just want the GIST of it. GIST GOD DAMMIT!

Mmhmh. So. I went to Borders with my mum and I got not one, not two...wait, yes, two, TWO BOOKS. It'll probably take me a few years to get through em at the rate I'm goin, but anyway, I got "Fraud" by David Rakoff and "You Don't Know Me" by David Klass (two davids...I just noticed that). I was planning to get "Fraud" after seeing David Rakoff on Conan, funny dude! And I got the other book cos I saw it and it looked interesting. And there was a nice quote on the back by Louis Sacher talking about how he liked the book, and I love HIS books, so THEEERRRREEE!

Look at this page and tell me if you can tell what the cover art is. I mean, I know now but I had NO idea until I actually got the CD. It looks like rocks to me. But it's not. Well, you can guess, and then I will tell you!

October 10, 2001


...anyway. I didn't eat lunch today, so when I got home I ate a bunch of these individually wrapped Japanese cracker things. YUMMMY! Well, except for the weird "cheese" on the crackers, but yeah quite yummmmmyyyy.

I really don't think I did anything today. Hmmmmm. Mmm. MJMHHm. I have my first physics test tomorrow. Oh...god...and I had my speaking part of the Russian test today. That was easy. Woo! And I got a B on my math quiz...BEEEE! HAHA yay.

One of my friends said that Fran Healy didn't sing well. She didn't actually say his name, but ANYWAY, how could anyone say that? I think he sings considerably well, yessss? Clearly...and...nice and stuffff? Well, I dunno how the band is live, but REALLY.

...I'm cold. In gym we started lacross. Ehhh...I can't ever catch the ball. We don't use "real" lacross sticks, so I think they only work if you're REALLY good....foo.


a later note, Aliza is taping The Daily Beat for me RIGHT NOW...RUFUS! YAY! She had trouble finding the channel, so I used tvguide.com, which seems to be inaccurate a lot, and it WAS, it didn't even have the right show, but Rufus is on, yay! Too bad I'm not there, that would be sooo fun...:)
I'm up.

So tired.


I went to bed laaate yesterdaym doing physics. I spent like 40-something minutes on 4 problems but only got one right, what a waste of time. So I went to bed sometime after 1 AM. Want...sleep.

I asked my mum abou the Rufus thing (hey, I have to give it a shot) and she's pretty tired and stressed out, so I guess I don't mind just staying home. Poor mummy. She has to get up to drive me to school and she has to pick me up. Nehehehe. It must be really annoying to have kids. I guess that at least I will be seeing Rufus in 2 WEEKS so I'll just....wait.

I saw Beck yesterday on Access Hollywood since they had some video footage of the Vanity Fair photo shoot...they didn't really MENTION Beck (seems like they mentioned everyone else on the cover but him!) but it was cool to see Beck. Looks the same, yeah? Aw.

Oo, Sigur Ros pictures. Preeeettttyyyyy!

October 09, 2001

An EVEN JOHANSEN SONG was on Roswell! His album wasn't mentioned at the end of the show, but wow! They played a smippit of "Where Happiness LIves"...what does this mean? I've heard Radiohead and Beck in Roswell before too...hm. Oh well. Yay, Even rules!

I'm so bummed out about the free Rufus thing. I mean I can beg my mum, but maybe I shouldn't. Siiigh. I don't mind being out for a few hours, screw school work, this is RUFUS we're talkin about. I wish he wasn't even doing a free performance, cos then I'd feel better. This guy actually wrote to the list that's he's kind of broke and can't see any Rufus concerts cos HE SAW BJORK! For christ's sake, IS THAT NOT ENOUGH! SCREWWW IT! Bjork! GARG! But anyway. I'm not in his shoes, so maybe I shouldn't say anything.

Rufus. :(

Across the Universe is very easy to play on guitar...play guitar, it's fun. Woo!

Crap, it's almost 11. I have physics homework. ARGH. I didn't understand like half of my math homework, peachy, eh? :(

All New York Area Rufus Fans--

Rufus will be performing for a taping of the Metro Channel's "The Daily Beat" live tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, 10/10).

If you would like to attend the taping and check out a FREE live Rufus Wainwright performance...

Call the audience coordinator before 4pm Wednesday. Stephanie: 212-324-8518. You will not receive confirmation, but if you leave a message with your name you will be added to the list.

Then go to:
The New Yorker Hotel -- (ground floor entrance and you will be directed) 481 8th Ave (at 34th street) at 4:15pm



...sniff, oh well. Can anyone record this for me?

Jeez, I'm stupid, Thom's birthday was on October 7th. :P Oh well, I'm not keeping up with the times. Uh...HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOM! 33 years old. Nehe. When is Bjork's birthday? I can only remember Beck's and it took me a long time to get THAT right. July 7th? Or something like that?...

Would you find the news headling "Thom's birthday!"...news? Well, maybe you would. :D

I'm watching Gilmore Girls right now on my TV getting pretty crappy reception. Woo!

I want cooki. Make me happppyyyyy...COOOKIE! GARG!

This is a very sad post. What am I talking about? I went to the math team meeting after school today with Aliza. Hehe. Fun times are ahead. Ee..yeah. :P

Wow, I got an e-mail from my physics teacher. He doesn't sound NEARLY as scary in e-mail. Not that he's the devil, but this is physics class I'm talkin about. We wrote all our e-mail addresses on a piece of paper so he could send everyone in the class a graphing program. I guess that's nice, eh? I wrote down my address as webmaster@diskobox.net (I love being WEBMASTER HAHAHAHA I MASTER THE WEB) and I actually got it to work in Outlook! It's a miracle! Look at this e-mail:

Hi. got them typed in.. would like to check if addresses are ok before an hour's work.
reply me (((((( only if you get this!!!!))))))))))))) (LOL)


See, doesn't that seem so FRIENDLY and NICE and NOT evil? Haha.

October 08, 2001


*you know, I really have to stop swearing. Even in my own Robyn-brand of swearing*

I downaloded the nearly 30 meg file of the Pagan Poetry video, and IT DOESNT WORK cos I'm missing some kind of component-thing. I'll buy the DVD, so I guess it's alright, but grrrr...

I downloaded a video clip of "Across the Universe" from the John Lennon Tribute and I thought Rufus sang really well! I like him singing it...yay! I mean I like the original song too. It sounds easy to play and sing. MmhmhmhmHmh.

Japanese class was...innnteresting? Learned some stuff. Woo!...um.

God crappit, it's nearly 10 and I still have homework. I have to do my stupid English crap dookie mook moog. DONNE-MOI LA MOOG, VITE VITE!

*translation: Give me the Moog, quick quick!*

That is a very rought translation. Yeeeaaaah. Anyway. Go here and listen to some of those HEELAAARREEEOOUUUSSS sound clips. Ya gotta love Gir! (Gir is the dog-thing at the top o the page)...BAABBBIIIEE!
It's so cold today! ...okay, not really FREEZING but I had gym outside first period, and my hands felt like...actually, I couldn't feel them, so scratch that.

Oh yes, I had school today! I've never had COlumbus Day off, but I guess lots of people do? Oh well, it's not much of a holiday. The postal service decides to take the day off though...wah! A dude from audiodregs e-mailed me to say he would be sending my stuff out today, but then I remembered "HEY THE POST OFFICE IS CLOSED TODAY!...*you liiie!*..." Hehe. Oh well, I am forgiving, yay!


Why did I get so much homework this week? I have a crappy history assignment where I have to write something about Ben Franklin and his role in the Revolutionary War and something else.

I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright singing "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" fromthe Zoolander soundtrack, and I didn't remember this being in the movie, but I think it was!...okay, I could still be wrong, but it sounded remotely familiar. I should have been able to recognize his voice! I mean, I recognized Jakob Dylan's...hmmhmFOOG.

AHHH I can't upload this mp3 to diskobox.net! WHY! NO! Wait, maybe it's just that ONE mp3....sigh. Really, if I can't upload these things, I'm gonna kiiiiilll!...or maybe I won't. Probably not.

I've got another fun filled Japanese lesson today. I've remember like, 3 of the words I learned last week. OHAYOGOZAIMASU!

You know what is a fun word to say? Ïîêà! (If that doesn't look right, then the Russian characters just won't work..argh) That is pronounced pah-KAH. PAHKAAAH! PAHKAAH! Oh yeah, and it means "so long" like goodbye in a sense, but when Aliza and i say it, it sounds more like some horrible swear word. Or crows cawing. PAHKAAAH! Now you're learning Russian! Nehehehehe.

HOLY CRAP my ftp program just went nutso! Great, it sucking...and I liked it so much yesterday. SUCK IT, COFFEECUP! YOU POOPOO!

I sound kind of hostile today, eh? I'm quite at peace...yeaaah....mmeemem...I bought some cookies today. They make me SOOO HAAAPPPPPYYYY...:D

Thanks, Corrie, for your advice on CHMOOOOOD (I have to add the Os, I can't help it) although Ikonboard doesnt seem to ..WORK...so I guess it's just not compatible with my server. Unlesss....REBBIE, HELP MEEEE! You're the smart one! :)

October 07, 2001


I'm trying to install ikonboard on my site, but it's not working. I can't run the installer...and I upload all those stupid files! okay, that didn't take very long, but still! Can anyone help me? I'm pretty must positive that I uploaded everything correctly...my brain hurts.

Physics is killing me! I still have homework. The teacher probably won't collect it tomorrow, but I want to finish it. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TENSION FO A ROPE ON SOME DUDE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN! I really don't!

...one nice thing, I really like CoffeeCup Direct FTP 5.0. I LOVE IT! Wait...no...just like. Very nice program. Like lightening! Woosh!

*lightning doesn't go woosh, does it?*

Okay, lemme try to go to my ikonboard installer...ARGH foiled again. Error, my butt! BUTTMONKEY!

...actually, maybe I just don't have Perl 5.004. Uh. I should check that. Let's see, I have a handy dandy Perl checker...okay, how do I use this? Hmmdeedum...ARGH NOW IT SAYS ACCESS DENIED! Neveermind this crap. What is a CHMOD value? I think I put in the right one. Hm, great.

I think I'll cook my dinner now. My parents went out to eat. Frozen pasta, heeere I coooome!
Who wrote this in my guestbook?

Sent: 10.41 AM - 10/6


EVEN ER FANTASTIK! I assume that means Even is fantastic...yay, love Even! I dooo! Yay! Hoorah! Where's Even? Pooter!

Anyway. I had something else to say. Oh yeah, cyanidemint is winning in the poll now. Um! I hope people don't want that really badly, because I already bought diskobox.net, yeah? I mean, last time I checked, like 50% wanted diskobox and I am toooo quite fond of it. :D

So what's with all the news? I'm watching the telly. So the US is bombing Afganistan already? Hm.
YOOOO check out diskobox.net! Spiffy, no? :)

October 06, 2001

Gerg, trying to set up my site, and I'm already confused. I think I'll download something other than WS FTP and...other stuff. I designed my index page, so there's one thing down. This is what it looks like so far. Yay.

God crappit, trying to download the Coffee Cup software, and all of the software in one zip file is 32.6 MB. I'm screwed. I mean...it's definitely possible to download a file this big, but I can't even use Getright (tried it, didn't work, ugh) so I dunno. I asked my bro to try but he went to the page and it said I already downloaded them. LIES! If everything goes well, it should take another 2 and a half hours or so. Please, computer, don't crash...

Really, if my computer went kaput right before it was done, I'd freak. I can buy a CD of the programs for $12. :P Jesus, I don't even HAVE $12. I spent my allowance already. How ridiculous. I'm bad with money. How do people buy anything? My $25 bought me a drink, a notepad, notecards, two magazines and this HTML pamplet thing. Is all that worth $25?...I guess. :P

Listening to "I Started a Joke" by the Wallflowers. It's a nice song I guess. Doesn't sound very Wallflowers-ee. Semi-Wallflowers-ee. I like the Wallflowers. :)

Saw "Don't Say A Word" and it was okay. Not realla must-see, but I guess it's worth seeing, yeah? In between.

Haven't done any homework today. Oops. What have I been doing? I haven't even been up for 12 hours. Foogle.
Holy crap! I just hear the beginning of Bachelorette on the telly! It was a commercial for NOVA...man. I guess the beginning of the song is cooool yeah, all like majestic and STUFF. Hmmm. But man that was so cool!

Anyway. I bought diskobox.net, although it doesn't seem to be workin yet. Foo? It was $242.40 or something...for a year, that is. Wee! I want to move in there. I'm keeping carbon monoxide HERE but yeah, I'll have another site too I guess.

Poooter, my mum and dad were arguing during lunch. My dad is so annoying! God I can't stand him. He's going back to Taiwan on the 10th I think, so...woo, that'll be nice for me and my mum. I must sound horrible, eh? But they were arguing in English, I kind of wish they weren't cos then I wouldn't have known what they were saying. I'm glad I don't know Chinese!

Anyway. That's all for now.

October 05, 2001

Wah! This dude on the Bjork mailing list went to the Travis concert the other day, and is going to see Bjork tonite! Look at what he wrote:


i went to radio city music hall last night to see travis (my favorite band). i thought i'd tell you guys what was up with the venue....

first, security. all i have to say is "what security?" i sat in the third row, and i only saw three security guards the whole night. and they didn't hassle anybody about anything, until after the show was over, i tried to walk up front to get a setlist, and one security guard told me i wasn't allowed. i just walked past him anyways.

second, seating. there were a bunch of empty seats all around, and a lot of people easily came up to sit near the front (which i'm going to try to do on friday, since i have row J)

third, cameras. oh my god. i've never seen so many cameras at a concert. i don't know if they checked for them at the door, but there was no hassle from the security guards at all. i wish i brought mine, especially since ben stiller was there, and sitting two rows behind me. i met him and it was great. hehe. :P

fourth, front row?. i had row DD, which i thought would be four rows back from the stage. unfortunately, there was a "pit" of other seats in front of row AA, so i was actually in like the 10th row. you needed special tickets to get up there. will this be the same for björk's show? or is this where the orchetra will sit? just thought i'd let you AA'ers know.

so, i'm def bringing a camera, not using a flash, of course, and i'm definitely trying to sneak up front. oh yeah, and sneak up front early, if you want to try, because they put up a gate at like the 16th row right before travis came on to keep the riff-raff out.

see you there!


I wrote him an e-mail to express my JEALOUSY...wouldn't you be too? Okay, maybe not. But yeah. TRAVIS. I can't find "Good Feeling" anywhere, and it's tearing me apart! It might be in my room but I thought I looked there. :P

Oh something AMAZING happened today. I was sitting in study hall, and this guy goes "Is that a Radiohead shirt?" while...pointing to my RADIOHEAD shirt, so I say "Yes" and he says something like "Oh, I love that band," which is pretty cool! I guess he wasn't super obsessed or anything, he didn't ask me if I went to any concerts over the summer...but yeah, wear a Radiohead shirt, it puts you into an elite club. Haha.

I ate a lot today. Ugh. YUM! Ughyum. I went to Edgewater, stopping at MITSUWA and buying a little Afrodog notebook and a pack of flashcards (they're really nice though, none of that American crap...really, all you can get are index cards or ugly..card....crap, really, American office supplies do not shine in the designer department). Muse is on the cover of Rockin On, with some scary pictures of Matt Belamy. I don't like Muse enough to buy the mag, although there is a pic of Beck in there too from Summersonic. But Matt Belamy is a little scary lookin, spiky red hair and all. I haven't even gotten the latest Muse album yet. Hmmhmhmh.

I have ot save my money, Kinokuniya got this book I wanted...it's part of a series of books about Studio Ghibli movies, and I want the one about Nausicaa and Laputa (the first book). I'd also like the second book, which is about My Neighbor Totoro and Graveyard of the Fireflies, but they're 40-something bucks each. SOOO I'll just get one. Oh yeah, Kinokuniya has the Beck Travelogue books now! That makes me a little mad, although it's actually the same price I paid...so...blah. I mean I waited a few months before I actually got it since I didn't realize it wasn't OUT yet. I think it was published in August? I could be wrong. But I read about it the year before. Hmmhfoo.

I've been searching for this journal I had...for about a YEAR. Well not a contant search of course, but just over the past year, I've been looking for it. I can't imagine where else it could be besides in my own ROOM, I don't even want to think about where it might be. Is it really that important? No, not really. But I wouldn't have minded perhaps losing a different journal. If you're wondering, I had 6 journals or so, although minus the one I can't find, 5 I guess. Sigh.

Um...yeah, so that's about it. Now I'm sitting here. Stuffed with stuff.

October 04, 2001

My piano teacher got into a car accident! :( I mean, she's fine...kind of...she was at the lesson, but her right arm is kind of NOT good. She might need to get a plate and pins stuck in her arm, which would probably affect her piano playing ability, yeah? :( She always plays violin and cello...and maybe other stuff...but yikes. She was driving and she fell asleep, but woke up almost right before she hit a telephone pole. She if she didn't wake up? Hmmm.

Anyway. Today in gym my teacher said, "Robyn, you shouldn't be hogging the ball so much! Let other peopel have a chance," and another girl said "Yeah I think you should give her a progress report for talking too much..."

HAHA! Um. Well at least the people in my class are in good humor, and I am too. I don't get too annoyed. I'm not good at kicking the ball, I'm better at being HIT by the ball. Not fun. And I DID talk...once...I asked two girls if I could kick the soccer ball with them. Hm.

You know what's yummy? BURRITOS...from Whole Foods Market. You make them yourself. Mm!

Bjork is in Radio City tonite! Ooo...

You wanna know the tracklisting for my "Death of a Salesman" CD? *nods*...cool. This was one of my assignments in English, to choose songs to go alone with the play, and I don't think I picked the best songs to go with the play, but good enough. I didn't like it that much, it was just kind of strange, and not very happy, but anyway:

1. Kid A - Radiohead
2. Private Kinx - Even Johansen
3. Life in a Glass House - Radiohead
4. Exit Music - Brad Mehldau
5. Follow the Light - Travis
6. Flowers in the Window - Travis
7. Tied to the 90's - Travis
8. Devils Haircut - Beck
9. Ny Batteri - Sigur Ros
10. Nicotine & Gravy - Beck
11. Theme From Ghost World - David Kitay
12. How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
13. Let Down - Radiohead
14. Unravel - Bjork

Lots of Radiohead. HAHA! And Travis. The Travis songs were for the happy flashback parts of the play. I'm going to use "Tied to the 90's" for m presentation tomorrow...or monday, depending on the time. It's a nice happy song. It's used in the parts of the play where Willy is thinking about his sons and the fun they have...yay..FUN!

Sigh, ticketmaster.com actually had some Bjork tickets? Not that it would have mattered, but still. :P Me sad.