July 31, 2001

It's Harry Potter's birthday..hm...wee!..oo. Woo? :P

Today I went to Sheryl's house..I was dead tired for whatever reason. Well not really. Whitney and Aliza and Shuchi were there...but...I don't like gatherings. Anyone who knows me well enough SHOULD know that, so NOW you know. I ate pizza minus the cheese. I had a good cheese pile goin on. Yeah, it was like, "Cheese Mountain with Some Meat". Actually, like "Cheese Volcano" with meat eruptions. We also watched the movie PCU, which was a funny movie. HAHA! Fun. Kind of messed up, but fun too.

Note to future parents: never name your child Moonbeam. They'll grow up to be a freak.

One week until RADIOHEAD HAPPINESS! Actually by this time, I'll probably be on my way back to NJ, but whooaa maaan Radiohead is cooommmiiing and...yess. Woo!

I must go eat bread now.

July 30, 2001

Apparently, here are how my priorities stack up:

Education is your first priority.
Money is the second one.
Love is the next.
Finally, you don't care about Appearance.

Hm? I don't think education is my first priority, but neither are the other three. :P
I took a personality quiz and this is what it says:

A kind and gentle person
Your kindness is your charm - you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

...Um...I don't know about that. Why are all these quizzes coming out wrong? Poo.

And from another personality quiz:


You come to grips more frequently and thoroughly with yourself and your environment than do most people. You detest superficiality; you'd rather be alone than have to suffer through small talk. But your relationships with your friends are very strong, which gives you the inner tranquility and harmony that you require. You do not mind being alone for extended periods of time; you rarely become bored.

That's semi-true.

Here's the results of a jealousy quiz I took:

You harbor hidden feelings of jealousy
You easily get jealous of other people, but you manage to control your expressions and emotions. For instance, when a close friend tells you that she has met the man of her dreams, you might sincerely say to her "Congratulations!", but what you're really thinking is "You're so lucky! Why can't I be you?"

Now that IS true. Freakishly true. Lordy.

Now this is NOT true:

The Workaholic
You are dedicated to your work. On the positive side, people find you reliable, but on the negative side, some people may think you are stubborn. Well - at least being stubborn allows you to get lots of useful work done. You aim high and most leaders of nations and industry fall into your category.

Hidden Talent? Nooo! I'm not dedicated to my work...*what work?*...hm.

Man, you just KNOW I'm bored, right? Well I'm gonna take some MORE quizzes...
I just took the Color Quiz and this is what it says:

Your Existing Situation
Sensitive and understanding but under some strain; needs to unwind in the company of someone close to him.

Your Stress Sources
Wishes to be independent, unhampered, and free from any limitation or restriction, other than those which she imposes of herself or by her own choice and decision.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Wants to broaden her fields of activity and insists that her hopes and ideas are realistic. Distressed by the fear that she may be prevented from doing what she wants; needs both peaceful conditions and quiet reassurance to restore her confidence.

Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Sensitive and sentimental, but conceals this from all except those very close to him.

Your Desired Objective
Keeps herself under strict control so as not to break down under her difficulties. Needs a safer and easier situation in which she can feel more secure and have a chance to recover.

Your Actual Problem
Seeks security and a position in which she will no longer be troubled by demands being made on him.

Mm...yeah, that just kept getting more and more incorrect, although it's hard to figure out what colors make you feel the best or whatever, I didn't really like any of the colors especially. :P

July 29, 2001

How much are you worth? I am worth $1,614,920.00. That's not much is it. Well it's below average...hehe...well I guess partly because I'm not even done with high school, hmm..well! How much are you worth?
I ate eel for dinner. MM! I didn't eat lunch cos I thought my stomach was exploding...and dying...but I'm okee now! Wee!

I'm listening to "Dry the Rain" by the Beta Band, cos I'd like to know what they sound like before hearing them at the Radiohead concert, and this song isn't so bad. Not that I was expecting something horrific to come out of my speakers, but you know what I mean. Maybe I should download some other songs, but it took me a long time to download this one song...so maybe not. :P

I'm full of eel-ee goodness.

I also did my laundry today. I like having fresh, clean towels. Towels are fluffy, don't you wish your clothes were made out of towels? I doo. Well not really, but somewhat. Maybe I should use a giant towel as a blanket...smooshy.

Yeah, I dunno what I'm talkin about either. Poot. I think I'll download another song...:)

Franny's hair at one time didn't come to a peak! Whoa. And look at Neil's nair (first dude)...that's terrible! :)

Aw, Bjork as a baby! :)

July 28, 2001

Aww, Conan is enganged with his girlfriend! HAHA! And he says he doesn't do well with da ladeez..."but he's so freakishly tall!" Yeah well, what can ya do. I think he's 38?

Oo so Radiohead was on the SECOND show of Conan, but they were the first music guest...man they should go on again! That'd be so cool! I wish I could see that episode way back in '93 when Conan still had that hideous mustard colored set and Thom had...hideous bleached hair? Was it hideous? Well I guess it's up to you. :)

Aw, cute stool! I love Paul Frank and Radiohead, but I don't think I'd pay more than $50 for a crying minotaur stool and it's already at $275 bucks. Oo.

July 27, 2001

I saw Planet of the Apes today. Oo..weiird movie! WEIRDER ending! GAAAAAH! The ending leaves me to believe that there will be a sequel..but...I dunno. GAH! Well, go see it!

I also saw the Knives Out video today...scaarrrryyy! SOOO WEIIIRD! So NOT normal. Not that I want normal. But my god! "Why are they eating Thom's feet?" Yeah.

And I took a nap.

A few days ago I put up this notice that I'd be taking my site down but someone has offered to help manage my site, so I guess I won't. Maybe that's good, eh? I think she's more in tune with the Beck community...welllll then. I wish I coudl move my site and get my own domain name or something because freespeech puts their name on all my pages I think and there's a pop-up ad...ugh. Does anyone want to get me a doman name for my birthday? :D Sigh.

July 26, 2001

HAHAHAHAHA! My god, that's the craziest Bjork photo I have ever seen. Not the strangest, just crazy. It's funny! "BEHOLD..the MIGHTY EGG!" *trumpet fanfare* Woo!
Oo I cheated, I ate rice and eel for lunch today. :) My mum said I could have fish! Although after I ate I felt kind of sick...ate too much. Ergh. ERRRGGHH!

Man, this stupid Ragu Express commercial is SO annoying! Do you know what I'm talkin about? With all those kids like "I don't cook pasta, doodoodoo, I'm gonna sit here on the bleachers all day" and then that CREEPY kid who's having waaay too much fun dumping the pasta in the bowl and heating it up? He's the scariest one. Some commercials are so stupud I can't even comprehend who makes these things. I mean...okay, I'm being really harsh, but those kids in the commercial jsut really annoy me!

Another stupid commercial is the Fruit by the Foot (actually I think it's Froot by the Foot?) one with that kid having way too much fun eating it. I'd hate to be that kid. :)

July 25, 2001

Ugh...I wish I wan't so unhealthy! It's not really my fault, but then...doodoODOO! My brother easts the same stuff I do, probaby worse stuff, but he never gets sick, and I'm so congested that my mum says I can only eat fruit/vegetables and drink juice or water, so sometimes it's better not to eat anything at all. I drank some water but I felt sick, and I have to drink a bottle of water at least I think. I want a sandwich! :( I had watermelon for dinner...not that I don't like watermelon, but...guh. It's not the worst thing in the world to not eat grains or meat for a few days, but even today my mum and bro went out for lunch at my favorite buffet place and left me home...my mum said she'd eat fruit and stuff with me but she already hasn't. A few weeks ago I wanted to go to the buffet but my brother and mum said no, it was too far, and they went anyway...isn't that kind of mean?

Sooo I woke up at 1, went on the internet and watched TV, then I went back to sleep because what else am I supposed to do? So then I woke up at around 6 and ate my dinner, ooeeoaoea. My mum said to drink water whenever I feel hungry, I'm not sure what that's supposed to do though. I mean...I'm still hungry...yeah? :P
Oo I had fun today. First of all, I saw this art exhibit called NGC6093 by Hiro Yamagata. My mum and I took the subway from...40-something street down to...Canal street and walked a bit to get to the gallery, and it was free admission which was nice. It was just as hot and humid inside as it was outside, but it was SOO cool, I swear, if it was air conditioned I could have stayed there all day. But I probably would have came out disillutioned and crazy. This is why:

Actually, that picture is of the room that happened to be CLOSED and I think that's the biggest room...um...generally, the whole place was COVERED with mylar and there were lights going on and off...if there was music it'd be a freaky messed up dance club, but there wasn't, just the whirring of the cubes turning around.

LOTS of cubes were everywhere, by the way. My mum thought it was an illusion, until she touched one...ha! DUH they're real, they're makin noise and turning around all over the place, crazy man. There were lots of little rooms to the side of the main place you walked in...I think the first one I went in was very dark except for some costellation-lookin stuff on the wall.

I mean...galaxies. Right? Yeah, they're quite different...and there were glasses that made them look 3D, it was very cool. The galaxies...they're pretty! They were green though, not red...

There was another room which had this giant cube shaped room in the middle...at first I was walking around it (slowly, cos it was nearly pitch black) and then there was a opening on one of the sides. I went in and it was..um..shiny! Like everything else. And lasers! Yeah. Another room was really messed up, it was pitch black and then a flash of light went off and practically blinded you. Everyone who went in there came out going "God that's crazy" and then I figured out what they were talking about..."MY EYES! I CAN'T SEE!" Ah well, still fun! There were probably other rooms too...but...cannot...remember. I wish I spent more time there but after I went to all the rooms I felt like leaving, god it was hyOOmid! Humid. HYOO! Mid.

Ookee well we walked around a bit...well after taking the subway back to 40-something street, and we ate dinner. And I got SNAILS! They tasted too cheesy, but they were still yummy. And I had orange sorbet in...an orange. Mm.

And THEN we saw the show 42nd Street...on 42nd street. I would never remember that if the show wasn't called that, but anyway, I KNOOOW! I liked it, I thought it was very good...nice music, nice dancing, lots of happy...dudes. Wooee! It's a play about making a play. There seem to be a few of those eh? Hm.

July 23, 2001

Ooo my god...this is what the video for Knives Out looks like...freaky!


Everything's gonna be alright, honey...let the good men operate on yew...

Why is my bed so tiny?

...*I have no idea*...

...ooookay! Now I'm just scared...

July 22, 2001

I went to the Whole Foods Market and guess what they had? Frozen eel rice! So I can have all the eel rice I want! YESSSS...it's all miiine. GIMME! I have a feeling if I eat so much I'll just get sick of it, but I hope not. Mm!

And I just read that another Jurassic Park movie might be made...! I mean, it made like 50 million this weekend but I don't want to see another one...I think. Although if there WAS another one, I'd probably see it. Oo well. And has anyone heard of that movie Jeepers Creepers? That's just the worst title ever! It's a weird horror movie, but I can't imagine having to go "Two for Jeepers Creepers", you know? *Shudders*...that weird high schooler guy from Ed is in it, which is just....weird.
I had fun this weekend. Weeoo! Diana came over and we did stuff. Like...um...make stuff! Yeah! We bought come Crayola Model Magic which is lots more fun than clay, cos it's all squishy and not messy and when it dries it's like foany and not rock-hard. Oo. This is the set I bought...buy one and go CRAYOLA CRAZY!

...anyway. Here's what I made:

Okay...that first dude is Thom. I know it doesn't look remotely LIKE him (I was following the South Park drawing), but it's not like I'm an expert at this. The little minotaur is something Diana made, actually...came out pretty good eh? The penguin came out the best I think...ISN'T IT CUTE? I bought a pack of googly eyes...heehee. And its' BLUE because I like blue. My brother and mum kept asking me why he was blue...I didn't know you weren't allowed to make them blue for god's sake. WHO CARES! He's cute! And the other minotaur is a flat pin that I made, and it came out okay I guess.

This is a t-shirt that took me more than 3 hours to bead (!):

I think it came out nice. You can't see the individual beads that well, but they're kind of different colors, all blue tinted but...shiny and preeetty! The tears I made with this sparkly fabric goo that I apparently got from a Barbie that you're supposed to decorate cos there were directions on the bottle that said something like "Decorate Barbie's dress any way you want!" Um. Apparently I DIDN'T follow the directions cos I never used it. I kind of did a bad job drying to draw the tears with pencil initially so the right side is smudge-ee, but I'll wash it I guess.

This last picture is of a giant promotional poster Diana took from HMV (where she works in Manhattan) for meee:

I don't know if you can tell how big it is, but there's a piano next to it. It's double sided (with the same thing on the other side) and vinyl...and vinyl smells FUNKY! So it smells. Hm. I have no idea what to do with it. If I take down some stuff in my room maybe I can fit it somewhere, but it's also kind of heaby so I'll need some big nails...

July 21, 2001

DOOD! Cristen got the RADIOHEAD TICKETS! NEENEHHEHEHAhAHEAHAhhaehaihueahHAGuhguhgHHAEH! I should start workin on that Radiohead shirt I wanted to make..hmm...ANYWAY! Cristen, my mum and I will be in section 132, row F, seats 4-6. Here's a seating chart. :D


July 19, 2001

Man, this guy sure was pissed. I mean if today was the REAL sale date I would be that pissed too...but apparently this guy doesn't have time to buy the tickets on the REAL date. That's too bad, I think he did everything possible that you COULD have done to get the tickets. They should rename it "Ticketbastard"..yessss!

Anyway, here's a picture of the part of the game that scared me the MOST and will give me nightmares:

That's not even the scariest part..when the pink dude starts flailin his arms, things get nasty.

And these are the aliens called Morolians, they're kind of cute:
DOOOD, no Radiohead tickets for me. Sigh. Well, it's okay, there's still the NORMAL sale date on Saturday, which Cristen MUST get or else I'll freeeeeak. Her internet connection is about a billion times faster than mine though, so IT'S OKAY!

Oh yes, and last night/this morning, Cristen and I baked LIKE WE'VE NEVER BAKED BEFOOORE! We made cookies shaped like all your favorite characters! Yes, cookies featuring THOM, ED, COLIN, JONNY, and PhiiLLLLL! Heehaheahea! Also, we threw in some penguins, Beck, and Cristen and meee. Oo yum! And they're decorated with GOO! Mm. Goo was never this tasty.

Today we saw Jurassic Park III! Yuup. It was a cool movie, not too bad, but if you've seen the commercials, that's pretty much the whole movie. Trying to not get killed by the dinosaurs. Hmmm. Ah well! Dinos are scaarrryy. Even Barney makes an appearance...and of course, he's the scariest one of all. AND HE'S IN YOUR TELLY!

Also, today I played this game called Space Channel 5 and it's SOO weird, i'm gonan have NIGHTMARES tonite! There are these weird...alien majiggy scary THINGIES AHHEHEU UHSDHA and it's creepy. And Michael Jackson is in it. But still fun! WOOHOO! I have the stupid commands stuck in my head though..."Left, right, left right shoot!"

July 18, 2001

...well, that explains it! :)
I'm listening to Travis right now, and in the song "Slide Show" Fran sings "There's no devil's haircut in my mind" which is a BLANTANT BECK REFERENCE!....*isn't it?*....well, the opposite of what Beck says, and later he goes "There's no devil's haircut in your mind"..duude. I jsut never noticed that before I guess, although I don't remember ever hearing about that either, HMM!

July 17, 2001

We regret to inform you that you did not get the tickets that YOU
requested through the lottery. Please do not be alarmed - your card was
not CHARGED and all billing info will be DELETED. You will have another
chance to purchase TICKETS on the public on sale date (July 21st, 2001)

DAMMMIIIT! Then again I wasn't really expecting to get them, but who actually WINS the tickets? Yeeessshhh. Well Thursday morning I better get off my butt and buy those TICKETS!
I'm watching 7th Heaven right now, and it's kind of a funny show. I mean, it's silly too...the newer episodes probably aren't as funny though cos they're all older and crap. I'd rather watch...CARTOOONS!

If this isn't scary, I don't know what is....

...wait, I have been proven wrong. This might be scarier...at least their HEIGHTS are different, in the cartoon they were all the same size. For once in his life, Thom was the same height as Ed...crazy!
I'd wave THIS flag in my front lawn. WOOHOO! Let's totally declare independence from corporate rule!

July 16, 2001

THIS is freaky!

I wonder what Beck would look like with Thom's hair. And vice versa. HMMMMMmmm....

I found a link to my site here and I translated it:

Other site for the fan: beck beck beck only three times, a a little super site hard to charge finally, if you are patient... http://free.freespeech.org/pacey /
a site or one would learn that beck entered the church of scientology, if if...

I don't know why but I thought that was such an odd description. "hard to change finally, if you are patient.." It must be a bad translation, eh? I still haven't figured out what to do with my website. Gaahhrrhfslkfle...

There was a UFO sighting in NJ...oo, weird. Lots of glowing orange-yellow thingies making formations in the sky...hm.
Jesus christ, even the name of the Travis merchandise store is cute!...the WEESTORE!

What the HELL is THAT?! It's like Radiohead gone completely wrong...first of all, they kicked out Phil, and everyone turned into cute, fluffy fuzzballs who can't stop bopping around. Ed is pink, Thom is blue, Colin is peach, and Jonny is green (and really banging at those keyboards!). And they all have wings.

...yes, I'm strange.

July 15, 2001

Dammit, I did something "wrong" again, but I didn't mean to. Internet sucks. And Beck message boards suck. Not much Beck stuff to talk about I guess. But POOOPOPPOOOPOOOO!O!IASD!saawiamrahhahrhah!

I want thomcookies.
DUUUDE how could I forget! Friday night/Saturday morning, RAADDIIIOOHEAD was on the TELLY!

...going off on a tangent right now, I'm watching the news and they're talking about lying, and in one example they used a clip of Bjork at the Academy Awards talking to a reporter who said "I love your dress"...GAH! Mean! I thought it was cool...swans! Cool!

ANYWAY, after watching Air on Craig Kilborn, I turned to Fox and see THOM'S GIANT HEAD bathed in blue light while singing "The National Anthem"..freaky! It was like I accidentally got cable all of a sudden. And there weren't any commercials either, except for some Amnesiac ads which were weird because they were playing "I Might Be Wrong" while playing the music video for "The Pyramid Song"...CRAZY isn't it? Yes. Anyway, it was so great, Thom was wigglin and Ed was...standing..and Jonny..um...Colin was bopping around...Phil was drumming, cos that's what he does. Heehaahee! Thom really wipes out everyone with his amazing tambourine-ing, man! I'll tell ya...

Today I did LAUNDRY! It's sitting in my room. I left some tissues in my pocket and there was lots of crap in the drying. DOH!
You know, I hate my Beck site. I mean I haven't liked it for a long time but now it's just BOTHERING ME to the point fo obsession. I got rid of my message board so maybe the Beck site is next? Hm. I don't know. I feel like I should keep it up, but I can think of tons of reasons why I should just take it down and get that over with. UGGGGHHHAHSUXHEDIHAUHDUASD I hate...THIIINGS! No one is ever online anymore. And if I didn't get the mail, I wouldn't go outside at all. ....I guess I'll go to bed now.

July 14, 2001

I got a nice new computer! Well, not actually new, it's my bro's old computer. Even older than the one I had before. But it's a lot faster and works better. HP sucks! Gaarrrh!

Anyway, about that "bad" thing I did, don't worry about it. It wasn't actually harmful or anything, but I probably shouldn't have done it. THAT'S ALL! I'M NOT KILLIN ANYBODY! Aboojoomoo!

You know, Radiohead brightens people's days! :D Spread the THOOOOM!

July 13, 2001

I did something bad, and I shouldn't feel bad but I do. DAAAMMIIIIT!
Today I saw Legally Blonde with Katherine...oo, fun! It was a cute movie, worth seeing. There was a little DOGGIE in it. Neehehe!


July 12, 2001

Okay, I just read what antisocial is, and I'm definitely NOT antisocial. Oo!
Cool! I took a personality disorder test and these were my results:

Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: High
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

I'm SCHIZOID! That's a fun word! And wait...also AVOIDANT! Sounds like fun, no? I'm suprosed that I'm not antisocial..that must be wrong, because..um, I AM and I'm quite sure of that. Hmmmm! I'm definitely not obsessive-compulsive or narcissistic. But anyway.

You can check out the website I made for Ackerman's Music Center which I've temporarily put here. I don't like it...it's the 4th "design" I've made. I mean I could make something weird, but it's supposed to look "professional" and I've only made weird websites in general. Guuuh. Oh well. Not all the links work, heehee!

Look at what Diana drew! HAHAHA! COOL eh? :)
If you didn't see South Park, you MUST check THIS out! Actually, it'll be more fun to give you a play-by-play:

Cartman dubbing over their voices...

...still going...

Scott Tenorman: Radiohead fanatic. He must DIE!

Thom reading the letter from Cartman..."This poor kid has cancer...in his ass!"

"Ass" is underlined...hm.

Jonny, Ed, Colin, and Phil have been moved to tears...*sob*...

Scott Tenoman...what a crybaby! Just cos his parents died and he ended up eating their body parts...*pssh*...
Click here to see my really stupid movie I made the other day. On my computer the dialogue doesn't seem to work, but maybe it will for youuu.

July 11, 2001

OHMYGOD SOUTH PARK WAS SOOO FUNNY! HEEHEEHEE! *I laughed sooo very much!* Especially cos Thom was all "He has cancer...in his ass!" Or more like "He hahs cansah...in his ahss!" They all talked! Jonny and Thom sounded quite similar...hmm...but it was funny, dude! The episode in general was disturbing, but the Radiohead parts were FABULOUS!
For some reason, I thought this picture was really funny looking. WAIT THIS is better! HAHAHAHA! Thom looks CRAAAZZEEE! "Nehehe..I play tambourine-ee...I'm the TAMBOURINE MASTA!"

I saw the Final Fantasy movie today...weiiird stuff, man. The computer animation was realistic, the story was weird though, lots of GLOWING RED STUFF and SPIRITS and stuff. It's okay though. Except I don't think it has anything to do with the videogame Final Fantasy...

Go to absolutdirector.com and make a movie! I made one, but I forget the URL...it's really bad. And it doesn't even work right on my computer! When I remember the URL I'll tell ya..HA!

July 10, 2001

HAHAHAHA MY GOD isn't that hilarious? Look how short and screwy Thom looks...aw. They've got the googly eye down and everything! :D Jonny looks NUTS..like...gah! And is Phil really tall or something? I thought ED was the tallest...HMM. They all look pretty angry at something. I can't wait to watch South Park tomorrow...remember, you have to watch it tomorrow!

I've been playing the game "Loop" a lot at shockwave.com a lot lately. I'm not very good at it though. ERRRGH! Poop.

July 09, 2001

I wanted to say something else...I stayed up till 3:30 AM playing InkLink last night with Karen, Rebecca, and Julie. Well more like this morning...it's VERY addictive! Well, sort of. It's so much fun!

Doesn't that look cool? Man, I would have LOVED to be there...that's Sigur Ros on the stage, bu the way. Whoa, giant crying minotaurs..that's kind of sad. And it rained during the concert...hm, but AHH that's cool isn't it?

Hey, Thom is wearing the same shirt as he did in Washington! He's doing a Beck! Beck wore the same shirt for a bunch of concerts too I think, this pinkish shirt..hehe. I hope their clothes are freshly cleaned...hm.

I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright right now...I never really gave his new album along listen, since I kept listening to Travis and Emiliana Torrini, but NOW it's Rufus time. Woohoo! It goes without say that this album is very good, it's different from his first album. Which is...nice? Here are some cool songs of his that you should download:

Grey Gardens

Actually, you should buy the album...:) While you're at it, get some Emiliana Torrini songs! I recommend "To Be Free", "Dead Things", and "Unemployed in Summertime"...wee..fun!

Everything English is selling the Kid A cd with the book for $16.95! My god I've never seen it that cheap, I mean the CD itself would probably cost that much. I've seen it for $30 in stores I think. Makes me wonder if I should get it. Eh..EHH..I LOVE KID A! But do I need a book? *No I don't*....sigh. Would anyone like to buy it for my birthday? I'll be extra good! :D Oh well, I don't really need freaky Stanley + Tchock artwork...(OR DO I?)...

July 08, 2001

Yay, it's Beck's birthday! :) Aren't you happy? I DON'T HEAR CHEERING...CHEER DAMMIT! NAHAHAHA!

...anyway, I played a lot of Snood today. Eek. I keep LOSING!

Not much else going on...there are people in my house that I don't know. Guh. My dad co-workers or something? But he doesn't work..um...okay, my dad is strange. And we got a ton of Chinese food to feed everyone, I wonder how much is left over. Too much food...guuuaaahhahaha.

GARH I missed the Beck part of the concert just cos my Internet connection was sooo bad...I caught all of Supergrass, and I found out that he played after them, before Radiohead. I figured he would. He played stuff from MUTATIONS! GARH! I love Mutations...*sniff*...oh well.

July 07, 2001

Aphex Twin! A Radiohead influence apparently...I forget what the name of the song is that's playing now, but it's on the Richard D James Album. Hhm. Does Radiohead worship Aphex Twin? SHOULD I WORSHIP APHEX TWIN? Eh...nah. As far as this freaky electronic drum+bass+weird-squiggly-sounds goes, I think Radiohead has some way to go...they can work on that for their next album. WOOHOO! Give me mooore...*outstretches arms with palms open to the sky*...how about if I wiggle my fingers...*wiggle wiggle*...ah well, I tried!

"Aphex Twin, we're not worthy...at least Radiohead thinks so..."

I'm not worthy? *meep*..

Now Boards of Canada is playing...I thought about buying one of their albums, but then I didn't. Generally, I figure anything on the Warp label is worth listening to, but then I didn't like it too much. This song isn't so bad though...MRRH! I don't think anyone ever listens to me when it comes to electronic music...grr!
Aphex Twin! A Radiohead influence apparently...I forget what the name of the song is that's playing now, but it's on the Rochard D James Album. Hhm. Does Radiohead worship Aphex Twin? SHOULD I WORSHIP APHEX TWIN? Eh...nah. As far as this freaky electronic drum+bass+weird-squiggly-sounds goes, I think Radiohead has some way to go...they can work on that for their next album. WOOHOO! Give me mooore...*outstretches arms with palms open to the sky*...how about if I wiggle my fingers...*wiggle wiggle*...ah well, I tried!
Right now I'm listening to an odd remix of "Everything In Its Right Place"...but anyway, the concert is over. I don't know how many encores they played, but it felt something like 10...lots of screaming from the audience and then Radiohead would start playing again. Oo...cool! Gah, these DJs are saying that the next two hours are gonna be full of neat Radiohead stuff, but I dunno if I want to sit here for another 2 hours. I've already sat here got more than 4 hours! Okay, now I'm listening to a better remix than the last one of "Climbing Up The Walls"...it sounds like the one from Meeting People is Easy.

Anyway, in the beginning of what I think was their last encore, they started playing "Motion Picture Soundtrack" which is a really pretty song, and it was sounding all pretty and nice when all of a sudden Thom (or maybe it was another band member?) shouted something that was semi-unintelligible. Or he said "bugger!"...I DON'T KNOW! Eh. Then a bit of pausing...oo, what will they play next? I thought "Creep" would be good about now, when Thom announces that they'll be playing something older. CREEP! HAHA! That was funny, and of course everyone sang along.

It sounded like Thom and the rest of the band were having a great time. Before playing "Paranoid Android" Thom dedicated the song to Geri Halliwell (I may have spelled that wrong) for...some reason. Eh? :) I MUST see Radiohead! If I do one thing this summer, that should be it! And then for the rest of my life I can eat dirt! Mm!

Right now the acoustic version of "Fake Plastic Trees" is playing...AHH it stopped! GO GO! BUFFER FASTER...okay, there we go! This is from the Clueless soundtrack, I used to really like that movie. I've probably said this before, but I've had that soundtrack since 7th grade (1998?) and I had years to listen to that song and I NEVER DID! I listened to it once and opted more for the Supergrass and Beastie Boys songs on the soundtrack. Why did I do that? Gah! Now that I think about it I remember pretty much every song EXCEPT for "Fake Plastic Trees"...isn't that horrible? And some of the songs on that CD weren't very good. I guess the song was too mellow for me...er...something.
I'm listening to Radiohead in Southpark, Oxford right now..oo good stuff! I MISSED BECK! That made me so sad...he either played first or I missed him during the hour my computer decided to die. Lots of technical difficulties going on with my computer. Sigh. I did catch all of Supergrass's set...um...yay? They're good, but I wanted to hear BECK! Oooohhh well...now "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box" is playing...it sounds so different live. Freaakkkyyyy. Okay, now it's over. Doodeedoodeedoo. Lots of people shouting "THOMMY!"...sounds like fun! :) Oo now it's "My Iron Lung"...I'll enjoy the rest of this now, toodles!

July 06, 2001

Rebecca has informed me that it looks like "catbon monoxide" and not "carbon monoxide"...oo! The font I used was called "bjork handwriting" although I forgot where I got it from. Probably a bjork site. Hm, really. She has interesting handwriting though.

As for that Asian Prince thing...I can't tell whether it's a joke or not, but it would be horrible whether it was a joke or not. What kind of sick mind would make THAT, and then what kind of real person out there would be that creepy? Eh..ehe...I don't want to know.
I somewhat redid the pictures section. Woo..ee! Fun. Not much else going on...er..CHEESECAKE!
Is it just me, or is Pokemon one of the funniest cartoons? I mean, not funny like Invader Zim, but...it's funneee! This episode I'm watching now has these little blue dudes in em, they're so cute! I mean..ahh!...I don't have a picture, but I think they're called woopers or something. Er...that's probably wrong....lemme see if I can find a picture...jesus christ, why don't they have arms? HAHA Pikachu got hit with a basket! HAHAHA...aww those little blue thingoes are soooo cuuuuuute! I WANT ONE!

...HAHA the wooper got hit in the head with a pokeball AHHH! I'm too easily amused.

Woohoo, I found a picture -->

Isn't it kyooot? Yup!

Completely changing the subject, did you know that Haley Joel Osment is 13 years old? I mean, he looks really short, and even if he's not, he's looked the same for the past 5 years, I swear! Errrrr? I just thought that was freaky.

July 05, 2001

Drop the debt! Do it NOOOOW!

Let's seeee, what did I do today...I woke up, make pancakes, and ate those for lunch. Then I went to CD World and got me some STUFF! "Good Feeling" by Travis and that Radiohead desktop thing I was talking about. It was only $95...I mean, compared to what I've seen before that's good, but then my mum bought it for me anyway cos it's my birthday present, wee! That's on August 27th, by the way. Oo.

Piano lessons were interesting. Apparently, my teacher ate something funky and it didn't settle in her stomach too well, so she was in the bathroom for a while as I wondered "Where is my teacher?" Hmmm. But that was okay.

Afterwards, I went to Tower Records and bought "Love in the Time of Science" by Emiliana Torrini. Oh yeah, and picked up 5 more mags/posters. :D Now I definitely have enough...8! That is enough, right? Hm. I know I'm giving three of those away, so I'll have 5 left for meself. Is that enough? IS IT EVER ENOUGH?! Hm.

And now I'm sitting on my bum, wondering why I'm updating my site so much and no one else does...whyyyyy...WHYYYYYY!
Man, I never knew I had the same birthday as Paul Reubens...not that that's really weird, but I don't know many people with the same birthday as me. Then again, some manymany millions of people do. Hmmm. And Paul Reubens was born in 1952, so he'll be 49! God that's scary. That's practically 50! Does he look like he's 50 years old? Not...really. Eek. He's older than my mum! Not that my mum is ancient or anything..but..uh...moo.

For my 16th birthday my mum might get me this Radiohead desktop thingy...it's a box of 6 Radiohead singles, a t-shirt, a mousepad, and a little radio I think. Actually...yeah, I'm not sure. I hope CD World still has one or I'll freak.

Check out this painting of Thom my friend Diana did. Cool eh? She draws so well, it's crazy! I draw like crap..poop! It's funny, 5 years ago I would have been really into drawing and stuff...or maybe just 2 years ago, but now it's totally hopeless. OH WELL!

I found some kind of description of the Radiohead boxed thing I want:

Radiohead, Desktop (6CD): 'OK Computer' EP box-set. Limited to 1,000 pieces. Exclusive I-MAC computer style box with a quality finish in translucent ice blue with printed desktop title info and logos. Box measures 10' x 8' x 2'. Includes an exclusive navy blue 'Haines Beefy' shirt with embroidered matchstick person logo. A fully operational mini radio with headphones and lithium battery printed with the logo. An exclusive logo shaped mouse pad printed with white on navy background. Numbered certificate. CD singles for 'Paranoid Android' parts 1 and 2, 'Karma Police' Parts 1 and 2 and 'No Surprises' Parts 1 and 2. $185.00

It seems to have been cut off. Hm. That's expensive. At CD World it's about $100...wow...if it's not still there then I wish I had gotten it already. ..duh. Maybe Tower Records will have one. I saw it there but it may have been bought already. I don't think it's worth $185, do you? I mean, 6 singles, how much is that worth? And then the rest of the stuff...hm...oh well, if I see it I'll buy it. :)
I somewhat redesigned my site! Isn't Gir adorable? Yup, he likes destroying! Not all the pages work..but..uh...I'm lazy. Yup.

July 04, 2001

I just read that the South Park episode with Radiohead was cancelled! I mean, it wasn't real..wuuh? That makes me sad.
This is so disturbing...I suggest you cover your eyes.
Now I'm not as skeptical. K-Rock says that Radiohead will be playing at Madison Square Garden on August 7th and tickets go on sale on July 21st. How much do you want to bet that I still won't be able to get tickets? I KNOW I can go to that show, my mum won't mind...arrrrgh! I HAVE TO GOOO! You can probably fit like, what, 10,000 people in MSG? Er...I dunno...maaan.

This is from a Weezer chat on AOL:

UKMC 2: SmellyTail asks... what do u think of radiohead??

Live Weezer: Brian - I think they're great they make beautiful music
Live Weezer: Rivers - I think they sound like Muse

"I think they sound like Muse"...gaah? Okay, I think MUSE sounds like Radiohead (sometimes) but not really the other way around. There IS a difference! I mean, Matt Bellamy sounds like he's in some real pain sometimes and it's just scary, like he's a little too into it. I do like Muse though. Radiohead sounds like Radiohead, and sometimes Muse sounds like Radiohead, but the more I listen to Muse the more I think they DON'T sound like Radiohead. And since there's a 99.99% chance YOU don't listen to Muse, I'll shut up now.

I just realized how disturbing that animation of Ralph eatingn glue is. I mean, if you watch it long enough, it's like...he's a little too happy...and he's eating semi-in synch with the song I'm listening to (I think it's a song called Plong by System F3, they're Plone-ish).

GARRH I hate my Beck site! I fell like I'm obligated to update it and put stuff on it, but does anyone really care? Probably not. I don't like to peruse the various Beck bulletin boards, but sometimes I do and there's all this news that no one is telling me about, so I think I'm always behind, especially since Beck started doing concerts again. Why won't anyone help me? I need stufff! *Sigh*. Sometimes people e-mail me when something on my site is screwed up, which is nice and all, but that's it...eh well. POOP TURD HEADS!


July 03, 2001

So today I woke up, and then...I ate...and then...I went out...and then I went to sleep. Productive, no?

I went to CVS and for my wonderful pictures from last last Thursday...most of them cam eout kinda blurry, but I swear I held the camea as still as I could! Gaarrrh! They're quite colorful, but nothign compared to those pictures of the Beck concert I went to in Boston...those pictures came ou REALLY messed up, like I was abducted by aliens and was taking pictures of some other universe.

...not really...anyway, I went to Tower Records to pick up some issues of Pulse magazine which were free, and they had RADIOHEAD on the cover. I figured 4 copies would sustain me (although one is for Cristen...do I need 3? No. But WHO CARES!) and I picked up 4 of the posters of the magazine cover. Those were free. I hope. ...yeah. :) I could have gotten more, but I was carrying quite a lot and I didn't even buy anything. Bjork is supposed to be in a bunch of magazines but I haven't seen them anywhere...Tower has a large selection of magazines, but still no BJORK! GAH!

And I took a nap.

And when I woke up, I ate sardines and rice for dinner. I DO like sardines. They're not as good as eel, but I can't get eel everywhere...with sardines it's just popping open the tin can. Wooee! And Radiohead named a song after sardines. Yuuuum. I wish eel came in a can, don't you? :D

I was watching "The Little Princess" on TV (I think that's the name of the movie) and I've seen it before somehow but I watched it again anyway, cute movie. Kind of a weird movie because this dude loses his memory but of course it comes back to him at just the right time...I don't feel like describing what the whole movie was about, but as far as I know, if you have amnesia, your memory won't come back in a flash, you know? Oh well. Weeeiirrdd...

July 02, 2001

Today I read the 4th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for the second time. I feel like I've read it more time...maybe I read half of it once and didn't finish it, I dunno. Anyway, freaky book! I mean that in the best way possible. If you haven't read any Harry Potter books, don't go "Ewww he sucks!" or something...not that you would, but it's happened to me before. I think I did that too, the first time I saw a HP book I thought it sounded corny..."Wizards and stuff? I don't like fantasy books,"...but I read it and loved it! Then he started springing up everywhere which I think turned off a lot of people that felt that HP was for little kids, but in my opinion it's for everyone! And I still don't particularly like fantasy books, but the difference between HP and other books about magic and stuff like that is in HP there are the "normal" non-magical people and theey..are.....ummm....

I forgot what I was going to say...hey, not like it was important. IT NEVER ISSS!

Watermelon's are delicious. MM! Seedless watermelons...HA...the things we humans think of these days. When will those cube watermelons catch on in the US? I like the round ones, round things tend to be happy, eh? I mean, the sun is round, not that that's necessarily a good thing, if you stare at the sun too long your eyes kinda go loppy and then your head hurts. If you're Invader Zim, you go blind. HAHA! He's a cartoon character, so it's okay!

Anyway, maybe I'll start another HP book, when you finish them it's kind of a nice feeling but I got sad too because...it's over! All those hours of reading and no more! Then again, concerts are even shorter, how much satisfaction do I get out of those? I wish Radiohead would play at Madison Square Garden, I read that they might but it seems unlikely because...because!