June 30, 2001

I saw AI today...very interesting...freaky movie. I mean it's different. It's very original. Haley Joel Osment is freaky too (in the movie at least). It's a sad movie, not like "boohoo" sad, but not necessarily depressing either, just...sad? The ending is very strange too. It makes you think about stuff like the existance of humans and how we feel emotions. Or at least I thought so. If you thought about stuff like that all the time you'd go crazy, I think. My mum and I had an interesting discussion in the car ride home abour religion and having an independent mind and human nature and maybe some other stuff that, you know, all mothers and daughters discuss. :) But then it probably isn't that strange...man I'm tired.
Because I think it is a byoootiful picture:

"Bjork...she's hot!"
- Cashier at Borders
I forgot to mention, I got my report card! Woo..hoo!...ee. I didn't do real badly in anything, I got Bs on all my finals and As and Bs for final grades in everything. I dunno what my average is, but I don't really care (does it really matter? "I've got a 4.2341535 average!" Eh). So the message is, I'm not too dumb, but I still hate school. I could get straight As and it'd still suck.

I've got a blister on my left toe. Poop. I hate blisters, but I guess it could be worse, like if it was on my finger. NOT MY TYPIN FINGER! GAAAH! Okay, where was I? Well I remember once when I used to take tennis lessons (the semi-althetic-robyn-era I suppose) I got a giant blister on my toe and it wasn't going away so I poke it with a sterilized needle or something. At least it wasn't pus filled, cos you know, that would have been gross. HA! I could tell you a story about something pus filled, but I think I'll save that story for later.
Today I went to NY!...fun?...yeah, besides the walking it was nice. I was sad though because I wanted to get a Mum album and the Virgin Megastore didn't have it, so I just bought it from bad taste records. I also want to get a Sigur Ros tshirt cos..um..I dunno, I'd just like one. I didn't spent ANY money in NY today. When I don't have money I spent too much and when I have money I don't spend anything! What's up with that? I have $60...maybe I should just put it in the bank.

So anyway, I walked around with Diana. We went to the Virgin Megastore, Manny's Music, Kinko's, Kinokuniya, and Staples. Exciting, eh? :) And then we met up with my mum and ate at by Foo's, which is a very good asian cuisine type restaurant. MM! I had curry chicken dumplings and fried calamari, which I know isn't asian, but the sauce was thai-ish, so I guess that was the specialty. For dessert I had a weird passion fruit creme brulee thing, and creme brulee is my FAVORITE dessert, but I just like NORMAL creme brulee; creamy and non-fruity. It was interesting though, it was on top of this rice pudding put between two noodle-ee things...just imagine it, okay?

And then the main event...FEET OF FLAMES! Oo. It was good, but I wasn't too into it. Some people were like "WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!" and I dunno, Michael Flatley just looks creepy to me sometimes. Like when he looks all smiley, it's scary man. The show was at Madison Square Garden, which is a BIG place but it wasn't as big as I thought cos all i ever heard was how...BIG it was. I mean, it IS big but you can still see stuff...I saw stuff. Little tny people. But my mum had binoculars so I used that sometimes. And there were two gigantic screens to watch all the action on...oo. Michael Flatley likes to dance around shirtless too much, I mean he can dance, I can SEE that, but his upper body isn't exactly something he can show off too much. First of all, it looks like he got a bit chunky. Compared to when he was dancing in Riverdance, he's gotten a bit fatter I think. But apparently that doesn't affect his dancing. You'd think with all that dancing you'd have to stay trim, but I guess not. Most of the dancers were trim. And I'm not completely sure what the story was behind the thing, but there was this jester who was taken captive by the "evil" dancers and they were gonna chop her head off but MICHAEL FLATLEY and his FEET OF FLAMES save the day! WOOHOO! Rejoice. And that was it mainly. Not really, but not like you're gonan see it anyway.

SOOO MOOO yeah I'm done talking for now, toodles.

June 28, 2001

This is Andy Yorke, Thom's (younger) brother. Quite different lookin, isn't it? Apparently, he has glowing red eyes...HA...um...yeah...but they both play music, that's cool.
I feel stupid! I'm pretty sure that whoever I thought was Jean Benoit at the concert was NOT Jean Benoit. I THOUGHT IT WAS HIM! I mean, from afar maybe I just couldn't tell, but apparently the dude was Jason Falkner. So where the hell was Jean Benoit? JE SUIS FURIEUSE! According to Nicolas, "All the girls – they only look at Jason." Well yeah, he was dancing the entire time, right? I went to rollingstone.com and they had pictures of the concert, and I was like "Dude, that's not JB, where IS he..." and now the world is just so cold and dark and everything is HOPELESS!

...so anyway, I'm assuming he was the dude in the cape. I couldn't see him well..hhhuuuhuhuhmooomoommomo

June 27, 2001

What did I do today? HMMMM...I went to Cristen's house! Wait...first, I went to Mitsuwa and the Japanese bookstore whose name I have forgotten. I got Crossbeat magazine with RADIOHEAD on the cover. Oo! How joyful I am! Air and Travis are in there too. This morning I got my Columbia House CDs, although I was disappointed cos I didn't get my Sugarcubes CD...apparently, they haven't got it anymore. :( But I got "The Man Who" by Travis and "I Care Because You Do" by Aphex Twin, which I'm listening to RIGHT NOW!

So yeaaaaah okay flash forward...I go to Cristens house, watch Invader Zim (I laughed SO MUCH HAHAHA GOD), make cookies, watch Six Feet Under...EAT the cookies, and bash my head against the glass door. NEH! Funny.

You wanna know what's REAL funny? Imagine Thom wearing an apron, a chef's hat, and oven mitts while baking chocolate chip cookies. Funny, right? YES!

June 26, 2001

This definitely makes my day:

poopy pants
teeheehee...cheese... :D
Sent: 2.38 PM - 6/26

conan is the bestest!

I like the emoticon usage and the name "poopy pants"...is it real or not? We will never know. I hope not. I also like the usage of the word "bestest" because if you gotta use incorrect English, that's one fo teh best(est) words to use...and yes, conan is the bestest!
Woohoo! I've gotten my Beck site mentioned into a book somehow. I went to Barnes & Noble today and saw a new Beck biography (why are there so many?!) called Beck: The Art of Mutation by Nevin Martell (I'm telling you the name and author as if you'd buy it, HA) and I thought "Eh, I don't need another one, but I'll look at it anyway." In the back there was a page of "best Beck dot coms" and the 5th URL down says "http://www.freespeech.org/pacey/ Beck! Beck! Beck! - A loving tribute to the man himself."

Initially I thought "Whoa, how did that happen?" and then I thought "Wait, is that it? My site has absolutely nothing else to offer besides 'a loving tribute'? And THEN I thought "Well, I guess I'm really lucky it's even in here," and then later I'm thinking "Wait, why is it even IN here if there's nothing notable?" All the other websites listed have some kind of description that says what it has, like news, pictures, setlists, trivia quiz, downloads, and there's a French site listed cos...well apparently, "it's in French, but it's cool" and THEN somewhere in the middle of all the madness there's ME! GAA!

But I'm happy, really. If my site wasn't in there I probably wouldn't have bought the book, but then I still may have anyway. I have a collection of Beck books now; four biographies and one tour book (with another coming in the next month or so)...I mean, five biographies including the one I got today. Yikes.
It's Colin's b-day! He's 32 years old! SO VERY OLD! Happy birthday Coz!...or shabba...*he likes da ladeez*

...I've never seen this before, and frankly, I'm quite scared. Ed's kinky shoelace? No, I WON'T ask. Actually, this site is really funny. Should I join? I'm not an Ed aficionado, but I WOULD like to make my own membership card and scare unenlightened nonmembers. That sounds like GOOD FUN!

HAHA! See how I laugh!:

I've been sucked into the world of Ed O'Brien...now I must become a member. HA! I wonder who's taller: Ed O'Brien or CONAN O'Brien? They're both...quite tall. Except you can tell right away that Ed is tall; with Conan it's more like "Whaaa? He's TALL? NO WAY!" Actually, that's just what I thought.

Didn't this post originally being with Colin? Alas, he has been forgotten. *Sob*.
Man I was just reading some of my previous entries, and I sound really scary. In real life I don't think I sound that scary, but I might be wrong (CUE RADIOHEAD) or...I might really be scary and shouting all the time. Why am I always writing stuff in CAPS? Am I really shouting at you? I don't shout much in real life, although it really matters what I'm doing or how much sleep I got the night before. Someone from my band class told my brother that I looked "tense" in class. Tense? Nonono, that's just my impression of a zombie; also, I just really didn't want to be in band class. I guess I was always huddled up over my clarinet, barely moving/breathing/talking/thinking. Hey, that reminds me of an Air song! P-E-O-P-L-E-C-I-T-Y...okay, I'll stop now.

Well I'm gonna go grocery shopping with my mum now, cos you know my life is just a non-stop party of fresh fruits and other assorted produce. YUMMYLICIOUS.


I CAME BACK! Wasn't that fast? Whoa. I got some pears. For some reason just recently I realized how much I liked pears. They're juicy and sweet, and the skin doesn't taste too weird. Wee!
If you are interested in seeing some live Air, go here! Cos you know...you DO want to see them. Maybe. I just downloaded one of the songs from the "download card" thingo (I got two...actually, one is mine, and one is my mum's, and I don't need two, but OH WELL! This lady had a box fullll of em at the concert, I think she should have just tossed them in the air and let it rain Air/Sebastien cards all over the street. It would have been FESTIVE, DOOD!) and I just realized what song I downloaded...HOOOW DOES IT MAAAKE YOU FEEEEL? I feel itchy! NEHEH! This song isn't bad or anything, but it's really funny..maybe...to some people (*nudge...Cristen?*) and I laugh when I hear it. HA!

June 25, 2001

My site works..WOOAAAEE..cool.

So not much has been happening...hm..I saw AIR last Thursday! That was fuuun! JEAN BENOIT WIGGLED! HA! And Nicolas kept telling us to LEAVE...well not really, but he could have. "Sortez...VITE!"

And, um, that's my life for now. Oh, today I reformatted my computer two times cos it kept sucking, mainly so my scanner wouldn't keep crashing, and it STILL crashes, and the CD drive doesn't always pop out when I want it to so I have to poke it with a paper clip, and I can't seem to install my zip drive...but, OHHHH well. :P

June 21, 2001

I don't think my website is working...but oh wellllll! I just read that Beck was at the Sigur Ros show in LA...woo, cool! And right now I'm lookin at an ancient Sigur Ros picture when they were long-haired and hippy-lookin. Their hair is real long, yeeesh!

I have bug bites all over...wah! Stupid bugs. Bugs suck. SUCK SUCK!

June 19, 2001


So I'm quite happy. My French final was...not real easy, but that's cos I didn't study. I don't think I failed it but during the test I was thinking a lot "Ooo, 25% chance I'l get it right...oo 50% chance I'll get it right..." and it my luck, I probably got a lot of stuff wrong. MOO! Oh well.

BUT I don't like French, so I won't think about it. But wait...what about my favorite French duo qui joue le techno francais? NEHEHE! Only 2 more days til I see AIR! Ooee man that is coool.

DUUUDE Travis is going to be at the Union Square Virgin Megastore on June 26th! That's the day beFORE I go to NY...ugh, that sucks. Or else I'd be compelled to go. Maybe I can....uh...no. OH WELL! I'll have plenty to do next-next Friday I guess.

Who are these Well Hung At Dawn people? They don't like Radiohead at all...hmmmm.

June 17, 2001

So I'm not really that paranoid, am I? This isn't the same Japanese movie I was thinking of...actually, it's not a movie, but I've heard of it and the similarities are freaky. I don't think that Disney wanted to copy Japanese stuff, I just think it's funny. Has anyone seen that movie Kimba the White Lion? I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but that's another Japanese movie that the Lion King is similar too. Kimba...SIMBA...these people aren't being very creative. I've seen the movie, but only in Japanese so I didn't really understand it. ANYWAY I'm going to NY now, bye!

Holy JESUS! I want one of those! Those BROWN things! I swear, I saw a picture of that in an Asian magazine last month and I thought it was so cute. Mraaaah! I wanna go to JAPAN! Me want cute brown sharped-tooth beady-eyed thingo...Hand it over, Franny! NEHEHE!

Shao Ding Dong! I probably spelled that wrong, eh? Well anyway, I don't understand why he's so popular, he's not even that cute, is he? But I still see him a lot.

Okeley, anyway I'm getting these pictures from travisonline and...I should go to bed.

June 16, 2001

That is just...too weird. I read that these watermelons are expected to sell at about $83 a piece. That's absolutely mindless! I mean, grow your OWN watermelon then, it'll cost less. Of course it'll take a lot longer, but a square watermelon tastes the same as a round one, and it won't cost you a fortune. I just think that anyone who pays that much for a watermelon is an idiot.
"But the grass is always greener on the other side, the neighbor's got a new car that you wanna drive and when time is running out you wanna stay alive. We all live under the same sky, we all will live, we all will die. There is no wrong, there is no right, the circle only has one side."

I don't usually incorporate songs quotes into my entries...unless it's Radiohead I guess, but I rather liked this. It's from "Side" by Travis, and besides that thing about circles having one side it sounds nice. I'm just not sure what the circle stuff is supposed to mean, is that a metaphorical...thing? But yeah, the grass is greener, unless it's DEAD! ....okay, that's not that point, I know. I like Fran Healy's voice, but I don't know why. It isn't necessarily unique...I said that same thing about Thom's voice months ago. Ah...hm. I guess it's a mixture of his voice and the MUUsic...of course.

Anyway...hello! I got "Niun Niggung" by Mouse on Mars today, but its not cooperating very well with my head...whatever that means. It doesn't mean anything. Maybe I'm not in the mood to listen to strange electronic music. Katherine got a keychain of a pink elephant whose eyes pop out when you squeeze it. She annoyed me to no end with that. HA...good times.

We also saw "Atlantis" which I didn't think was as bad as the critics said (well I don't know if all the reviews were bad, I just didn't read any good ones) except for that it had one too many similarities to possibly my favorite movie, Laputa: Castle in the Sky. That's a Japanese movie from sometime in the 1980's, not completely sure, but anyway in that movie there's a floating city or something with this power source that's a glowing blue-ish diamond thing, and in Atlantic the power these dudes are lookin for is also this blue...blob...thing. Not really, but ANYWAY, in the Japanese movie there's also this blue stuff in this girls' pendant, who's a descent of the floating city people and she's a princess or something? I don't remember, and then in Atlantis everyone wears these blue pendants with that blue...stuff, and the princess floats to..bluh...well you may as well see the movie. Maybe there aren't THAT many similarities, but...eh, it was kind of similar.

Karen talked about Tomb Raider and how it was aimed at teenage boys, and I did see a few groups of teenage boys at the movie yesterday..HA. When I was buying my tickets there was a group of like, 5 teenage dudes in front of me. And then when the movie started more people came in...teenage guys that were late, what a surprise. There is a shower scene...oo, yeah totally unecessary, with the wet hair whipping around. The funny thing is that later in the movie there was another shower scene and you think it's going to be Angelina Jolie but it ends up being this guy, and all these people started laughing at that point. It was funny...it wasn't mean to be funny, but it just was. What's with all the shower scenes?
MOOMOOmoomoo...my nose is all stuffy. It's always stuffy! KILL THE MUCUS!

Anyway, yesterday I took my English and chem finals. I think I did badly on them, but if I'm lucky I'll get a B on the chem final..and the English final, but I wrote pretty bad essays. We had to write two essays, the first one being about the clash between civilized peopel and uncivilized people or something? And the second was about a short story about this girl turning eleven...yeah. Alrightee.

The chem final wouldn't have been so bad if so many questions weren't about oxidation, cos I don't know ANYTHING about oxidation, I pretty much guessed on 10 questions, and then there was a lot of other stuff I didn't know well. I didn't really study so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't do well, but I can still get a B for the year. YAAAA!

I got my schedule for next year, and I'm not liking it so far. First I have GYM...again? God. And then after that I'll have a study hall, then physics for two periods, then...us history, lunch, pre-calc, Russian, and English. Yaay? No. And most of my friends won't be in my classes cos they're mainly taking H/AP classes...well POO for them being smart.

Radiohead tickets go on sale today...OH WELL! I guess I'll just sit here...and...uh...sit.

Last night Travis was on Late Night with Craig Kilborn. I don't usually watch that show, but it's funny...not as funny as CONAN but Craig Kilborn is really weird, I'm telling you. Anyway, Travis must be the cutest band around. That might sound silly, but they really are! I want a banjo. Anyway, yeah, so Fran Healy wore a tank top and I thought that was funny, cos his arms aren't exactly very muscle-ee, but that's alright. Oh yeah, and he has the funniest hair, it got up like a mohawk but it doesn't look all geled up...his hair always looks like that, doesn't it? It comes to a peak! HAHA, how I laughed! Like how Jonsi's hair once was. And he looked so happy when he was singing, it was great! Aw! I just ordered "The Man Who" at columbia house (I got 3 CDs for $25, that's good eh?) so I should get that sometime soon...eee!

Today my friend Katherine is comin to my house...that should be fun. She's never been over before but I thought now woudl be a good time since she's MOVING next month. She only lived here for 1 and a half years! That sucks, maybe she would have been in my classes next year. Poo.

June 14, 2001

Okay, I'm definitely not going to the Radiohead concert. Hey, I guess I was right when I predicted that bad things would happen...and that I wouldn't go. It's not much of a prediction I admit, but I've learned that you can't be optimistic in any situtation, or I can't. Maybe you can. I give really bad advice, but from my experience as a living human being, I found that when you want good things you're faced with disappointment..I've probably said that before but it's sad because I still believe in that. I don't even believe in trying anymore. I studied one and a half hours for my chem final but I don't really want to try any harder than that, cos at this point I'm not very concerned with what I get on my test, no amount of cramming will make me a genius. And I'm not going to be persistent in asking my mum to go to the concert cos I know I can't. SOO I'll..sleep! And spend my birthday..sleeping! It's what I do best...

I know my birthday isn't for a few months, but the Radiohead concert would be around then so I was thinking that that could be my b-day present, but now I don't want anything, so that makes things pretty easy for everyone, eh? Last year my b-day present was a trip to Brooklyn to see my friend Diana. That was nice.

If you're wondering, yes I'm very disappointed, but I'm so used to being sad and disappointed that there isn't much to say about it. It feels pretty much like other times I've been depressed, but I guess it could be worse. I have this great desire to go to sleep though. I'm tired. I wonder how I'm going to pass my English final...I guess if I have a thesis link then I can't fail. I tend to do badly on everything when I'm depressed...which can explain for all those Ds and Cs on various English assignments. Or maybe that was just the way I was thinking...I'm not really imcompetent I think. I believed that I was during the band trip though.

My god, no more band. Today was the last band class for me...the last one ever! Man that's great. I really disliked band. It wasn't my cup of tea.

For whatever reason, those pants have scared me. I remember seeing them a lot time ago and thinking..."Oh jesus, they have pants" and now I think, "Oh jesus, they still have pants." It's changed a bit, eh? Too bad I don't like pants that flare, it could have been a beautiful $25 addition to my wardrobe...

Arrrghhh crap no more Radiohead tickets for the presale. WHy do they even bother to say that it runs to June 15th, don't they know it'll sell out real fast? I couldn't do anything about it though cos I was in school and my mum wasn't home, and my bro was in school. My bro has a friend who got tickets. I'm a bigger Radiohead fan than her!...maybe...but she doesn't have to GO to SCHOOL so it really doesn't matter.

I would really like to go to the concert but I can predict that I'll have a sucky time anyway because it's general admission at Libery State Park, which is a ...park...a national LANDMARK...alrighty. General admission is nice if I can get there early enough, but my mum would have to go, so there's no way I can get there early enough to actually get a good view. I'd camp out there the night before if I could! But I can't. So I'll probably have a crappy seat on what will probably be a hot day (August 16th) and then I'll just be depressed because I won't be able to see anything, just like that Beck concert, and then I'll hate Radiohead.

So you see...I shouldn't go, right? I don't want to hate Radiohead. I wish I could drive there myself or I had some friends who coudl drive, but anyway at this moment I don't even have tickets. I bet it'll be like when I tried to get the Beck tickets, I'll be at ticketmaster at the right time and the site will be overloaded so nothing with process and then I'll be screwed. And then I'll look on eBay for stuff but I honestly don't feel like doing that...I was lucky cos for the Beck concert I actually got tickets a little cheaper on eBay than if I bought them on ticketmaster, but...RADIOHEAD! Maybe I'll just watch a video of one of their concerts...and sit real close to the TV. It'll almost be like I'm THERE...not.

So I probably won't be able to get tickets.

Anyway. Today was the last day of school, although it still sucked. I mean I've got to take my stupid chem final tomorrow and i don't know that much. One of my friends kept freaking out saying she didn't know anything, but she's been getting As all year and she never got a D on a test, so I don't think she should talk, right? I mean I know Bs aren't bad, so I don't care too much about the final, I just wish it was on Monday so I could study a bit more. They should just have the languages on Friday because chances are that those are the easiest subjects in some sense. I'm not very concerned about my French final because I don't think I'll fail, so the worst I can get for the year is a B I assume.

I'll stop talkin abot grades for now. I'm all pooped out.

June 13, 2001

I'm tiiirred. I've still got to write up a conclusion to a lab, but then I'm free!...until the finals are over that is. Tomorrow is the last day of school, is that weird or what? I think it is. It doesn't feel like school is over cos we're still doing work and stuff, and it's not a yearbook-signing frenzy like in middle school. I faintly remember how fun the end of 6th and 7th grade was. Just signing yearbooks and doing nothing. I think we're playing in badn tomorrow, ever though I'm not playing at graduation. I'd much rather study for a test.

For whatever reason I was thinking about Taiwan today. It was really hot and humid for New Jersey weather, but I was thinking it would be much MUCH worse in Taiwan so I didn't complain. Everyone else did..."It's SOOO HOT, I want AIR CONDITION, i'm a flamin' POO!" but that is normal. Yearbook signing was fun...here I'm not even interested in the yearbook. And none of my friends have one so moomeemooo!

Today I got "Poses" and "The Invisible Band" by Rufus Wainwright and Travis respectively. I like em both...they're good investments! I also got a nifty keychain of a panda; it's eyes bulge out when you squeeze it. It's hilarious, TRUST me. NEEHAHEHAHOOHA! But anyway, I really like Travis's song "Sing" and the rest of their album si godo too, I just haven't gotten used to it yet. And Rufus is great...ahh..rooo..fus! squee!

I didn't get my Radiohead tickets from the WASTE lottery. I knew I wouldn't get them, but I was hoping I was wrong. Poo! There's another pre-sale tomorrow by MTV, I want to get those tickest but it starts at 10 AM and I'm in school. I dunno if my mum will be nice for me...sigh.

June 12, 2001

Jesus christ, I can't seem to get to my beck site. I uploaded some new pages and I don't know if it worked, none of my pages work. ARRRGH I spent all day doing that! Goo. I'm tired. I think some people called me but I didn't get the phone cos..no time for talking. Finish this...moop..moop...my back..ow.

I got my Sigur Ros buttons! They're pretty tiny...but at least I got em. Weee...?

I love that Plone song. AHH PLONE! So wonderous. I downloaded the new song by Travis called "Sing" and I rather like it. Tomorrow I'm going to CD World so I'm going to get Poses and if I can afford it, The Invisible Band, and then I'll be set. :) I have 11 used CDs to sell, I hope I can get SOME moolah for that!

I like audiogalaxy more than napster I think. It's easier to find stuff. I've had this Mum song downloaded from my computer about 7 times already...jesus, who are these people? GO AWAY! Download "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" or "California" by Rufus, they're great songs!

I think I'm done talking for now. I have to take a shower. Ugh.
AHh I want the new Rufus album NOW! I downloaded some songs, me want. The album version of California is quite different from him just playing it all by himself live but it's nice, much LIVElier. Rufus is lively! Except when he's drunk or high. Hmmm. He sounds very...gay. I mean, not all gay people SOUND gay, but if you hear Rufus talking then it's scary man. I'm SCAAARED! Gah..WHY!

I'm quite tired now. I got this stuff that I thought was soy vanilla pudding-stuff, but it was more like vanilla flavored tofu. It actually tasted really familiar, like some kind of Chinese dessert, but then it tasted gross and straaaange. *shudders*

I'm listening to PLONE now...a song I haven't heard before called Electronic Beauty Parlour. It sounds very cute and Plone-ish. Dammit, EVERYONE should listen to Plone. You can't help but feel all happy and poofy and floatee. Or is that gas...well, either one. HAHA this sounds so cute...err...ok I'll stop bein freaky now, BYYYE

June 11, 2001

June 10, 2001

"we call him shabba. you know, shabba ranks, mr. loverman. he likes the ladiez."
-ed on colin

HAHAHAHA AHHHAHAHA *snort snort* my GOD is that funny or WHAT?! Every time I read it, I must laugh..eh..ehehe..EHEHEE!

...I'm fine.

I finished my meaningless hero project, yay! Many pieces of magic tape gaive their lives to make my project. REMEMBER THE MAGIC TAPE!

Other than that, I worked on my Beck site. I'm redoing it sort of...but not really. Changing the colors mainly so it's not so crazy, and the main page is totalyl different...sort of...maybe...not. Well I hope I can finish it sooon.

I'm listening to the song "El President" by Drugstore, mainly cos it features Thom. It's a nice song though, maybe i'll like their other songs. And Thom's voice is really beautiful on this song, so I recommend you download it somewhere. I've been using audiogalaxy since Napster started sucking, and it works well. Another nice group is Mum, they sound a lot like Plone. I think they're from Iceland..yes?...yes. They have a song called "Slow Bicycle" that I like, it's full of fweeps and woops and electronic melodies! And I downloaded this extremely freaky Aphex Twin song called "Come To Daddy" which I think is the theme song in hell. Ah...it's not bad, I like it, except there's this breathy voice going I want your soul, I will eat your soul which is all nice and stuff since I haven't got a soul...

...*commence maniacal laughter*

I only SEEM crazy on the outside. My insides are gooey!
The sun is coming up. AHH! God crappit. I didn't even get to sleep yet.

It's about 5:30 AM. I stayed up all night to do an English assignment (which isn't even totally done) but I forgot that the sun would be coming up already. And I really DO want to go to sleep...so I better to that.

But first, here's a creepy picture:

I was hoping the whole band would be on the cover..but...uh...five headed Thom! Or something. Interesting.

I don't have much to say, except that I'm very tired, but not so tired that I'm hallucinating that hot dogs are dancing on my computer monitor. Dude...that would be neato. Sigh.

June 07, 2001

I love this magazine. Almost makes me want to protest against corporate America. But not really, because I'd rather sleep.

I didn't do much today. In chemistry we had a substitute for two periods, which is just asking for trouble. I mean, not like the class went nuts, first people were playing charades and then for the second period we watched TV. I did the classwork, although I didn't understand it so I spent most of the period staring at the book wondering where the answers were. Oo. Wasn't that fun...*no*...

Hm...I think that's all. Oh yeah I'm supposed to enter the Radiohead ticket lottery...ooee...I'll do it tomorrow.

June 05, 2001

The following story is from that dude who met RADIOHEAD and apparently he went to their hotel and waited for them....duuude I should do that! HAHA! I'm so envious of this guy..ERRRGH....anyway, here it is.


23.20 PM. The concert ended. One of the best concerts I've ever been at: wonderful location, great performance… A friend of a friend, living in Verona, told me the name of the hotel where radiohead slept last night, so we went to the Due Torri Hotel fast, the best hotel in Verona. I didn't know if they were coming there, but I had this sensation; only me and 3 friends sat on the street waiting for someone. For some minutes (at least one hour, I think) nothing happened; only a "skinny" head , maybe Phil, was at the window of the hotel watching the people down there (the number of guys under that window was growing). But soon something special was happening: a white little bus arrived in the parking lot where we (I think 7-8 guys) were: a tall guy named ED O' BRIEN came out of the bus. He was very friendly. he said: "good evening,…thank you for being at the concert…" and he shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures with us. He also said: "thank you for coming from the south…ROCKIN man!" when he had seen how many miles I made only for them that time and other times. When I asked him to let me have his guitar, that he was bringing with him in the hotel room, he told he preferred not to, having to play and smiled... what a moment guys!!! Only half an hour later, another bus arrived , and I recognised, between the other people, the face of THOM YORKE. He came down and walked to the hotel while a lot of people (I think 13-14) were shouting for autographs; I shook his hand and told him "wonderful night, thank you…" and he talked a little bit and then entered the hotel because of he had a headache. One minute later he came out again and signed autographs to all the people and was having pictures taken. He was signing a promo cd (maybe paranoid android, I think) for a guy there and I told him I have a lot of promos of radiohead. So he asked me if I have the promo of pyramid song and he seemed to be surprised when I told him I have both. Then I took pictures with my digital camera with him and a lot of guys there and then I let Thom see my camera and the pictures I just took ; I said "this is you" and he smiled and saw 5 or 6 of the photos…he was being very ironic and kind with his fans…Then he entered the hotel again. In the hall of the hotel we saw JONNY and COLIN too, but they didn't come out. Only one hour (…maybe…) later we were able to recognise PHIL SELWAY coming out from the hotel. He was very nice too, signing autographs and having pictures taken with us and talking about the wonderful night in the Roman Arena. Then he said he wanted to walk alone, he went away for a while walkin down Verona's streets (I think it was 2.45 AM) and then come back in the hotel. A wonderful experience with these 3 special guys that I won t never forget. Mario Ardovino -


Doesn't that just make you LOVE RADIOHEAD? HEEHEE! Yes. Say yes! I have another picture, and you can see Thom's GOOGLY eye in it!

It's not...SOOO googly, but I thought it was funny anyway.

SO TODAY IS RADIOHEAD DAY, OOEEE and I got Amnesiac! Cristen and I trekked over to CD WORLD and as we walked inside, we stood in awe...Amnesiac was playing over the store's speakers! NAAHAHAH! We saw a bunch of copies of Amnesiac in the front!...but they weren't the SPECIAL ones! The books!...give me the booook...so we walked around trying to find it and the dude at the counter said they were in the FRONT! In a SPECIAL AMNESIAC DISPLAAY...we took four of them cos Cristen needed two of them for other people and then I also needed a poopin animal (I got a pig, woohooooo) and THEN we were ready to go. But then I looked at their free magazines and RUFUS was on the cover, so I picked up 4 copies of that (someone from the Rufus mailing list has already requested a copy from me...haha...Rufus fans are pretty cool though) and..uh..YEAH, now I'm here. :)

In the back of the Amnesiac book, it says "Dedicated to Noah and Jamie"...aw! I don't know who Jamie is, but he/she (I hate those names that you can't tell the gender from) must be special, and Noah is Thom's baby boy, aw! I said, AWWW!. But isn't that nice? The book has god some freaky pictures, I'd love to layout my website in an Amnesiac design, so maybe during the summer, during all that FREE TIME I'll do it. Yes.

Oh I'm still in school, WHYYY? I think there are 7 days left of school before finals. I took my French final oral exam today and did pretty badly. I got a 3 (out of 5) on one of the parts. I had no idea what to say, I just sat there staring at a picture I was supposed to describe, not sure what to do. My teacher is nice though...I felt bad cos everyone ELSE said lots of stuff but I barely said anything. I was the 5th person to go...if I went earlier maybe I'd get more special consideration..oee...well. :P

June 03, 2001

Today I did..NOOOTHING!

...okay, technically I did stuff. I did my math homework. I have to do an English project...I have to think of 5 heroes. It probably isn't that hard, but it's hard to say exactly what a hero is. Is Bob Dylan a hero? I was thinking writing something about him...or Andy Warhol, is he a hero? In some sense they must be...and the Dalai Lama...he's important, right? Eh. Okay. I'm just trying to stay away from the really obvious heroes, like Martin Luther King Jr. or something, you know? Great, I need to think of two more people. Althletes can me heroes...I did a report on Jesse Owens once, but I don't remember what he did. I think he ran and stuff. OKAY I'm getting nowhere.

....I ate a TV dinner for dinner. I don't think it's sitting well...ahsgrhgah...

I downloaded a new Bjork song called Hidden Place, and I didn't really like it the first time, but after listening to it a few more times I like it. That's gooood. Because Bjork is WONDERFUL! I have to go to a Bjork concert! No wait...RADIOHEAD concert...and Rufus! Too much stuff to go to. But shouldn't it be okay? I mean, I'm not going anywhere else, so I should plan stuff to do in NJ and NY.

I was watching "Harriet the Spy" cos it was on ABC, I rather liked it. I saw it before when I was 10, I think that's when it came out. I keep a journal, but it's not like I carry around with me everywhere. Maybe I SHOULD! NEHEHEHE! Well the school year is about up anyway, so maybe next year. ...next...year..AHH! NOO! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the movie is okay, but I think the book is better. I haven't read the book in ages, but I have it...somewhere...books are weird.

I'm watching the Tony Awards right now. I like Broadway. Right now the cast of the Full Monty is performing. It's funny. HA! But I don't think I'd want to see...it...ahem..yeah. I remember a few years ago, I wasn't interested in seeing anything on Broadway, it all seemed really boring. But then I went anyway, the first show I went to see was Les Miserables..(oh this is not pretty...I'm talking about the Full Monty..HAHAHA...I wonder how much those guys get paid) and it wasn't that bad. I mean it's probably the best show on Broadway, not that everything after that went downhill, but...well. I'll stop talking now!

I have a treat for you...if you like THOM at least. I have a very kyOOT picture of Thom being all smiley...heeheehee. My net friend gave it to me, it's a picture of one of HER friends who went to the Radiohead concert last week in Verona, Italy. I'm assuming he's the really happy dude standing next to Thom...hey, I'd be happy too! EIther that or trembling...barfing...but from happiness, of course. :)

Aw! Lookit his hair...heehee...it's so cute! I mean...it's so KYOOT! (there's a difference between cute and kyoot, trust me). His eyes don't even look that googly! :)

June 02, 2001

Today I didn't really do anything. I dunno why..OO TRAVIS on the telly...sorry, I got sidetracked there for a while. I still haven't gotten "The Man Who" but there's too much other stuff I'd rather get, to tell you the truth. Maybe I'll get their new album then...

Anyway, today I slept and ate. It's 7:41 PM and I'm still in my pjs. So yeah, that's great eh? I didn't do any homework either, cos I'm just very lazy. The rest of my family might be sleeping, either that or they're not home. Hm. Isn't it nice that I know these things?

I was sitting and watching TV when I notice an A&F Quarterly sitting by my side. Why, I don't know. Maybe my brother got it or someone gave it to him. I looked in it; the first half is pretty much porn..really! I thought they were advertising clothing but then WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NAKED PEOPLE?! I don't know. Am I supposed to believe that attractive men and women frolick around half naked (and whatever they're wearing is soaking wet, right?...right). It's pretty funny, actually. What's with all the guys not wearing pants? Pants? I like pants. THOM PANTS!

Anyway, that was the first half of the "magalogue". After that there is some interesting stuff, lots of interviews with random stars. What was GREAT though was the interview with none other than SPACE GHOST! HAHAHAHA he's funny. The interview makes no sense, but it's funny. Somewhat. There was also a nice article about Daft Punk; the OTHER French duo. I prefer Air of course. :)

I started watching Meeting People Is Easy again....ahh, the good ol days! I only watched about half an hour..but...ooee Radiohead! I could watch that a MILLION times! For some reason I feel like I've seen the beginning a million times, but I've seen it as many times as the...ending. The beginning seems more cold and lonely. Sad. Little Radioheadies mindlessly playing and doing interviews. Thom looking tired a lot. Actually he always looks tired. Nevermind that.

It only took me a minute or two to put in my contacts this morning. Pretty good, eh? Oooee!

Where is the rest of my family? Hm.

June 01, 2001


PENGUIN WEARING A SWEATER! It's not so cute I could die, but I love penguins! The sweaters are so cute a tiny! AWWW!

Yeah..so ANYWAY! Today I went to the eye doctor to get me some CONTACTS! Finally, after 6 years of wearing glasses. I never really wanted contacts but my glasses have been not fitting on my face well, apparently my ears must not be even and the bridge of my nose never supports glasses very well, so I guess it's good to get contacts. I had fun poking my eye out..NOT...at one point I was like "My eye..it BURRRNS!" but I'm alright now. I think I spent half an hour taking out the contacts from my eyes (after the doctor put them in for me) and putting them back in. I had to put the left one in two times though cos it fell out at some point. Not too bad for my first try I think. It took my brother an hour or so to get them in. I hope I can do better than that. I'll have to wake up a lot earlier before school though, just to make sure I can get them in.

I had that poofy eye test they make you take...you know, where they shoot a poof of air into your eye. I had to get that done around 6 times in each eye and IT STILL DIDN'T WORK! It never works, dont they know that by now? And I never have glaucoma, so they should stop doing that to me. My eye doesn't open wide enough and I don't WANT to open it wide if I know I'm going to have air shot into it. I'm pretty sure the peope there were annoyed with me.."Keep your eye open...your eyelashes are in the way...don't blink...nooneenooo..."

I want to go to Wotapalava! Don't YOU! Let's go see Rufus! I want to see Rufus NOW!