May 31, 2001


Anyway...HELLO! I mean..yeah. That is what I mean.

I'm at CDNow and that's what it says...ooee! I mean, anyone who really wanted it wouldn't forget...GOD FORBID! MAGAHHAH! So yes.

Isn't it scary sometimes how little some people know about computers? Like today at my music lessons, I walk in, say hello, and then Anthony says he needs help with his computer. Nothing really bigt, just that he didn't know where a file was. "It just disappeared!" Well not really, he was in the wrong folder. He's had his nice, shiny laptop for a while so I was surprised he hadn't figured it all out yet. Like he thought those little yellow icons with the arrow in it that moves you up a level was a camera. I thought that was funny. HA!

But yeah, I shouldn't make too much fun of him. I guess even though computers are so much easier to use now than 10 years ago, people still have a lot of trouble. That's pretty bad though, people dont' have to use their brains as hard as they would before so we're all getting stupid. I remember using DOS when I was..uh...4. Then again I only used the computer to play one game that was..uh...I dunno, the main character was a dinosaur. There was a coloring book and a matching game. This was 10 years ago, mind you, very simple graphics and interface. Almost scary! NO WINDOWS! MOO!

Or maybe we had windows. I remember using Prodigy internet before AOL was out. There wasn't a world wide web I think. And there wasn't much to do. I don't know what I did, now that I think about it.

Jesus, what the hell is this e-mail?!






I hope they're not messing with my head, and there is a real package somewhere, but you can't be sure can you. Radiohead can be odd sometimes. ALL IN CAPS! Jesus. Radiohead with all their strange message, its like a CULT or some kind of...self help group. AHAHA RADIOHEAD WILL SAVE MY SOUL FROM THE EVIL DEMONS!

Okay, so what the hell am I opening and enjoying? I wannit..NOW!

May 30, 2001

Nicolas, donne-moi la Moog, vite vite!

You should be my friend. Then you would understand why that is just the most hilarious thing on Earth. French...funny stuff. Beats the hell out of me whether a Moog is masculine or MOOG! That sounds good. HAHA! I laugh. I laugh a lot.
Hehe. Colin, Thom, and Ed. Hehe.

Ed's voice is cooool. Thom is so...kyoot. Aw. I don't think Colin talked much. They don't all sound alike, but they've all got that English accent. BUGGAH! So yeah. I can tell the difference of their voices, right? I hope i can.

HAHAH Colin just said "Joe Cocker" I mean it's not a funny name, but when he said it it sounded really funny. You have to trust me. He said it like "Joe Cock-ah" but not's funnee...I think I'm going to play that again....yes, it definitely is funny the way he says it.

This is the page with all the stuff with the radio(head) interview doodaa, you can listen to all of it there.

If you have aim, add GooglyStar to your list. It's another Radiohead thingo, but it DOES stuff. For some reason, it can tell you what movie theaters are near works too...moo. And it can tell you your horoscope. WHY? I don't know! I guess they were bored when they made it. You can find out random Radiohead trivia too. It's pretty nifty! I find it a little strange how computer oriented Radiohead is, I thought Thom was afraid of computers or something...not really in a literal sense, but some kind of sense.

...oo, GooglyStar is telling me that Jonny likes to buy records and walk...and other stuff...but WALKING WOW! :) I do that too, but I don't enjoy it. NEVER!

Oo, Jonny also likes to buy clothes. ... ... .....:)

Key words for Thom: creative, guarded, hyperactive. Mmhm.

I like GooglyStar. :) I shall bring you more useless rh trivia LATERR!

One of the key words for Phil is "sensuous" can find out what the other ones are. heehee. Three of the key words for Ed are tall, dark, handsome, HAHAHA my god that's funny. It's truuue....its truuueeeee.

COZ! Man I thought I made that up, but that really is Colin's nickname? HMM I thought it sounded too weird. I must have read it somewhere. Now I will call him COZ ooee...hey it says he can't Little Colin. MOOff!

Googly - short for googly-eyed; one having bulging or rolling eyes

Cristen and I always call Thom googly, but I guess that isn't correct, is it? Oh well. SUCK IT! HAHA! LIKE A LEMON! Thom's all GOOGLEE! *maniacal laughter commences*

Minotaur - the child of a human and a god, Condemned to wander the maze, to be fed the enemies of the kings whose palace he was entrapped beneath

...okay, thats just weird. I'm getting these definitions from the radiohead site, by the way. One of the...official ones. Yesss.

If anyone is wondering (to wander off the beaten path of Radiohead) the concert tonite wasn't too bad cos Cristen was there, yes she was, COS I MADE HER GO! I got to talk to her while the choir sang (polly wolly doodle, anyone?) and we had a grand old time. I played with her pooping animal and was so amused it was almost disturbing. Yes. :)
I got a tracker for my I know who all of you are...EVERY SINGLE ONE, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHASHD &QHV &8wegdsgv!!!!sdiunlmooo! Don't be afraid...I bring you CHEESE! ROLLING STONE! The Amnesiac reviews are roooollling in. RS gave it 3 and a half stars, which isn't horrible ya know. It probably won't be crazy like with Kid A when it seemed like everyone loved it to death to the point when it almost got annoying (of course, not to me cos I love them!) but for the rest of the world it was probably annoying. Amnesiac is great ISSS! It hasn't got a "How To Disappear Completely" though, which is still my favorite 'Head (I'll only use that name once, I swear) song.

Anyway, the next issue of RS should have Radiohead on the cover...I knew this day would come. HAHA! How crazy. I mean, they've never been on the cover before..right..sooo...I thought...maybe now they'll go all out and do an RS cover. DOIT! Meehee. I hope it's not like Mojo with all that crazy let-not-show-all-of-their-faces pictures.

Rufus is in Rolling Stone too, there's a Q and A with him. He says he loves Radiohead...YAY! Victory! I love Rufus, just not in an obsessive kind of way. :) I WANT POSES..NOW! Gimme!

Right now I'm listening to "Stars of Track and Field" by Belle and Sebastian on Spinner radio, nice little song. All the songs on that album are good..uh..what was the name of the album again? I have it. It' I honestly have no idea what it's called. MOOF!

I get to eat tofu dogs for dinner! and SOOSHEE! I mean..SUSHI! I mean...yeah.

I get to play in a concert tonite. Oh JOOOY *she says in a sarcastic tone*. I'm estatic, reallly! Er. It'll be the last concet of the year...AND MY HIGH SCHOOL CARREEEER MOOOFHUFASHD*(@QYV!! So that's something to celebrate. NO MORE BAND!

BECK! I heard his voice..meehee. "If You're Feeling Sinister" is the Belle and Sebastian album. Duh, that's the name of a song on the album...moo...BECK is talking, yaay! Beck is great. I can't really make fun of him though like I make fun ot Radiohead...but sometimes he says funny things. Hm. No googly eyes here! ROLLING STONE! The Amnesiac reviews are roooollling in. RS gave it 3 and a half stars, which isn't horrible ya know. It probably won't be crazy like with Kid A when it seemed like everyone loved it to death to the point when it almost got annoying (of course, not to me cos I love them!) but for the rest of the world it was probably annoying. Amnesiac is great ISSS! It hasn't got a "How To Disappear Completely" though, which is still my favorite 'Head (I'll only use that name once, I swear) song.

Anyway, the next issue of RS should have Radiohead on the cover...I knew this day would come. HAHA! How crazy. I mean, they've never been on the cover before..right..sooo...I thought...maybe now they'll go all out and do an RS cover. DOIT! Meehee. I hope it's not like Mojo with all that crazy let-not-show-all-of-their-faces pictures.

Rufus is in Rolling Stone too, there's a Q and A with him. He says he loves Radiohead...YAY! Victory! I love Rufus, just not in an obsessive kind of way. :) I WANT POSES..NOW! Gimme!

Right now I'm listening to "Stars of Track and Field" by Belle and Sebastian on Spinner radio, nice little song. All the songs on that album are good..uh..what was the name of the album again? I have it. It' I honestly have no idea what it's called. MOOF!

I get to eat tofu dogs for dinner! and SOOSHEE! I mean..SUSHI! I mean...yeah.

I get to play in a concert tonite. Oh JOOOY *she says in a sarcastic tone*. I'm estatic, reallly! Er. It'll be the last concet of the year...AND MY HIGH SCHOOL CARREEEER MOOOFHUFASHD*(@QYV!! So that's something to celebrate. NO MORE BAND!

BECK! I heard his voice..meehee. "If You're Feeling Sinister" is the Belle and Sebastian album. Duh, that's the name of a song on the album...moo...BECK is talking, yaay! Beck is great. I can't really make fun of him though like I make fun ot Radiohead...but sometimes he says funny things. Hm. No googly eyes here!

May 29, 2001

Guh, it's gettin late. It doesn't really matter though, I guess. Last night I tried to go to sleep aroud 9:45 but it was virtually impossible since I can't breathe through my nose. I got up at some point to drink some Snapple. Hm. And then I tried to go to sleep again. I probably went to sleep around 2 AM. Moop.

Has your tongue ever been completely dry? Like BONE dry? I didn't know it was possible, but apparently it is...that happens to me a lot. A dry tongue feels WEIRD, I'm telling ya. It's like...I dunno...weiirrrd.

Today...SUCKED..I mean, in school. When I got home it wasn't so bad. Mweehee! But I got to school and got this funny feeling, and then I wanted to go home. And I felt kind of sick. Tummy...hurtts..WHYYY...I don't know. But I managed to make it through the day...and a two-period band practice. Ugh. There's a concert tomorrow...that should be like playing with sharks.

I think my English teacher was wearing a wig today. I guess she had chemotherapy or some kind of treatment...I think she has breast cancer. I should just know these things, right? She *sort* of told us about her illness, but not really. It must be hard for her, cos she's usually in school. She took a few weeks off and I guess she just gets treatment every now and then. I noticed her hair was a little different in color, but when I talked to her about my essay I coudl see that it didn't really look like her hair at all. :( I don't especially like my English teacher (or any of my other teachers for that matter) but I dunno, sometthing just makes me feel bad. It doesn't seem like any of the students like her. They're always complaining that she gives too much work and doesn't grade fairly, but I really...don't...know. She does give a lot of work, but it could be a lot worse. Last year I got a lot of work in English too. One of my friends is always saying she's the devil and she hates her, but she really isn't devil material if you ask me. Sometimes other teenagers think so irrationally, it doesn't make sense to me...

When I was talking to my teacher about my essay, I felt really depressed, like something horrible was going to happen, but I don't know why. I could have cried but I didn't really want to, you know. I didn't feel so smart...I'm really no where near as smart as I used to. Or stuff is getting harder. But you'd think my brain would evolve as I got older, right? I don't think it happens that way. I was the smart one back in...uh...elementary school. This essay that I'm doing was due eons ago, so it's really late, but I'll get some credit for it. I really didn't get some of it either, and the teacher know that so she helped me. I felt kind of bad though because it's not like she gave the rest of the class a one-on-one session with their essay, and so I don't see what makes me so special to get so much help, and then it's not like she would refuse helping me. But I really couldn't have done it otherwise...that was the original plan anyway. One of my friends said it was easy but..blech...anyway, I have to focus on another project for English. Does anyone want to help me think of 5 heros? Any 5? But no one that's too obvious cos...oh well, I'll think of something I guess.

Moo. Anyway, I got the new Air album, 10,000 Hz Legend, its quite ROCKIN....maahwhahahshasd yeah. $15 at Tower Records...seems like a good deal to me, althoguh its still a lot...sort of. Air is usually quite mellow, if you've listened to their stuff (MOON SAFARI!!!), and their new album is like..wooee...sort of like Beck making Midnite Vultures after Mutations. That probably doesn't mean anything to you, eh? Well, let's pretend it does. :)

There was a nice display set up for Amnesiac in Tower was cool. There were all these Radiohead CDs and then I looked up and there was this sign that said AMNESIAC...but it's not out yet. So it's like a trick or something. WHERE IS IT?! Gimme! Sigh.

AIR! 22 days till I see AIR! Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, HAHAHAHA...*I have to stop laughing like that*...

May 27, 2001

Sent: 9.25 PM - 5/26
oh, cool page, girl, you remmember me?, email me'm confused. Who is this? I don't remember, should I? MUUHMUH I'm so hungry.
Moo, Thom disappeared! Oh well, I'm sure YOUUU don't really care. THOOOM!

I got the issue of NME with the THOM interview, and its got this creeepy picture of him on the cover. THEY BURNED HIS EYES OUT! Why I DON'T KNOW! Moo.

I played videogames this weekend with Cristen. Meheh. There were many explosions and stuff. Good times...good times...

RADIOHEAD PLAYING RIGHT NOW on pbs...okay its over...I'm watching The Money Show, and earlier they were talking about Napster. They were playing Idioteque, mweehee. They also played Hollywood Freaks...WHOA it's BECK my GOD! Craaazyyy.

*note: the following picture probably shouldn't be shown to those younger than 10 years old, or screaming may commence*

AHHHHHHH! *huff huff*..what the hell is that? Thom's hair...too much of it...too fluffy...HE HAD HEAD EXPLODEE!

I also saw Shrek this weekend. Cute movie. A BIRD EXPLODES! That's why you should see it. Other stuff happens too. Funny, cute, twisted movie, ahhAHAHHAhahah yes.

I guess I should start my Macbeth essay. Moo.

May 26, 2001

MRAHHSHAHHAHAHAH..NEEHEHEEHEHEHEH...asghrgsGHUBV!!B SNORT snort snort AHHASHDHASH *throws head back in maniacal laughter*....NEEHEHEHEHE *convulses on the floor for a while*...HHASffhhhfstppotopptootttttttoootototototooootoootoot

...sorry 'bout that, did I scare ya? THAT WAS THE IDEA! Neehee! The picture isn't actually that funny, I mean, Thom is just so...thom lookin (thom, adj. - especially cute, as to only appeal to a small percentage of the world's population), but the hat looks funny and seeing him in a hat like that just made me laugh so very very much. It filled my belly region with JOY! My BELLY REGION! My SQUIGGLY-SPOOCH! So very full of joy..and goo...mission goo...

Here's another...

MIFF MIFF MOOKIE DOO! It's...the hat...*twinklee eerie music plays*, lets hold hands, look into each other eyes, and let out a big AWWW!

(If you're curious, this is the site with this crazy girl who apparently goes to many

Today was Humanities Day. What that means, I DON'T knooow! Perhaps to show the school's appreciation for the arts...HAH...riiight. So I don't know why I went to school, the only real classes I had were French and math, and whatever we did in math I didn't understand at all, so yet ANOTHER period wasted. First period we watched this strange movie in the auditorium about being a teenager and all that stuff I've heard a million times. The movie wasn't so bad, it was just a little weird. It was on these three GINORMOUS screens, like they went from the ground to the top of the was full of music videos and scrolling the lyrics (which I guess were supposed to tell us a positive message or something) at the bottom. I couldn't really see it though cos someone was sitting right in front of me, and I couldn't see the middle screen. THAT WAS WHERE THE ACTION WAS! And then they showed lots of clips of movies. Eh. Hm.

After that I had study period..then French..and then another assembly to see a chorus thingy. It was boring. They sang well but it was still boring. After that, math class. After that, a drama performance. Which was also boring..sort of odd too. Then...ummm...oh yeah, the talent show. Nothing really horrible this year, last year a three girl band played a Blink-182 song, and it was totally out of tune and it was just horrible...guuh. This year there was lots of singing and not a million people playing piano for once. One dude played the piano...some other guys played the piano too, but they sang also. One girl played the guitar and sang a song she wrote. That was kind of strange to tell you the truth, she sang really softly. At the end, this guy danced to "It's Gonna Be Me" and that was scary.

After that was the fashion show. BOORING...soo boring I actually went to sleep. I thought I was going to die..."!" It's just a bunch of girls wearing skirts and..stuff...not that I can make a skirt, but then I wouldn't want to. And then there's always a lot of people who are wearing pieces of cloth the size of a hand towel which I guess it supposed to be a top piece or something. I DON'T knooow. That always gets the guys "That's my, that's MY girlfriend...I'm going out with her...BLAH BLAH BLAH" Oh yes, guys are stupid.

And now my eyes are all googly. Miirrf.

May 24, 2001

i like you. *rubs robyns head*'s e-mails like that that almost make life worth living! BWEEHEEHEE...rub someone's head today!

Apparently, tomorrow is Towel Day, sure to wear a towel..*I don't know*...

Happy 60th b-day to Bob Dylan! I dunno why I'm wishing him a happy birthday, but he hasn't aged very well, ahs he? He's SIXTY, not 80. Why does he look so very ollld? At least he's still active and stuff...he's playing at a music festival, a festival which also includes BECK HAHAHA yesss.

Phil turned 34!...yesterday..but anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL, the forgotten member of Radiohead. :) That's not really true, that he's forgotten, but he's the drummer and he's just ASKIN for it.

<-- lookie, it's the pretty limited edition of Amnesiac! I wanniiit!

You know what?...uh..I forgot! Alrightee, goodnite!

NEEHEEHEE! Ren and Stimpy! Perfect, isn't it? Who doesn't/didn't love that show? Mweeheehee. I loved it and I didn't even have cable...I think I rented videos. Me and my warped little mind. I've even got Ren and Stimpy comic books. This picture would be funnier if Bjork was smiling all big but it's still funny, eh? One of her music videos is by Spumco, which (I think) also did Ren and Stimpy. They're stuff is very odd. I used to buy "Jimmy the Idiot Boy" painting kits. I don't know if they still sell those...well that was fun.

Does anyone remember LOG? That really annoying...toy thing from Ren and Stimpy? What was it, like "Log, log, log, everyone wants a log!" Man, that's kind of messed up, isn't it. Robyn says...yes!
i luv bjork! i don't think i can ever attend a concert again for anyone! it will never, ever top this, unless radiohead or travis or coldplay played a show in my bedroom.

How true. I bet Bjork is amazing in concert...well, lots of people are. But BJORK! That line was taken from a fan's review of the show on Tuesday at the Riverside Church in Harlem, NY.

I would like a Radiohead show in my bedroom...well, maybe in the family room, more space for Thom to dance/spazzercise/flair-arms-wildly.

I just got a package today from my net friend who lives in Italy of some nice Italian Radiohead goodies! Mweeheehee. There are some magazine articles (that I cannot read, but who cares!) and a bootleg of a show from last year. It's funny, it seems like everyone in the audience is singing along! I mean, it's cute...but if it was on all the songs I'd go nuts. I don't usually hear people singing during concerts, not that I've been to a substantial amount...I remember Beck was saying once at a concert he played in Argentina (well, I don't remember where but let's jsut say that) that everyone was singing along and it was this great nice experience. "I shall sit back and relax...YOU must SING! BWAHAHAHA!"

..oh wow, everyone is singing aren't they (song playing right now: Bones)...this is getting creepy!

If anyone is wondering (probably not), Kid A sounds pretty weird live. I mean, the song, not the entire album. THE WHOLE ALBUM...SO STRANGE! But anyway, this song sounds odd. First of all, you can UNDERSTAND what Thom is saying, and you really shouldn't be able to. It should sound like this..."mrahh" You get all that? It should, really. Oo, now it's No Surprises...HAHA my god, everyone is singing again. This is pretty rockin for No Surprises...about as ROCKIN' (that's right, there's no 'g') as it can get. If you've seen Meeting People Is Easy, there's this woman who describes it as "music to cut your wrists to" along with other stuff. But it's pretty! MOOF!

May 23, 2001

If you've got AIM, message the GooglyMinotaur. You might just get Radiohead messages for a while, but sooner or later it'll respones to, try it out. They're just automated responses...FUN...for lonely people...*like meee...why so lonely...WHY DOES IT HUUURT?*
Thom Yorke is wonderful, eh? I bombed my chem test! HAHAHAHA! ...HAHAHAHAHAHA...*throws head back in maniacal laughter*...BWA! It's funny. Why is it funny? I haven't thought about that yet. It was silly, I didn't know how to do any of the stuff. Quite odd. Yes.

I HAD EEL FOR DINNER TODAY! No one better be like "Oo, that's WEIIIRRD" cos you know what, you're hurting the eel's feeeelings! Or not. But anyway, with the special saaauce it's quite yummerful. YUMMERFUL, I say! MOOKIE!

Why won't my telly play channel 5? That's FOX! I need to watch the Simpsons..mrrah!

I think that's all the excitement for the day. Isn't that sad? Yes.

May 22, 2001

This is definitely scary...

...and then I ask myself..."Why?"

Grr, my mum is all mad at me. What to dooo. Well I dunno how mad. I got a warning notice, I knew I would, it doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but I'm trying not to stress over anything. Just me...uh..smiley and crap. I'm not sure if it's better than being depressed, but people keep telling me to smile and it can be annoying, so I'm SMILIN alrightee? Yeaaah.

So I got tickets to the Air concert! 2nd was either that or the 1st mezzanine and when I tried to buy tickest for that it wouldnt work. Muuuh? OKAY well 2nd is better than nothing. At least I can sit down.

I studied a lot for a chem test I have tomorrow...but I'll probably do badly anyway because I was mainly practicing problems and there are only going to be 13 problems on the test or so. There are also 40 multiple choice questions. Ugggh. I don't know this stuff! It's on two chapters and includes...pH...and...acids and bases forget. There's a lot more weird stuff. Mmff.

So anyway, about my mum, I dunno what's up with her, she seems to think that she can change my teacher's min about that essay I didn't do, but I already talked to her about that (for about 2 seconds mind you, but that still counts) and unless I had some good reason she wasn't going to cut me any slack. And I DON'T have a good reason, I know that. So, case closed, right? Well I would think so. Of course I'm trying not to worry too much about anything or I'll go crazy. If anyone is wondering why I didn't do the essay, besides not wanting to, I just couldn't bring myself to so it. I kept telling myself to do it, but then by the time the Toronto trip was over I felt like crap and just wanted to go home. Most of the trip was crap for me. I was depressed like you would not believe, but I tried not to show it. I don't think I really did. I didn't...cry or..uh...whatever. Sometimes I talked a lot and sometimes I didn't. On the bus I mainly slept though, keeping my thoughts to myself. I don't think incompetency counts as an excuse, so I won't even try it. I should have written the essay before I went on the trip, but...I didn't. So it's all my fault. Hm.

Anyway, right now I'm listening to Mouse On Mars...I read that they sound like Plone. Or rather, Plone sounds like Mouse On Mars. I could have sworn that I've listened to them before, but it didn't sound anything like this so I guess it was something...else. My is not so good. Mouse On Mars sounds like Plone music that you can dance to. So it's sort of like...Aphex Twin (+ Plone), but not so scary. Some Aphex Twin stuff sounds aboslutely FREAKY, I mean...I don't know. I've only got one of his albums, maybe his other stuff isn't...FREAKY! And some of that music sounds like what they play in the firey depths of HELL or something. But anyway, I'd like to get this CD (Niun Niggung) although next week, Air's new album 10,000 Hz Legend comes out, and after that there's RADIOHEAD and Rufus but mainly RADIOHEAD! Man I wish I had more money. Maybe I can take some out of the band. And then I juust bought those tickets to the Air concert, which is like another...37 bucks? Guh! Moof.
Robyn, your inner rock star is Britney Spears

Feel it, sweetheart; the rock star in you is all Britney—the envy of cheerleaders everywhere. One part girl next door, one part naughty sex kitten, you're definitely not as innocent as you look. And that is why nobody can get enough of you. You are the ultimate American girl with some serious staying power. Unlike other success stories, you and Britney are more than just a pretty face: you've got talent, confidence, and the brains to back it up. With a talent list like yours it's no wonder you're at the top of the popularity charts and young men's hearts. We love you. Shout out your inner Britney!

...damn. This is from emode...which usually doesn't disappoint me, but oh well. This seems pretty inaccurate, doesn't it? I mean, to anyone that knows me. I wouldn't call Britney Spears a "rock star" either. Beck and Bjork are also possibilities..I know I'm not like them, but it would have been cool if the test told me so, eh? Let me point out all the things wrong with this...

"The envy of all cheerleaders" just sounds WRONG doesn't it? Eh. Naughty sex kittem makes even less sense though...I don't like America that much, and I'm asian too...I haven't got much talent OR confidence, and any brains I have I don't use much because I'm lazy as MOOK! I've never been popular, and I could say more but I won't.

I think I'll take the test over again eh?...Here I GOOO!...

...alright, now I'm Macy Gray. The question that I thought really made me Britney was the one that asked about what you're voice is like...three of them didn't seem to be me at all so I picked the AHPPY PERKY CHIPPEREE voice, which isn't necessarily true either. Aren't any of these rock stars complete losers?! It's like they've got all these good stuff about them, people have faults don't want to be Macy Gray either.

So thats it, I'm not going to be a rock star. OR I can start a generation of loser-rock stars! WHO'S WITH ME? *silence*...alright, be that way.

There's a Bjork concert tonight! GUUH! I bet it's cooool. Miff. Neh. nehehehe! Neh.

Little Thom(mie) gets the award for strangest laugh. And for being tiny. FWEEHEHEE!

May 21, 2001

Today was not so bad for a Monday, I must say. I got some more magazines...I've been buying a lot of those lately, eh? I got this cool mag called Giant Robot, which is like an Asian culture type...thing. I used to read Tokyo Pop before they stopped publiching their mag, it's something like that (if that means anything to you...probably not). I dunno why I've never seen this magazine anymore, I've found that Borders seems to caryr more magazines than Barnes & Noble. mum has a counsin who is the editor of an Asian culture magazine, but it's kind of boring; I guess it's for 20-30 year olds. If it wasn't I could get tons of free issues..GUH! I mean, I still can, but I wouldn't read em...

What exactly is Scientology? Can someone tell me? I mean I guess there are two sides to it...if you're in it you probably think it's great, if you're not it looks like a cult. I'm just curious, I'm not planning to become a Scientologist or anything else for that matter.

15 more days until AMNESIAC!

Mookie. I was watching Roswell (like you SHOULD!) and..guh, it's over! I mean, if UPN doesn't pick it up, then what goes on now? At least now we know what happened to Alex. I'm almost ready to send in little bottle of Tobasco sauce to UPN in effort to make them pick it up. Wait, maybe it is...I should find out. ANYWAY, a Coldplay song played during the show (during the burning car So far Roswell has had Beck, Radiohead, and Coldplay...I think they had Badly Drawn Boy too. Quite...cooool...yes.

...guh, there's a website just for Roswell mp3s. Hmm. I'm not that into the show' mean the eerie-sounding stuff...jesus, there's about 5 million sites about Roswell! Guh...

OO okay UPN has picked up Roswell. Blah blah. No need for that freakout up there...I figured by now they should know. Mweeheehee. Look at this. Weird, eh? I was surprised the WB decided to drop Roswell, I know the ratings weren't great but apparently the fans are devoted...

May 20, 2001

I forgot my stupid chemistry I have to do my STOOOPID lab in school tomorrow. Guh. WHY AM I STUPID? mHRHSAhAHSahssnd!

Anyway, I'm pretty hungry. But I'll wait till tomorrow. I had a loaf of french bread, but my mum threw it out cos it was old...I'd still eat it! I mean it was only 5 days old...maybe. I wanted it. Sniff. There isn't much snack-ee food in my house. We DO have many frozen chicken pot pies though! If that's a plus...

I got a nice, shiny new Rockin' On magazine. It's got a picture of BECK! YEE! Apparently he'll be playing in a rock festival somewhere in Japan in the summer. Hmm. There's also some pictures of Thom looking all introverted and tiny. Aw. How...cute. And there's a picture of Air! So I figured it was worth my $7.05 even though I can't read it.

I might have a better chance of seeing Air now. My mum got tickets to see this show called Feet of Flames at Madison Square Garden. It stars Michael Flatley, I guess she likes him. He scares just KNOW he's thinking "I'M THE BEST DAMN DANCER EVERRR!" Or something. She said our seats aren't really close, but they're priced like orchestra seats. I've never actually been inside MSG but I've seen it and our seats could be muchmuchmuch worse. FEET OF FLAMES, HERE I COOOOME!

Oh, anyway, after she told me that I said "Wuuuh?! When did I agree to this?" I like Riverdance, but this is sort of different...a bit. So it might be an exchange type thing, I go with her, she takes me to concert (if I can get tickets at least) SOOO it's all gooood. I would like to see NEEEEKOLAAA and JAAAHN benWAAH!

*that was just a little inside joke, HAHAHAHA I laugh*

I like eel. Tasteeee! THE BEST EVER! You MUST try this eel! So very delicious. GAHAHAHA!

I'm a highschooler! I mean I have been for the past two years. I don't think I look very different than I did in high school but apparently you can tell I'm a high schooler. It must be my hair, I should chop it off! I mean, it's not my clothes and it's not the way I's..the HAAIR! I must...BURN IT!
A message from Robyn:

Mm...wasn't that fun? Yeaah. I was trying out my new pen and it wasn't workin too well...I had to press down really hard. Miiff.

I put up more pictures...I just got a roll developed. My pictures from the concert didnt work at all! I got two pictures of some dude's head...ugh...I wish I wasn't so short. I really wanted nice pictures! :(

But..uh..I got..uh..I dunno. Doot!

Lookie, it's corner of my room dedicated to Radiohead!:

Ed looks CRAZY! It's funny. More pictures here.

NYC is pretty at night...

May 19, 2001

This is what Georg wrote about the concert in NY in the tour diary:

I love New York. It is exactly like I imagined it and the total opposite. While me Orri and John were walking to the venue we saw these amazing characters, one was a guy standing on the sidewalk holding a living chicken. The other one was a guy with bird wings on his baseball cap screaming like a bird. The last one was a man walking around holding a monkey by its tail. You would never see this anywhere else than in New York.

It is typical that the last show on the tour is the most difficult one. I think that everything that could go wrong went wrong. The electricity in the venue was strange so all the equipment was making strange noises. We had to hold the doors for an hour and the piano tuner only finished tuning when the venue was full of people.

We had decided that since this was the last show it would be the best… I’m afraid it wasn’t quiet that good. It was probably the worst but we tried to enjoy it. Hey, it’s the last show anyway.

After this disaster we went to a party and had a good time. We were all looking forward to at the same time tomorrow being at home.

Thank you very much, see you later.

I've never seen anything really weird in NY I think. All those times I went, and nothing strange! I, that's not weird.

Here's a picture to give you some sort of idea what it looked like:

I was on the other side, so I was lookin at the keyboard playing, who's name...I...don't...know. Lemme see...he's Kjartan Sveinsson. Georg plays BASS..that's Georg. :)
Does the blog voice-a-ma-jiggy work?
Miff! I ate a piece of pizza. It was tasty.

On the back of this month's Pulse magazine there's a full page ad for Amnesiac! I didn't notice it at first, I was like "Oh...I don't think there's any radiohead in here...AHHH RADIOHEAD!" I was halfway to the car then, so I rushed back to Tower Records and took three more magazines. Hey, they've got stacks of em, not like they're going to run out! So yes. Fwweee! And Bjork is on the cover of Nylon magazine. I just bought that the other day...the previous issue I assume. I haven't even gotten to read it yet! Guh. There's also a little bit about Radiohead in Mean magazine. Mm!

I just got BlogVoices, so...uh...I'm not completely sure what it does, but it does something. Mmhm. :)
<--one of the CUTEST THINGS I have EVER SEEN! Isn't it so cute? HEEHEE! just know I'm bored, eh? It doesn't even make much sense. Jonny's line only makes sense if you watch Invader Zim. I know at least ONE OF YOU does, so...LAUGH IT UP! There's more here, maybe more...later?

Cristen slept over my house last night. MWAHAHAHA! Fun, we did have! Virtua Tennis is a very amusing game. "...MY DUDE...HE JUST ROLLED OVER!" You must play it. Sego Dreamcast, ALL THE WAY! :)

May 17, 2001

I got me some Radiohead posters! eee.

I don't know why, but...I've got shockwave, and webpages can't detect it. They tell me to go download it, so I go to the page but then I've already got it, so I don't understannnd. Sniff. It's evil!

I feel so alive..and full of goo...RADIOHEAD GOO!

May 15, 2001

Exactly one week ago I was basking in the warm glow of Sigur Ros. Jonsi's voice created a inclosure of beautifulness..prettiness...surreal lanscapes...MRAAG! I wish it was last week...yes I do.
Words from the THOM:

"Ahahahahargh!" he bellows, inexplicably, snorting everywhere. "Ahahahahargh! (Begins clapping furiously) Hurghurghurgh! Fuck you, you silly cow! Person! Whoever you are! Fuck you entirely! Get out of my face and stay there forever! That just deserves a great big 'fuck you'!"

I laughed much so after reading this. Sometimes I read an interview with Thom and think "Thom would be fun to talk to," and then other times I think "My god, he's a psycho, isn't he?" or "wwaah Thom SCARES MEE!" This is sort of a combination of all three. At least he's laughing, right? And down.

Read the rest of the interview, it's quite entertaining...maybe NME just made Thom seen stranger than he really is...

Another note:

A recurring thing in Thom interviews is that he seems to laugh funny, or when his laugh is written out in words its sort of scary lookin. For example: Harghargh! Heheheh! Hahaha! And then there's that crazy stuff up there. I can't recall actually hearing Thom laugh that much, but then I haven't had the chance, really. There isn't much laughing in Meeting People Is Easy and that's about all I've got, right? Hm. This is starnge isn't it, why am I writing about the way Thom laughs?
Roswell won't be on the WB anymore! GUH! I was so horrified when I heard that, I really like that show. It's like one of those shows on the WB that DOESN'T suck, they should get rid of Dawson's Creek or something...aren't they graduating? They should be graduating college by now for god's sake! I like Roswell...waaaaarrhhshrs. It might be on UPN, because the series is not over yet! Next Monday is the season finale..but in the commercials it looks like they're going back to their planet...NO DON'T LEAVE YET! We still don't know what happened to Alex! GUH!

...doesn't anyone whare my pain? Eh.

I got a magamuhzine's got Air on the cover! French dudes are skinny...mrrah! It's sort of scary. Why must I be American and fat and lazy and gooeeey?

I'm watching Dark Angel right's kind of funny. I don't think they're usually funny, but this one

For no reason, here is an odd picture of Thom:

Doesn't he look kind of crazy? Like he's standing in the middle of the road on unsteady Englishmen legs, waiting for a truck to hit his frail body protected only by a giant turd-brown coat-like thing? I know, that's exactly what you were thinking, right? Wow.

May 14, 2001

Isn't this cute? Uh..somewhat? Not really worth $125 but...uh...yeah.

This Jackie Chan cartoon is weird...that dude doesn't sound anything like Jackie Chan! He's got a slight accent

...oh lord, I just saw a weird commercial for Shelby. It's like Furby, but it's a shell? WHAT? Why would anyone want to play with a shell? That's creepy! I mean Furbys are scary, I know because I have one, and it's SCARY! It's like.."I'M SLEEPY...I'M HUNGRY...WAH WAH!" Kill me...killmeNOW!

I think I'm going to get a D in

May 13, 2001

I bought stuff! Buying makes me happy...hehee. Well I didn't just buy ANYTHING, I bought two Radiohead posters (poster one, poster two), a nice Sigur Ros magazine/CD thing, a pair of poster hangers, and 5 Sigur Ros buttons! :) I am really cheap, but if I want something...I'm buyin it. MWAHAHAHA!

And that's all. I had a nice weekend I guess. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Yeah, my mum and I went out for some good CHINESE TAKE OUT! Fun. :) She let me buy a pint of ice cream...with nuts! I like nuts. Ben & Jerry' taste-ee!

May 12, 2001

I'm still tired. Guh.

I saw "A Knight's Tale" wasn't that good. I liked "The Mummy Returns" more. Oo well.

I ate some ice cream and my tummy feels funneeee. Oo well. OOO WELLLLL!

I like Coldplay. Well at least I like 4 of their songs. "Yellow" is a nice song but the other songs are just as good I think. I don't know what the band member's names are, but I like the guy's voice, which is a lot to say because I'm really picky with...voices. Maybe that's why I listen to a lot of electronic singing. Same with Godspeed You Black Emperor! although I'm not sure what kind of music that is. Sigur Ros minus the vocals. :)

Listen to Beck's cover of "Diamond Dogs" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, it's a pretty nifty song. I might just think so cos I like Beck, it really is quite nifty. :)
I took a 7 hour nap. That's how sad I was...ugh...I hate it sometimes. Why do I get sad so easily? This is like nothing, really. I ended up crying like I said I mum came down and was talkign to me and I didn't feel like talking, she said I was being all crabby, but not really I was just sad. And she doesn't know how to make me feel any better. She keeps telling me to not make a big deal out of it, I'm sure she's annoyed with me cos she went through so much trouble to bring me ot the concert and I'm still horrible depressed. I went on eBay and people were selling the 6-track tour CD for about 40 bucks, although it could go higher. I just don't want to pay that much, I mean I wouldn't have had to if I got it at the concert. And I can't buy any of the other stuff cos there's no website to buy them is all. And I'm sure I've got the money, but thats not it, I just feel stupid for missing out on such an opportunity. It seems like I can't have something good happen to me without something bad happening afterwards, sure I'm glad I went to the concert, I want that more than to buy Sigur Ros stuff. But still, it's just horribly depressing to me. Makes me hate life even more than I already do (which is a substantial amount at times). Well nothing anyone can do now, unless you can turn back time, which I know you can't.

May 11, 2001

Okay, THIS is the correct setlist...I think:

ny batteri
nyja lagith
vithrar vel til loftarasa
steindor 1
steindor 2
death song
olsen olsen

Alrightee then...I barely did anything in school today since so many people were taking the modern european AP test. There were 6 people in my chem class! And I didn't have much homework to do. Guh. I read some more of "The Once and Future King" which is a really odd story, and I don't like it much. And I don't really understand it. Yeaaah. Wonderful combination, eh?

And now I'm going to cry because they were selling shirts, buttons, hats, and the tour CD at the concert..I wish I could die.

May 10, 2001

Man I'm pissed, apparently there WERE t-shirts at the concert, but I must have went by so fast i didn't see. If my mum wasn't there I would have hung around a bit, but she realyl wanted to get out of there I guess. I'm really sad now though, yes I DID go to the concert I should be happy blah but I can't concentrate on that right now. Apparently, the band thought they played like crap, I didn't notice but I guess if you've seen their other concerts it wasn't the best. :P

You can pay no attention to this, just for my reference this is the setlist:

ny batteri
nyja lagith
vithrar vel til loftarasa
steindor 1
steindor 2
death song
olsen olsen

May 09, 2001

SIGUR ROS! My heerooos! Well...not really, but they're quite EXCELLENT! I'm still in post-Sigur Ros shock! I wrote something about it at the bbs already, so here it is:

Anyone like/love Sigur Ros? They're ABSOLUTELY AMAZING you MUST love them! I just went to their concert last night, sooooo very goood. Man, I wish it was yesterday! 24 hours ago I was waiting in line to pick up my tickets. I didn't actually get any, they just stamped my hand with that black-light sensitive ink. :P I wanted a ticket! Gr.

Anyway, Jonsi, the lead singer, has the funniest hair. I mean, not really funny, but cute funny. He has a little bit of hair that comes up in the front, you must see it. But I don't have a picture. Anyway, the music is just really beautiful and floaty sounding. Jonsi plays the guitar with a violin bow, and it sounds very pretty, like feedback that doesn't sound annoying 9if you can imagine that). There was also a string quartet. The bass and drums were really loud, I could feel my ORGANS moving and I thought my heart would explode. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. :)

The lighting made everything look almost heavenly, with frosty blue lights illuminating the stage. PRETTEEE! The worst part about the concert was the smoke. People were smoking...a lot! I didn't think anyone would smoke, but I guess that's because it's usually prohibited. Well I guessss it wasn't. And there were people in the back of the place drinking beer and stuff. They were TALKING during one of the songs and you could hear so clearly...I was horrified! I was in the front and no one up there was talking, but I couldn't believe the nerve of those people in the back. Also, there were lots of people taking pictures. I took two pictures are the end when they weren't even playing anymore. No harm done!

The songs were really long. I mean I guess 7 minutes isn't long for a Sigur Ros song but some maybe have been more than 10 minutes. Most of the songs they played I had never heard before, and for two songs this other guy sang them. I don't know who he was, but Jonsi introduced him, I just couldn't understand what he was saying. They did an encore too, after they all got off the stage we just kept clapping and I guess they got the idea. :)

I went to the concert with my friend, Cristen, and I think were were about the youngest people there. Most people looked like they were 20-something. And I saw TWO PEOPLE wearing Radiohead t-shirts! That's a lot! I mean, I've NEVER seen anyone wear a Radiohead t-shirt before. And I saw someone with a Radiohead patch on their backpack. AND I saw a dude that looked a lot like Beck. He was wearing a cowboy hat, if that adds to the freakiness of it all. Wow...

The concert started at around 9:40 and ended around 11:39. I was dead tired. I had a good time. :)

Here's a visual for ya:

His hair wasn't exactly like that in the concert I went to, but that's pretty much the idea. Quite a skinny dude. Hm. And lookie, violin bow! :)

May 07, 2001

Gah. I'm tired. I got back from Toronto at 11 last night. It's not totalyl late but this weekend has just sucked pretty much. Suuuure, some nice stuff happened, but the bad always outweighs the good. To tell you the truth, I don't remember everything or why I had a bad time, but I can't feel good around people. People in band, people in school, people having fun and me not having fun. I can't have fun though, something doesn't let me but I don't know what. I felt like dying, although not suicidal. Hey, that's a plus. I have the notion that I will never be happy in my future. I mean I'm not happy now. Not really, I know I'm okay at this very moment but real happiness, I'm not sure if I know what that's like. I don't know. But I know going to college won't make me happy. My brother said I'd like it, but we're not very alike. Things other people like I tend not to, like the band trip, I think most people had fun but I just don't relate to people. I can't figure it out, but for some reason I'm just so different from everyone else, I can't explain it. But there are billions of people in the world, how different could I be from them? I don't know, I don't know, I keep wondering! Sometimes I wonder why I don't just collapse in the middle of the road and lie there.

Tomorrow: Sigur Ros concert. I still haven't gotten my tickets. My mum has to call ticketmaster tomorrow morning when they open again and make sure we can pick up our tickest there. You can cound on some crap like this to happen to me. The ticket were supposedly send out on April 18th. That was a long time ago. Even for the US postal service, it wouldnt take this long. I almost can't believe it, but I should always be ready to face dissappointing things like that, right? I'll try and have fun tomorrow.

I heard an Aphex Twin song in an anti drug commercial, it made me happy. I haven't listened to Aphex Twin in a long time. And then I heard a Badly Drawn Boy song in Roswell. I really like that show now, it's gettin freaky. Yikes.

May 01, 2001

GUUUH English is being a poop. Shakespeare is being a poop! If he only knew how much torture students went through trying to decipher his plays...

Anyway, I'm one of those people. Macbeth is killing me, I can barely understand this. I don't even know who Macbeth killed! Or how many people he killed. And I can't paraphrase any of this stuff, UGH! I have an essay due on Friday, but since I won't be here I guess I'll be working on it during the band trip, FUN!

My mum said my eyes are all dark and I look like a racoon. I think that's exaggerating a bit, cos I looked in the mirror and I thought I looked fine, but she says I need more sleep. Well how about takin me out of school, eh? Yeah. It's 11:43 PM right I mean, yes I could go to bed early but then I wouldn't be doing this right now. I mean, if all I did was school work then I guess I'd be able to go to sleep but I'd hate my life even more if that's all I did. Other people get less sleep than I do, I'm sure of that.

Hey, my bbs is really buzzing now...15 users! WOOHOO...oo...well thats more than I was expecting. Actually 15 people isn't much at all, I mean if one of my classes only had 15 people that'd be like nothing. Hm.