April 30, 2001

Ooo, today I had band practive from 7-9 PM. How delightfully wonderful! Um. Not really. I hated it. I dunno how I just hate band a lot, but everyone seems really annoying. No one knows how to focus. It's really quite sad. And then my teacher gave me first clarinet parts that I can't play...*wonderful*. I just wanted to get out of there!

A good thing happened today though, I got an A- on my research paper that I thought I'd do badly on since I was a few pages short of what the teacher asked for. I've got a Macbeth paper due on Friday though that I'm sure to suck on considering I don't know what to do. Oo well, I had glory for a few short moments.

My teacher has been out for most of this month (oo tomorrow is May!) and she told us why; apparently she's got breast cancer. I think. Well man, that's bad. I mean it seems like a lot of people get cancer, but still its no fun. She's going to be getting treatments and stuff, she might lose her hair and have to wear a wig. Yikes. I don't think many people like my teacher...I don't. I don't dislike her, she's just THERE and I hate English so I guess she has a little something to do with it (perhaps assigning lots and lots of essays and poopy stuff?).

I don't know how much I'm lookin forward to this trip to Toronto on Thursday to Sunday. The people in my band can be really obnoxious. And I don't really have any friends. I mean there's only one person who I'd consider a friend, but there are other people in the band she's better friends with I think. Or she could at least carry on a good conversation with. I'm bad with conversations, unless it's Radiohead or Beck or Bjork related. Sigh. The good thing is that I might be able to see one of my Beck Internet friends who lives in Toronto, wouldn't that be cool? Real live Beck fans, where are they? :)

I hope you all looked at the Radiohead iBlip, it's quite nifty, even if you don't like Radiohead. OH, and you should all send me a postcard. They're FREE! I didn't know that though and I ended up purchasing one...um..yeah, smart me. Well it was $1.25. But really like it would hurt you to send me something, all you have to do is sign up and create an account, and then...yup! I WANT THOSE POSTCARDS, help me fulfill my dream!




April 29, 2001

Dumdeedum...LAST DAY OF VACATION! WHYYY? The...horror! I am...HORRIFIED!

...okay. Um. I dunno. No one is online...WHYYYYY...gooo...online! Now! Or later. I don't know. I'm bored.

April 28, 2001

Just last night I started to reread a book called Teen Angst? Nah... again, for whatever reason...probably boredom, but anyway, it's a very funny book. It was funny the first time I read it too, but I don't remember how long ago that was, so I'm bringing it up now. It's by a guy named Ned Vizzini and the book is just about his his school experience, pretty much. Guys would probably relate more to this book than girls, but I've got a brother and I just thought some of the references in the book were funny, such as playing Nintendo until your fingers bleed, playing Magic: The Gathering day and night...yuuup. I think Ned has probably outgrew those things though, while my brother still plays Nintendo and collects Magic cards...*sigh*.

He did have some advice for girls in one of his essays, and it goes something like this:

Girls: you will never be rejected if you ask out a guy. He'll be so dumbfounded or thrilled that he'll just shut up and nod. Quizzes in YM magazine are totally useless. Stop saying "y'know," "I dunno," and "I know, right?" Please. And glitter is very disorienting.

...Glitter? Um. Well I just find his view on girls funny. And what's wrong with saying "I dunno," I have to say that a lot! Whenever my friends ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I go "I dunno." Yeesh. Or maybe I'll say "I don't know," wow, the craziness! And I don't agree with that comment about never being rejected if you ask out a guy. That can't be true. I do agree that quizzes in YM are useless, as is most of the stuff in those kind of magazines.

Anywaaaay, if you don't want to get the book (but you should) he's got a website of his essays, so if you're bored you can read those. I read that he's like another author, David Sedaris, who I also enjoy, although I don't understand his humor as easily since he writes for adults I guessss. Why must my teenage brain be so puny, WHY?

Ned went to Stuyvesant High School in NYC, which apparently is the best school (or public school?) in the US or something...and it's gigantic. Like this: Of course, in NY you have to build upwards and not...outwards, but 10 stories is a lot. Yikes.

Okay, I guess I'm done now. To lead a meaningless existance....ooooeeoooo...:)

April 27, 2001

I wrote all this stuff...and then everything CRASHED! The PAIN...oh my, WHY DOES IT HUUURT?

Soooo. Doodeedoo. I slept a lot. Heehee! Oo. I shouldn't. But I woke up and then I thought "Hey, I'm still tired..." so I went back to bed, to the sweet melodious sound of landspace people hacking away grass and other lawn beings. MWAHAHA! HACK THEM! I rather like the sound. Reminds me of summer.

Why isn't there any good TV on Friday nights? Are people out there doing...meaningful things? I am so confuuused. Oo well!

I'm printing my own life sized GIR right now! Wouldn't you like one toooo?


April 26, 2001

Your name has been entered. Good Luck!

Be on the lookout for more contests in the future, punk.

HAHA! I laughed when I read that. Me...a punk? HAHEEHEE! Sure.

I went to NY today with my mum and Cristen. A good time was had by all.

Sigur Ros in less than two weeks! Let the countdown begin...*mwahaha*...

April 25, 2001

I know the pictures don't work, thats cos they're from Geocities and Geocities is a big poop! Oo well. LALALA!
I have some MORE to show you...

AWWW! Don't you just LOVE GIR? Heehee! Another one:

Ooo, he be sleepeee...
AWWW I found the cutest Invader Zim site! And another Invader Zim site called I MIss U Cupcake which is REALLY FUNNY if you watch the show. AWW just thinking about it makes me go AW! Look at this:

That's GIR, Zim's robot, in his dog suit. Heehee! Isn't he cuuute!?

In the first picture in the back, that's GIR without his clever dog disguise. In the front in Zim. Cute, eh? In the second picture that's Zim in an old man disguise while riding on GIR...uh...heehee! Cute!

Oo oo look at the quote page, SO FUNNY I could LAUGH FOR HOURS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA..HAHAHA!

Okay, more cuteness:
Jigglypuff is sooo cute! That's what I was thinking while watching an episode of Pokemon. AWWW! He's so cuuute! Snorlax is cute too, but he's a giant fat thingy...dooda. HEEHEEHEEHAAHAA JIGGLY!

Uhhh....looleeeeee hello.
I found a little thingy about Taipei American School. I wonder if when I was in Taiwan anyone called me an American-born Chinese idiot. I think I'd rather not know....hmm....hey, how would they know if I was Chinese or not? I could be Korean or Japanese too, right? I didn't even attempt to speak Chinese anyway. Loolee.

The thing about the garbages trucks is funny though...because it's true. I remember the garbage trucks played an annoying song. Yikes.

April 24, 2001

Heeheehee! Read this!

OR, here are some excerpts:

Hitting stores October 3, Kid A is more fast-paced and upbeat, with production from Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears) and Rodney Jerkins (Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton). "Our fans are the best fans in the world," says lead singer Thom Yorke (known as "the cute one"). "They put us where we are, and we'll never forget that."

The other members of Radiohead are guitarist Ed O'Brien (the naughty one), guitarist Jonny Greenwood (the shy one), bassist Colin Greenwood (the older brother) and drummer Phil Selway (the Jew).

Thom is the CUTE ONE, heehee! Well, that is true. As for Ed being the naughty one...uh...*no comment*...Jonny is the shy one, yes. Colin is the older brother, man that's all they could come up with? Is that how he will be remembered..."And here's Colin, the OLDER BROTHER! *girls excitedly screan and pull on their faces*" Um. And Phil is the Jew...OOOOkay, well now it all makes sense! :)

Don't miss Radiohead on tour this fall with B*Witched (sponsored by Dr. Pepper), and catch Jonny Greenwood's three-episode stint on "Roswell."

I COULD imagine Jonny on Roswell, he could be one of those freaky evil Alien dudes who tries to kill Max or something. Can't YOU imagine it? That floppish hair and chisled cheekbones? He could be all evil and stuff. HAHAHA! Or he could work at the UFO Center, sitting by his computer day and night searching for life in outer spaaace!

*You have to imagine me saying that last sentence all creepy-like*

Here's an excerpt from their soon-to-be-number-1-hit song "Freak You Up":

(Colin Greenwood rap)
Straight up funky when I get with you
Keep the party rocking cuz you know it's true
Tell me what you want and that's what you'll get
Get up on this and you'll know what to do
I wanna sex u up and down
Freak it to the sound let's toss it around
Get between the sheets and hit the skins
Knockin' your boots and having some sex

I can't imagine a Colin Greenwood rap. Oh my god. Wouldn't that be hilarious? Either that or frighteningly horrifying. HAHA! Man...Colin. He's funny.

Are you laughing yet? Well you will now, get a load of THIS:

I just realized that Radiohead, Beck, and Sigur Ros are all playing at one concert. Isn't that crazy? I mean if they threw Bjork in there too then I'd scream. No screaming yet. Gah! Imagine if I lived in England, I'd definitely have to go to that...oo..eee..OO...damn myself for living in the US!
Here's an excerpt from an article about Penelope Cruz:

She is also someone who comes across as being quite obviously ruled by her emotions (an unusual trait in this town), someone who, by virtue of that, has endured more than her fair share of suffering. When she talks about her current favourite CD for example, Kid A by Radiohead, I swear she almost starts to cry. 'When I figured out the lyrics in that first song - you know the one I mean about waking up sucking a lemon? It just hurt me so much. I don't know what happened to the guy who wrote that song, but I was going through a difficult time in my life at the time when I heard it, and now,' she solemnly crosses the fingers of both hands and twists her wrists, 'I have something like a bond with that record. I am obsessed with it.' The idea that there are some people for whom neither music nor animals play any part, appalls her.

I thought that was funny...for some reason. I mean when I figured out Thom was saynig "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon" I was just confused. Sucking a lemon? Why, Thom, WHY? He didn't answer me. Maybe because he couldn't hear me. But I don't know, if I woke up sucking a lemon, I'd be thinking "Hey, why am I sucking a lemon?" and then go crazy. I definitely do not have a bond with Kid A, or any other record for that matter. But it seems like a good album to have a bond with, eh? Oo. My brother is definitely one of those people for whom music nor animals play any part...music is pretty good to me. I think I'm more obsessed with the band Radiohead than their actual music...or maybe it's just both. Yeah, both of them.

You have to download this...funniest thing ever! BECK AND BENDER! WEE!

(I'm amused by Beck's sideburns...they look funnee! heehee!)

If you don't want to download that though, I'll see if I can decipher the lyrics...normal is Bender, italics is Beck, and bold is both of them:

Lay it down boys
Ladies, gentlemen, smoking heaps of machinery, this is a song called My Broken Friend

People say my broken friend is useless
But I say his mind is free
There's lots of things my mangled robot friend could be

Kick it

We could make a good hat rack
He only has to ----
Or ---
He doesnt need to move
Or a great big giant Thermos
With a twist off top
that would be good for soup

He couldbe a storage closet
For outdated pants
I like em tight
My broken friend could do it all
Just give him a chance
That robot has a tragic secret
That I'd like to share (for real?)
My broken friend is closer to me
Than an ass to a chair (hm)
That robots name I never told you (whos that?)
You could not forsee (come on give it up)
I'll say it loud and sing it loud
His name is you and me

Don't melt me down into a crowbar
It suffers alone
Just cos I cant move my arms and legs (hey)
But don't toss me into a trash can (bender what are you doing?)
Just cos I cant cook you ham and eggs (what are you doing?!)
Dont crush me into an anchor (yo whats the dilly o?)
Just cos I cant jump and (hold it!) dance and sing (hold it...bender!)
I'm telling you my broken friend
Hands in the air like you just don't care!
I'm tellin you my broken friend can do most (cut it!) anything! (cut it!)


April 23, 2001


April 22, 2001

...GRHASH!! &*&*HASDb7!!!!************!!!! anosnodunc!(*!BH73brfew8bvf!@Vd54fsdf@3


Sigh. This was bound to happen, right? Suuure, there will be a rerun, but I feel like I've been waiting forever to see it! I wanted to see animated Beck singing songs, wah! Sniffle. Sniff sniff HONK...I have throat snot.


Anyway. I took a nappie. Sleeep. I woke up and didn't know what day it was. I was quite confused.
I think everyone must be dead. Is my life so bad that I am online hours a day uploading stuff and doing useless things and everyone has better things to do? Sometimes I worry myself. How long have I been in my basement? I lost count 6 hours ago...oo..that might be right.

I just recalled, last night before I went nightee night, I felt horribly sad or depressed or a mixture of both or maybe it was a NEW emotion that has not been invented yet. I don't remember why though. Maybe it's better that way, but then now I'm wondering why, and then I'll go crazy and the craziness will make me have head explodee. But sometimes I don't mind being sad and depressed, like in school I don't mind cos I'm usually thinking "SCREW THE WORLD!", but last night I felt so bad my stomach hurt and I wanted to baaarrf and then I wanted to die, or maybe die then barf...no...that doesn't work does it? Okay, barf first, then die. And I had weird funky vibes shooting through my arms...MY ARMS NOT MY ARMS! But they still work. ALAS I AM OKAY! No worry. But I'm still confused. Brains. I may as well eat them, they're no good anymore!

Damn, someone is getting booed on Late Night at the Apollo agaain...that always saddens me. Even if they suck horrible. Well. Sometimes that's funny.

Anyway. What was I talking about? My tummy hurts again, NOOOO maybe I ate bad fish.

April 21, 2001

Hello! I am full of frozen cake-ee goodness! MMM!

So today I went to NY. It was sort of not fun, cos I stayed in the car the whole time...my mum and I got semi-lost. We were looking for the venue of the Sigur Ros concert, which seems to have MOVED ANYWAY, but..yeah, we looked for it and couldn't get to it cos the streets were going in the wrong way and too many people cars lights AHH BLOOD and we ended up on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. "Mommy...where are we going...mooom!"


Anyway, I'm real confused now cos the Sigur Ros concert is at IRving Plaza instead of the Angel Orensanz foundation, and although I've heard of Irving Plaza (RADIOHEAD PLAYED THERE) I don't know where it is. I hope my mum doesn't get too mad.

It's easy to be miserable. Being happy is tougher - and cooler.

...is it, Thommy? Tommy? Thommie? ANSWER ME! Damn you! I'm not cool, so you can burn in hell! BURN like a witch at the stake!

...*i am bitter*...
I'm so tired. My eyes are going baaad...everything just looks weird. I mean I'm guessing everything could look clearer, but I don't know. During the play, I was just annoying with my glasses, I couldn't see anyone really really clearly...lights were making my glasses all glare-ee. Sigh.

Don't you hate it when your chest hurts and your heart feels like it will explode and you feel cold and fuzzy-warm at the same time, and you want to look away but then you find that you can't? And if you keep looking, you keep feeling like your organs will explode in a fireworks display of human entrails? I hate that. I hate it all. :(

You know what I can't stand? Doing stuff in groups of three. It never works. I tell myself, "Don't get in a group of three, it'll be horrible!" but I do anyway. I'm always the odd one out because I can only be happy with one other person. Introducing another person into the picture pushes me out, until I'm needed again. I'm weird. Well today I went to the play with two other friends...one came along at the last minute, and I sort of wished she hadn't, because I didn't plan on it. She said she probably wouldn't be able to go, and then she calls me saying she doesn't want to go by herself. She just bugs me sometimes...and she was chewing gum during the whole play. I thought I would have to rip out my ears. I don't chew gum. Sometimes I'm very talkative, and then sometimes I'm not, and then sometimes I don't talk at all and breathing even goes to a minimum...

Anyway, the play was quite good. I think before I wasn't very interested in going, but then...something made me want to go. The people in the play are quite talented, especially the people who were singing. One of the lead people was a sophomore and I never knew she acted and sang (with a NY accent). I wish I could do that, but I know I can't. I've got intestinal problems. Yup. I got worms. They speak to me in my dreams and tell me to eat spaghetti-os.

So, yup.

April 20, 2001

Dude, half of the school didn't show up today! That thingy at Indian Hills must have scared them...I think it said "4/20 DEATH WILL COME" or some other form of that. Yeeaaaah. So I come to school and the hallways are noticeable less clogged with filth (aka teenagers!) and my classrooms appear magically larger (due to less filth). I don't know if people REALLY thought some crazy dude with a gun would come storming in, but peopel decided "Hey, I just won't go to school today!"

In my chemistry class there were only 7 or 8 people, so the teacher didn't even make us do anything. I started the new lab however, along with Aliza and Jon who managed to not annoy the hell out of me. I also cleaned some test tubes! It was quite fun. I used detergernt and those pipe-ee cleaner lookin things, and when I was smushing it in the test tube the detergent made all these white foamy bubble-ee thingies come out. I call it...CHEMISTRY GOO! And I pretended that the test tube was releasing its chemistry goo all over the place. HAHAHA! It was fun!

our lab wasn't going so well. My teacher gave us an unknown substance and we had to identify it by making up a procedure and...uh..yeah. It wasn't working at all. I came to the conclusion that there must be chemstry in HELL!

And that was my day. So far. More later!

April 19, 2001

I think a pillow should be the peace symbol, not the dove. The pillow has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have a beak to peck you with.

That is an interesting point, isn't it? Because...it is truuue!

In Indian Hills High School (other school in the disctrict) someone wrote on the wall...uh...4-20 somethign something...great I forgot. It was like, EVERYONE WILL DIE ON APRIL 20TH was what it was implying I think. The superintendent recorded a message and phoned it to everyone about it, apparently it's the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. It seems pretty stupid, but I guess the school has to take precautions...there will be police and stuff around the school I guess? Eh. Fun.

Why is Jhonen Vasquez absolutely wonderful?...because he drew this!

HAHAHAHA! I show you these things because I love you!
i think thom would make a good creepy person on the x-files.. you know, the type who suddenly appears behind you before your head explodes or something equally horrifying.

I can imagine that...if I think about it hard enough. Thom could be one of those creepy dudes that lasts one episode in the X-Files before mysteriously disappearing or having head explode-ee or being shot at a lot or harvesting alien babies. IT'S SO PERFECT, THE WORLD IS NOW IN EQUILIBRIUM!

April 18, 2001

I like peaches when they are in pies and I like pies when they have peaches inside of them. GOOEY PEACHYNESS!

I took a nap and when I woke up at 8 PM I was very confused. "WHAT TIME IS IT? OH GOOD LORD!" HA! Yes. You know the feeling. Or not.

Um...I think that's all I'd like to say. For some reason I never have time to practice the piano. I must not like it too much. I'm supposed to start playing a new song..gah.

April 17, 2001

Oops, have I been spelling Jonny's name wrong this whole time? There is no "h" in Jonny...Johnny...well it looks sort of the same to me either way, Inever really noticed. AHH!

A funny new Radiohead word: Thomotion. Actually, it looks weird, and it doesn't sound right, but its in reference to Thom expressing his emotions I think. I was reading a poston the Mortigi Tempo BBS and someone was writing about Matt Bellamy (from Muse) saying "...but the voice just ruins it for me. Too much forced emotion (and Thomotion)." I rather like his voice, he has a very wide vocal range, but there is a little too much forced emotion, or at least that's what it sounds like...maybe he's just REALLY into his songs...THOMOTION!...okay I won't say that anymore. Only for this time. It looks so round, with all those "o"s...HEEHEE!
New Rufus song: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

:) Take a listen! Melike Rufus's voice. But then theres...THOM! Heehee. Two very different voices. So much happiness.
I got my report card! It's littered with Bs...hehe...I was in the bathroom and my mum goes "You got your report card!...there are more Bs than As! [said in a horrifying tone]" ...alrightee! I knew I'd get tons of Bs, but I guess my mum didn't know. Hey, I got a B in gym even though I didn't do anything, that's pretty good! Oh well. High school has really lowered my expectations, I don't even try to get As anymore. Of course, they'd be niiice.

I got my stuff from Amazon.com, wee! A Johnny the Homicidal Maniac book and Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors. VERY FUN! On the cover of the book, there's a drawing of Squee saying "Buy me or I'll die!" HAHA! Poor Squee. If I have a kid, I'll name em Squee. Wouldn't that be great? Yes...you are nodding...I thought so.

I also got Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven! by Godspeed (God's pee?...d) You Black Emperor! It's quite good, there are 2 CDs and on the first CD at least, there are two songs that are 22 minutes long. Technically they're a few songs put together on one track, but it all sort of sounds the same. Very Sigur Ros-ee, without the singing. NO SINGING! NO VOICES HERE! BEGONE!

Has ANYONE seen Spy Kids? It's been number 1 for three weeks, and I'm still not very interested in seeing it, but my mum is. Eh. There haven't been any movies lately that I thought "I MUST SEE THAT!" The last movie that I thought was a must see was Dancer in the Dark I guess, but there were some other good movies in between...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Cast Away...uh...weeEEEAAAAaaa!

Isn't Rufus Wainwright's new album supposed to come out TODAY? I can't find any info about it. Poop. And it's not at cdnow, so something seems weird. He's playing a concert in NY in May, but I want to go to the Siru Ros concert more..so..yeah...I wish I lived in NY, that would make things easier!

April 16, 2001

I forgot, yesterday was Ed's birthday! HAPPY 33 YEARS OF ED HAPPINESS! "Ed...he's the tall one!" :) I wonder why Ed doesn't seem to get any lovin...Cristen and I make fun of him for that. HAHA! Yeah, there's something wrong with ever member of Radiohead. Maybe Ed's tallness scares the ladies. ...nah! He does smoke, and that sucks. Hm...well maybe there's just some deep dark secret about Ed that makes him repulsive. But I doubt it. :)

<--- isn't that cute? heehee!

Hey dudes GO to my friggin BBS, STAAAT! It's blue...blue equals happiness! YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, DON'T YOU? You'll have to register though. Be a good pal. I'll give you my bloood. No I won't. Introduce youselves, I want to know every single one of you...MWAHAHAHA!

April 15, 2001

I've got a new bbs, so go to it. It's mainly for Beck, although I don't think anyone will really use it. But if you do go, go to the Carbon Monoxide topic, the rest is just Beck stuff. Or you can go to the Introductions topic...actually, I really don't care, although if you don't like Beck I don't see why you'd talk about him. I just made a new topic, so say hello to me. :)

I'm tired. I haven't done any homework this weekend. I mean, really a three day weekend and I don't do a thing, except sit on my bum. Hm.
Sigh...Sigur Ros tickets sold out! I heard they sold out in less than half an hour...apparently lots of people had trouble with ticketmaster.com. It worked for me, although I was sitting at my computer at noon, reloading the page until something happened. I dunno how it ended up working fo rme, maybe because of all the frustration I went through last year trying to get Beck tickets? Hm. I need one more ticket...gah I should have just gotten three at the time I guess. Because I could have surely given it away if I needed to..NOOO I'M STUPID! Sigh. At the Sigur Ros bbs a bunch of people are lookin for NY tickets, so I dunno if I should even try. By the way, I'm trying to get a tickets for my friend...we should bask in the glowingness of Sigur Ros together! My mum said she'd give up her ticket, although that means my mum won't be there, and I think she'd change her mind later. "Yeah, I'll leave you two alone in New York!" Well not..exactly..well we'll see. :(
From Well Hung At Dawn:

A very highly placed source inside the Radiohead camp -- Hiya Phil! -- tells us the Amnesiac songs "You And Whose Army," "Knives Out," and "Life in a Glass House" are about, well, us. Oh, in our continuing series of asinine Thom Yorke quotes, here's your popeyed hero on doing interviews: "It's like sleeping with someone and never seeing them again." Clearly, he has never done a Q&A with Courtney Love. Though now that we think of it, why hasn't she tried to fuck his gangly little ass? Could it be that Thom is far too repellant even for Courtney? Is that actually possible? Brrrrrrr . . . we get douche chills just thinking about it!

Mrah! Whyyy? These people are weird. They couldn't even leave Phil alone! Mraah! Here's another little excerpt:

Raise your hands to the heavens and sing Hallelujah! Thanks to Pizza Hut, breadsticks and pizza are "together at last!" Can someone please explain this to us once and for all -- what the fuck do you need breadsticks for if you're having pizza?!? No wonder we Americans are a bunch of big, fat fucks . . .

I actually agree with that...I mean, you don't really need the breadstick do you? I always looked ath a pizza crust as a breadstick already, but now they made it into an ACTUAL breadstick...or something. I don't know, I don't even eat pizza anymore.

Okaay, here's a little bit of an article on Thom:

During the summer, on "Saturday Night Live," Yorke held up a placard saying "Let Ralph Debate" in reaction to Nader being "suddenly not able to appear" on the TV debates with Gore and Bush. "I just couldn’t believe it," he foams. "They wouldn’t let Nader have his say, in this so-called democracy. It was a debate the American people wanted to hear. He was filling stadiums all over the country. So I made my point, and "Saturday Night Live" were well up for it. And I got sacks of post, saying I’d destroyed the Gore Campaign! Me? [stabs at chest] Me? ME?!"

I just have a hard time imagining Thom "foaming" and stabbing his chest, going "Me? ME?!" It makes me laugh for some reason. Am I odd? Am I not odd? Am I talking to myself? HAHA! Foaming Thom. WATCH OUT, HE'S ANGRYYY!

"Yeah! It does change shape. And now...eheheh... now it's a triangle."

That doesn't mean a thing on it's own, but for some reason I also thought that was really funny. Maybe it's the "eheheh" part...I think he was talking about filling a hole, of something, I dunno I got confused.

I just remembered, I was watching Romeo and Juliet on ABC, and I didn't get it at all. I mean I just don't get Shakespeare, it's beyond me. Sigh. Makes me feel kinda stupid. It just sounded so weird, it didn't sound right with all the "thous" and "thees" and such stuff. It looked pretty cool though. I was waiting to hear a certain Radiohead song called Talk Show Host, but I must have missed it. They played Exit Music (For a Film) during the credits for a few seconds, that made me really happy. It's a pretty song and it fits so well, although Radiohead did it for the movie, so I guess it would make sense...

Radiohead...such pretty music. PRETTY! *Sigh*. I wish I wasn't so...enraptured by Thom. I'm not sure if that's even the right word. I tend to think words sound right but then I'm not really sure what they mean. Gaarr...THOM..GO AWAY! DOODAA!

...alright, I know that picture doesn't scream "I'M SO WONDERFUL!", well not to most people...I like it though. The first time I saw it, I freaked cos it was a big, giant picture of Thom's head. It's scary! What you're lookin at is a very scaled down version of the actual picture. The real picture is 1000% bigger, really, I swear on a stack of slugs. And that Japanese dude in the back doesn't look like he's having a grand ol' time either. He's got a look on his face that says "GODZILLA IS COMING!" Or not. Maybe Thom scared him. The thing about this picture is that Thom's right eye looks so perfect (to me, *cough*) and then his left eye is...ploof...well he can't really help that, and a lot of pictures are like that, but this one is different for reasons unbeknowst to me. Well, you can see his eyelashes for his right eye. If you cover half of his face and just look at his right side, its like "Oo, happy Thom!" and then you cover the other side to look at his left side and it's like "Hey, sleepy Thom!" and then you can paste the picture on a stick and pretend it's Thom's giant head and play hide and seek...

Whoops, I wasn't supposed to say that. Noodle.
Oo I'm tired. Well it's late. I took a nap today. After I woke up around 12. I ate. And probably did something else. And nappy nap. I finished Jimmy Corrigan, quite a sad book. I mean not boo-hoo sad. But all these unfortunate things keep happening to Jimmy, it's just...sucky. Not really horrible things, but not good...oh well who cares it's just a book, what am I talking about?

I spent all my allowance already. I think I get more allowance than other people my age...$25. I've been getting that for a few years I think. I don't know what I spend it on though. Today I bought a book and a magazine. Book: the second volume of Nausicaa...it was 18 bucks! Yeesh. Magaine: Rockin On was only 2 bucks...oh wait then I still have some left. Well. Garh. I was fishing through the back issues at Kinokuniya...there's always a lot, but not usually what I'm looking for. I was hunting down a farily recent issue of Rockin On with Thom on the cover...there were a few issues of Crossbeat and Rockin On, and they mainly had U2 on the cover, hm. I found on that had a few pages about Radiohead though, WEE! TWO BUCKS for Radiohead HAPPINESS! Fred Durst is on the cover though...holding two guns...pointing the two guns in the reader's direction. That is sweeellll. Oh well, I get some nice stuff about Radiohead that I can't read. ONE DAY, in maybe TWENTY YEARS I'll read it.

I tried ordering that back issue with Thom on the cover, along with an old issue with Beck on the cover. 2 years old. I have a feeling they'll both be sold out. The lady told me that it takes a month to get here, and there's a $5 charge per magazine. Well, if they exist. Hm. I might forget by then. Well hopefully they'll call.

I'm watching Late Night at the Apollo right now...I watch it cos I don't think there's anything else on. I don't like the show that much, the audience can be really mean sometimes. Although sometimes the amateurs suck, but sometimes they're really good and the audience still boos them...eh well. Maybe that's just my opinion. Okaaay...whats on ABC...hey it's that Doogie Howser guy. Will he ever be known for anything else? He'll be 80 years old, sitting in a rockin chair and people will still call him Doogie...oh lord.

April 14, 2001

You will never make friends unless you like everyone genuinely. Well I am fucked then aren't I? -Thom

HAHA...I order you to laaaugh! Or not. No wonder I don't make many friends, it's all so clear....hmmmm.

I woke up a few times this morning to take a trip to the bathroom. Fun.

I was watching this old chinese cartoon I used to watch when I was little...it was weird. I mean I got the gist of what the story was about although I still have no idea what the people are saying. The main character is this prince or something (although he looks like a girl, my whole life I thought it was a girl) and he gets all these cool weapons and gets to kill the evil dragon gods...it's more interesting than that. But I think that's about it. FUN!
Ahh! Castle in the Sky was shown in a children's film festival in NYC back in February, I had no idea...I would have really liked to see that! BAH! Well I'll just wait until it comes out in theaters...or on video...okay I'm talkin to myself.

April 13, 2001

/ p a c e y
Robyn Lee- the Radiohead and Beck fanatic, she lives for good music and actually writes something worth reading...she cracks me up.

I thought that was very nice. Thanks, Ariel!

On a sidenote, isn't "cracks me up" an odd expression? I mean to me it didn't sound weird at first, but if you think about it, it is kinda weird. To me it sounds like stuffing someone full of crack until they're on the brink of exploding. HA! Doesn't that crack you up? No? Alright.
Today I woke up. Then I went back to sleep. Then I woke up. Then I went back to sleep. Then I woke up. Then I went on the Internet, bought two tickest to the Sigur Ros show in NYC, ate 14 dumplings, watched some of Meeting People is Easy, read some of Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and listened to Radiohead. I went to sleep. Then I woke up. Then I went and drank a glass of apple cider. Then I finished Meeting People is Easy and went on the Internet.

Fridays can only mean non-stop action in Robyn's world! :)

Jimmy Corrigan is a pretty odd comic. Or maybenot...but it's about this guy named Jimmy Corrigan who meets his father for the first time and...uh...I dunno. Lots of different things happen. It's quite sad, Jimmy's life that is. He looks real lonely. But the drawings are cool...me likes! The layout of the panels is interesting too...this is what it looks like:

Here is something interesting I read about it (purely based on a Radiohead reference, but hey...blargh)

The emotional center of "Jimmy Corrigan" is a cartoon analogue of Radiohead's strongest disc, OK Computer — it's a book that catalogues and meditates upon the overwhelming sadness of a lonely, ordinary life in the context of a complicated world of strife and rich, poetic beauty. "Jimmy Corrigan" doesn't draw its emotional momentum from a single, romanticized artist's concept of a tragedy; rather, it swells up from a foundation of hundreds of tiny slights, embarassments, snubs, unpleasant surprises and everyday humiliations that add up to an overwhelming burden of sorrow and isolation.

The other book I was reading is called Nausicaa (well, Nausicaä, but same difference) of the Valley of the Wind. The drawings are really cool, I just find it amazing that anyone could spend so much time drawing everything, all the little details. I mean I'm only reading the first book, there are like...a lot more...and I really like it. It's like Princess Mononoke, or more like Princess Mononoke is like Nausicaa since Nausicaa came before it. Lots to do with nature and stuff, like even though nature is getting all angry, don't try to mess with it or your screwed. In Nausicaa, most of earth has been destroyed in a war or something, and insects and plants have sort of taken over the earth and there aren't many humans left. The bugs are REALLY BIG and scary. I hate bugs. Nausicaa is the princess of the Valley of the Wind and she's really good at...stuff. Well I would just recommend you read it, since I'm not good at telling people what stuff is about. It's by Hayao Miyazaki, who's also done My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Laputa: the Castle in the Sky, and Princess Mononoke...you may not be very familiar with those movies...well they're all good. Even when they're not in English and you can't understand a think they're saying, it's still good.

Alllrighteeeeeeeeeeeeee I dunno what else to say.

April 12, 2001

Dootdootdoot. It rained today and we got to stay in for gym class! Wee! I read a few pages of "The Once and Future King" in the weight room. It's a quite boring book. But aren't they all? At least I remember what "The Sword in the Stone" was about, I dunno the last time I saw that movie but so far it's sor to fhte same in the book...wee.

I like matzoh...okay I probably spelled that wrong, but anyway. Yum!

I like pie. Mmm...piiiiie.

Not much happened today I think. Actually I didn't think that hard. No school tomorrow. Wee!

April 11, 2001

Garh. Today was a bad day. Usually by the time I get home I'm alright but I'm not. I'm still zombie-ish. Even the sleep didn't help. I'm still tired...and I'm always sleepy. Gr.

So what happened? I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't even say, it's stupid. Am I really sensitive or something? If I am, I wish I wasn't. Gym class ruined my whole day. I wrote something down in study hall afterwards, I didn't have any homework, and I wasn't sure what to do. I would have written a letter to someone, but I haven't got anyone to write a letter to. I think this year I got one letter. I replied to it. I'm still waiting for a reply, maybe for nothing. I found this little notebook in my backpack and wrote in it as though I was writing to someone, but I'm not...so here is what I wrote.

- - -

Today's gym class sucked. I guess it always does. But it's been a few months, I'd have to say, since I last cried in gym, right? Well I really couldn't help myself, I never can. I don't know why, maybe I've got some dysfunction in my brain. Or something is unbalanced. But there is never anything really wrong. I wish I'd get hit in the head with a softball, then maybe I wouldn't have to play. If I knew that I'd have to live through today for the rest of my life, I'd rather die than attempy to hit the ball again. I just stood there, limply holding the bat. no smiles. my gym class doesn't deserve any smiles...from me. Even thoguh I was hardly trying, I still managed to hit the ball. I didn't want to, cos then I knew I'd have to run, and I didn't want to. I ended up not running anyway. I knew if I tried I would get out anyway, why waste my energy? I don't know. But it's just me I suppose.

I haven't got any sudden bursts of creativity, but I thought I should write something. If I had my guitar, I could write a song, but I'm in school right now. It could be worse, at least I'm in study hall, listening to Amnesiac. Thank god for Radiohead.

I forgot to mention, the real problem with gym is that people make fun of me. I know they're just jokes, but those jokes make me hate everyone. I'm a hateful person, big deal. Not like I woke up an decided I'd hate everything. I think for a split second when you wake up you don't really think about anything, you're still somewhere elkse where there are floating suns and lots of nothingness. Actually, there couldn't really be nothing at all, there is always something.

they all look at you in your general direction but no one knows who you are
they go backwards
take back the money and run
empty bags wait to be discovered before the police made a prisoner out of you
before another building dies

come on the world will die tonight
it's happened before
this day is no different from the last

pick up sticks
throw them on the floor
they're neglected and unwanted
who would want them anymore?

pick up dust
blanketing a meaningless existance
why even try?
why even try when the devil will get the best of you
before you get the chance to take a stab?

[drawing of mountains]

- - -

Alright, I dunno if that explains things. But I don't totally remember what it felt like at the time since it's been so many hours. About 12. I just didn't want to play softball. That's all. It's stupid, but I should have a choice. I don't see why I go to school for first period anyway, I should just skip first period. I was the last to bat on my team. I didn't want to try. I hate crying. It's messy.

All the stuff in italics are my pseudo-poems, I don't call them real poems, because I don't think they are, but then it's not normal writing either, so it's somewhere in between. I don't know why I drew the mountains.

My day got bad again during last period, we were doing a lab in Chemistry and I accidentally spilled hot water on Jon, after Aliza had broken a test tube which contained a solution we were supposed to observe. I felt bad, but I didn't apologize, so I feel worse. But I don't like Jon. So should it matter? Well as far as I know, he's still a human being. Still, he made fun of me during English, he was like "Hey Robyn, good job playing softball today..." which was a load of crap. Why be all sarcastic to me? Does he think I like that? That's what all the other people were like during gym, they were like "Way to make an effort, Robyn," or "Good job, Robyn!"...why do people always need to comment on everything? I never do. I don't talk much during the day, but there is absolutely no point in making extra comments about other people, even if they're just jokes. I hate jokes. A joke is a joke to the person who tells the joke, but what about the othe person? You dunno what they'll think. I don't think anyone in my class really has anything against me, but I just hate it when they tell me to smile, or make comments like that (which happens a lot) because they're not even my friends, why talk to me? So I hate them all.

Maybe tomorrow I can just lie down on the grass. Take a nap. At this point I don't care if I fail gym. So my GPA goes way down, not like I have a big plan for my future. Maybe i'm supposed to fail. Something out there wants me to.

April 09, 2001

I don't know why, but I absolutely love rain. Especially if it's thundering and there's lots of lightening and all that good stuff. That's what's going on right now...I woke up from my nap to lots of thunder and rain splattering all over the place, and I just felt so happy, but it wasn't like a normal kind of happiness (not that I can determine what is normal) it was...I dunno. Just nice. In school today it was so hot and sunny (it was in the 70s, not boiling, but compared to the weather we've had before...) and I was so miserable. It was like I shouldn't have been in school, it was supposed to be summer, with me sleeping and not doing much. But I was in SCHOOL and it was just horrible.

But the RAIN, it's just so wonderful! My mum said "You must like miserable things..." but if they're so miserable, then they wouldn't make me happy, right? Yeah. HEY if it keeps raining then we probably won't play softball tomorrow, YAY!

I rather like Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors after listening to it a few times. I mean, the first time I listened to it I though it sounded like a lump of fuzz, but it's really weird. I dunno. I just love Radiohead. Wee! I don't really understand Dollars and Cents, Thom says that "we are the dollars and cents, and the pounds and pence..." Alrighty. I'm just a carbon based life form. Wait...am I? I'm some kind of organic mass.


April 08, 2001

dammit i typed up all this stuff, and blogger crapped it up for some unknown reason. isn't that wonderful? i hate it. i can't even remember what I wrote. it was about Radiohead. well it doesnt matter to you i guess.
God I'm so tired. Why am I always tired? I could take a nap I guess.

I started watching Meeting People Is Easy again...I stopped for a while, although I don't know why. I just didn't want to watch it at all. Well I thought it was weird. Maybe it's not.

I was watching SNL last night...it was quite funny. Alec Baldwin was the host. He said that he's hosted 9 times or something...it was some big number. There's no one else to host? Not that there's anything wrong with Alec Baldwin...he does that whole Pete Schweaty thing. Haha. You know it. Coldplay was the music guest, I thought they looked funny. Whoever the lead singer is, he was bopping around, and it looked funny. Cos I'm thinking, you don't bop around with an acoustic guitar. Or maybe you do. I'm not a bopping kind of person. He has the same shoes as I have...I was thinking GIMME MY SHOES BACK but I guess one day I was bound to see someone else wearing my shoes. I was just a little disappointed for a while, although I don't know why. I used to have this different pair of sneakers and my friends would go "Hey I saw someone with the same shoes as you, except they were a different color..." and I'm thinking "No one can have the same shoes as meee!" and it bugged me. I'm weird...I know. Although if Thom had the same shoes, things would be different.

I lost one of my journals. It's been lost for a while, but how the hell do you just lose a journal in your own house? I'm trying to remember if I took it anywhere and I don't think so...god I dunno. I'd really like it back. It's a think blue Morning Glory notebook. Yeah, like you have it. Well I've still got my 5 other journals, I was reading them. Man, I was a weird person. Way back in 7th grade...yeah.

Oo wow so many more Amnesiac songs are up...I'm gettin em alll. Gwarrr. Yeah don't tell me "Why don't you just wait till June?" although none of you were probably going to tell me that anyway. So the only songs I haven't heard yet are Life In A Glass House and You And Who's Army? although technically I've heard those too, just not the album versions. Guh.

The other day when I was at Cristen's house, we were watching this odd show about anti-abortionist people. They seem a bit loony. I mean, they're crazy nut heads. Yeah. They said they were in the Army of God...and they wanted to kill people who did abortions. As long as they didn't get caught I guess. I don't understand the Army of God stuff, I mean, God is God, and if there is a God, he wouldn't need an army. Duh. Maybe I'm totally wrong...but I don't care really.

Jesus, there are a bagillion different topics at the Mortigi Tempo bbs about Amnesiac, and they're all saying the same thing it seems...I'not very into bbs-es I guess. What is the point of telling a bunch of people "We still need Knives Out and Morning Bell!" or something that everyone knows...um...maybe this is why I haven't got many friends. I don't like to talk much.

Apparently Thom sang a song backwards, I think it's "Like Spinning Plates" and then they played that backwards so it sounded normal...I don't know why you'd want to sing a song backwards and go through all that trouble. Maybe he was bored. Or it means something. I don't know. But what is the point? Well I haven't heard the song yet.

DAMMIT I was about 50% done downloading Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors and then Getright crashed, and then the thing started over again, GRRR my computer sucks. All these programs won't work right, that was why I reformatted it in the first place, but then they still don't work, and some other stuff doesn't work. And it's a bit lump of crap, I don't understand why. My bro's computer seems to work alright.

April 07, 2001

I was going to say something, I had it alllll planned out, but I totally have no idea what I wanted to say. Goop.

GO DOWNLOAD DOLLARS AND CENTS! It's just the coolest song, really...and I Might Be Wrong is very good. I didn't like it a whole lot the first time, but now I'm quite in love with it. Doesn't mean you'll like it, but you could give it a try.

I took a nap today from 1-5 PM...I was quite tired I guess. I woke up around 7:30 to pee. Must've been all that coke I drank. But that was still about 7 hours of sleep, which isn't too shabby. Gah.

Why doesn't Hotmail work? For the past two days, I got nuttin.

My mum keeps telling me about joining school activities, but no matter how much she presses I'm not going to miraculously want to join something. So I don't really understand why she's trying. I mean, I do some math team stuff every now and then, isn't that enough?! BLAAHDEEDAAAH I say so.

April 06, 2001

I'm at Cristen's house right now, oo! We watched a wonderful cartoon called "Invader Zim" and it's by the dude who does "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" so you KNOW it's good. It's on Nickelodeon at 9 PM on Fridays I guess, it's really funny! It's also very odd and cute...so BLAAAAH! IT'S SO CUTE! In a freakish way. HAHAHA! MISSION GOO!

I drank some coke, and now I feel bubbly, and I want more coke.

April 05, 2001

Guh. Another sunny day. Made me want to lie out on the grass. But not really.

Time flied by pretty quickly today, after school ended that is...I got home, and then it was 6 PM. No nap. Poop.

Man I'm hungry.

What the hell is with that Weakest Link show? I'm not interested in it at all, that lady is just too weird for me. And that Bootcamp show doesn't look appealing either, I haven' really seen it.

Today at school there was a meeting for sophomores and their parents to discuss out futures...YAY...no..wait..I mean...NOO! As much as I wish I cared about my future, I honestly don't care much about it. If my future means busting my butt in high school, getting into a college I don't really want to go to (I mean, I've got no preference) and then getting some menial job that probably suuucks so I won't have to live in a ditch..NOO! I want life to be happy, and i'm not happy, and I don't think college is some utopia where everything is lollipops and rainbows. Alriiight? Yeah. So I'm just this horrible person. Hm.


April 04, 2001

I'm listening to more songs from Amnesiac. Dollars and Cents appears to be the prettiest song so far, it reminds me of Optimistic, but then they're not really alike. It just reminded me of that. I bet this makes no sense to you...ladeeda...oh well. It must be the slight echo in Thom's voice. So I recommend you download that.

It seems like Amnesiac will be better than Kid A, it sounds sort of like it, but then it also sounds really different. I dunno, you can't explain this stuff. It's a combination of Kid A, OK Computer, and some more techno-ee stuff. How can music be this good? It defies all reason! I can't believe that there is anything better than Radiohead out there in the world, but it's a big possibility, I mean just think about all the music I haven't heard...it's weird. Maybe I should just be my regular ignorant self and say RADIOHEAD IS THE BEST BAND ON EARTH! Maybe they are. Maybe they're not. I was still debating whether Beck was better or Radiohead was better, and it's hard to say. Beck is just one dude, but Radiohead has 5 dudes, is that an unfair advantage? I don't know.

Today was sunny and it made me feel like crap. I hate sunyn days, really, not like the sun is so bad, but I don't want to see it. I need a few clouds at least, but there were hardly any. So I was in a not good mood all day. Of course, every day I start off on the wrong foot in gym. There's no point in trying anymore, I think. At least people don't yell at me for not hitting the ball. But when I serve it and no one on the other side of the net gets it, someone might say "Go Robyn!" which is a load of crap you know, because someone could have hit it but for some weird reason no one did. That happens sometimes, but it hardly feels like a victory.

I think I'm the kind of person Beck would really dislike. Well I dunno about now, but I'm just like those slackers that he didn't like so much. I was reading this book about him and he was saying how slackers have the time to be depressed and not do anything pretty much, which is like me. Yeah. Although when you're depressed, it doesn't matter if you have the TIME or not, it just consumes you. Somewhat. So maybe Beck has never been really depressed, but he's been through a lot...I have no idea.

I must be the worst listener, I noticed in school I totally block out what the teacher's saying and thing about something totally different (the topic is usually "What will I do when I get home?) but that bothers me because I have to listen. In English we finished Macbeth, but I have NO idea what happened. It was one of the most god-awful boring books/plays I have ever read. But I couldn't understand it...if it was put in terms that stupid people could understand, maybe it'd be more interesting. I hate it though. I think I may be getting dumber in some sense, compared to how I was in middle school at least. I have more trouble concentrating and stuff.

Lunch is still annoying. Even more annoying because I can't ever block out other people's conversation at that time and I'd really like to. One girl brought in YM magazine and was enlightening the rest of us on some of the answers to the health questions in it. You know those types of questions, right? Is it just me, or do the same questions get asked every months? I'd hate to have to write that column of the magazine, to get asked "What is that weird stuff in my underwear?" every freakin month.

There was a quiz in the mag that how well you knew your friends or something. Questions like "What is my favorite food? What was my most embarassing moment? Who was my most intense crush?" I was thinking...well no one would know the answers to these questions but me. Some questions were easy because they didn't even apply to me ("Who was your first kiss?") and one of my friends got..i dunno, 5 right. I'm not sure how that scores. But I hardly knew anything about her. Eh well.

Are most girls tomboys? Because according to the people at my table, they say that they're tomboys, although what does that make me? I might possibly be the least girly..girl I know. According to them, to not be a tomboy you'd have to be one of those rich snooty girls who sounds like a Valley girl and is always concerned about appreances. I don't always see much of a difference with the people that sit at my table though, they talk about guys, they're somewhat concerned about their looks..hair..makeup...they're really annoying...maybe I'm not a very good judge of myself but I don't think I'm like that. Actually, no one really knows what I'm like, not even me. Grr I hate life.

UGH I downloaded the Pyramid Song on Napster and it's not...here! WHY? It just likes to screw things up for me. I just wanted to hear Thom...oh well.

April 03, 2001

I just remembered, anyone watch that David Copperfield special? I don't think there was anything else on (well this is me, the person with 7 channel speaking) and it was sort of odd...I mean, yeah it was. I find magic shows so pointless, but I watch them anyway. I just don't get it. That other dude David Blaine is much cooler though...he's creepy man. David Copperfield was all.uh..I dunno, humorous I guess, which isn't bad, but he's like cracking jokes before he steps into that FIRE TORNADO THINGAMAJIGGY which didn't do much to him apparently. He didn't even catch on fire, although his feet got hot or something. It's freaky, why would anyone do that? I DON'T KNOW! He looked awfully scared right before the fire whooshed around him though. Hm. I didn't really get that levitating couch thing...or the thing where he just magically appears in Hawaii. Guh.

Okay then. I was thinking about writing about the annoying people at my lunch table, but I've talked about that a lot before. It's just that while I usually don't say anything and just do homework and eat, I decided to tell the annoying people they were annoying, which doesn't do anything. It's just that they're so...annoying...but when they get annoyed by something someone else does it's...ugh. I don't know. My friend was talking about eating food and not drinking stuff and when she said "It's not hard to swallow..." then the other three girls started cracking up. At first I was like "Huh?" cos I had sort of blanked out, but really has everyone turned into a pervert or what? Uh...you know what was funny right? And it's not even...funny...I dunno people are so weird. My friend can't even eat a banana without one of the other girls pointing it out..."LOOK AT HER EAT THE BANANA! HAHAHA!"

At some point, one of the girls started listening to music, which she does a lot..and she was singing along, which she does a lot. It's really annoying cos she doesn't sing that well, and even if she did, it'd still be annoying. This other girl pulled her hair out of her ponytail to mess it all up since she wasn't paying attention, and she got so mad...that's like nothing compared to how annoying she actually is, but she gets mad a lot like that. "FUCK YOU BITCH STOP THAT!" My GOD calm down! It's like these people think they have the right to annoy the hell out of everyone because they feel like it, but when the tables are turned they get so defensive. Me, I just don't do anything, I don't bother anyone, I don't look annoyed...

...just sit, breath, and look straight ahead. I've found that this works for me. It's my 12-step program. It comes on 6 cassette tapes for $9.99 + S&H. Operators are standing by.

I know there are plenty of normal people out there, but I'm not even looking for a normal person. I don't know what I'm looking for, which is why I haven't found anything. Except disappointment I guess. Disappointment comes in bulk these days.
Man, I'm so tired. I could blaarghrghhr but I need to take a shower. My hair needs a washin. Ugh. GAAAR! I haven't had any homework to do for tomorrow, so what HAVE I been doing? Working on my Beck site...poop. I mean I liked working on it, but maybe it's a giant waste of time, I don't know.

Right now I'm listening to Muse, they're good! Or maybe I'll get sick of them later, but for now, we'll say that I like them. The lead singer dude has a nice voice, like THOM, but not Thom. Heehee..*THOM*...um....yeah, there are stars around Thom's name! Anyway, a nice Muse song is Unintended, although I couldn't get it on Napster cos it's being poopy. Gr.

Um...not much else to talk about. I mean I'm too lazy to write any more stuff.

Thom is fuzzy.

April 02, 2001

Doodeedoo. I ate a brownie and some ice cream, and my stomach wasn't very happy.

Um...not much....going on. Still hate gym class. Nothing changes.

I'm a bit pissed because I've had this new Radiohead song that doesn't play until you get it authorized, or whatever, so I keep going to this site that supposed to let me play it and it never works. Sigh. What is the POINT, I don't know. I guess I should just wait until June. Sigh.

My glasses are started to fall down my nose again. I got this adjusted so they'd STAY on my face, but it didn't work I guess. Ugh. My face must be shaped funny. I like to think I have a mishapen head. Well I do.

For a few years I've never been able to download Shockwave. I don't know whyyyy it doesn't work, but it's NEVER worked. I think at some point I had Shockwave in Taiwan, but..uh..yeaah that was a while ago, it just doesn't want to work for me. That's mean. It says it's downloading, but nothing's happening...

I'm tired. I should go to bed. Yuuuup. Bed. ..........................sigh.

*DAMMIT it stopped downloading again! what is wrong with the stupid macromedia crap that never works*

April 01, 2001

I haven't been outside all weekend! It doesn't feel weird, but I usually go outside at least once every weekend.

Gah...still have to do that stupid English thing. I've got 5 more pages to write. Grr. And I forgot my math book. So...oh...well.

I like eel.

Ghraiji nbibc dblkudu
Floating circles are pretty.

Melove Plone! Why don't youuu?
Today I didn't go outside..I don't think it was that sunny. Cloud...y. Yes.

I really need to start an 8-10 page research paper that's due on Monday, but I haven't started it. Actually, just the first draft is due on Monday, but still. I'm sort of screwed, cos now I'm too tired to start it. Ugh. I really don't want to do it tomorrow...

I don't feel that sick but my mum keeps telling me I am. Oh well. Tomorrow I'll just mope around I suppose.

I was lookin at my bro's old yearbook from TAS...it was interesting, even though I didn't know anyone in the yearbook. Gah. It made me wonder what I'd be like if I stayed in Taiwan, although I guess I'll never know for sure, I still could have ended up being like I am now. I don't think I would, but you never know. I mean a bunch of my friends would have moved by now, and then high school is much harder in TAS, and...um....I dunno, I had more to say, but I forgot.

I want to see some Radiohead stuff. I recorded some music videos and the SNL performances on a VHS-C so I could watch it on my camcorder in my bed. It's a good idea I think, a little TV. I used to do that with my beck stuff, and watch it a lot before I went to sleep. Ah. :) Beck made me really happy. Now Radiohead makes me happy...I guess. Well. I don't know, it's not the same. I think Beck is a more likeable person than Thom. I like Thom though...and then there's the rest of the band, and they're all cool. Uh...yeah. Radiohead just seems more "untouchable" than Beck, if that makes sense.

I had more to say, but it's not that important I guess. I'd just be thinking about stuff I can't do anything about. I should just deal with what I've got. Or something.