March 31, 2001

I'm a bit sick, it seems, but I don't feel that sick. My throat feels a little weird and my nose is really runny (it stopped being runny for a few months!) so that equals being sick. I think it might have something to do with eating lots of cheese lately...I had a calzone on Friday, they're good, and that's pretty much a bread pounch full 'o CHEESE! Ah well. Cheese is bad for you, kiddies.

The new Radiohead song "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box" is pretty cool! It's off Amnesiac, which doesn't come out until June 5th, but its on Napster now. Mwahaha. I'm not sure where it came from...there are some Amnesiac promos floating around, maybe someone got a hold of that. I really can't wait till this album comes out, I mean all the reviews have been good (of course!) and it's RADIOHEAD.

I've been watching lots of BECK stuff lately since I've been making this video for a Beck fan who doesn't have any access to Beck apparently, and I can do a good deed once in a while, right? So I've been watching more than 5 hours of Beck stuff the past two days, which is sort of scary in my opinion...too...much...beck! I've determined that Beck is the coolest guy on earth, or at least in the top 10. I'm just not as intrigued by him anymore I guess. But he's coool!

Not much else has been going on I think...not that I can remember at least. Um.

March 28, 2001

When I got to gym class this morning, I presented with an envelope from my teacher. I knew I didn't do anything wrong, but I didn't know why I'd get my friend tells me to open it and it says I got 2nd place in the family essay writing contest!...ALL RIGHT! What the heck is that?! I swear, I had no recollection of entering any contest, except the one I entered in 9th grade. I thought the teacher made a mistake, but I didn't see how. I couldn't remember at all what my essay was about or when I wrote it. Then I faintly remembered writing it as an assignment for English. Goody. So there's a little ceremony for the winners week I think. I don't want to go but I suppose I have to. I think at the ceremony I have to read it out loud (it doesn't say that on the paper, but LAST year iI had to do that and I was totally taken by surprise, because some dude was also recording's like a trick, isn't it? How mean) but there's also food...cookies and drinks..which is nice, but i really should avoid such food. It's not good for me, but I'm gonna want to eat one. And it's during 5th period, which is math, and I really shouldn't miss math because it's not really my BEST subject ya know. Ugh.

Anyway, here's my essay (which is not based on my family although I did have to go to a family reuinion in Florida) and you can be the judge.


One Sunday Morning

“Honey, where’s my camera…honey! Camera! Where is it?”
“I’ve already packed it…”
“…and my underwear?”
“Okay, what about my-“
“YES it’s all packed, everything, your camera, your underwear, the kitchen SINK for Christ’s sake, it’s all in there! Now get moving!”
These were the sounds I woke up to on Sunday morning. I could have woken up to birds singing, or the meaningless banter of morning radio, but no, today I was blessed with the sweet melodious sound of my parents at each other’s throats about whether or not my mom packed my dad’s underwear. Well that’s just fabulous!
Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Unlike normal kids who hobbies reside in arts, music, or sports, I’ve taken heart to sarcasm in my spare time (and non-spare time) and while I would usually direct my sarcasm at nothing in particular, today my area of expertise was my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and all, it’s just that they’re quite good for a laugh every now and then. My parents never really get mad at each other, but at 7 AM in the morning, who isn’t cranky?
So why were we waking up at 7 AM on a Sunday morning when we would rather not see the sun at any time before noon? We had to catch the 9 ‘o clock plane to Florida for a family reunion. I know, family reunion just screams fantastic! Yeah, I had been looking forward to it for…let’s see, how many months…one…two…oh yeah, NEVER! Never would I look forward to a family reunion. All you do is meet people you haven’t seen in ages and you’re automatically obligated to love, or at least LIKE, because of this special bond they call “family”. And the adults never really want to talk to the kids anyway. They hug you, say a simple, “My, have you grown over the years!” and go off to chat with the elders.
I went next door to wake up my 17 year old brother, Jesse, who you have to whack on the head repeatedly with a blunt object to get him to wake up. Under normal conditions, doing something like that would usually render something unconscious, but this is the opposite for my brother. His alarm clock usually goes off in the morning and I wake up to the obnoxious and endless beeping sound, which is slightly muffled by the wall which separates our rooms. But of course, he’s sleeping as soundly as a baby as the insufferable beeping goes on. I did the only sisterly thing to do by taking his pillow out from under his head and wacking him with it.
“Wuh…wuh! What the heck are you doing? I’m trying to sleep!” said Jesse as he rolled over with a dazed look on his face.
“Oh…OH, you’re trying to sleep? Is that what people do in beds these days? Gosh, I had always assumed they were for some other purpose, your holy highness. But now that I see it, the mattress, the blanket, the pillows, it’s all starting to make sense! Thank you for setting me straight, I am now in debt to your gratitude.”
“Haha, you’re hilarious. So hilarious in fact that…GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” And with that he pushed me out the door while slamming it behind him. Wow, he isn’t usually that cheery.
My parents started lugging all the bags outside to the car as I got dressed and brushed my teeth. My dad was so paranoid about the underwear thing that my mom had to open the luggage and show him the underwear was indeed there. But even then he was still skeptical…
“Are you sure those are mine and not Jesse’s?”
“Yes, honey, this is YOUR underwear, in YOUR luggage labeled with YOUR name! Now get your butt down to that car!” shouted my mom. I half expected her face to be bright red with smoke steaming out of her ears like in cartoons.
When Jesse and I were all ready, our family piled into our ’92 Towncar and headed to the airport. After unsuccessfully circling the parking lot for 20 minutes and then successfully getting a space approximately 5 miles away from our airport terminal, we checked in our luggage and waited at our gate only to find that our flight had been delayed.
“We are sorry to say that Continental flight number 4098 to Tampa, Florida has been delayed for 5 to 8 hours. We are sorry for this inconvenience,” rang the voice of a smiling flight attendant through the speakers. Did I mention how much I love the modern miracle of flight travel? Without it, the term “delayed flight” would not even exist! At this point my dad thought it was an appropriate time to open his mouth again.
“Hey honey, maybe now I can buy some underwear, you know, just to make sure…”
God, how I love my family.



March 27, 2001

Today was a poop day. I spent all day wanting to die and sleep. They're kind of the same thing..uh.."Take a nap...then die.." doen't work the other way around.

Anyway, everyone pisses me off for no real reason, so that makes me feel kinda bad. Sigh. What is constantly annoying me is my one friend who just doesn't pay attention to what the teacher is saying in class...I've definitely talked about her before. Today, the teacher was explaining an assignment to us about translating this bit of Macbeth into modern English, and right after she's done my friend goes "Robyn, what did she just say?" I mean..what the hell was she doing for the past 3 minutes? The assignment was on the BOARD she could have looked there first. Next year I hope she's not in any of my classes.

I thought I'd fall asleep during English. I couldn't focus my eyes..and I could only open one at a time, mainly. Quite pathetic, but Shakespear is the most boring subject ever, I'd rather talk about the life cycle of grass.

I wasn't feeling so nice and dandy after school had ended, after enduring another torturous chemistry class. It's not the subject matter I hate so much, but the guys that sit near me just get more annoying each day. Today, one guy was coughing for no reason and other people started coughing too, just to be annoying. And of course there was that "WHO WOULD YOU BONE?" questionnaire going around. I never get it, thank god. They know not to include me.

It was pretty cold today for it being almost the 30s I'd say. I waited outside for 10 minutes and my mum picked me up..and..blrrgh. She was telling me I should try and make friends and say hi to people, be friendly "like Jen!" and she doesn't realize I don't want to be friends with everyone. I don't need a casual friend, I'll just be disappointed. I mean, I don't want to become friends with someone and then have them not ...nevermind. I'm fine the way I am! You'd think it'd be much less of a hassle for her, to not have to drive me places or worry about where I am becuse I'm home most of the time, but apparently not.

I found out using a microphone and an MD player you can record some very high quality stuff. I don't know why I never did that before, I was always using a crappy tape recorder. It's very nifty, and MD player. My mum has one that records, mine doesnt, but her's is about twice as big it seems. I'd figure they're smaller now, I think we got them two years ago, and I haven't used it in a while. I found some old MDs I made and listened to them, it was the oddest feeling. I liked listening to the Wallflowers, it reminded me of Taiwan and of having fun and stuff in 7th grade. But it was just this feeling...I dunno how to describe it. I think the Wallflowers are very good actually, I didn't think they were that great before, but some of their older stuff that not many people listened to is good, the last album just wasn't that great though.

Of course, they can't compare to Radiohead, Beck or Bjork. Sigh. Oh well, they've still got sentimental value to me I suppose (first band I was obsessed with). Now it's RADIOHEAD time! Time for Thom...hehe, that could be a children's television show.

"Hey, kiddies, it's TIME..FOR..THOM!"

*kids clap and scream as Thom runs out onto the stage*...

"Hey kiddies! Today during cartoon time we'll watch the video for Paranoid Android, then during nap time we'll listen to No Surprises. After that, Blinky Bear will come out and join us in a Kid A-Sing-Along, and then I'll talk to you about my tortured existance and how you can have on too!"

*faint clapping*

Wow, that would be a bad idea...:)
Alright, late picture of Bjork looking content in her swan dress...

It does look a bit creepy, doesn't it?

March 26, 2001

Meanwhile, Björk gets tonight's PETA award for Most Unflinching Use of a Dead Animal, as her dress features a faux swan with its neck wrapped around her. But on the music side, she stirs the crowd with a passionate rendition of the sad march (and unfortunately, she's doing it without the help of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, whose duet work was cut for 'bout next year we just cut the space-station intro?)

"I was going to wear my swan," Martin quips, "But to me it was so...last year. I'm glad to see Björk is working again, after her disastrous Supreme Court trial."

I could have definitely gone without the space-station intro, or that montage of clips from previous shows before that...I mean, ALL I REALLY WANTED WAS THOM! THOOOM! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND! Oh well, can't expect anything next year. Sigh.

I didn't understand Steve Martin's joke at first, but then I remember the movie..uh..well if you know what happens, you know what happens, and it's not really that funny..but...heh. :)

Quick-Change Artist: Björk, who wore a swan around her neck, dropped an egg--literally--on the red carpet. It was papier mâché, obviously homemade and held together with scotch tape. Backstage buzz said she'd perform in a glass dress (but she didn't--the swan getup stayed) and then change into another to hit the party circuit.

Just Be Glad She Wasn't Singing the Song from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The lovably eccentric Icelandic singer Björk wore a swan around her neck, we think, because it had something to do with her nominated song. Or maybe it's just because she just likes to wear dead stuff around her neck.

Those little blurbs about Bjork are from eh? It would have been interesting to see Bjork in a glass dress, although I don't see how that could possibly work. As for liking to wear dead stuff around her! It's not REAL for God's sake, people wear pelts around their necks too, and that is considered "normal"...and I don't think it had anything to do with her song.

It snowed today. Hm. It stuck to the ground too, for a while it was snowing pretty heavily! Ah well, that'll prolly be the last snow for the school year...

..I've never SEEN wild turkeys just walkin about my house before..uh...where did they come from? It's freaky, I'm sitting here minding my own business, and out of the corner of my eye I see a giant thing outside the window, and it's two turkeys! MRRH?!

March 25, 2001

I don't want to say this, but I was a little disappointed with Bjork's wasn't her fault though, the Academy dudes thought it fit to cut down her song, thus taking out Thom too. It just wasn't the same, I mean she sang a duet (meaning TWO PEOPLE) but it was all alone and it didn't seem right at all. It's Bjork's song, but if Thom was there it would have been a million times better...I mean, 20 MILLION TIMES BETTER! I think Bjork sort of forgot what to say at some points too...sigh...

She looks quite nice, doesn't she?

It's nice that she performed, but I still hate the Academy...grr!
Sunday's are sort of useless. Well right now I'm watching the Academy Awards...BJORK WILL BE ON...for three minutes. IT SHOULD BE 6! I can't believe it. It should be 6 minutes alongside Thom singing a beautiful duet, but it's not. I suppose it's nice that she's there at all. She's wearing a swan-dress type thing...I guess you have to see it. It's a bit odd, but nothing looks odd on Bjork I think. She could wear a GARBAGE BAG and it'd be like "A cool new Bjork fashion statement, MELIKES!"

Anyway...oo, Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon just won something! Cool.

I woke up at 3 PM today! That's pretty late, even in my opinion. I woke up, did laundry, watched TV (RADIOHEAD ON SNL!!!!!!) and...ate. I love that Radiohead performance, just wonderful! I just think it's so funny how Colin is just...standing there in the back, bopping around. HAHAHA! Colin. Thom had a vein or something above this left eyebrow that looked like it was going to explode..I got scared...but it didnt. :)

I want cake. I've got some bronice leftover. And some ice cream. Mmm. I think I will go get myself a treat. And I've got some major studying to do for


...THOOOM! GHAHRISH*&!!! &(GV!! SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE WITH THOM, ED, JON-NAAAY, COLIN, and PHIL! I've already seen the performance..but not on my least not conciously. I rememeber when the episode first aired back in October, I usually watch SNL every night but that night I went to a birthday part and had a sleepover so I didn't watch must of it. But this time I was RIGHT in front of the telly taking in every one of Thom's spastic movements. My god, I was laughing, I dunno it's just FUNNY man! Why is Thom so adorable? His pants looked comfy, that's what I remember. THOM PANTS! And Colin looked funny during Idioteque, he was just bopping around playing the keyboard, Colin's adorable. I mean they all are. I dunno what Johnny was doing...didn't look very comfortable. He was plugging stuff in..and unplugging them...(hey that reminds me of something Beck said in Space Ghost, something like "I like to plug things in...and I lik to unplug them...and then I go to sleep..."

So how much more can I bask in the glow of Radiohead? Today at Kinokuniya I got Cut magazine which is quite nice, and has got THOM on the cover. I'm sure the internet is swell, but I can't read it. My mum keeps sayin we shoudl learn Japanese...WELL WE SHOULD! And then we can go to Japan. I should move there, we like the same music. In Rockin On magazine there was a Reader's Poll and at the top of everything was "Thom E. Yorke" or Radiohead, which was funny because last year it was Beck who was at the top of everything. Oo well I love em both. I didn't buy the magazine though cos there weren't really any articles about them...err well. I'm cheap. Actually, the magazines are just expensive (I mean compared to US magazines, which is what I'm used to...Japanese magazines are of much higher quality, and there aren't as many ads...but even the ADS are of better quality it seems, like the Cut magazine was $9.75 and I got another mag called Switch which was $10.85. That magazine has Bjork on the cover and a 20-something page article! My god, no US mag would have a 20 page article dedicated to one person, would they? Unless the entire magazine was about that person. It's mainly pictures, but I wouldn't be able to read it anyway (not yet at least, gimme 10 years to brush up on my Japanese).

Anyway, Thom has got a band-aid on his forehead on the cover of Cut. I mentioned that before, but it's a different picture...he looks tired...he always does. He should take a nap. Then again, naps don't do much for me. I'm still a zombie...ZOM..BEEEEEEE...

I was watching some Beck stuff today. Old Beck videos, yay! Beck is really good. I I really believe that Beck is better than Radiohead, although it's hard to say. They're good for different things, I mean right now I'm more into Radiohead, but Beck is just amazing, man! All that stuff he did..uh..yeaaah? He's a cool dude.

I'm pretty tired. Gwaaar. You're still reading this?

March 24, 2001

I have a treat for youuu! In the music section I put up a new song that Cristen and I.."wrote" consists of us going "MMRRRRHH" or "MUUUH" it really doesn't matter much I think. It's sort of funny, we were both in an odd mood. What you REALLY should hear is our "JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY" song, but I'll save that for later!

We love Johnny! SAY IT! You have to say it like JON-nee!...uh...okay...more on that some other time I think.

Cristen and I went to the mall. Going there reminded me why I didn't LIKE going there. TOO MANY TEENAGERS/FREAKY PEOPLE! MAKE THEM STOP! MY GENERATION IS DOOMED! WHY OH WHY MUST SUCH HARSH PUNISHMENT BE INFLICTED UPON MEEEE? I don't know. I think from now on I'll buy all my goods on the Internet. CDs? Internet. Books? Internet. Toilet paper? INTERNET! I NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE MY CHAIR AGAIN, HAHAHA! I should turn it into a toilet.

I got another Radiohead book in the mail today called Green Plastic Watering Can...which is an interesting choice for a title I think, out of EVERYTHING this guy could hvae named it, he decided that would be catchy, I suppose. It's a nice book cos it was only 4 bucks ($3.75 to be exact), and has lots of pictures, not much new information otherwise. Cheap stuff = good for Robyn

March 22, 2001

Man, today was quite sucky. Anything related to band sucks, pretty much. I don't know how this whole hatred of band started, probably because I don't fit into the whole band community at all, but in 6th and 7th grade I think I enjoyed band. Maybe because I was sure I was in a good band. But I don't know. And in addition to not liking band, just lately I've got a NEW reason to dislike band even's incredibly stupid though, and it's my own problem I guess..

Anyway, today was the little band competition. We were told to be at school at 4:30 and expect to be back around 10 PM. JOY. Well the buses came late so we left around 6. I was reading my new Radiohead book I just got in the mail has some hilarious pictures in it, I have to say. I mean, they're not really that funny, but to me they looked funny for some reason. In one picture, Thom has a band-aid on his forhead, which reminded me of Space Camp because I had adorned my forhead with a band-aid from the result of scratching a pimple I think. Everyone was going "Why do you have a band-aid on your forehead?" (maybe they thought I had a hole in my head and if I didn't wear it my brain would ooze out?) and after a while I decided I'd rather just not wear it.

Anyway, back to the present. The band competition wasn't complete torture, but staying home would have been a million times better. The bus was quite crowded, I just listened to my MP3 player though. It was cold and a bit rainy when we got there (dark, too) and I was quite cold, shivering a lot. Playing was poopy, I don't play very well and played a bunch of wrong notes. And then for the next few hours after that I read my Radiohaed book (From A Great Height by Jonathan Hale). There was an amusing anecdote of Ed's about serving food to Stephen Hawking and how odd it sounded to hear his robotic "voice"...maybe I'll write it later, I remember it was very funny. :)

After the thing was over people were pretty disappointed because we didn't win any awards, except one which every band got anyway. I really didn't care, which might be sad, but...I didn't! I shouldn't pretend to care, should I? Some band people are quite freaky about band, you know, I'm just not a band...freak. People in my band had feelings of resentment towards the people that won, although I don't know why, supposedly we played better but I wasn't paying attention...can't people just be happy for them? I guess it's not something I'd understand, I mean I'd never say "Hey let's trash Fairlawn's bus!" or "I can't believe it, our flute player was so much better!"


Okay I guess that's all. Not much else going on in Robyn land. Well I realized that I'd rather be alone and depressed than around other people and depressed...actually I knew that already, but going to the competition and not having anyone to really talk to sort of brought that idea back to me. The horrors of marching band also came back when my band teacher said I should join marching least I THINK that's what she asked. All I remember from MB is coldness, rainy-ness, having to wake up on Saturday mornings to go to retarded football games, and crying/feeling like dying during band camp and practices. Of course, that's just me.

March 21, 2001

The dead thom picture (scroll down) has been tainted!

Someone at the green plastic bbs said he looked like he was having an orgasm (which I guess you'd see if you're some WEIRDO) so now I look at the picture and think "AHH NOOO!" It's still a funny picture though. I laugh...HAHAHAHAHA! :)

Dumdeedum. Uh. Patootie.

March 20, 2001


...okay I don't think tickets are on sale yet, but this is just really cool, I mean it's very exciting to know Radiohead and Bjork will be in NY too, but it's different with Sigur Ros cos they haven't been on any kind of US tour yet! And it's a small tour, 5 dates or something. All I remember is that they're playing at Coachella, which Beck played in last year. That's in CA though, so it doesn't really concern me. Anyway, I just want to go so badly, all I've read about Sigur Ros concerts is that they're amazing, and have the ability to bring people to tears...well I'm not extremely intersted in that, but that'd be interesting, wouldn't it?

i will never forget looking round the london festival hall after their recent show there and finding that half the people were still rooted to the spot and the other half had tears in their eyes.

Man I want memories like that! GRR! My mum has already imformed me that there's no way I'm going. Um. Oops. Apparently my dad is coming back to visit in April and into May, and he'll prolly still be here when the concert comes around. And just because of HIM I can't see Sigur Ros? Yeah, he'd probably be like "No, you can't go out, it's a school night, IT'LL RUIN YOUR MIND AND YOU'LL FAIL EVERYTHING!" Yes, because you know, beautiful flowing atmospheric music turns teenagers in AX MURDERS! And my dad wonders why his children don't take an automatic liking to him...
Man it's 10 PM and I still haven't done my homework. So what HAVE I been doing? Practicing singing. It could possibly be getting better, or I could be delusional. I put up another song, and I redid "Stop Whispering" and "Thinking About You" because I thought they sucked. The new song is kinda cool cos I decided to sing two parts (like THOM), because it sounded better that way. And I'll do anything to make it sound better, right? :)

So yeah. I ate too much for dinner and now I feel weird.
Okay, maybe those pictures of Thom aren't that funny lookin to you, I guess you have to see the video. Now that I look at them, they are a bit weird...but in the video he's all normal, and all of a sudden he goes "BLECH" and it's REALLY FUNNY and then he goes back to normal again. If you keep rewinding and playing it back a couple of times it's pretty funny. Mwahaha.

March 19, 2001

I put up some more pictures in THOM! You know you want him! Uh. Or is that me? I dunno I confused myself.

Here's the really funny picture(s):

Isn't that hilarious? YES! You said yes. :)
I have to say, today was alright for a Monday. I started off the day talkin about Radiohead. Hm. I was pretty tired and then at school I was alright. Somewhat alright. I got my photos developed, the picture of Thom lookin dead is SO FUNNY I just burst out laughing. I'll scan it and show ya later! Actually, for now here is a very odd picture of Thom and Johnny:

Hehe. Funny...but not as funny as dead Thom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's funny.

What did I do today? Hm. My jellow-cake-pudding-coll whip dessert wasn't that bad, some people really liked it! "Hey, Robyn, this is GOOD!" Must've been the pudding.

You KNOW, pudding is a funny word, like muffin. I was talking about a place called Little Muffin Town today in study, I didn't have much work. And now my friend and I have got this odd inside joke about muffins, and pudding. "I'M GOING TO GET YOU, PUDDING BOY!" We were saying that a lot, but you have to say it very evil-ee. Because...EVILLL!

I gotta pee. Hm. I can hold it for a while. Actually there isn't much else I gotta say, so I'll go now...
Oh my god, listen to this! That's Bjork when she was really little! Isn't that funny? I mean she sounds so little and cute, that's all. And she sang well!..and..uh...she still does!

Right now there's an old episode of the X Files WAY old man. It's funny, Scully looks different, her hair is different, and she looks...different. Mulder looks the same though, generally. The quality of the film looks worse too, like grainier. Hm.

Man I should go to bed now, it's about 12:30. Or I can watch Radiohead for a

March 18, 2001

SIGUR ROS IS GOING TO PLAY A CONCERT IN NYC! Most likely. OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GOOO! Man there are going to be so many good concerts this year, Radiohead, Bjork, and Sigur Ros oo...I highly doubt I'll go, but I HAVE to! Sigh.
Today was Radiohead day. It was quite fun! Cristen came over and all we did was watch Radiohead, Bjork, and Beck stuff, although mainly it was RADIOHEAD! MWAHAHAHA! RADIOHEAD RULES THE EARTH! We did lots of "Aww!"-ing whenever Thom graced the telly screen, which was a lot. It was great. We also made fun of Thom, but not really badly or anything, he just did some very funny things. I mean, I THINK they were funny, like there was this poing where he said "Mrrhh?" Well, not exactly like's hard to put into words. It's REALLY FUNNY though. Trust me. And another part he tilts his head back and looks dead, it's HILARIOUS! And Thom doesn't do much funny stuff,!

Sigh...Thom! Thom is so adorable...GRAAHHH! How could you look at him at NOT get a sudden rush of happiness? Mraah?


Man I am really scaring myself right now. I should stop. Hmmmm? I'm screwed cos tomorrow I'm gonna have to do lots of Ah well.

March 15, 2001

My guitar amp has cobwebs on it...yikes, how long has it been?! So I'm gonna use it for the first time in ages. I like my acoustic guitar more than my electric guitar. was going to say something but I totally forgot. I found out the name of the guy who may or may not look like Thom, and he's not in last year's yearbook or the year before that. Crap!

All the realplayer stuff should work, if it doesnt then you're computer is screwy, not mine!

I had fun for a while at music lessons before they started, Anthony got a new laptop and he hadn't even plugged it in yet! So I did it for him, hahaha...I know that much about computers. And that was about all I did. Hm. Fun.

I was extremely tired today. I dunno why. I slept through the first 3 periods of school pretty much. Exciting, isn't it? Yes? No? No. And after school I had to go to some oral surgery place to get my wisdom teeth looked at. I'll be gettin em removed in the summer. Fun! My gums will be cut open and my four wisdom teeth will be taken out.

Crap I have to take a shower. I didn't take one last night. I figured, hey why should I? And I didn't have an answer.

I'm tired. Gr.

March 14, 2001

I downloaded Bohemian Rhapsody and it's a pretty cool song. The first time I heard it I thought it was weird, but it's...nice. The band arrangement sounds like it...sort of...well it's close enough. It would have been cooler if people were singing it too during the concert.
Gar. Tonite was the BAND FESTIVAL...doesn't that just scream fun? No? I didn't think so.

Not like it was extreme torture, but I just don't enjoy these things I suppose. I wanted to go to sleep, but it's hard when people are p[laying instruments and talking. This was before we performed if you're wondering. I wasn't THAT tired. But there was no comfortable position to rest in while sitting in a chair. Gah. So I sort of slumped over with my hair going all over the place. It's getting quite hair has never been this long in my 15 years of living. Hm. Well there's a first time for everything.

I played like crap like I usually do. The teacher must not be able to hear me, because she put me on the end. There is one song where I make up half of it cos I can't play it for god's sake! Oh well no one cares. There are a million other clarinets who can play. THEY'LL DO IT!

I noticed that the lights were freaky lookin. I mean when I turned my head, they were changing colors or something. Sort of. They were like freaky lights. Actually, they were normal lights but I wasn't feeling well. I never feel well when playing at concerts. I try to sit up straight, and my back hurts afterwards. And then I have a big problem with breathing, which is bad, isn't it? You need to breathe to live. But my lungs don't want to work sometimes.

After the concert was over, it was nearly 9 I think. I waited around for 10 minutes for all the cars to leave. There were a bagillion of em, cos the middle school had also played at the concert. For some reason I thought it was funny, there were a million cars trying to get out, and they were all trying to escape the parking lot, the school, just...everything! Or something. But all I was thinking was "They're escaping and I'm sitting on my butt. Well this is peaceful." I had brought my MP3 player, so I was listening to "Idioteque" My butt was cold though. If someone said hi to me, I wouldn't have heard em, but I doubt anyone did anyway. That puts my mind at peace. :) When all the cars left, I used my mum's cell phone to call her and tell her to pick me up.

I put up some more songs, but they suck. I listened to them and they just sucked. Maybe it was late or something.

You know what was freaking me out, as I was waiting for my mum to pick me up, I was lookin in the sky and lookin at stars, which ALWAYS freaks me out. Stars freaky me out. THe universe scares the heck out of me. Because the stars I'm seeing could be dead already, the light I'm seeing is a bajillion years old. It's like looking into some freakish past, before the earth formed or whatever, if this is earth. I assume it is. But if you think about it, it's scary. For me at least. And then a plane flew overhead and it was really cool, I was thinking "Man I wish I had my camera" but of course, I didnt. You never have a camera when you really need it. So I just watched it and the hundreds of people it carried fly by. How sad. It's weird though that there's so many people up there, and I'm just standing here. It makes me mad, I want to be in a plane too. And it was weird, I could hear the plane, but not at the right time, it was like a few seconds off. I mean, it takes a while for the sound to get to the ground I know, but it was just weird.

...yeah. Anyway, I think I might be nuts, there is this guy in my band who I think resembles Thom, but then I don't really think he does. ...don't ask...I think I don't WANT him to look like Thom. Cos only Thom should look like Thom. And then I'll get them mixed up. I've never seen anyone who resembled Beck.

"I know! I know one! How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas?.. He felt his presents! There, that was funny.. You didn't just laugh to be polite, did you?"

There is a joke you should never repeat. It's just too horrible! I just thought you'd like to see it. Colin thought it'd be funny apparently. Of course, if he said that joke to me, I'd laugh. "Colin you are SO hilarious, please tell me more!" Hah.

March 13, 2001

"Is that Jon's ex?"
"She's ugly..."

Just a bit of the intellectual conversation that happens during lunch. Hah. It could be worse I guess. Why does it matter if someone is attractive or not? I never talk about people like that. I thought the girl was nice, once I was at McDonalds and I was buying food for three people and I couldn't carry all, so she helped me. :P

Anyway...lunch has turned into "Robyn's Quiet Time" which consists of listening to Radiohead. Today I had Paranoid Android in my head, because I was thinking about how weird it would be to paly that in band. We're playing Bohemian Rhapsody, which I've never really heard until I downloaded it today on Napster. Apparently I'm the only person in the band who must not know it, cos everyone else knows the words and stuff! Gah. It's a neat song though. Reminds me of Paranoid Android cos of all the...changes and stuff. Of course, I like Paranoid Android better. :)

There are no Radiohead fans in my school. I'm very disappointed. No Radiohead fans, no Beck fans, what the hell is wrong with everyone?! I'm sad! WAH! I'm sad, and unhappy. I wore my light blue bear shirt to school and no one came up to me and said "HEY THAT'S RADIOHEAD OO I LOVE EM" or anything remotely like that. I mean, that's what I would do! Sigh.

Dumdeedumdeedum I dislike band. I had practice for two periods, the people in band are just so annoying! They never shut up, and don't pay attention. But a lot of them are really good, but they're not focused enough to be...REALLY...really good. Grr, Idunno. I'm not that good, I dont play a lot of the time or just make up something, and I sit at the end! Crap. I shouldnt, but the teacher put me there. Poop.

Dumdeedumdeedumdeedum. Why do I keep sayin that? Gar.

March 12, 2001

Some more useless information, w.a.s.t.e. stands for 'We Await Silent Tristero's Empire'...

. . . . .
If anyone is interested in seeing the w.a.s.t.e. shirts I got, here's one of em:

* that guy looks a bit odd, doesn't he? "Hm, is that a bug on the ceiling?" *

And another one:

And even CLOSER:


Spread happiness like you spread butter on the dinner roll of joy!

I had to write that down, cos if I didn't I'd definitely forget it, and (sadly) that is one of the wittier things I have thought up of. Hm.

March 11, 2001

I'm getting sort of tired. I guess that's normal since it's 11:30 PM...I feel like I'm forgetting something though. I have to make sure I memorized my French thingo about Avignon. I'll type what I remember here..

Avignon est situee dans le midi de la France en provence. elle a un population d'environ quatre-vingt cinq mille sept cent d'habitants. il y fait frais en hiver, chaud en ete, et il pleut plevoir soudainement. il y a beaucoup d'histoire de la ville, mais principalement elle est celebre parce que sept papes ont habille a avginon a mille trois cent sept de mille trois soixante sept au palais de papes. il y a beacoup d'activites a avginon. on peut visiter un de beaucoup de musee d'art, par example le musee louis voulard ou le musee lapidaire. le palais de papes est le site touristiqe principalment. d'autres sites touristiques sont le musee petit palais, le pont st benezet, et le pont d'avignon. les sports populaires est le tennis, la natation, et le golf. il y a beaucoup de cafes; les specialites de nourriture son les papalines et le daube avignonaise. aussi, il y a beaucoup de theatres et de cinemas. le festival d'avignon est un festival important pendant juillet, et pendant le festival il y a la musique, le theatre, le danser, et d'autre activites. tous les ans, beaucoup de personnes visite a avignon pour le festival. avignon et un de huit villes en europe qui est Ville de culture deux mille.

i dunno if that was all correct. i mean i nkow I spelled stuff wrong, but just grammer..stuff...right words...oh well. we'll see. it's pretty basic french, which is sad considering I've been taking it for about 5 years. i'm only in french three though, i dont see the point of taking three years during middle school if I only enter level two in 9th grade. it took me three years to get through level 1? sigh. i guess my pronounciation has gotten better. SOMETHING must have progressed.

I'm listening to some clips of an interview with Thom. He sounds sort of annoyed...or maybe not annoyed, but he sounds like something. He sounds sort of dead. Like a robot or something. It's a little scary. Or maybe I'm going crazy. He swears a lot too...I mean I knew that already, but..gah. It seems to be a British thing, not that mericans don't swear a lot too, but it seems like British people use the word "fucking" a lot to describe things...I mean, EVERYTHING, although not always in a bad way...I guess...but it's hardly necessary. I guess the difference is that Americans just like to say the f-word a lot, by itself, when they're frustrated or...whatever...I really couldn't say because I don't swear, but then when I hear British people, they use it as an adjective or...something....nevermind.

I haven't really got anything else to say I guess. There won't be any more snowstorms this year, that's for sure. Well I got three snow days in all this year I think, which is good enough. Any more snow days and the school might take away spring vacation days.

There's something else I could mention, not really important, but my bro's friends got into a car accident, three were badly injured, and one died. I thought it was freaky because I had seen the girl that died in the summer when my bro first started college, she seemed very happy, peppy, and...nice I guess. I had also seen my bro'd roommate, who was in the accident too, although I think he's out of the hospital already. Something I thought was weird was that my dad heard about this in Taiwan because some of the students were from Taiwan...I mean, it's not really big news, people get into car accidents all the time, but the news already made itself known over there. My dad didn't know that all the people in the car were my bro's friends though.
There's only one way to listen to Radiohead. In the dead of winter; in your pajamas; drunk; lying on a bare, cold hardwood floor in the living room; with your eyes closed; as the world goes on around you and you can hardly move. Radiohead is you as you sink further into the surface, too defeated to breathe -- your mind and body grinding into inertia and confined to its tiny space, while a universe of airline stewardesses, insurance salesmen, television spokespeople, disembodied voices in supermarkets, kindergarten teachers, and service industry drones chatter and flutter and make their faces ache from smiling all day long..........RADIOHEAD FUCKING RULES.

I think that was quite beautiful, don't you? I think that would be a perfect way to listen to Radiohead. Well minus the being drunk part. I read that at Choke, a cool Radiohead website. Actually, it WAS a cool website, it's not really there anymore. The guy wrote that he felt guilty about not being able to update it that much. I get that same feeling with my Beck site, I think ever week that goes by without me updating it, I feel guilty, and feel like taking it down, but I haven't yet. So...nevermind.

This weekend went by really fast. How did that happen? Probably because I didn't do anything useful. I don't's not such a bad life. I should practice piano though. I haven't. Poop. I'm tired. I've still got homework. Crap.
Gah, I'm the highest bidder! Right now the auction is at $36...I probably should have waited another day to do that. I was curious to see how high the other dude bid, though. Hm. But I still haven't gotten to the reserve price. If the seller set the reserve at 70 dollars or something, I'll just ...GRAAH! That's evil. I can buy it for $75 right now if I wanted to, but I don't have $75 bucks. Jeez, this guy is greedy! I think I'll go up to $60 if I have to, or beg one of my friends to help me pay for it..mwaa...ha.

Some other happy news is that I got my Radiohead shirt from w.a.s.t.e and they fit! Acutally I haven't tried em on, but they look like they fit. I was afraid it'd take 2 months to get here and then I'd find out they were too small, but they're fine. Hm. Ah well, hopefully I'll like Radiohead for a while, cos that's $60 down the drain!

But they're nice shirts. Comfy! Although one of them has a bunch of words on it and says "shit" somewhere in there, hopefully no one will notice that. :)

I put up some more songs. FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! HAHAHA! I'm gonna try and get the actual songs up there too, so you can hear em...they're good songs. Sooo maybe I'll get that workin...later.

You know what tastes good? EEL! I ate a lot of it for dinner. Mwa.

I did some more work on my Beck site. I was trying to think of some new layouts, but I didn't get very far. I'm just REALLY slow. Grr. I wanted to take down my Beck site, but I felt bad...I think even if I stopped liking Beck I'd keep the page. It's the nicest one I've ever made, which might seem a bit pathetic to you very talented webmasters out there.

I was so excited to see Saturday Night Live because Conan 'O Brien was hosting, and he's got the best TV show, you know. He's REALLY funny, and he's...tall! And he likes Beck. Maybe Radiohead too, I don't know. But it wasn't as funny as I was hoping it would be. The monologue was funny I think...but by the end of the show it was just weird, I mean SNL is losing it's touch, man! Obviously, Conan didn't write his own stuff, or if he did, he didn't do such a good job. COME ON YOU'RE FUNNIER THAN THAT! GAAH! SNL made Conan freaky, waaah!

Other that that, didn't do much today. I haven't done any homework at least...ah well, there's always tomorrow.

March 10, 2001

I'm pretty sad now, since I just realized that there's very little chance I'm winning this auction for some Radiohead stuff...I mainly want "7 Television Commercials" but there's also an interview video and a bunch of magazine clippings too. It's the dream auction for the Radiohead fan that has nothing! Well...yeah, something like that. And I'm a Radiohead fan that's got (nearly) nothing. The auction ends at around 11:30 AM on Monday, and I'll be in school so I won't be able to track it and make sure I win. As of now, the reserve still hasn't been met and it's at $25. I must've bid the most...graah! I think that it's worth at least $50, and I really don't want to go over $50, cos I don't know if I even HAVE $50!

Wah. This is a pretty trivial matter I suppose, especially since you probably don't even like Radiohead, but it's important to me, cos that video I really want is out of print. If I just had $100 lying around I'd bid THAT much, but I don't. I have a feeling the dude who's winning right now bid a lot, so whenever someone else tries (i.e., me) they'll always be outbid. So even if I don't win, that other dude should pay a lot, just cos...he's annoying the heck outta me!

I should probably get a job...or a life or something. Sigh.
Yay it's the weekend! Time for sleep! Cos I could use some.

My bro is One more person in the house. Eh. He brought me some stuff he downloaded, so I was watching some Radiohead music videos. Mweehee! The video for "Stop Whispering" is weird, I don't...GET it. Maybe there's nothing to get. There's a dude putting on some suit, a bunch of bees, some other dues building something, and then there's Radiohead sort of playing there in the middle of looks like a girl...Thom looks scary...gaah! I don't understand what the bees are for. Actually I don't get the whole thing. I said that already.

Another video I was watching was for "Just" which is another video which I don't get, but in a different way. It looks like it has some meaning, I mean it's SUPPOSED to. This dude lies in the middle of a sidewalk, and a bunch of other dudes come by and are like "Why are you lying there?" but the dude lying down won't tell them. And then he likes "DON'T TOUCH ME!" and at this point I woulda been scared of him and walked on, but the other dudes were just like "Tell me what's wrong!" and stuff. And in the end the guy told them even though he really did want to, like it would be the end of the world if he did. And then every person lies down on the sidewalk. If you're wondering, you can't hear them talk, it's subtitled...and near the end the just stop showing the subtitles.

So everyone wants to know what the dude says at the end of the video, and that's the one question which you really aren't supposed to ask I guess, cos I mean...I think it's obvious he isn't saying anything. Okay, TECHNICALLY he's saying something, tou could try and read the guys lips, but I don't think that would do anything. So I don't have any idea what the meaning of the video is. If I think about it long enough I'd go crazy. So you could ask Radiohead what the dude is saying and they'd never tell you, but they probably don't have a clue either, so...MWAAAHAHAA!

Um..anyway. Thom looks real cute in the video. Alright. Sorry, I had to fit that in somewhere. In the video for "Lucky" he also looks cute...he had red hair then. Maybe it was the hair. Mm...naah, its just him. In that video they showed clips of war and with injuries..people in hospitals...dudes with guns. It's sort of depressing, but I like the song. It's pretty.

That reminds me, today in school we had an assembly about the Vietnam War, but I don't know why. It was depressing too, because it wasn't such a good thing. That's what I've learned from the assembly. And so many people from Vietnam were killed...jeez..Americans too, but no where near as much. Then again, it doesn't really affect me does it? Or did it? Guh. I guess I wouldn't understand war unless I went through one or something.

March 08, 2001

I finished my English essay! Woohoo! I doubt anyone would want to read would only make sense if you've read Anthem or Brave New World I think.

No so "woohoo" worthy is me doing very badly on all the tests I took today. How do I know? I just do. When you take a look at your algebra test and realize that you have no idea what to do, or how to do the problems, that's pretty bad. SOOO you make up stuff. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And then in chemistry, when the teacher gives you quiestions you've never done anything remotely similar to before, you're in trouble. As for computer science, I just didn't feel like studying, so that was mainly my problem.

Some motavational speaker dude came to my school today. He was 22, but he looked like he was 15. Really. I thought he was a high schooler. He was pretty cool though, he was funny, told us interesting stuff. Actually, this was over the TV...I think the Today show was taping some of it, and not a whole lot of students were allowed in the auditorium, so the school broadcast it over all the TVs (so that's why every room has a TV) and I got to miss French. WOOHOO! He had some nice advice, like "You can do whatever you want to as long as you try.." I guess he was a living example, but I still didn't really believe him.

I had my first piano lesson in 5 years today. I don't remember anything. I mean, I can hit the keys just like any other living creature with hands, but I don't know anything about theory and stuff. So I'm sort of screwed. Gah. I just want to learn for fun, not to be really good, I just want to know basic stuff. I got new guitar strings for my guitar though, that was nice. Shiny and silvery. It goes out of tune ever few seconds, but that's a week, it should be nice aned tuuuuned.

I've been listening to Beck again, wee! But no new stuff, really really old pre-voice-change Beck. I mean, you can tell its him, it's just a little funny. I really love his old songs, they're good, wondefully simplistic, and Beckish lyrics ("Let's go moon some cars, let's go moon some cars, let's go moon some cars, my friend, yeah let's go moon some cars!"). Beck should do that stuff again.

I've still got my Radiohead though. Like right now I'm listening to Radiohead...gaah...Thom! Thom. Thooooom. Thom is cool. I watched Meeting People Is Easy for the fourth time. I'm keeping track, you know. I don't think I could ever become tired of it. I know I will someday, that will be sad, but for now I could watch it a million times. I've noticed more how nice of a voice Ed has...I mean, just speaking and stuff. He talks a lot during the video, and I can understand what he says. I've got lots of trouble understanding British people, when I talk to my British friend I feel bad cos I'm always like "Huh, I didn't understand a word you said!" And then she repeats herself and I still don't get it...anyway, Phil doens't say ANYTHING, I most, he says two words. That I can hear at least. Maybe he's speaking at a frequency only dogs can hear. No, that doesn't make much sense. Well you know.

March 06, 2001

"OK, people. Here's the deal: we'll stop fucking with Radiohead when they stop giving us reasons to. For a band that has positioned itself as anti-media, Thom's name sure seems to pop up in the press on a daily basis. Let's start things off by congratulating him and his girlfriend Esmerelda on being able to perform one of life's basic functions. Big f'n deal. The guy can procreate. He still can't seem to write a decent tune. Of course, we all know what happens after a rock star -- and Thom is indeed a Rock Star, with all the pure evil that suggests -- spits out a kid. He starts penning soppy crap about "Oh, isn't it great it is to be alive" and watching his googly-eyed baby take his first clubfooted steps (Maybe it's just us, but we can't stop picturing Thom Jr. as the irritating CGI Ally McBeal baby -- only with a googly eye). You know what else is disturbing about all this? This hideously ugly little man has sex. In a happily committed, long-lasting relationship, no less. So why the fuck is he always moaning?!?"

For more torturous Radiohead comments, go here.

Wasn't that sort of mean? What do they mean "He still can't seem to write a decent tune," I mean that's just a load of crap there! A big fwoopin bag of dookie! FWOOPIN I SAY! And couldn't they have at least let Noah (Thom Jr) alone? GOOGLY EYE? CLUBFOOTED STEPS? They're making him out to be some deformed..fetus..or sommat (I'm not totally sure what "sommat" means, but it keeps poppin up in my head, can anyone help me?), I dunno. What if Thom did write nicer, happier songs? Big whoop, it's not a crime. "Hideously ugly little man" is just a tad...I mean, a truckload of tads, too harsh. Thom isn't a midget-hunchback-deformed man!

The world is strange. You know what else is strange, that high school shooting in CA, by someone my age, although he was a freshman. Well he still know what I mean. But I wasn't really surprised. I was watching TV and it was "breaking news" and I was just like "Eh, another one...2 dead, is that all?" I know that sounds quite horrible, but I think that's honestly what I thought at first. Stuff like that is going to happen if there are guns lying around for kids to get their hands on and if people don't regard the consequences of their words. Like I don't say bad stuff about people (I mean, only's different, because technically I'm not talking to anyone. I'll justify my means later) to other people. I don't talk about people behind their backs. Maybe I'll just nod when other people say things like "She's such a whore!" but generally I like to stay low-key and not talk or exert myself in any way.

This blog is here so I can say stuff about people and really, no one cares, because hardly anyone I know in real life reads this anyway. Maybe 1 or 2 people. When I say real life I mean people I go to school with. When I beat down people I don't always refer to specific people anyway. I have to let out my anger somewhere, because I can't prevent people from acting stupid, and if I don't my brain will explode. It wouldn't be a very big explosion, but still, I'd be dead.

So if you're gonna bring a gun to school, kill more than 2 people. Make it worthy of the description "massacre". Haha, I'm just kidding. I know this wouldn't be funny at all if I had been shot, or if this happened at my school. Something like this should happen in my school, it would really affect people and then maybe they would think about their actions more closely.
I didn't have school! But I'm still not ready. I gotta write an essay I've had to do for two weeks in two days. Graaa. Oh well, I think if I mess it up, it won't matter, since I already got a D- on my other essay, the only way this could be worse if it's an F, and I think I'd have to not do it at all in order to get that.

But anyway. Yup. I'm tired a lot. I took a nap today even though I slept til 12. Actually, I woke up at 6:30, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, called the school to find out there was no school, and went back to bed even though I was wide awake by that time. All that sleep, and I still had to take a nap. I also watched some of "Meeting People Is Easy" which has to qualify as my favorite new movie. Although it's not really a movie movie. Fun. I've watched it 3 times so far, which in my opinion isn't much, I'm gonna shoot for 25. I think the most times I've ever watched any video was 4 or 5 times. Radiohead..fuun...I'm not going to stop until I've MEMORIZED it.

I think the version of Idioteque live at Air Studios is better than the one on the album...but I could be's a little different. Or maybe it's not. Maybe I'm just really hungry and I'm making up noises in my head. I ate dinner, but I really want some dumplings...I'll eat some later.

I don't think I've got much else to say. I've been trying to figure out just what I love so much about Radiohead, but I don't really know. What makes them so different from Beck? I think they're quite different, but it seems like most Beck fans like Radiohead and Bjork, like I do. And they aren't anything alike...or..ARE they? Maybe it's mind control.

I was watching early Radiohead music videos, and they were really scary (and in my opinion, just bad). If I had seen them then, I would have thought they were absolutely horrible. Thom had a nauseating hairstyle back then too, his hair was long and yellow. Thank god he stopped trying to be a rock star. Is he a rock star? I dunno.

God, the news is always updating on the weather and stuff, but there isn't really anything to update...there wasn't that much snow, and they know that, but theyr'e still making a big deal out of it. "How much snow accumulated? Find out on the 10 'o clock news!" Um, I can look outside my window and see how much snow I've got, I think it was like 6 inches. And I've still gotta go to school tomorrow. So big crappin deal. I'm sure there's much more stuff to talk about then a bit of snow.

March 05, 2001

NOOOOO I might have school tomorrow! I'M NOT READY YET!

NOOOOO Thom and Bjork aren't doing the duet! The Academy people have cut down on Bjork's performance to 3 minutes and she's doing it alone. It doesn't look as though this'll be changing..but that's so mean! They could DEFINITELY spare 3 minutes and get Thom in there! The last time I watched the Oscars it was 4 hours long for CHRISSAKE, 3 minutes is like nuttin to that!

I'm angry.
MYGOD I am watching the most hilarious infomercial for knives and swords. This dude who's sellin them is scary man! THIS IS SOO FUNNY! I'm laughing so hard my face hurts, and my chest hurts, MWAAHAHAHA!

I'm still up..its 3 AM...I'm downloading Radiohead stuff, and I CAN'T STOP! I downloaded the SNL performances, and THEY ARE SO ...WHOAAAA...I was just like..AHHH..MAAN..AHHHH THOM'S GONNA HURT HIMSELF! But it's like..whoa.

I am at lost for words. Thom is just crazy, man (in a good way) and he's flailing his arms a lot and bopping around and doing his thing, maaaaan!

Download your own crazy Radiohead stuff. Scroll to the bottom for the SNL stuff.

I don't have much else to say, I guess. I'm gettin tired though. Sigh. I was watching an informercial, it was really funny. It was for this thing called the slices and dices and chops and mushes and mixes. Don't YOU want one?

March 04, 2001


March 03, 2001

Today was rather nice. I'm watching the news right now, they're talking about the storm that's coming. Supposedly, it'll come Sunday night and go through Tuesday morning, or longer. How neat is that? If they're right, there will definitely not be any school on Monday. Good thing that I went to the supermarket today, got me some food!

Other than that, haven't been doing much. I've been downloading all the Radiohead blips, they're pretty cool. Of course, I would think so...they're all good, you should download some. If you want to see what I suppose is Thom dancing, go here. It is very...very odd...I don't think it's dancing, more like a lot of flailing. This one is the prettiest I think...and this one is too. So if you don't want to download all of em, at least try those. :)
Hey I've got a treat for you! might be a treat, I'm not sure. I recorded some Radiohead songs, me playing guitar and singing that is, so if that sounds interesting, go here. It might be temporary...or...I might add more stuff, HAHA we'd all love that. :)

March 02, 2001

At My Iron Duck they've got there Madlib type things, to sort of make your own version of a Radiohead song. My version of Paranoid Android came out pretty bad, but it was better than my version of Creep. If you know the lyrics to Paranoid Android it'll be more interesting...YOU SHOULD KNOW IT!

*my favorite part: Why don't you remember my toilet? (HAHAHA*

Paranoid Android.....
Please could you stop the school, I'm trying to get some rest
From all the unborn penguin voices in my head
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but not an android)
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but not an android)

When I am vice president, you will be first against the tower
With your fluffernutter which is of no consequence at all
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but no android)
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but no android)

gluttony makes you look pretty ugly
prancing and dancing gucci little sheep
You don't remember
You don't remember
Why don't you remember my toilet?
Off with his head, man
Off with his head, man
Why don't you remember my toilet?
I guess he does....

sunny up, sunny up
Come on sunny up on me
From a great planet
From a great planet... planet...
sunny up, sunny up
Come on sunny up on me
From a great planet
From a great planet... planet...
sunny up, sunny up
Come on sunny up on me

That's it, monsieur
You're leaving
The crackle of hair
The dust and the skipping
The yuppies networking
The panic, the corpse
The panic, the corpse
Colin loves his children, Colin loves his children, yeah!

March 01, 2001

Why does February have 28 days? Its weird...its already March..and yesterday it was the 28th. Okay, it's not really that weird. But it seemed weird! I got to flip the page on my calendar, so now I've got a new picture of penguins! TONS OF PENGUINS!

Some good news, I got first place in my school for the AMC (american math contest? I'm not sure what it stands for..). Actually, I think I tied with someone else. I didn't even answer that many questions, there were 25 and I think I did 16 of em. And it's just out of 9th and 10th I guess everyone else was just poopin or something. There was another AMC for 11th and 12th graders. I don't think I get anything for "winning" although that would be niiiice (MONEY MONEY GIMME MONEY!).

So the only stuff I can win or be recognized for is math related stuff, and I'm not even that good, I mean in math class a lot of times I have no idea what I'm doing. Like TODAY for instance. Why is that? Now people are gonna think I'm good at math when I'm not...really. Do you know what I mean? Yes?