February 28, 2001

Today was alright. This week has actually been alright. I haven't had one of those weird depressive moments in a while. I guess the vacation did me well. But I'm still afraid something's gonan happen, one day I'm going to wake up and feels very not right, like I used to...

BUT RIGHT NOW I'M A-OK!...what the heck does that mean? a...ok? What about..B-OK! C-OK! ...I'll stop now.

I dunno if it came up, but there are supposed to be new pictures at the left. It's very unimagnative, I'll prolly change it later, but I wanted to change it...thats all! :)

I have been informed that Thom looks like a "wet rat"...

I'm still burping the curry I ate for dinner. Urp.

I updated my Beck site. And I made a pictures page. So check it out. Fun stuff. If you're really bored.

My basement must be really cold or something, cos after a while my fingers lots their feeling and I was like..CANNOT...FEEEL....and then my friend told me if I don't get good circulation my fingers could fall right off. *plop plop*...AHHH! :)

February 27, 2001

thomas edward yorke. who needs a hug? are you thom? do you want a hug?

I took a nap today. It was comfy.

I had band today and I didn't want it.

My hands are cold. I have bad circulation.

"I've Seen It All" is a very beautiful song. I haven't listened to it in a while. It sounds sort of sad to me. Eh?

Today was my good day. I could smile by thinking of Thom standing in a field of grass. Well, I have a picture of him standing in a field of grass. Maybe I will show it to you.

I got my new Spin magazine, and it's got my favorite artists. And some that I might like later. Radiohead is the number 1 artist for 2001, and Beck is number 33...he hasn't even done anything this year (well, Grammy nom), but that's cool. They put in two very nice pictures of his face making him look very angelic and young. He has a big head. Bjork is in there too. It's all going quite nicely. Air is also in there...I like Air. They've got spiff. I want an album from Godspeed You Black Emperor!...someone give me one. Give to the poor.

February 23, 2001

I totally wasted my time filling out a survey. Ah well. So I'll post it up here. Cos I figure the only person who'd be interested in reading it would come here, right? Yeah. Fun.

1. Where were you born? westwood, nj

2. What is your job? going to school

3. Are you in school? not at this very moment, but on monday i'm going...to hell!

4. If in college (or graduated) which one? no college, nooo!

5. What major? scientology

6. Do you smoke? no, if you do you're a tard

7. If you do, are you brand-loyal? yup, marijuana's the one for me!

8. Do you drink alcohol? no, if you do, you're a tard

9. If so, what? alcomohol?

10. Do you dye your hair? no...why would I?

11. Do you wear glasses or contacts? glasses. I am opticamally impaired

12. How often do you laugh a day? sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes i don't

13. What are you wearing right this instant? pajamas, I've been wearing them all day. i went out to eat in them and I went to the supermarket in them. it's okay though, cos they haven't got flying cows or some weird stuff on em

14. What type of bathing suit do you wear to the beach? beach? beaches suck. i don't go to the beach.

15. What do you wear to work or school? clothes

16. Do you wear make-up? no. i like that my skin isn't buried underneath wahtever crap is in make up these days.

17. Boxer or briefs? underwear

18. Ever go braless? like when I take a shower? funny about showers, I also go..SOCKLESS...

19. How many siblings? one brother

20. Any inlaws? uh...i don't think 15 year olds have inlaws

21. Do you have a relative in jail? not that I know of

22. Do you have a significant other? not that I know of

23. If so, how long have you two been an item? "thom yorke" rhymes with "leg of pork"

24. How did you meet? we met under the starlit sky while slowdancing to a celine dion ballad of finding love under s starlit sky, and then a meteor came and killed him

25. Do your parents approve of him/her? they think he's special like the gum on my shoe

26. Are you sexually active? i forgot what we were talking about

27. Do you have a current partner? huh?

28. Have you ever had a threesome? menage a troissssssshahahaha

29. Have your ever participated in S&M? hm...lemme think..um, NO!

30. Have you ever cheated on a partner? huh?

31. Have you ever been involved in a same-sex sexual situation? turd rhymes with bird

32. Have you ever had unprotected sex? huh?

33. Do you play any musical instruments? some guitar, clarinet, piano, drums, and then very little trumpet and bass guitar, and maybe the kazoo and harmonica, but I don't know how to whistle or snap my fingers

34. Have you ever flashed someone? with a camera

35. Have you even stolen anything? not that i know of

36. Have you ever willingly broken the law? i jaywalked...oh no

37. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? yeah, i ride like the wind on my bicycle

38. Have you ever gotten into a bar fight? have i ever gotten into a bar?

39. Have you ever woken up next to someone naked and didn't remember why? not that I remember

40. Have you spit off of a bridge and hit someone? huh

41. Have you ever hit a tree while participating in a winter activity? ..maybe..i can't remember

42. Have you ever fondled or let someone fondle you during a game? during a game? huuh?

43. Have you ever cheated on a test? probably, i'd say at most once..or twice..twice.

44. If so, were you caught? nope

45. Have you even been in a car accident? yeah, its really easy when you DON'T have a car

46. Have you ever participated in "black magic"? gaar

47. Do you see dead people? not right now

48. Is The Force with you? yeah. yoda taught me how to harness the force. now all I need is a lightsaber

49. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? not that I remember

50. And finally... WHO'S THE MAN? beck is the man. nobody else.


NAME: robyn

SEX: female we hope

BIRTHDAY: august 27


HEIGHT: 5 feet give or take an inch...or half an inch


FIRST CRUSH: this strange kid

PARENTS: mum and dadoo

RIGHTY OR LEFTY: righty. my left hand writes like crap



BOXERS OR BREIFS: i hope they're at least wearin pants

LONG OR SHORT: short rhymes with skort...long rhymes with bong...haaahaaahaaaa


TALL OR SHORT: i dunno

6 PAC OR MUSCLAR ARMS: um..i dunno

MR. SENSITVE OR MR. FUNNY: why not both?

GOOD GUY OR BAD GUY: wouldnt good be good?



EARS PEIRCED OR NOT: uh..does it matter?

FRECKLES OR NONE: does it matter?



ACCENT OR AMERICAN: accents are cool...but...does it really matter?


MCDONALDS OR BURGER KING: they both suck i guess

COKE OR PEPSI they both suck i guess


ROOT BEER OR DR. PEPPER: dr pepper tastes interstring, but they both suck i guess

TEA OR COFFEE: both are nice. i'll need ten packs of sugar though

CATS OR DOGS: theyre both nice

1 PILLOW OR 2 : 1

W/ OR W/O ICE CUBES: i dunno, ice cubes are annoying as hell if you dont got a straw

MILK/DARK/WHITE CHOCALATE: i like all of them

TOP OR BOTTOM: top bunk. we're talkin bunk beds here.

WINTER/SPRING/SUMMER/FALL: whenever there isnt school, thats a good time


SKIING OR BOARDING: i stink at both

BIKING OR BLADING: i like both i think..or I hate both, it was one or the other.

ROCK/RAP/R&B/PUNK/ALT/SKA/TECHNO/SWING/COUNTRY: uh..none of the above. i'll go with alternative.






COLOR: blue

NUMBER: i dont know

SUBJECT: they all suck

CLOTHES BRAND: i dont know. w.a.s.t.e. clothes looks nifty.

SHOE BRAND: i dont know, right now i have campers, they're nice i guess

SPORT TO PLAY: hate hate hate

DRINK: orange juice

ANIMAL: penguins, duh

HOLIDAY: christmas


BAND: beck isn't a band, but he's close enough right? and radiohead

MOVIE: "laputa: castle in the sky" is a good movie, it's old though. i totally forgot about it, but it'll be released in english sometime soon

PLACE 2 CHILL: my room. starbucks.

FLOWER: flowers..go..poo

PERFUME: stinkola

HOW MANY KIDS: ...huh?

COLLEGE: noooo

JOB: i'd be a musician who gets to tour around and i'd be on late night with conan o brien

WHAT DOES YOUR IDEAL B/F OR G/F LOOK LIKE: i dont know. i dont have one


MAKE PLANS OR GO ALONG: ...stay home

WHATS THE FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU: i dont think peopel even get impressions, i blend in with the wall

EVER BEEN IN LOVE: i dont know

PUPPY LOVE: puppies?


MOVE ANY WHERE: i'd move ot alaska, or iceland, and be in some beautiful secluded place where i coudl sing really loudly and not annoy anyone except for some deer or squirrels or whatever animals live in alaska/iceland

DYE YOU HAIR: i wouldnt

HAVE A TATTOO: I wouldn't





MTV OR VH1: neither

OCEAN OR POOL: ocean...but not to swim in


LOVE OR LUST: neither



PENCIL OR PEN: pencils


SHOWERS OR BATHS: shower. i haven't taken a bath in years

Do you like school? hell no

Do you like to talk on the telephone? no. well it matters. the only person i've talked to lately on the phone that was actually enjoyable was Anthony, and..um..no.

Do you have your own line? well there are three lines in my house, and there are usually two people in the house...

Can we have your number? no, didn't i say I didn't like to talk on the phonio?

Do you like to dance? hell no

Are you scared to ask some 1 out? who in gods name would i ask out?

Have you ever gone skinny dipping? noooo

Have you ever thought you were gonna die? yeah we all will someday

Do you sleep with stuffed animals? definitely

Have you ever broken/fractured a bone? nope.

Do you have any piercings? no way, neverrrr

Do you wear braces? not anymore

Do you consider yourself a good listener? ...no

Can you Swim? technically yes

Do you sing in the shower? hell no

Do you think cheerleading is a sport? its hard to say. its an.."activity"

Have you ever stolen anything? nah

What's on your ceiling? paint

What's you worst injury ever? spraining my ankle

What's the hardest thing about growing up? school sucks

Do you believe in love at first sight? nah

What are you wearing right now? clothes

Favorite place to be? my room
I kept wondering why the Radiohead song Banana Co is called...Banana Co, and I just figured it out...because that's what Thom is saying. I thought he was saying "without a coat". It sounds like coat...he's going "Oh, banana (although it's more like baNAHna) co..." IT SOUNDED LIKE COAT I swear. BaNAN-a, not baNAH-na!

...sorry if I seem crazy.

Anyway, tonite was tons fun! FIrst of all, it snowed like..4 or more inches, I couldn't tell. Actually, that wasn't too fun, I went to NY and the snow was comign down sort of hard, and it was REALLY COLD, and I thought my face was going to freeze off and my ears were going to fall off and I wouldn't even notice it. My hair practically froze from all the snow coming down, and then I put my hood on. Smart eh? My mum and I went to this REALLY NICE chocolate place, that sort of resembled the chocolatier in the movie Chocolat, everything looked so nice and...uh...it was French. That's about it. And this lady there gave us some samples. And they served coffee and hot chocolate probably...

The main reason my mum and I were in NY was to see "Annie Get Your Gun", NOT to get chocolate. That was one of our priorities though. Anyway, the play was very good, it was funny and Reba McIntyre (McIntire?) was really cute! She was...Annie Oakley. Yeah. Fun!

Afterwards we went to the Virgin Megastore. I bought another Beck bio, a little one, and another Radiohead book. I guess I didn't need to buy either of those books, but I'd like to make sure I know all my Beck and Radiohead info. Beck is just so amazing, I think I really shouldn't care whether or not any of my friends think he's good, because they don't understand I guess (unless you're a Beck fan). He thought of this great music that no one else had thought of at the time and mashed together every type of music it seems into some kind of...um...mushy thing. I'll work on that imagery later...hm...maybe he mashed it into a ball. But you know what I mean. So that is why Beck is better than Radiohead. I think it's fair to say though that Radiohead is my favorite band, and Beck is my favorite artist. I still don't understand why some people think Beck is a band...he's a DUDE! I still read things that mention him as "the band Beck"...arrrrgh!

So today was quite good. Hearing all that good Thom news, and Bjork, and Beck and everything is quite good! I just know everything is going to hell on Monday when I go back to school...
Okay, I swear, this is the last one, but they're ALL SMILIN' and I thought that was noteworthy...

...I couldn't help myself.

February 22, 2001

I had to show you all a picture of Beck at the Grammy awards (courtesy of Slo-Jam Central, the ultimate Beck fan site, dammit!):
Even MORE good news, Thom had a baby! A while ago (Feb 6th)...well I'm just finding out today. Okay, technically his girlfriend, Rachel, had a baby...congratulations to them! They hav a son named Noah...oo that's neat, my friend's bro is named Noah. That'll be freaky news to her...maybe. Man these crazy Radiohead fans want to babysit him...I'm not a baby person, I'm afraid I'd drop them or SOMETHING would happen. Babies just seem very fragile to me, and I break things easily.

Noah Yorke...NY! I wish I had cool initials. Let's see...RPL...nope, still sucks. Ripple? hehe.
Wow that worked, I'm really surprised, I mean it's a pretty simple thing to put in an image but...for ME it's a big thing.

So. don't they look absolutely radiating with their Alternative Album of the Year awards?...er...gee, Ed is tall! okay, here's a funnier picture:


Does that work?
I'm so happpyyy! Well that is, after finding out Beck and Bjork didn't win any Grammy awards (but Radiohead got one!), I found out that Bjork and Thom Yorke will be performing at the Academy Awards! How cool is that? I wasn't counting on that happening, but I heard it was a possibility...AIN'T IT COOL?! Yes! It is. :)

Beck looked extremely cute at the Grammy Awards, he was in the preshow a bit, in a white suit, and..uh...stuff..he was looking very Beckish.

February 20, 2001

Wow, I just downloaded the worst Radiohead song! Well technically they were "On A Friday" at the time, but still...oh well, that was just one song. If you're curious, it's called "Give It Up"...maybe I'm being too critical, but it just sounded really funny hearing Thom sing "Give it up...up up up," it just sounds WEIRD! A really cool Radiohead song I downloaded today was "The Trickster" so...download that. :)

I'm not downloading like crazy in lieu of the Napster thing, but that would be a good excuse eh? Nope, I've just got time to burn, so while stuff downloads I either practice my guitar or play Freecell. That's not all I do all day, today I finished my collage of...beautiful places I will never go to. I think my new favorite magazine is Travel + Leisure. I don't know why my mum gets that magazine, it must have been free or something, cos we don't GO anywhere and we're not planning to, but I like to look at it and see all these wonderful beautiful places. I don't usually read the articles...SOMETIMES I do, but I mainly look at the pictures. Well it's better than lookin at tenny-bopperish mags, right? Yes. Sooo I made a collage full of clouds and blue skies and sunsets and stuff. I made a collage before of some clouds and stuff....I LOVE clouds. They're fluffy.

Speaking of fluffy, pillows are fluffy. Today I got a new pillow!...but it's not really the fluffy kind, it's a Tempur Pedic pillow, it's like made of this weird foaaaam. It's cool, it's supposed to be really good at supporting your...head. And I could use that, I think my neck goes out every once in a while. Maybe cos I lean it to the left a lot for no reason, but maybe I'm sleeping funny. So hopefully the new pillow will correct whatever it is that needs correcting!

I also got a new pair o pants. They're too long, but I expected that. I'm too big for my height, arrrgh...okay I coulda gone for a smaller size but I didn't want my pants to fit just right, I need ROOM, like if I eat too much I want some room for my tummy to grow in. Doesn't that paint a byooootiful picture? HAHA! :)

I was so happy today, I was watching Access Hollywood and Beck was on!...for a few seconds...to talk about the Eminem/Elton John duet. But still, that's better than nothing! And he looks exactly the same as he did last year...same hair, same clothes, well not like he needs to change, but after a year I'd think something would change. It's the new millennium and allll...nah, that doesn't affect Beck, cos he's already in..THE FUTURE! *dumdumdum!*

Beck is most definitely from the future. Bjork too. She's from another planet. Thom is also from another planet...not necessarily from the future though. Interesting, ain't it? Yes...I see you nodding! Ah ha.

I saw Chocolat yesterday, I think it was a really nice movie! I didn't really want to see it at first, but my mum convinced me, and it was really good so go see it. The only problem was that it made me REALLY WANT CHOCOLATE so after the movie my mum and I went to Starbucks. I got a hot chocolate and some...chocolate. Doesn't look anywhere near as good as in the movie though...in the movie, the hot chocolate looked thick and warm and syrup-ee, like it could coat your stomach. That's good! Coat your stomach in chocolate-ee goodness! But in real life, hot chocolate is just...well, it's yummy, but thus far I haven't had hot chocolate that was so special it made my heart leap...

...or whatever. MM CHOCOLATE!

February 18, 2001

My mum thinks I must be a peaceful person because I like peaceful music...Radiohead is peaceful music? Eh...I guess. I dunno if that makes me peaceful, but I guess I'm more peaceful than...uh...whatever the opposite is. Fwee.

I ate at a buffet place today, mmm. Tasteeeee. I'm hungry. But I shouldn't eat, I somehow managed to lose 5 pounds over the past few weeks. It was probably because I was sick though...no big miracle. Sigh.

I saw "Down To Earth" today, it was funny, although not as funny as I hoped it would be. It was sort of cute I guess...and weird. Yup. Um...go...see it!

Download "Knives Out" which is a cool Radiohead song...go...do it!

February 17, 2001

God I must have been online for 4-3 hours. I have to pee...ugggggh.

Anyway, what am I doing? Still downloading stuff on Napster. Most of the stuff I'm getting is live unreleased stuff that I can't buy anywhere anyway, so is that really all that bad? :P Today I got a Radiohead CD, like a mini album. Fuuuuuun. I went to Borders...got a mocha cappucino, it was goooood.

Um...there isn't much else to talk about. Doot.

February 16, 2001

I feel better today for some reason...maybe...because I've got next week off and I'm freeee today! I AM FREE!

I think i'm mentally incapable of doing anything in gym class. Is that possible? It's funny! LAUGH! HA HA HA..uh...um...

I've been downloading lots of Radiohead songs. I recommend..ANY Radiohead song, just PICK ONE DAMMIT! Can't I get anyone to like Radiohead? "True Love Waits" is a nice song...if you want some non-radiohead, "Renaissance Affair" by Hooverphonic is cool. It's from one of those Beetle commercials...

Not much else to saaaay...soooooooooo....

February 15, 2001

My nose is totally stuffed. I mean, it's nothing new, but I'm beginning to think it'll never be not-stuffed...I was practicing my clarinet and every few seconds it seemed I hgad to get up and blow my nose, because playing with a stuffed nose feels weird. I don't even like the clarinet anymore, I don't think I'm going to continue taking lessons. I'm stuck in band till the end of the year though...uuuugh. Kill meee.

Does anyone want to make me a CD of Radiohead bsides?....okay...I thought I'd ask. I've got Napster but my connection is just too slow, it's almost pointless. It's depressing. ugh. I managed to download one song lately, it's called "This Mess We're In" by PJ Harvey. I got it because it's a duet with Thom Yorke...it seems like he mainly sings, but she sings too (duh, or else it wouldn't be a duet), it's a nice song actually. I wanted to download some other PJ Harvey songs, but they kept getting messed up and crap, I just gave up on Napster...or I could try again now, since I won't be doing much else...log on, dammit! I need my music!

oh no Napster is crapping again...nope, there it goes...hopefully my computer won't crash.

Anyway, I've noticed lately just how annoying the people at my lunch table are. Well before they seemed normal, but now they just annoy the hell outta me, I sort of wish they'd DIE or something. FOR GODS SAKE I'm getting 0.5 k/s whaaa! I'm not spending an hour to download this song..ah..ARRRGH...can't you just feeeel the pain? No? Anyway, the people at my lunch table just seem really immature...they don't bother me, since I'm the most normal one I guess, I jsut sit there and eat and do my homework and everyone else talks about stuff, mainly sex and guys. But not seriously. They make fun of my friend a lot and talk about this guy she likes, who I can't stand at all, and pick on her, which isn't that nice. And then these two girls at my table are really perverted or something, and this one girl is just so annoying...I can't even describe it. I guess I don't see what's so funny about sex because I sit there and do some homework like I was doing today, and everyone else is laughing at something gross. Today's conversation may have went like this:

"Don't you wanna fuck him?"
"What? No! Where did you get an idea like that?"
"Of course you do, and he does too, you know he's thinking about it."
"You're so gross, you're sick!"
*other girl goes into lengthy description on how they'll have sex, which grosses out the first girl even more*
"lots of uncontrollable laughter*

I think conversations like that happen at least ever other day, or more, and I know they're not annoying me directly, but I'm still at that table. The obvious thing to do is move to a different table I guess, if I do I'll be alone...but I guess I can handle that. Today I was trying to study for my chemistry test and I just left the cafeteria because I couldn't concentrate there, for god's sake...who could?

I've been doing lots of "alone" stuff lately it seems. I haven't been too interested in talking to people. I was thinking about one of my friends whom I've had since kindergarten, and realized we're not really good friends, but we've known each other for..DAMMIT my connection died...anyway...we've known each other for so long I guess we couldn't not be friends. We never talk on the phone for fun, although I don't talk to ANYONE on the phone for fun, just for homework, and I rarely ever do that. My friend that I'm talking about though calls me about every night about English homework and I don't understand WHY, she asks me a question about the homework and I say "...yes...that's what you do..." and generally, thats it. We have 1 minute conversations. She confirms our homework assignment pretty much...why is she so unsure? Doesn't she write this stuff down? It's so simple, take a PENCIL and a piece of PAPER and WRITE and then you'll know what to do, and here's a plus, if you pay attention in class, you can hear the teacher explain the homework and then you won't have to call me ever night to repeat what the teacher said. I don't even pay attention well, yet I'm always amazed at the information my friends miss in class that I've retained. "THE TEACHER TOLD US IN CLASSSS!"

She's already called me today, if you're wondering.

God I'm so tired today, but it's way too late to take a nap, because I've got to leave for my clarinet lesson in about 45 minutes. Errgh.

I go throughout my whole school day constantly thinking about going home and getting away from all the annoying people. I think if I knew me, I would find myself really annoying, I walk around the halls like...I don't know, like something. I annoy myself, that's all. You know what has been number one on my annoying trait list lately? People who sing, I know it seems mean or something, but I can't stand it, if I'm in class I don't want to hear someone singing some annoying song, and generally they're all annoying. No one ever sings songs I like at least. Whistling is also a big no-no. So everyone just shuuut uppp!

February 14, 2001

Oo it's Valentine's Day. Or the day I saw Beck at Radio City Music Hall...I like that better. :)

I don't know if I hate Valentine's day, but I hate a lot of things that even I think I shouldn't hate, but if you hate something it's hard to reason with it. Maybe it's just going to school and having people go "Happy Valentine's Day!" and giving away candy and gifts is the annoying part. Today I got three pieces of candy. I guess that's alright. It's a nice gesture, even though now that I think about it, what does chocolate mean? I like to eat it, that's all, it doesn't have a deeper meaning to me. Also, in the beginning of the day, the carnations are handed out, I don't really remember seeing them being sold, but I think in the cafeteria you coudl buy them or something. Some people get a LOT of flowers, I'm always surprised by that, and then there's the 75% of us who don't get anything. I think if I was a flower, I'd hate to spend my last moments of life in the hand of some high schooler and possibly stuffed in a locker. But that's just meeee. And even if I was a flower, I don't think I'd be a carnation.

All week has been a poop. Oh man I just remembered, I've got a chem test tomorrow. And I've got to type up one of my English essays...speaking of English essays I got a nice fat D on my in class essay, hehe, how did I see that one coming? The teacher gave us a sheet with some quotes on it and then somethign about..something..it was very confusing to me, I read the assignment and in my head it seemed like she wanted us to write a book about something. I know I'm being really vague, I think the point of the essay was to write somethign about revolutions and how they don't work well using "Animal Farm" as an example. Maybe I just don't understand the subject very well. I'm not sure if I'm really disappointed, if I wanted a good grade I guess I could have tried harder...hmmm...nah, I just don't like English very much.


February 13, 2001

Does anyone have MuchMusic USA? Pleeease? They're gonna show the Rock in Rio concert, which Beck was in of course! :D

---------------> Feb. 10, 4:00pm ET <---------------
---------------> Feb. 25, 1:00pm ET <---------------
---------------> Feb. 26, 6:00am ET <---------------


February 11, 2001

"One day I am gonna grow wings a chemical reaction hysterical and useless hysterical and..."

Oo don't you wish you could sing along with Radiohead? I love the song "Let Down," all the words just seem to go together, I dunno if they make much sense but...I'm sure they do. Actually, I can't sing along right now because my throat is still messed up..

Oh my god, it's all dark outside already?! It's about 6 PM...hmph..oh well. There's a weekend wasted. I've been sick, I thought I was better on Friday but then on Saturday I woke up with a 101 temperature, and I felt like poop, so I moped around and slept and drank water. Sleeping was like torture though, my body had suddenly gone into full soreness mood or something, so sleeping was rather uncomfortable, and it's never fun sleeping with a pad on (or "sanitary napkin", like the packaging says...I don't really understand that name though, it's not very sanitary is it? I mean, sort of, but it's not a napkin either for god's sake!). To make things worse, last night was my friend's sweet sixteen sleepover party, and I couldn't go, although at this point I didn't want to, I just wanted to do nothing. I didn't want to move a muscle. Still, I don't go to many (or any) parties, isn't that just swell?

My body still aches. Sigh. And on the back of my left shoulder my muscles have gone sore or something and it's bothering me. I don't know how I could get sore muscles, it's not like I strain them or anything.

I'm afraid that there won't be any more major snowstorms for the rest of the year, and I'd really like em. So I don't have to go to school.

In chemistry we're doing electron configurations and orbital notations, or something like that, it's really confusing me. Errgh. I honestly don't see the use of knowing this stuff, I mean some stuff seems pretty useless and this is beyond that, I think.

One more week of school, and then a week of vacation...

February 09, 2001

Dootdoot, gimme chocolate!

Why is that when you get your period sometimes you want chocolate? I mean, I didn't want any in the beginning of the week, but now I want chocolate, and strangely enough there isn't any in my house! There's usualyl at least half a box of Godivas somewhere...what has happened?! I guess neither my mum or I have been out lately, no chance to buy chocolates. :(

You know what is really annoying, that I always start off with a crappy mood in the beginning of the day...okay, ALMOST always, but today school was just poopin, not like bad stuff happens to me, it must just be the environment. It's a good thing it's Friday.

Not much else going on...only one more week of school before a week of vacation! :D I can't wait, a week to do nothing, that's my favorite kind!

February 06, 2001

No snow day today. Oh well, that's what I expected. When you REALLY want a snow day you don't get it. Oh well, I guess the roads weren't that hazardous...

School is just a poo. I did notice that in the morning I'm usually in not a great mood...well for the first 10 minutes of school I might beokay, but gym kills that pretty quickly, and then sometime after lunch I'm usually ok. It's sort of annoying, can't I stay in one mood through the ENTIRE day?

Today one of my friends was being more annoying than usual...I mean, it's not really her fault, so I feel kinda bad cos sometimes I don't think I'm being very nice to her, but I just can't stand it sometimes. When someone is really annoying you, you can't always feel bad for them, right? My friend didn't get a stellar grade on the English essay we got back today and that was all she could talk about. She was mainly complaining and was in outrage because of her grade, saying the teacher didn't tell her to do something, and blah blah, and that her corrections didn't all make sense. I dunno, I looked at her paper and some stuff didn't seem so super to me, like her grammar (commas, semicolons, run-ons, those bastards!) and some other stuff just seemed a bit unclear, but even I think the grade is just a bit harsh. But I can't sympathize with her when all she can say is "Mrs_____ hates me! She doesn't want me to go into AP next year! She's the devil! I want to kill her! I deserve a ::beep:: A, not this ::beep:: grade!" I could really do without the expletives, but most teens are like that (I guess I'm not most teens). I mean when something bothers me I don't go complaining to other people, because I know how annoying it is, I only bother myself, and then grades to me aren't the biggest deal in the world, I've never gone ballistic over an F or anything. I mean when I get a bad grade I know I deserve it, I don't try to negotiate grades with my teachers.

So yeah. Sigh. And what is also annoying when my friend says something like "But I worked SO HARD on this essay, and I really put a lot of thought into it, I thought it was okay!" but it's really up to the teacher to decide what is "okay" or not, and in my opinion it doesn't matter how much work you put into something, it matters what you get in the end. If you do all that work and write a crappy paper, the work doesn't make up for it. You probably need more help with the subject, if anything.

Fast fact about Oxford, England:
1. Locals hate students and the University, and used to kill them on a regular basis in the 16th century.

Boy, if that doesn't scream vacation spot, I dunno what does! I guess the only reason I'd visit Oxford is to see Radiohead's hometown in all its we-used-to-kill-students glory.

Haha. No really, it seems like it'd be an interseting place. I'll just mosy on down to their old recording studio and take some of their awards off of the walls, maybe mooch off some free stuff lying around, and then get my butt outta there.

Fast fact about Thom's creativity with a stolen broomstick:
Thom, unable to lay his hands on a mic stand, tended to use a stolen broomstick.

You know, I must be quite bored, but I find that funny. Why woudl anyone steal a broomstick? Just go out in the woods and find a big stick. Well I suppose a stick could be pointy, could be infested with a nest of ants...okay bad idea. But really, a BROOMSTICK, that sounds sort of low.

But look where that broomstick brought Thom. I think he should thank the stolen broomstick. Wouldn't that be great? Just nod.
I had a snow day today (actually it's past midnite so it was yesterday)! I really want another one for tomorrow, because I'm pretty tired and I'd like to sleep in, but I think the chances of that are less than 0 percent.

So anyway, I didn't do much today. I spent a lot of time on my computer and I reformatted it. I'm using my mum's computer right now. I took some pictures of the snow with my camera, it's quite pretty outside. Everything is covered in snow! I'd say at least 5 inches, which is pretty good eh? I had to shovel the snow on the walkway to the front door though, and that wasn't fun. A lot of tree branches were weighed down by the snow and were all in my face.

I think I have to study for a vocab test. Ugh. I hate that. If I'm lucky the teacher won't give it tomorrow.


February 04, 2001

Why are computers so annoying? I hate the Internet. Well I'm using it right now, but I can still hate it right? I've been on the Internet all day (3 hours) and I've barely gotten anything done. I've mainly been trying to download this Radiohead winamp thingy thats 7 megs, which translates into an hour of downloading fun, if I don't do anything else while it's downloading. And two times it hasn't worked. Well the first time I apparently downloaded the wrong thing that was the same size. I opened it and nothing happened. So I tried again and I got 40 minutes of downloading done before my connection crashed along with my browser. So I'll try it again. This is quite sad, it's a Sunday afternoon, 4:17 PM, and I've accomplished nearly nothing today except for beating FreeCell two times.

I've probably got homework but I can't recall what it is right now. I'm not hungry so I shouldn't eat anything out of boredom. I could read a book I suppose. Or update my Beck site which has been left untouched for 13 days.

Hey the sun is setting already. The weekend is practically over! How did that happen? It was just Friday, wasn't it? I guess I should be happy that I at least did something yesterday...saw a movie (Snatch) and got to eat at McDonalds (just a McGrill sandwich though, my mum wouldn't let me get anything else) and made brownies. And spent a few hours on the Internet, although I don't know what I was doing really. I remember going to bed around 3 AM.

But you know, I don't think I've had one of those depressive spells in quite some time. So I guess that's good or something. We'll see what tomorrow is like. I gotta pee. Errr! I'm too lazy to get out of my chair.

February 02, 2001

OO god my connection is always getting...disconnected. Ugh. ANd my nose is still always stuffed, and it's the kinda stuffed that doesn't get unstuffed by blowing your brains out, which I've tried. It just clears sometimes for a few seconds and clogs up again. It's like hard mucus or something. Yuck.

So anyway, I got new pants. PJ pants. Pajamaaas. They're pink and light, light pink, sort of like scubs, but instead of being blue, they're...pink. :) Very comfy. GO buy yourself a pair at J. Crew or something. I guess it's in lieu (is that the right word?) of the Valentine's Day spirit. But sometimes pink is just a nice color, right? I also got this orange-ee stiped polo shirt, which is nice, because polo shirts are nice. I haven't got any though, I don't know why, it's comfy. I want one with the alligator on it, you know what I mean? They shoudl make one with a penguin.

Speaking of penguins, I got another one today! It's a little one, really cute and soft, I got it at the Hallmark store. So get yourself one today! Spread the penguin cheer!

Today I took a nice math test. I thought it was..eh, it wasn't easy stuff, but it wasn't necessarily hard to do. It just took a while to do the problems. They were quadratic formual equation doodah things. Oh well, hopefully I did well.

Tomorrow I'll probably see "Snatch" with my mum and my friend. That should be fun! And it snowed a little a few hours ago I think, I could't see it cos it's all dark outside and stuff, but I GUESS that's why the sky looked so white. Hmmm.

February 01, 2001

I gots me report card today. Nearly all As, except for English. I couldn't believe I got an A in math after getting a D and a C on some test..s...oh well. I don't think I COULD get an A in English. I can't get a straight A on my essays and then I don't try very hard on the homework, yet I'm still supposed to go into AP English next year? Ugh.

There was other stuff I wanted to say but I'm quite tired and pissed at my computer. It's about 12:30, I don't feel like taking a shower tonite. I'll take one...tomorrow. I want to go to sleep and...uh..sleep.