December 25, 2001

You know what I spent most of my waking hours today doing? Remixing "Everything In Its Right Place"...well I suddenly felt like it after listening to the Velvet Teen's remix, although mine doesn't sound so great. Mm. Well. You should keep in mind that it's realaudio and the mp3 sounds not as mushy. Or maybe it does. I can't really just take the vocals out of the song or anything although that would be nice. I just used acid music and maybe three sounds from fruityloops...i don't KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I got lazy and the end and pretty much left it as is.

For dinner my family had turkey. Oo. Fun, I guess. It was good. I like turkey. Just the white meat though. Which is fine with the rest of my family, I think they like dark meat.

Haven't done much else today. Tomorrow Diana is coming over, that should be interesting...what will we DO? Er. We'll do some neat stuff, I'm sure...

I want a cookie! But I ate them all. Well not JUST me, but I ate the last one. Sniff. No cookies, MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE! CHOCOLATE CHEEEEP COOKEEE NEED NOW!

"Does anyone have the PICKLE code?!?!?!?" ~Kings register girl

That's from my brother's friend's site. He was using my computer a bit and left that page open. Mhmmh. PICKLE CODE! I wouldn't wanna work in a supermarket.



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