December 12, 2001

WOO it's..WEDNESDAY! Only two more days of schoooool! And the rest of the week wont even be half bad. Tomorrow I've got a Russian quiz but that's about it, and on Friday we'll be watching a play for two horus or so at the end of the day. :)

This morning during homeroom, this sophomore touched the case of the fire alarm and this high pitched sound started coming, that sucks, eh? I mean, I wouldn't touch it because I'm not dumb enough (we think) but it's still pretty bad luck to just touch the case outside it and it starts making a stopped after a while though, thank god. Fire alarms are so annoying. FWEEEEEE...EEEEAAUEIUAUIIUDAS

But ya. Ah. I lasted throughout the day pretty well thinking of Even and thinking about listening to his music..just THINKING for christ's sake! Well at lunch time I decided to listen to Quiet & Still, but I can just play a tune in my head and then get happy! Weird I think...very strange! I never even thought his music was happy, but I guess that's not the's...not, it just makes me happy. NEEHEEHEE! LUHV EHVN!

I'm not really hyper now or anything, but typing in caps makes it seem so, eh? Like I'm a screaming shouting lunatic. Eh. It's okay. Physics was terrible...we took that MID QUARTERLY TEST (whyyy) and I think I failed it...or got a D. The highest score was a 37 out of 48. I think three people got in the 30s. I know I got at least 15 the very least! That's sad. One question I got wrong was really dumb, but I guess on a lot of stuff since it was multiple choice. Oh well...think happy thoughts...

Bur really, that test was...argh! Terrible! I couldn't think at all. I was more thinking "Well I've got a 20% chance of getting this right if I guessss..."

Doing another project in English...GROUP project. That spells disaster. My group could be worse I guess. We have to do skits of a specific scene from the Great Gatsby, and my group has 6 people...definitely not easy to have 6 people do stuff. So of course, it's pretty much me and this other girl doing all the work...writing the script that is. Well..ya. It's okay I guess. I'm not bitter.

Oh rebecca, I envy you so much! Now I kind of wish I had done something last last Friday...but I wouldn't have. I mean I know I wouldn't have, but...neh. !! :)


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