December 11, 2001

violence breeds violence

we need a world court

not a republican with his hands covered in oil and military hardware lecturing us on world security

we need love and understanding and tolerance and good laws that apply to everyone, upheld by those who are in a position to judge

praying for world peace is not such an embarrassing thing to do anymore i think

especially not this christmas.

thank you everybody on w.a.s.t.e. for still listening and sticking with us and understanding the records we make,

i hope your christmas is peaceful and loving and spiritual. does that sound silly? don't care.


Thom scares me. But it's okay. Thom doesn't like the shift button I see. Christmas is a weird holiday i think...well, not really. World peace is still kind of...impossible. Unless all the umans die. In which case i'm sure we'd leave a nice peaceful world for all the other animals. :)

New Radiohead stuff I will not buy...

Much like the folks that frequent the "All You Can Eat" Pizza Hut lunch buffet, you people are always hungry for more...

That is an interesting comparison...I certainly haven't heard it before. I haven't been in Pizza Hut in ages! How much pizza can someone eat?

Someone remind me that Sigur Ros will be on Craig Kilborn this Friday. Yeah? I don't wanna forget that. I dunno if I need to record it though. I'll just watch. Enjoy the moment. Wee!

I'm not very interested in seeing Vanilla Sky, although there's Radiohead and Sigur Ros music in that. Mm..well.

I stayed up til 3:30 AM chatting with rebbie. Oops. Well, I woke up okay, and I didn't get to take a nap today, so...yeah. I'm chugging along. Chug. Poot. I got a B on that physics quiz I thought I failed. And a B on my math quiz. So that was a nice surprise. Tomorrow I have my physics multiple choice test. Ergh. I hate that. At least I can guess if I have to.

I lent my pen to the idiot who sits next to me in physics and...he took my pen apart (I didn't KNOW he was, at the end of class I saw him putting it back together before he gave it back to me). And didn't put it back together correctly. So there goes another pen. It's missing the spring that makes the pen thing stay in the right position, so I can take it out and still use it although it doesn't work as well. Why bother being nice if my stuff is going to be crapped up anyway? I don't even have a ballpoint pen.

Pens are overrated. Ha! I got food. At the Chinese food supermarket. Bought some cookies and many various cans of desserts. I made sure not to get anything with oats or rice in it this time...uh..yeah. So I bean + sago stuff, some jelly stuff called guilinggao or..SOMETHING...some peanut and jello stuff...god, I dunno. I'm determined to try anything that doesn't seem too strange.

I got my guitar back. Oee. New strings sound different. My fingers hurt though. Sniff.

I feel bad for my english teacher. Some people in my class ive her such a hard time, and she's a nice person. I hate that. What's wrong with people. Teenagers are weird. They don't think. Well, some of em. Think more. I was talking about this with my mum I think...people don't seem to think. They think about things that mean absolutely nothing really. Well, I do that too, but there are so many other things...

AHH I ATE TOO MUCH! Blorp. That guilingao stuff was weird. It was good, except there was too much of it. If I had just eaten half of it, that would have been better.

I think "Killing Some Dead Time" was rereleased today. But that's not the cause for excitement (unless you don't have it, in which case...get it)...lookat this. ANOTHER LIBIDO ALBUM? SOOON!? Wow I hope cdnow isn't screwing around. That rules.


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