December 27, 2001

Today I woke up to... Mr. Penguin. Mmhm! And an itchy throat. *HACK COUGH*. And Diana doing crazy things with Mr. Penguin. Hooyeah.

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of force to wake me up. LIke hitting me a lot with a gigantic stuffed animal.!

After rolling out of bed Diana and I ate some apples and went to the COMPUTER to burn some CDs. I got some nifty art programs that I'll probably never use seeing that I cannot DRAW although maybe I'll try and learn some flash technique junk that I will also never use. :) And then we tried playing a "song" we made up randomly which consists of two chords and four bass notes i think...mmhm. It's called "Let's See How Fast Robyn Can Play Guitar!" Not very. Uhhuh.

We did another "Everything In It's Right Place" remix, it's kind of weird, but cool too. Really loud bass drum...hoocrap at some point. In the day. I eat food. nehheahaha!

Oh yeah, yesterday I did a very dumb thing. While recording to my MD I accidentally erased everything from what I recorded at Brownies when Even played...mmhm. First I thought "OHMYGOD CRAP AHHH" and then I thought "NOOO I'M GONNA CRYY" and then I thought "Actually it sucked anyway" and THEN I thought "Well I was lucky to be there" so I guess I'm OKAY. Phew. Not exactly a near death experience. I did make a few sound clips of him saying stuff though. So. That's okay! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (too many exclamation marks, I know) You only need to make a mistake like that once to be extra time. If there is a next time. Sure there will!

MY MUM GOT ME COOKIES! I asked for chocolate chip and she accidentally got chocolate chip with nuts, so before getting to the cash register I guess she went back to the cookie place and got normal chocolate chip cookies, so I've got something like SIX COOKIES but I shared one with my mum, so it's more like five. It's silly to be excited about cookies. But. They're. Yummy!

Rank #1 equals your best match Item

Your Results Page # 1 Phil Selway
# 2 Jonny Greenwood
# 3 Thom Yorke
# 4 Colin Greenwood
# 5 Ed O'Brien

So I'm most like Phil? What about you I don't even know anything about HIM, but I guess I wouldn't be like Ed seeing that he's..tall! AHAAHA.

Rank #1 equals your best match Item

Your Results Page # 1 a hamburger
# 2 a spork
# 3 an ugly shoe
# 4 cheese in a can
# 5 some guy named Bob

Uh...I'm a HAMBURGER?! ...well I'm definitely not the other 4 choices. A spork MAYBE. Sporks sound a bit happy though...


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