December 11, 2001

This is the worst review of Killing Some Dead Time I've ever read. Kind of funny...especially about the tiramisu, because I love tiramisu. Who doesn't? It's so yummy. I want some. NOW!

...foodfood, ahh! I'm tired. Sleepsleep! That's what I want.

The following is probably just for Rebecca's sake, but some stuff from

"Does anyone mind if I snog the bass player?"


"I'm just asking... Does anyone mind?"

Still no response. A little tension sensed maybe. Even, the lead singer of top Norweigan trio Libido, shrugs and strides over to the male bass player and gives him a snog. With tongues. For a serious length of time. More silence. A couple of old fellas mutter into their bitter. Even looks up and beams. "He's just so shaggable though...don't you think?"

And they launch into another song. Cute; A shame it was only witnessed by the other 10 or so people who turned up to this, Libidos xth performance at a Firkin pub on their Firkin tour which they much be getting firkin sick of by now (ho firkin ho)...

...! O..kay. Hehe. :) Well I'm happy I've found something...a decent account of a Libido concert. Did anyone see Libido when they were touring around? Gah.

Not that I can read Norwegian, but if I'm able to understand some of this article, I can assume that Even is either 30 or 31. The other band members are a bit younger, eh?

This doesn't work for me. There's a live Libido performance 2nd from the bottom...actually, none of them work for me. If it was just that one, then you'd know someone was out to get me, but this whole site doesn't like me. Libido! I wanna see!

Oh well. I just use Google to search. There must be tons of stuff out there I haven't found yet. I keep forgetting that if I'm at a European site, then they'll probably list Even as Magnet, which is not really confusing but just annoying, yeah? Gr! There isn't much about Chocolate Overdose anywhere. I think that's the band Even was in maybe in the early 90s. There's a blurb about them here, although if Even is in that picture'm scared.


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