December 31, 2001

this dude. told me to get self esteem. laughs maniacally...yeah. hehe.

...uh. i'm still here. thats bad. uh. uh. um. boy. this is really getting pathetic. er. er. um. mhmmhmmmmmmmmmm.

yeah, thats all.


another note. um. I just downloaded the song "Crabcraft" by Console and it's the same as "Heirloom" by Bjork! Without the singing...I never knew that. Technically it's the other way around I suppose. But...I dunno. I really like that song...Heirloom, I mean. This is weird. Because now I'm just going to think it's a Bjork song and not a Console song. I ought to read the liner notes of Vespertine more closely, it must say in there, right? I like every song by Console I've heard, all this great bloopy...stuff. Still too cheap to buy a CD though. I just thought that was...erm...neat...okay, it probably isnt.


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