December 19, 2001

See "Lord of the Rings"! It's...really...good? Well, what were you expecting? :) At the tenplex closest to my house they were only playing the movie in one theater but it was pretty full. And the movie was very good. Those were my expectations I guess, but I didn't know much about the story and it wasn't that confusing, which surprised me. My mum said she liked it more than the book because the book has a lot of stuff in there. Er, well it's long! Which is why I don't feel like reading it. But anyway, just the whole story and how the movie was shot and put together is really cool. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes the camera was a bit shaky and for a long time in the beginning of the movie I felt like puking, but I'm really sensitive to that for some reason. :( By the end of the movie the feeling passed though and...yeah...I shouldn't really say any of the story, but you should definitely see this movie!

I really liked the scenery. I was thinking "This looks much prettier than New Jersey." Ah, well that's not very hard, but it's neat. Because it would be my dream to sleep in a gigantic field! Grass. Yeep. It was funny how the hobbits were so much shorter, I mean I know they're supposed to be shorter but how did they make em look all short and not really odd...I dunno.

When I got home I...ate. I must be missing something because I always seem to want cake and cookies. Well, who wouldn't? Cookies, mainly. I haven't got any though. Cookies!


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